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Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers 1

1. What is App in Sales force?

An app is a group of tabs that work as a unit to provide
functionality. Users can switch between apps using the app drop-down menu at the top-right corner of
every page.
You can customize existing apps to match the way you
work or build new apps by grouping standard and custom
!avigation to create app in "ales force: Setup ->Build
->Create->App-> Clic on new and create your
application according to your re#uirements.
!. What is o"#ect in Sales force?
$ustom ob%ects are database tables that allow you to store
data specific to your organization in You
can use custom ob%ects to extend
functionality or to build new application functionality.
&nce you have created a custom ob%ect you can create a
custom tab custom related lists reports and dashboards for
users to interact with the custom ob%ect data. You can also
access custom ob%ect data through the A'(.
!avigation to create ob%ect in sales force) Setup->Build-
>Create->$"#ect-> Clic on new o"#ect and create ob%ect
according to your re#uirement.
*. %ow &an' relationships included in S()C * What
are the'?
+e are having two types of relationships they are
,ookup -elationship
.aster-/etail -elationship
0. What is a +,ooup -elationship.?
1his type of relationship links two ob%ects together
Up to 23 allowed for ob%ect
'arent is not a re#uired field.
!o impact on a security and access.
!o impact on deletion.
$an be multiple layers deep.
,ookup field is not re#uired.
3. What is +/aster-)etail -elationship.?
/aster )etail relationship is the 'arent child relationship.
(n which .aster represents 'arent and detail represents
$hild. (f 'arent is deleted then $hild also gets
deleted. -ollup su&&ar' fields can only be created on
.aster records which will calculate the "U. A45 .(!
of the $hild records.
Up to 2 allowed to ob%ect.
'arent field on child is re#uired.
Access to parent determines access to children.
/eleting parent automatically deletes child.
A child of one master detail relationship cannot be the
parent of another.
,ookup field on page layout is re#uired.
0. %ow can I create /an' to /an' relationship?
,ookup and .aster detail relationships are one to many
relationships. +e can create many 6 to 6 .any relationship
by using %unction ob%ect. 7unction ob%ect is a custom ob%ect
with two master detail relationships.
1. A custo& o"#ect contains so&e records2 now &'
re3uire&ent is to create field in this o"#ect with &aster
detail relationship. Can we create &aster detail
relationship in this case?
!o directly we cannot create master details relationship
if custom ob%ect contains existing records.
Following are the steps to create to create master-detail
relationship when records are available in custom ob%ect.
8. First create field with lookup relationship.
2. And then associate look field with parent record for
every record
*. !ext change the data type of the field from look up
to .aster detail.
4. ,ist e5a&ples of custo& field t'pes?
1ext 'ick list 'ick list 9multi select: /ate ;mail
/ate<1ime /ate $urrency $heckbox !umber 'ercent
'hone U-, 1ext Area 5eolocation lookup relationship
master detail relationship etc=..
6. What is 7AB in Salesforce?
1ab is a user interface component to user creates to
display custom ob%ect data.
1here are three type of tabs.
$ustom 1abs
4isual force 1abs
+eb 1abs
18. )oes user can create insert their own custo& lo9o2
while creatin9 their own custo& applications?
Yes user can upload their custom logo in documents and
then they choose that logo for organization.
11. ,ist thin9s that can "e custo&i:ed on pa9e la'outs?
+e can customize different things on page layout like
Fields >uttons $ustom ,inks and -elated ,ists. +e can
also create sections.
Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers !
Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers !
12. What is a +Self -elationship.?
"elf -elationship is a lookup relationship to the same
ob%ect. "uppose let?s take an ob%ect @.erchandiseA. Bere
we can create relationship in between the Account to
Account 9same ob%ect: ob%ect. 1hat is called @"elf
1;. What are the &ain thin9s need to consider in the
+/aster-)etail -elationship.?
-ecord level access is determined by the parent .andatory
on child for reference of parent cascade delete 9if you
delete the parent it can cascade delete the child:.
1<. What is difference "etween tri99er and worflow?
+orkflow is automated process that fired an action based
on ;valuation criteria and rule criteria.
+e can access a workflow across the ob%ect.
+e cannot perform /., operation on workflow
+e cannot #uery from database
1rigger is a piece of code that executes before or after a
record is inserted or updated.
+e can access the trigger across the ob%ect and related to
that ob%ects
+e can use 2C /., operations in one trigger.
+e can use 2C "&D,?s from data base in one trigger.
1=. What is Wrapper class?
A +rapper class is a class whose instances are collection of
other ob%ects.
(t is used to display different ob%ects on a 4isual Force page
in same table.
10. What is )ifference "etween S$Q, and S$S,?
S$Q,>Salesforce $"#ect Quer' ,an9ua9e?
Using "&D, we can "earch only on one ob%ect at a time.
+e can #uery on all fields of any datatype
+e can use "&D, in 1riggers and classes.
+e can perform /., operation on #uery results.
S$S,>Salesforce o"#ect Search ,an9ua9e?
Using "&", we can search on many ob%ects at a time.
+e can #uery only on fields whose data type is textphone
and ;mail.
+e can use in calsses but not in 1riggers.
+e cannot perform /., operation on search result
11. What is difference insert>? and data"ase .insert>? ?
Using insert method we can insert the records but if any
error occurs in any record system will throw an error
insertion fail and none of the records are inserted.
(f we want to execute partially success of bulk insert
operation we will use database .insert.
14. What is Static -esources?
Using "tatic -esources we can upload images zip files %ar
files %ava script and $"" files that can be referred in a
visual force page.
1he maximum size of "tatic -esources for an organization
is 23Cm>.
16. %ow to call #ava script usin9 Static -esource in
@isual (orce pa9e?
Add %ava script file in "tatic -esource setup -E develop -E
"tatic -esources -E click on F!ew? -E !ame) filename and
add file from local desktop and save.
+e can use that file as follows in 4isual Force page
Gapex) includescript valuesHA IJ K-esource.file!ameLA<E
!8. What is sharin9 rule?
(f we want to give the access to other users we use sharing
!1. %ow &an' wa's we can share a record?
-ole %ierarch'A
(f we add a user to a role the user is above in the role
hierarchy will have read access.
"etup -E manage users -E roles -E setup roles -E click on
Fadd role? -E provide name and save.
/efines the base line setting for the organization.
/efines the level of access to the user can see the other
user?s record
&+/ can be 'rivate 'ublic -ead &nly 'ublic -ead and
"etup -E "ecurity $ontrols -E sharing settings -E $lick on
/anual Sharin9A
.anual "haring is sharing a single record to single user or
group of users.
+e can see this button detail page of the record and this is
visible only when &+/ setting is private.
Criteria Based Sharin9 rulesA
(f we want to share records based on condition like share
records to group of users
+hose criteria are country is (ndia.
"etup -E security controls -E sharing settings -E select the
ob%ect and provide name and
$onditions and save
Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers ;
Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers ;
!!. What are the actions in worflow?
8. ;mail Alert
2. 1ask
*. Field Update
0. &utbound .essage
5o through the below link for the more information
about workflow actions
!;. %ow &an' wa's we can &ade field is re3uired?
8. +hile creation of field
2. 4alidation rules
*. 'age ,ayout level
!<. What is difference "etween -ole and Brofile?
-ole is -ecord level access and it is not mandatory
for all users.
'rofile is ob%ect level and field level access and it is
mandatory for all users.
!=. What is the &a5i&u& si:e of the B)( 9enerated on
visualforce attri"ute renderAs?
!0. %ow &an' controllers can "e used in a visual force
"alesforce come under "AA" so we can use one
controller and as many extension controllers.
!1. What is difference "etween Action support and
Action function?
Action function) (nvoke the controller method from %ava
script using A7AM and we can use action function from
different places on visual force page.
Action support) (nvoke the controller method using A7AM
when even occurs on page like on.ouse&ver on$lick
ect= and we can use action support for particular single
apex component.
!4. %ow &an' wa's we can call the Ape5 class?
8. 4isual force page
2. +eb "ervice
*. 1riggers
0. ;mail services
!6. %ow to create /aster )etails relationship "etween
e5istin9 records?
/irectly we can?t create .aster /etail relationship between
existing records first we have to create ,ookup
relationship and provide valid lookup fields and it shouldn?t
;8. What is per&ission set?
'ermission sets extend user?s functional access
without changing user?s profile.
;x) A user has only read access through profile on
custom ob%ect administrator want to give access ;dit and
create operations to him without changing the profile.
Administrator creates the permission set having edit and
creates operation on custom ob%ect and assign to that user.
;1. What is &anual sharin9?
.anual sharing is to share a record to a particular
user manually.
5o to detail page of record and click on manual sharing
button and assign that record to other user with -ead or
-ead<+rite access.
.anual "haring button enables only when &+/ is private
to that ob%ect.
Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers <
Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers <
;!. %ow we can chan9e the Crant access usin9 role
hierarch' for standard o"#ects?
!ot possible.
;;. What is the use of +7ransfer -ecord. in profile?
(f user have only -ead access on particular record
but he wants to change the owner name of that record then
in profile level 1ransfer -ecord enables he can able to
change the owner.
;<. What is (ield dependenc'?
According to the field selection on one field filter
the pick list values on other field.
;=. Is chec "o5 perfor&s lie controllin9 field?
Yes possible. $ontrolling field should be $heck
box or pick list.
;0. %ow &an' field dependencies we can use in @isual
(orce pa9e?
.aximum we can use 8C field dependencies in
4F page.
;1. What is -oll-up su&&ar'?
-oll-up displays the count of child records and
calculate the sum min and max of fields of the child
;4. %ow to create -oll-up su&&ar' field on looup
!ot possible. -oll-up summary is enabled for
only .aster 6/etail relationship.
;6. What are the -ecord 7'pes?
-ecord 1ypes are restrict the pick list values and
assign to the different page layouts for different -ecord
<8. What is Audit 7rail?
Audit 1rail provides the information or track all
the recent setup changes that an administrator done to the
1his can store the last N months data.
<1. What are the -eport 7'pes?
0 1ypes of report in "alesforce
7a"ular -eportsA +e can only displays the grand total
in the table form.
Su&&ar' -eportsA (t is a detail form of report in
which the grouping done based on $olumns.
/atri5 -eportsA (t is a detail form of report in which
the grouping done based on both -ows and $olumns.
Doined -eportsA +e can %oin the two or more reports
in the single report displayed in the form of blocks.
<!. What is )ash"oard?
/ashboard is a pictorial representation of report.
+e can add up to 2C reports in single dashboard.