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ob Search SLruggle
8y Culley Polland and MaLLhew 8use

1he lssue

ln Loday's world, lL's noL abouL whaL you know, buL who you know. neLworklng ls key Lo
flndlng a [ob and LhaL can make lL dlfflculL. Cnce someone moves on from college lL can be very
dlfflculL Lo geL good neLworklng opporLunlLles. Colleges creaLe Lhese greaL opporLunlLles, llke [ob
falrs, Lo help sLudenLs geL Lhelr name ouL and meeL prospecLlve employers. eople need an
ouLleL for meeLlng employers and geLLlng your name ouL on Lhe [ob markeL. Companles also
need a way Lo flnd employees raLher Lhan [usL walLlng for Lhe rlghL person Lo come along. ls here Lo flx LhaL.

MonsLer lnc. ls a company LhaL Lrles Lo brlng employers and [ob seekers LogeLher. lL ls a
worldwlde company LhaL ls ln approxlmaLely 30 counLrles. MonsLer was on Lhe forefronL of
dlglLal neLworklng back ln 1994. now, Lhey are Lhe only global company LhaL brlngs Lhese
servlces Lo employers and [ob seekers. MonsLer provldes a search englne for people Lo look for
elLher [obs or employees. Lach one ls able Lo search Lhrough [ob llsLlngs and people seeklng a
[ob. Companles can upload lnformaLlon abouL [ob openlngs whlle people can upload resumes
and creaLe a proflle abouL Lhelr lnformaLlon.


Slnce ls a greaL success already Lhere are acLual soluLlons. 1he goal of helplng
connecL employees and employers has been accompllshed and has gone above
and beyond [usL maklng a slLe Lo allow for connecLlon. llrsL Lhe goal of connecLlng Lhe employee
wlLh Lhe employer was meL.

llg. 1 Pome age
llgure 1 shows Lhe home page of, here ls where a [ob LlLle and area can be lnpuL
lnLo Lhe webslLe. 1hls wlll begln a search such as any oLher search englne. 1hls wlll pull up many
opLlons and [obs LhaL flL Lhe company name or [ob LlLle. lf you do noL wanL Lo search LhaL way glve you anoLher opLlon ln [usL searchlng ouL rlghL for [obs.

llgure 2 !ob Searchlng
1hls screen shows LhaL glves Lhe opLlon for [obs vla: locaLlon, daLe posLed,
keywords, company, [ob Lype, caLegory, and more opLlons. 1hls allows an lndlvldual Lo search
for a [ob more speclflcally Lhen hoplng key words wlll lead Lo Lhe [ob deslred. Already has glven more Lhan Lhe LradlLlonal key word and hope opLlon ln onllne [ob
WhaL makes sLand ouL as a webslLe for [ob searchlng ls LhaL Lhere ls more Lhan
[usL Lhe [ob search avallable. 1o help Lhe hopeful employee Lhere are many helpful resources
under career resources. lor example ln flgure 3 and flgure 4, Lhere are resources for
lnLervlewlng advlce and preparaLlon as well as mulLlple arLlcles ranglng from 3 phrases you
should never puL on your resume" Lo 4 reasons you'll never geL a ralse". 1hls lnformaLlon
allows for a more powerful employee.

llg. 3 lnLervlew Advlce

llg. 4 Career Advlce
As well helplng employees, also helps employers. 1o ald employers, Lhey have a
deslgnaLed page Lo ald employers flnd employees ln Lhe area. 1he employer wlll enLer a [ob LlLle
lnLo a search Lab and wlll search and connecL LhaL employer Lo employees who
have enLered a correlaLlng [ob LlLle searchlng for a [ob. [llg 3]

llg. 3 Lmployers Search age ls an esLabllshed employee [ob search slLe. ls much more Lhan a
webslLe Lo connecL employees wlLh employers, lL ls a webslLe Lo ald all forms of employmenL.
1hey have resources Lo help flrsL Llme hopeful employees as well as long Llme employees who
need help posslbly geLLlng a ralse or posslbly flndlng a new [ob. 1he founders of
knew LhaL Lo make a successful [ob searchlng webslLe, more was needed Lhan [usL a slmple
connecLlon polnL. More resources and helpful advlce Lowards users allow for a more efflclenL
user frlendly webslLe. 1hls ls whaL glves an edge on lLs compeLlLlon, and Lhe
founders dld a good [ob of creaLlng a premlum [ob search slLe.

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