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Interview Questions for Software Developer / Software Engineer / .

NET Developer / Application Developer

Prepared By: Developer Rizwan Hussain
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1) What is .NET Framework?
2) What are the main components of .NET Framework?
3) What are code contracts?
4) What is garbage collection in .NET? Which method do you use to enforce garbage collection in
.NET? Answer is System.GC.Collect().
5) What is code access security (CAS)?
6) How can you turn-on and turn-off CAS?
7) What is an IL?
8) What are tuples?
9) .NET Assemblies
10) CLR (Common Language Runtime)
11) What is Global Assembly Cache (GAC)?
12) What is the difference between .EXE and .DLL files?
13) What is Common Type System (CTS)?
14) Discuss the concept of strong names.
15) What is Common Language Specification (CLS)?
16) What is Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL)?
17) What is the role of the JIT compiler in .NET Framework?
18) Difference b/w Namespaces and .NET Assemblies
19) What are .net libraries (BCL, FCL)
20) What is difference between System. String and System.StringBuilder classes?
21) Which is the root namespace for fundamental types in .NET Framework?
22) Differentiate between managed and unmanaged code?
23) What is the difference between int and int32?
C# and OOP
1) Difference Between convert.tostring () and to string ().
2) What is a class?
3) What is an object?
4) Type Casting
5) What is a data type? How many types of data types are there in . NET?
6) Difference b/w value type variables and reference type variables.
7) What is a delegate?
8) Define an event.
9) What are threads, define threading with client server example.
10) What is object-oriented programming (OOP)?
11) Explain the basic features of OOPs.
12) How can you prevent your class to be inherited further?
Interview Questions for Software Developer / Software Engineer / .NET Developer / Application Developer
Prepared By: Developer Rizwan Hussain
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13) Exception handling
14) When do you really need to create an abstract class?
15) What are structures?
16) What is the difference between a class and a structure?
17) Define an array.
18) Why is the virtual keyword used in code?
19) List
20) State the features of an interface.
21) What is a namespace?
22) What are abstract classes? What are the distinct characteristics of an abstract class?
23) Explain different types of inheritance.
24) Array list
25) Difference b/w data table and dataset.
26) Difference b/w adapter and reader
27) Difference b/w non query, scalar and reader as execution.
28) What is connected architecture and disconnected architecture?
29) What is a hash table?
30) Define enumeration?
31) What do you mean by data encapsulation?
32) What is multithreading?
33) Explain the concept of constructor?
34) Differentiate between an abstract class and an interface.
35) What are types of polymorphism
36) What is the difference between procedural and object-oriented programming?
37) Difference b/w overloading and overriding
38) Is multiple inheritances possible in C#? Why? Where? Apply and prove.
39) Differentiate between Boxing and Unboxing.
40) What is the top most class on which other classes are inherited?
41) Difference between specialization and generalization
42) Does .NET support multiple inheritances?
43) Differentiate between the while, do while, for each and for loop in C#.
44) What are queues and stacks?
45) Difference between
1) What are difference between stored procedures, queries and functions?
2) Why stored procedures is important than query.
3) What are indexes?
4) What are triggers
5) What are constraints on database
Interview Questions for Software Developer / Software Engineer / .NET Developer / Application Developer
Prepared By: Developer Rizwan Hussain
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6) Define 7 keys with example of each. apply difference between them
7) Why use database.
8) Difference between query and sub query
9) How many types of join. Why use join. Apply.
10) Write a query for find maximum id and second maximum id.
11) Write an update query which updates only one row of table#1 with join of second table. Where
condition is on for second table.
12) Write a stored procedure of insert which return last inserted id.
13) Fill a drop down with database items on load event in C#.
14) Fill Grid view without make any object in aspx.cs file.
15) What is normalization? Define its types, steps, and apply them on a database schema.
16) What is database schema?
17) What is UML why use it.
18) How can select Last inserted id.
19) What does scope_identity() or @@identity.
20) Difference b/w where and having keyword.
21) What is aggregate function
22) What is cast function?


1) Write a program in which a function return a value which is a product of two numbers without *
2) Write a program which tells Largest and Lowest number in Array.
3) Write a program which swaps two numbers without declaring third variable.
4) Write a program which reverse a string without reverse function
5) Write a program of Fibonacci Series.
6) Write a program which check Palindromes.
7) Write a program which changes roman numbers in decimal values.
8) Multiply two numbers with recursion.
9) Sort an array.
1) What are design patterns?
2) What is Deadlock why this occurs in OS? How it can resolve.
3) Why we use assemblies in different languages.
4) Why we use different assemblies in OS.

Interview Questions for Software Developer / Software Engineer / .NET Developer / Application Developer
Prepared By: Developer Rizwan Hussain
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1) What is the basic difference between ASP and ASP.NET?
2) In which event are the controls fully loaded?
3) What is the lifespan for items stored in View State?
4) What is Post back?
5) What is Auto Post Back?
6) What is IIS? Why is it used?
7) What is Query String? What are its advantages and limitations?
8) Which ASP.NET objects encapsulate the state of the client and the browser?
9) What is View State?
10) Describe the complete lifecycle of a Web page.
11) What is a Cookie?
12) How can you identify that the page is Post Back?
13) What is State Management? How many ways are there to maintain a state in .NET?
14) What is Role-based security?
15) What is the code-behind feature in ASP.NET?
16) How many types of Cookies are available in ASP.NET?
17) What is the difference between ASP session and ASP.NET session?
18) What is the difference between a page theme and a global theme?
19) Explain the Application and Session objects in ASP.NET.
20) What is the use of web.config?
1) Explain ADO.NET in brief. What are major difference between classic ADO and ADO.NET?
What are the two fundamental objects in ADO.NET?
2) What is a Data Reader object?
3) Explain in brief Data Adapter class in ADO.NET.


1) What you learn in internship or any other previous organization.
2) What are your responsibilities in previous organization?
3) Why you choose this company.
4) What you know about this company.
5) Your expected salary.
6) On which level you rate yourself in .NET from Rank-1 to Rank-5.
Interview Questions for Software Developer / Software Engineer / .NET Developer / Application Developer
Prepared By: Developer Rizwan Hussain
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7) If we want to send you on visit of other countries then you will agree?