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Anil Venkatesh

120 Science Drive

Durham, NC 27708
Duke University
May 2015 Ph.D. in Mathematics (anticipated)
Advisor: Richard Hain
Thesis Topic: Number theoretic relations arising from extensions of mixed Hodge
Certicate in College Teaching
University of Pennsylvania
2009 B.A. in Mathematics, summa cum laude
2009 B.S.E in Electrical Engineering, summa cum laude
Fellowships and Awards
2014 Deans Award for Excellence in Teaching, Duke University.
2010 - 2014 Graduate Research Fellowship, National Science Foundation.
2009 - 2014 Graduate Fellowship, Duke University.
declined 2010-2014
2009 Phi Beta Kappa, University of Pennsylvania.
2009 Senior Design Competition - First Prize, University of Pennsylvania.
Designed and built camera array and software to perform facial recognition through
obstructions in real time
2009 A. Atwater Kent Prize, University of Pennsylvania.
Senior-year Moore School award
2008 E. Stuart Eichert, Jr. Memorial Prize, University of Pennsylvania.
Junior-year Moore School award
Course Instructor, Duke University.
Responsible for all lectures, tests, and assigments.
Spring 2013 Math 105L, Laboratory Calculus and Functions I
Fall 2012 Math 122L, Laboratory Calculus II with Applications
Spring 2012 Math 32L, Laboratory Calculus II
Fall 2011 Math 25L, Laboratory Calculus and Functions I
Teaching Assistant, Duke University.
Supervised weekly lab sessions. Gave short lectures and individual assistance.
Fall 2009 Math 25L, Laboratory Calculus and Functions I
2014 Periods and Motives: Feynman amplitudes in the 21st century, Clay Math-
ematics Institute, Institudo de Ciencias Matemticas.
2013 Recent Advances in Hodge Theory, Pacic Institute for the Mathematical
Sciences, University of British Columbia.
2011 Multiple Zeta Values, Modular Forms & Elliptic Motives, Heilbronn Institute
for Mathematical Research, University of Bristol.
2010 Sage Days 22, MSRI.
Research Experience
2008 Research Fellow, SUNFEST REU, University of Pennsylvania.
Created a software package for control of robots with spoken input.
2007 Research Assistant, Signal Processing Lab, Helsinki University of Technology.
Designed and implemented a novel optimization algorithm on a manifold of unitary
Professional Service
2010 Graduate Student Departmental Representative
Relevant Computer Skills
X, Maple, Sage