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Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji`oon

As-salam 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakutuh,

Inna alladheena amanoo wa `amilu 's-salihaati kaanat lahum jannaatu 'l-
firdawsi nuzulan, khalideena feeha laa yabghawna `anhaa hiwalla

Dear lovers, followers, mureeds, disciples of Sultan al-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh
Muhammad Nazim Adil,

As Prophet said in an authentic hadith, "idhkuroo mahaasin mawtaakum.
Mention the good tidings of your deceased" so we wanted to share with you all
the karama [e.g. miracles] Mawlana Shaykh Nazim showed us after his

1 - When the doctors assembled to decide on removing the mechanical
respiration machine, the decision was not left in their hands. Rather Allah swt
showed His love to His sincere wali by gently taking his soul before the doctors
could attempt to assert their will. There was no medical explanation for why
Mawlana Shaykh's heart would stop and his soul would leave his physical
body, before the breathing tube was removed. This was an unprecedented
event, never before seen by either doctor during their long medical careers. In
this way, Allahs Will was shown to reign above that of modern medicine -
Allah (swt) taking Mawlana to His Divine Presence and the Presence of the
Prophet (s) when He willed.

2- In Cyprus the last time it rained in May was 42 years ago and similarly in the
Middle East. Yet the day of Mawlana's passing, there was powerful thunder
and flashes of lightning that woke people from their sleep. It rained heavily,
nonstop, for two days. The ocean, after 2 or 3 days of big waves, became
suddenly calm.

Even in Mecca and Madina, rain was falling at the time that coincided with
Mawlana's soul leaving his body. Later that afternoon, everyone realized that
even the sky was weeping for the loss of the world's great saint. It is a mercy
[rahmah] from Allah that these rains were falling to show how much love Allah
has for His saint.

3- Despite numerous flights scheduled to land in Cyprus from all over the
world each day, all the flights were overbooked and there were no seats
available due to the great demand of Mawlana Shaykhs students coming from
around the world to pay their respects.

4- Many people witnessed an amazing incident during the burial of Mawlana
Shaykh in his masjid in Lefke. Men had dug a very large grave approximately
4 meters [12 feet] in length. Four people stood in the grave to place Mawlana
Shaykhs holy body inside. As they carried his beloved body down into the
grave it was weightless, as if carrying a feather. When they laid his holy body
down, miraculously his body had become long enough to fill the grave from
one end to the other! His head was touching one end and his feet touching the
other, which measured over 4 meters. This was to show all of those present
that Mawlana was inheriting from the prophetic tradition of being a stature and
size exceeding normal human beings. Never has anyone seen during a burial
that a body would stretch so his grave is almost insufficient. Perhaps if we
were to expand his grave to 10 meters Mawlanas body might stretch to fill it.
That was a tremendous indication that he truly was the inheritor of Prophet
Muhammad (s).

5- Mawlana Shaykh Nazim had earned the love and respect of so many world
leaders, royal families, and great personalities that his home and masjid were
filled with esteemed dignitaries. Many newspapers and television stations
around the world covered Mawlana Shaykhs burial live and spoke about his
great life of promoting religious pluralism and respect, condemning terrorism
and extremism, and extending his hands to the members of every faith. He
even had the chance to embrace Pope Benedict XVI on the occasion of his
visit to Cyprus in 2010. This is an important sign that Allah honored him both in
dunya and in akhira.

During his life, Mawlana Shaykh appeared many times on TV around the
world. From his childhood Mawlana Shaykhs way was to encourage open
communication and friendly relations with everyone, even those who differ in
opinion. He always sought cooperation with others to benefit humanity and to
create a more peaceful world. Before he left this temporal world, he planted in
the hearts of his followers and in the hearts of countless human beings that
love and compassion for which he was so famous so they could carry his
legacy forward.

Mawlana Shaykh established countless centers, in nearly every nation of the
world, in which they teach mindfulness, chanting therapy and other
educational programs that promote peace, love and happiness. He rejected all
forms of extremism and radicalism, and embodied the Prophet's (s) teaching
that "we [i.e. Muslims] are a moderate Nation".

Today is Dhikr day, the first Thursday after the burial. Please take this
opportunity to share these incidents and other memories you have of our
beloved Shaykh with others, especially with those who may not have had the
pleasure of knowing him.

It is also important to remember when you are making dua and when making
Dhikr, make sure to connect your heart to those whom you love - Allah swt,
His Prophet (s), His Awliya. Don't listen to gossip or people causing confusion,
but keep your focus on the beloved ones and remember them.

On behalf of Sufilive, the Islamic Supreme Council of America, and our many
affiliated organizations around the world, we encourage everyone to follow in
Mawlanas footsteps, and implement his teachings of love, peace, acceptance
and brotherhood/sisterhood of humanity.

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani