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- To take to each other
- Intimate dinner: comida con poca gente
- Its not my thing
Doesnt appeal to me
Im not into it
- To ascend/climb a mountain
- Noncommittal: que no compromete a nada, evasivo
- Dont take any notice of him, hes a nobody
- Dissidents: rebeldes
- As long as the ____ is opened: hasta que est abierto
- It would be a good time
- Harness: arns
- To groan: quejarse de dolor
- To struggle: luchar contra algo
- The satcom system: satellite communication
- Din: huge noise
- Extricate: sacar algo a alguien/de algo con dificultad
- Daft: stupid
- Skipper: captain
- Grabbed at my guts: acojonado
- Clammy: sweaty, uncomfortable.
- Chip away at life: make your life work
- Stakes: riesgos
- To address: to talk about something
- To christen:
- Quilt: edredn
- Blanket: manta
- Mantelpiece: marco de la chimenea
- Hearses: coche fnebre
- Vaccines: vacunas
- To evolve into
- Communicate with
- Friends from your friends
- To meet in reality
- To talk to
- Starvation:
- Cyber crime
- Try on you: probarte (ropa)
- Arson: quemar bosques

- Arsonist: pirmano
- To take someone by forces
- Fine: multa
- To be engrossed in sth: estar concentrado en una tarea
- Heritage: patrimonio cultural
- Well connected town
- To get to know other cultures
- Section of an exhibition
- The ____ ranges from ____ to ___
- Another feature of the museum I like is
- Temporary collection
- Cycle paths: carril bici
- Its hard to accurately predict how technology will evolve.
- To cater for:
- To blend: batir
- Reduce your sugar intakes
- Sell by date: fecha de caducidad
- Added to
- Compensate for
- Whether or not
- The end of those months
- In the world

Phrasal verbs
- Play (sth) down: to make it seem less serious
- To allow words to sink in: to absorb and make sense of what has just been said.
- Put (sth) off: avoid doing it for now.
- Win (someone) over: to gain their favour.


Language development

Phrases with up and down
- Be up to: to do something nowadays
- Get down to sth: do sth
- Its up to you: you decide
- Is down to: due to
- Im down to my last few pennies: only have
- To get up to: do
- Feel down: bad, sad
- Wasnt up to much: not be very interesting

Colourful language
- Go blue in the face:
- End up on someones black list
- End up in the red again
- To have green fingers: be talented
- A bolt from the blue/out of the blue: all of a sudden
- Blue moon: something that happens very rarely
- Feel green around the gills:
- To see red:
- In red tape:
- Look green on the other side:

Verbs followed by particle
- Convicted of
- To cope with
- Resorted to
- Accuse sb of
- Convicted in
- Be informed of
- Be charged with
- Blame sb for
- Admitted to
- Confess to
- Found both guilty of
- Sentenced to


Expressions with food
- Smell fishy:
- Spill the beans: tell somebody a secret
- Bitten of more than you can chew:
- Anyone worth their salt: any good person
- She knows which side of her bread is buttered:
- To sell like hotcakes: very quickly

Phrasal verbs
- Turn in:
- Turn to sb:
- Turn over a profit:
- Turn sb in:
- Turn sb down:
- Turn on sb:
- Turn off:
- Turn sb out:


Key word

- Tell myself: to put something into words in your own mind to give encourage.
- Can tell: if facts or events can tell you something, they reveal information.
- Tell someone a joke: to communicate a joke.
- Cant tell something: to differentiate between two or more things.
- Something begins to tell: if an unpleasant experience has serious effects.
- To be tell off for something: to reprimand or rebuke someone for something.

- Roar into life: a cars engine starts
- Life and soul of the party: someone who is a lot of fun
- A matter of life and death
- To risk life and limb
- To lay down ones life
- To be lifelong friends


- illogical, illiterate, illegal
- Imbalanced, immutable, improper
- Enable, engender, enlist
- Incorrect, indecision, insane.
- Irresponsible, irresolute, irrational.
- Multicultural, multimillionaire, multilingual.
- Unconscious, unlikely, unnecessary.
- Renew, rename, relocate.
- Ultraviolet, ultramarine, ultrasound.
- Submarine, subconscious, subdirectory.
- Premeditated, prehistoric, prefixed.
- Disassociate, disappear, disarm.

- Ship shipment