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Despre plante Feng Shui se poate spune ca au propria lor energie pe care o impart cu cei

din casa si o mare influenta asupra energiei din casa ta. Se mai poate spune despre plante
Feng Shui ca au rolul de a echilibra intreaga atmosfera si de a aduce un flux de energie
pozitiva. Deseori acestea curta aerul si incarca atmosfera cu benefici ioni negativi.
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Pentru ca efectele sa fie beneficie trebuie sa alegi corespunzator plantele potrivite pentru
fiecare camera si pentru fiecare loc din lista cu plante Feng Shui. Plantele din aceasta
categorie sunt obligatoriu naturale. Cele mai apreciate plante de interior pentru tehnicile
feng shui sunt plantele lemnoase deoarece lemnul reprezinta unul dintre cele mai
importante elemente, plantele lemnoase atragand energiile pozitive, creativitatea si nu in
ultimul rand ele sunt un simbol al renasterii si regenerarii.
In teoria despre plante Feng Shui se spune ca plantele care au spini sau tepi ca sunt
daunatoare energiilor pozitive. ceste plante pot fi asezate la intraea in casa sau in balcon
ori la ferestre, aceaste pozitii oferindu!le o conotatie pozitiva in sensul ca vor simboliza
protectia. In plus plantele cu frunzele sau crengile cazute sunt opuse principiilor Feng
Plante Feng Shui pozitive
"ambusul este o planta ornamentala deosebita, cu o simbolistica aparte# este o planta usor
de intretinut si aducatoare de noroc si energie pozitiva. Desi nu are nevoie
de o ingri$ire speciala, bambusul are nevoie de dragoste si afectiune pentru a se dezvolta
armonios si pentru a!si indeplini sarcina. vand o astfel de planta in locuinta nu doar ca
energiile pozitive va vor invalui la tot pasul, insa veti invata sa deveniti o persoana mai
rabdatoare, mai flexibila si nu in ultimul rand mai puternica. "ambusul este planta Feng
Shui model, reprezentand o intruchipare a tuturor elementelor primoridale ce se afla la
baza tehnicilor feng shui: lemnul, pamantul, apa, focul si metalul.
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Palmierul este o alta planta benefic
a pentru interior din punctul de vedere al tehnicilor Feng Shui. &xista numeroase tipuri de
palmieri pentru apartament ce nu necesita o ingri$ire amanuntita.
rborele de $ad este una dintre cele mai apreciate plante Feng Shui, aceasta fiind
aducatoare de noroc si mai ales de bani.
Crinul pacii este o alta planta cu o mare influenta asupra energiei pozitive din locuinta.
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Pentru efecte maxime ale acestor plante Feng Shui ele trebuie asezate pe linia dintre usa
si fereastra, in fiecare camera. 'n loc bun il reprezinta si colturile camerelor, acesta fiind
locul in care energia negativa se (ascunde). *u lasa niciodata o planta sa se usuce in
casa. &ste un semn rau. Indeparteaza plantele bolnave inainte sa moara, dar neaparat
inlocuieste!le cu una identica.
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Feng Shui plants and places to keep them
Feng shui is a tradition that reall5 li+es dra-ing parallels -ith nature. It tal+s about
integration of human life -ith the nature so as to achieve maximum positive chi. >ne of
the best -a5s through -hich a person can achieve the maximum benefit and unit5 -ith
nature is through the use of feng shui plants. 8here are some specific plants that can do a
lot of good if the5 are put in the right place.
Feng shui is all about getting the environment right. In fact, positive chi or spirit is
believed to be lin+ed to the ph5sical area surrounded b5 it, because the external aspect is
prett5 much a reflection of the internal one. In order to get the chi right, people have to
ma+e sure that the5 don?t let the external aspects of their lives be tainted. @hen it comes
to plants in feng shui, the5 are good ne-s in some place and bad ne-s in some other
places. >ne needs to put the right plants in the right places to ma+e sure that one does not
end up inviting an5 negative energ5 instead.
;elated =in+ Tips to use feng shui for wealth A Feng shui symbols and their
Important Feng Shui Plants
Some plants that are important to Feng Shui are listed belo-, along -ith the places the5
are to be placed.
%. Bade Plant: 8he $ade plant is a succulent, medium sized cactus plant. 8his is a
plant that is believed to attract mone5 and prosperit5 to the office. It is better to
+eep this plant in front of the office or in the office cubicle, so as to attract more
business or more income. 8his is a plant that should be +ept right at the entrance,
near the door or the cubicle. 6a+e sure that the plant does not gro- taller than %
m. 6a+e sure that 5ou don?t over-ater it either.
3. Silver cro-n: 8his beautiful plant is one of the most lucky plants in feng shui
because of its succulent and -ell!shaped leaves. 8his is a plant that is believed to
bring good fortune to the people -ho o-n it. It is even a good loo+ing plant,
because it has a distinct silver sheen Dthat?s -hat gives the plant its nameE. >ne
can +eep this plant in the office or in the living room of the house.
C. 6one5 Plant: 8he mone5 plant is probabl5 one of the best plants in feng shui. It is
the plant that s5mbolizes prosperit5, income and good luc+ as -ell. @hen
combined, this certainl5 means an increase in the amount of mone5 a famil5 or a
-or+place can expect. >ne of the best places for feng shui plants is the office and
the mone5 plant -ould fit in -ell there, for it can attract some good fortune and
some mone5 as -ellF 4o-ever, one of the most preferred places for mone5 plant,
so far, has been the living room of the residence.
2. Chinese flo-ers: 8hese are the blossom flo-ers. 8he Chinese flo-ers, in fact, are
used during spring, to stand for gro-th and optimism, for it is the beginning of a
ne- 5ear. >ptimism and ne- beginnings is the meaning behind these blossoms as
-ell. 8he presence of these flo-ers at home can promote good-ill and happiness.
In fact, these flo-ers can also promote romance bet-een couples. 4ence, it -ould
ma+e a lot of sense to have this plant in the house, living room, dining room etc.
as -ell.
G. Peon5: peon5 is a flo-er that the Chinese consider to be the +ing of the flo-ers.
It is a :ang flo-er, and it represents optimism and spring. 8he peon5 is delicate,
rich and beautiful, -hich means it also represents the feminine end of the
In fact, this is -hat the peon5 is best used for. 8he peon5 is red in colour and red
is a reall5 auspicious colour in feng shui. In India, the colour is used to signif5
marriage and love as -ell. So, a person -ho is loo+ing for love can plant peonies
in the south-est of the garden or at least bu5 some peonies and put it in the
south-est corner of the house. 8his -ill help in dra-ing some relationships
to-ards the house.
Peon5 is of so much importance that people do li+e +no-ing that there are
substitutes for this flo-er! such as begonia, hibiscus etc. >f course, these flo-ers
-on?t be as strong as the rest, but the5 are Huite useful.
I. Chr5santhemum: 8he chr5santhemum is a beautiful 5ello- flo-er. 8his 5ello-
flo-er happens to be one of the good feng shui plants. 8his flo-er is held in
great respect and regard in Chinese and Bapnaese culture. :ello- is a colour that is
associated -ith happiness and optimism, so the flo-er of the same colour is a
proof of the same. It -ould be best to put the chr5santhemum in the living room,
but it -on?t be smart to put it in the bedroom, for it might conflict -ith some other
feng shui elements. 8he5 are reall5 eas5 to gro- so people -ould definitel5 not
have a problem -ith it.
J. Plum "lossom: 8he plum blossom is a s5mbol of purit5. It is a flo-er that is
supposed to bring a long time of good fortune as -ell. Plum blossom gro-s in
trees and the trees are Huite -ell +no-n for their good fragrance. 8he fragrance
could also help a person develop a positive chi. 8he plum tree should be planted
in the north or the north eastern sides of the house, for these are the most
auspicious areas. If one is not too pic+5 about that, the5 can put the blossoms tree
an5-here in the garden.
K. "ulbs, li+e *arcissus: *arcissus, a bulb flo-er is reall5 beautiful and important
for the Chinese. ccording to Chinese feng shui tradition, the flo-ers are given to
loved ones as *e- :ears gift. 8he5 are reall5 good loo+ing and the5 are reall5
eas5 to gro-, -hich is -hat ma+es these plants so famous, especiall5 as a gift.
@hen choosing narcissus, ma+e sure 5ou choose the ones that are not of a d-arf
variet5. 8he d-arf variet5 ones might not reall5 promote positive chi if the5 are
too small, so ma+e sure that 5ou get the slightl5 larger ones. It -ould ma+e a lot
of sense if these flo-ers are +ept in the northern and the north! eastern parts of the
L. The Lily: 8he =il5 is a beautiful plant that is considered to be the most beautiful
of all the bulbs. 8his is one of the good feng shui plants. 8he lil5 -ill be able to
promote harmon5 and happiness among people. It can also ma+e people much
calmer than the5 are no-. s a result of the calming effects of lil5, one can use
this plant in the living room or in the meditative space.
%M. Lotus: 8he lotus has been an important Chinese motif for a long, long time no-.
It has also become one of the good feng shui plants. 8he lotus is a flo-er that
sho-s purit5, exclusiveness and moral strength. 8he best part to have this -ould
be the residence, especiall5 at the entrance. 8his can reall5 promote positive chi
among the house itself. 8he =otus has also gro-n to be associated -ith the
"uddha and it is believed, in feng shui, that it -ould reall5 provide +no-ledge or
enlightenment around the house -here it is +ept. It can also reall5 help the
spiritualit5 increase.
%%. 6agnolia: =ast but not least, -e have the last of the feng shui plants, the -hite
magnolia. 8he -hite magnolia is a s5mbol of purit5 and also love, so it can be
+ept in the living room or the meditative space. Planting a magnolia tree in the
front 5ard can actuall5 help people get a lot of contentment -ith the -hole area.
8his is a luc+5 flo-er as -ell, -hich means that it is presumed to give people a
lot of prosperit5 and promises of -ealth as -ell.
;elated =in+ Important feng shui symbols for homes
Feng shui kua numbers Lucky and unlucky directions
In feng shui, for plants to be auspicious Dor goodE, the5 have to satisf5 some specific
%. 8he bigger the5 are, the better.
3. 8he more rounded and succulent leaves the plant has, the better.
Important Feng Shui Trees
8-o of the important feng shui trees are given belo-:
%. "amboo:
"amboo, in fact, can form forests, but onl5 -hen the5 are allo-ed to gro- unrul5.
"amboo is a reall5 important s5mbol of Chinese art. In fact, it is also mentioned
in a lot of literature and poetr5 in Chinese as -ell.
8he "amboo is supposed to be the tree that can -ard of negative thoughts and
energ5. It is believed to promote resilience and courage among people. It is also a
sign of prosperit5 and abundance. 8he best place to plant a pine tree -ould be
-here people can see it! -hich means that the tree must be in the front 5ard. 8his
-a5, the bamboo -ill certainl5 improve the chi of the house and the Huestion of
-here to +eep feng shui plants can be ans-ered.
3. Pine 8ree:
8he pine tree is usuall5 large and both of them are the survivors of some of the
toughest -inters. Pine 8ree, along -ith the c5press tree can promote friendship
and companionship. It can improve lo5alt5 and in fact, it can certainl5 be
associated -ith improving the fidelit5 of a person. Pine trees can be planted in
an5 stretch of garden surrounding the house.
@hen getting feng shui plants, ma+e sure 5ou +no- -hat to bu5 so that it is meaningful.
nd then, ma+e sure that 5ou are putting the plants -here the5 belong, in the right places.