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NO. 02-01-2001
Pursuant to the powers vested upon this Commission and in line with
Memorandum Circular No. 1-04-88, otherwise known as the Rules and Reulations !overnin
"#uipment Provided $% Customer&'u$scri$ers o( Pu$lic Networks, the (ollowin revised
Customer Premises "#uipment )CP"* inter(ace standards and t%pe approval&acceptance
procedures are here$% approved (or implementation+
a. ,%pe approval is a process $% which a CP" is evaluated (or con(ormance to national CP"
inter(ace standards, as recommended $% -,.-, and&or -,.-R. / CP" is tested and
evaluated $% underoin la$orator% tests to determine its operational compati$ilit% with
the pu$lic telecommunications network and to uarantee that when connected will not
cause harm and will assure ade#uate sa(et% (or+
1. the end-users, reardin their lives, health and properties0
1. the pu$lic telecommunication networks and emplo%ees, (rom mal(unction and
damae0 and
2. the users o( the (re#uenc% spectrum, (rom inter(erence and spurious emissions.
-n cases where a CP" has alread% $een certi(ied $% a (orein approval authorit%, the N,C
and&or its accredited test la$orator% ma%, at its discretion, accept manu(acturer3s sel(-
declaration, (orein test reports and approval certi(icates in lieu o( local t%pe approval
tests, provided, the% must show compliance or con(ormit% with the CP" inter(ace
standards herein prescri$ed.
$. ,%pe acceptance is a process $% which a CP" ma% $e accepted (or use in the countr% in
the a$sence o( esta$lished inter(ace standards that correspond to the speci(ications o(
such CP". ,he CP" is evaluated on the $asis o( su$mitted (orein test reports and t%pe
approval certi(ications.
!enerall%, e#uipment meetin the CP" inter(ace standards will $e ranted a certi(icate o(
t%pe approval. "#uipment with inter(ace speci(ications that are not included in the
esta$lished CP" standards ma% $e ranted a certi(icate o( t%pe acceptance, on a case-$%-
case $asis.
c. / CP" without havin $een issued a Certi(icate o( ,%pe /pproval or Certi(icate o( ,%pe
/cceptance shall not $e connected to the pu$lic telecommunications network e4cept
those CP"s $rouht in (rom overseas $% individual su$scri$ers as provided in 'ection --c
o( this Circular.
d. ,%pe approval shall $e re#uired in the (ollowin cases0
new t%pes&classes, models o( CP" intended (or connection to a pu$lic
telecommunications network0
modi(ication or alteration o( a previousl% t%pe approved CP" or rand(athered CP"
circuitr% and&or its associated network inter(ace0 and
5hen there will $e a chane in trade name and&or model num$er o( a previousl% t%pe
approved CP", t%pe approval testin ma% no loner $e necessar% $ut issuance o( another
t%pe approval certi(icate shall $e re#uired under the new trade name or model num$er.
e. ,%pe approval shall not $e re#uired (or a terminal e#uipment intended (or connection to
leased line circuits.
(. Customer Premises "#uipment that ma% $e allowed (or connection to a pu$lic
telecommunications network, su$6ect to t%pe approval and the application o( authori7ed
rates and tari(( chares, are as (ollows0
1. Private 8ranch "4chane )P89s*
1. :e% ,elephone '%stems ):,'*
2. Corded ,elephone 'ets
4. Cordless ,elephone 'ets
;. 'pecial purpose terminal e#uipments desined to operate in con6unction with central
o((ice (acilities to receive and transmit data (rom a su$scri$er3s location or to
operate in a manner that serves pu$lic interest. ,he% include $ut are not limited to0
/larm dialin and sinalin e#uipment (or industrial, securit%, (ire,
instruction and e#uipment (ailure applications.
,ra((ic Recorder or device (or measurin the amount o( tra((ic carried $% a
roup or several roups o( switches, lines or trunks and ma% have the
capa$ilit% o( periodicall% printin a record o( that tra((ic.
<ariation Monitors or devices (or sensin deviations in electrical
characteristics o( a line and capa$le o( providin an alarm or initiatin
other actions when proram o( the electrical characteristics are e4ceeded.
Multiple4er or device that allows transmission o( a num$er o( di((erent
sinals simultaneousl% over a sinle telecommunications channel.
Concentrators are included in this headin.
=. /utomatic dialer or a separate device that dials a call automaticall% over the pu$lic
network. ,he device ma% include the capa$ilit% to include dial attempts a(ter
encounterin a $us% sinal.
>. /utomatic /nswerin Machine or device connected to a telephone line which
operates in such a manner that when the user is a$sent, the device answers calls
and ives a recorded messae and ma% or ma% not provide (or recordin o( a short
messae (or the caller.
8. Call distri$utor or a device that distri$utes incomin calls to di((erent operatin
positions to spread tra((ic load and increase e((icienc%.
?. @ata communications e#uipment )@C"* provides the (unctions re#uired to esta$lish,
maintain and terminate a connection, the sinal conversion, and codin re#uired
(or communication $etween data terminal e#uipment and the pu$lic
telecommunications network. @C" ma% or ma% not $e an interal part o( a
computer )e.. dial-up modem*.
10. @ata terminal e#uipment )@,"* consists o( diital end instruments that convert user
in(ormation into data sinals (or transmission, or reconvert the received sinals
into user in(ormation. ,he @," ma% consist o( a sinle piece o( e#uipment that
provides all re#uired (unction necessar% or it ma% $e an interconnected su$s%stem
o( multiple pieces o( e#uipment which toether per(orm all the re#uired (unctions.
11. Aacsimile machine or device emplo%ed at the transmit end to convert a hard cop% to
electrical sinals suita$le (or deliver% to the pu$lic telecommunications network
and at the receive end to convert picture sinals to a hard cop%.
11. ,eleprinter or device havin a sinal actuated mechanism (or automaticall% printin
received messae. ,he device ma% also include a ke%$oard (or manuall% sendin
line sinals, a paper tape transmitter and paper tape punch&reader or the electronic
e#uivalent o( these. )-ntended (or connection to a tele4 network*.
12. 5ireless Pain Receiver usin selective radio sinal to summon a person, e4act
wherea$outs unknown, to the nearest telephone or to deliver a messae to the
person carr%in the pain unit.
14. Cellular Mo$ile ,elephone 'u$scri$er ,erminal is a terminal unit connected to the
cellular mo$ile telephone s%stem which is a wide area mo$ile radio telephone
s%stem composed o( clusters o( cells capa$le o( providin hih-capacit% mo$ile as
well as (i4ed telecommunication services $% utili7in (re#uenc% re-use
1;. !lo$al Mo$ile Personal Communications $% 'atellite )!MPC'* terminal e#uipment
connected to a satellite s%stem providin telecommunications services directl% to
end-users an%where in the lo$e (rom a constellation o( satellite.
1=. Ai4ed 5ireless /ccess 'u$scri$er .nit is a (i4ed terminal e#uipment located at the
end-user or su$scri$er3s premises wherein it is connected to the pu$lic
telecommunications network via the (i4ed wireless access s%stem. Ai4ed wireless
access is an access application usin radio technolo% rather than copper wire or
optical (i$ers to reach su$scri$er3s premises in which the locations o( the
su$scri$er and the network access point are (i4ed.
1>. <er% 'mall /perture ,erminal )<'/,* e#uipment is a technoloical innovation in the
(ield o( satellite communications that allows relia$le transmission o( in(ormation
)voice, data and (acsimile* via satellite usin small satellite antennas.
18. Credit Card <eri(ication, @e$it Pa%ment and other similar Point o( 'ale )PB'*
transaction devices that utili7e the pu$lic telecommunications network.
1?. Caller Cine -denti(ication @evice )CC-@* is a device connected or $uilt-in to the
telephone set that shows the identit% i.e. the telephone num$er and&or reistered
name o( the callin part%.
10. /dvanced CP"s
. ,%pe approval o( CP"s (or connection to the pu$lic telecommunication network shall $e
universal in nature and applica$le to all concerned network operators.

a. ,he t%pe-approval o( CP"s shall $e con(ined to the inter(ace parameters )ph%sical and
electrical characteristics* de(ined in 'ection ---.
$. ,%pe-approval o( CP"s, however, does not uarantee (ull operational compati$ilit% when
connected with a particular pu$lic telecommunications network in terms o( sinalin,
transmission #ualit%, and activation o( various s%stem (eatures.
Pu$lic ,elecommunications Bperators ma% conduct (urther evaluation o( t%pe-approved
CP"s $ased on their own speci(ic re#uirements to ensure (ull operational compati$ilit% o(
the CP" when connected to their network and ma% issue, (or internal control purposes, an
inter(ace approval certi(icate. CP" terminals must have a demarcation point, and the
means o( connection at that point must $e speci(ied (or each telecommunications
-nter(ace approval is a process $% which CP"s are evaluated, at the option o( a pu$lic
telecommunications operator, not onl% to uarantee sa(el%, as re#uired $% this Circular,
$ut also to ensure operational compati$ilit% when connected to the network o( said pu$lic
telecommunications operator.
c. / non- t%pe approved CP" $rouht (rom overseas $% an individual su$scri$er (or
personal use and intended (or connection to a pu$lic telecommunications network ma%
not $e re#uired to undero t%pe approval process, provided that the same CP" is
su$6ected to inter(ace approval testin $% the intended servin network operator. ,he
su$scri$er ma% appl% (or connection directl% to the concerned network operator su$6ect to
the sa(et% re#uirements o( this Circular and the operator3s authori7ed rates, chares and
technical re#uirements. ,he importation o( CP" $% an individual su$scri$er is su$6ect,
however, to the rules and reulations o( the 8ureau o( Customs and permits&clearances
(rom this Commission.
Customer premises e#uipment intended (or connection to a pu$lic telecommunications
network shall, in eneral, con(orm to 'ection /, 8 and C as de(ined in /nne4 D1E o( this
,%pe-approval testin (or CP"s shall $e done in accordance with the test procedures
speci(ied in /nne4 D--E.
/ll sinle connection to the pu$lic switched telephone network )P',N* shall $e made
throuh the standard .'BC RF11C 6acks and plus, descri$ed under /nne4 2. 'tandard 6acks
shall $e so arraned that, i( the plu connected thereto is withdrawn, no inter(erence caused to
the operation o( an% e#uipment at the customer3s premises which remains connected to the
pu$lic telecommunications network, shall occur $% reason o( such withdrawal.
1. /pplicant shall (ile a t%pe approval re#uest )N,C prescri$ed application (orm* with the N,C
or its accredited test la$orator% and su$mit the (ollowin+
a.Certi(ied cop% o( re-e4port $ond i( e#uipment is $rouht in on Dno dollar importE, C8
$. "vidence o( pa%ment o( import ta4 and other duties
c."#uipment manual, $rochure, technical speci(ications and circuit diaram
d. Aorein test reports and t%pe approval certi(ications
e.Manu(acture3s declaration o( con(ormit% with the CP" inter(ace standards
(. /ppropriate permits&clearances (rom N,C
1 /pplicant shall pa% the necessar% t%pe approval&acceptance (ees to N,C or its accredited
test la$orator%. /pplicant shall install the demo unit at the aenc%3s la$orator%. 'hould it
$e impractical to install a demo unit at the aenc%3s la$orator%, as in the case o( lare-
si7ed e#uipment )such as P/89*, the test ma% $e done at the location o( the e#uipment.
/n% test (or P/89s and other lare-si7ed e#uipment shall not $e (or a loner period to
e4ceed thirt% )20* workin da%s, while (or other e#uipment, the test shall have a
ma4imum o( (i(teen )1;* workin da%s.
2. /pplicant who intends to appl% (or t%pe approval o( another model in the same series o( a
previousl% t%pe-approved e#uipment need not present the e#uipment (or testin $ut
should su$mit a complete technical manual o( such e#uipment to determine whether the
inter(ace circuits are actuall% the same as the previousl% t%pe-approved model o( the
same series. ,he t%pe approval (ee (or such an e#uipment shall $e one-hal( o( the (ee
chared (or the previousl% t%pe approved e#uipment in the same series. Gowever, i( it is
veri(ied at the course o( the evaluation o( su$mitted technical manuals that it is still
necessar% to conduct tests on the e#uipment, the oriinal t%pe-approval (ee shall $e
chared and t%pe-approval tests shall $e conducted accordinl%.
4. ,he N,C or its accredited test la$orator% shall then proceed to undertake the actual tests
as per attached t%pe approval test procedures mandated under Memo Circular 01-04-8=
'ection 1.d. ,est results and all other su$mitted documents toether with the (ilin (ee
shall $e (orwarded $% the testin la$orator% to the N,C within (ive workin da%s upon
completion o( tests (or the issuance o( the ,%pe /pproval Certi(icate. ,he aenc% shall
also advice the applicant, within ; workin da%s a(ter completion o( tests, to retrieve that
demo unit.
;. "#uipment that has $een t%pe approved&accepted must $e marked $% a tamper proo( la$el
as descri$e $elow. 'uppliers&@istri$utors are responsi$le (or the production o( their own
la$els su$6ect (or clearance (rom this Commission.
=. ,he Commission shall prepare a cumulative masterlist o( all t%pe approved&accepted
CP"s includin rand(athered e#uipment on a #uarterl% $asis to include in(ormation such
as the e#uipment t%pe approval&acceptance num$er correspondin to the t%pe
approved&accepted e#uipment, date o( approval and other in(ormation such as name o(
the rantee.
1. /ll CP"s and accessories t%pe approved $% a network operator prior to the e((ectivit% o(
this memorandum order shall $e considered t%pe-approved unless e#uipment inter(ace
parameters are su$se#uentl% modi(ied. ,hese CP"s shall $e considered as
Drand(atheredE and ma% $e allowed continued connection to the same pu$lic network.
1. /n% CP" leall% connected to a pu$lic telecommunications network prior to this Circular
ma% remain connected to the pu$lic telecommunications network without (urther t%pe
approval unless e#uipment inter(ace parameters are su$se#uentl% modi(ied.
2. / previousl% t%pe approved CP", $rouht into the countr% $% a su$scri$er, shall need no
(urther t%pe approval and shall $e deemed t%pe approved and ma% $e authori7ed (or
connection into the pu$lic telecommunications network provided that all re#uired import
duties and&or ta4es due the overnment shall have $een paid $% the su$scri$er at the point
o( entr%.
/n% circular or memorandum, rules and reulations which am in con(lict with this
Circular shall $e deemed superseded, amended or repealed.
,%pe /ccepted
No.+ "'@-CP"-44-44444
,%pe /pproved
No.+ "'@-CP"-44-44444
,hese t%pe approval procedures and inter(ace standards ma% $e revised, amended or
revoked, as ma% $e necessar%, takin into account advancements in telecommunications
technolo% or when pu$lic sa(et% and interest so re#uires
,his memorandum circular shall $e pu$lished once newspaper o( eneral
circulation in the Philippines, shall take e((ect (i(teen )1;* da%s a(ter its pu$lication, three
certi(ied copies (urnished to the .P Caw Center and shall remain valid unless otherwise
amended, revised or revoked.
Hue7on Cit%, Philippines, 21 Fanuar% 1001.
@eput% Commissioner @eput% Commissioner
Customer premises e#uipment operatin with mains power suppl% shall compl% with the
(ollowin international sa(et% standards+
1.1 ITU#IEC +,0: 1++- I 'a(et% o( -n(ormation ,echnolo% "#uipment
1.1 BS EN .100/: 1++/ I 'peci(ication (or "lectrical 'a(et% Re#uirement (or /pparatus (or
Connection to ,elecommunications Network.
1.2 BS EN -0+,0: 1++2 I 'peci(ication (or 'a(et% o( -n(ormation ,echnolo% "#uipment
includin "lectrical 8usiness "#uipment
1.4 BS EN -00-, I 'peci(ication (or 'a(et% Re#uirement (or Main-operated "lectronic and
Related /pparatus (or Gousehold and 'imilar !eneral .se.
1.; IJL 1+,0:1++. I -n(ormation ,echnolo% "#uipment includin "lectrical 8usiness
1.= PNS 2,-: 1+++J - /udio, <ideo and 'imilar "lectronic /pparatus I 'a(et%
J This standard is identical to IEC 60065: 1998
No repeated measurement (or sa(et% is to $e done as lon as manu(acturer&distri$utor o(
the e#uipment certi(ies compliance to the a$ove standards. Gowever, in cases where PN' 1;= is
applied, visi$le inspection and insulation tests are to $e per(ormed $etween all power suppl%
output wires to all tip and rin wires to pu$lic network.
Customer premises e#uipment must show compliance with the internationall% accepted standards
(or "MC and radiation sa(et% such as (ollows+
1. C-'PR11
1. "N;;011
2. "N;0081
4. "N=100-2-1&2
;. -"C 801-1&2&4
/NN"9 -
=. ACC CAR ,itle 4>, Part 1;
>. /'&NK' 2;48
8. -nternational Commission on Non--oni7in Radiation
Protection )-CN-RP*+ !uidelines (or limitin e4posure to time var%in electric, manetic
and electromanetic (ields )up to 200 !G7*
?. "MC @irective 8?&22=&""C
10. 1???&;1?&"C+ Council Recommendation on the
limitation o( e4posure o( the eneral pu$lic to electromanetic (ields )0 to 200 !G7*
11. ",' 200 241-1+ "lectro Manetic Compati$ilit%
11. "N 201 41?-1+ Mo$ile 'tations in the !'M ?00 and @C'
1800 8ands+ /ccess
12. "' ;?00;+ "valuation o( Guman "4posure, 'peci(ic
/$sorption Rate
1. Net012 A331e$$ Si4!56i!4
1.1 ,o assure accurate trans(er o( dial in(ormation to servin e4chane, CP"3s with
dial-up capa$ilities shall compl% with Network /ddress 'inalin re#uirements.
1.1 CP"3s shall $e a$le to transmit @ial Pulse sinals and&or @ual ,one Multi-
Are#uenc% sinals.
1.1.1 @ial Pulse 'inalin is characteri7ed $% the interruption o( the su$scri$er
loop, thus, producin a train o( pulses. ,he count o( pulses in a pulse train
represent a diit )0-?* o( the dialed num$er.
1.1.1 @,MA sinalin is characteri7ed $% two )1* distinct (re#uencies, one each
(rom a hih roup and a low roup with ma4imum o( (our )4* (re#uencies
(or each roup.
1.2 @ial Pulse sinalin is currentl% $ein emplo%ed (or electro-mechanical
e4chanes and @ial Pulse or @,MA (or 'PC - electronic and diital e4chanes.
1.4 @ial Pulse Re#uirements
1 .4.1 Pulsin speed 10 L 1 pps
1.4.1 Percent $reak ;0M - >0M
1.4.2 -nterdiit interval N;00 rnsec.
1.4.4 'peech network shall $e shunted or totall% disconnected durin dialin.
1.4.; 'peech network shall $e re-esta$lished immediatel% a(ter completion o(
1.4.= 'purious makes shall not occur durin $reak intervals.
/NN"9 -
1.; @,MA Re#uirements
1.;.1 Cow !roup Are#uencies + =?>0 >>00 8;10 and ?41 G7.
Gih !roup Are#uencies + 110?0 122=0 14>>0 and 1=22 G7.
1.;1 Are#uenc% @eviation + O1.8 M
1.;2 @istortion + 10d8 $elow (undamental (re#.
1.;4 'inal Cevel at CP"
a. Cow Are#uencies + 0.141 - 100; <
$. Gih Are#uencies + 0.202 - 1.1?4 <
c. ,wist + 4d8 )ma4.*
1.;.; 'inal timin (or other than manuall%-ke%ed diits+
a. ,wo-(re#uenc% sinal duration + ;0 msec., min.
$. -nterdiit interval + 4; msec., min.&2 sec, ma4.
c. C%cle ,ime + 100 msec., min.
2. Li!e S78e19i$i!
"4chane lines provided $% the Network (or CP"s are Coop 'tart lines.
Cine sei7ure is characteri7ed $% an o((-hook condition as de(ined $% the @C-o((-hook
re#uirements speci(ied in 'ection 84 o( this standard.
Cine disconnect is characteri7ed $% the transition (rom o((-hook to on-hook condition.
,he on-hook condition is de(ined $% the @C-on-hook re#uirements speci(ied in 'ection
84 o( this standard. @urin this idle condition, no power shall $e drawn (rom the
network operator.
,alk condition is characteri7ed $% an o((-hook condition as de(ined $% the @C-o((-hook
re#uirements in 'ection 84 o( this standard. 5hen answerin an incomin call, the CP"
shall not enerate an on-hook sinal (or a period loner than 10 seconds e4cept to
enerate a disconnect sinal. / CP", which has oriinated a call, shall not enerate an
on-hook sinal (or a period loner than 100 msec.
/. E:c;5!4e Li!e$
,he (ollowin characteristics o( the e4chane lines are to $e e4pected0
2.1 Aeedin <oltae + 48-=0 <dc, 14100 ohms
or =0 <dc, 14400 P ;00 ohms
2.1 Cine Resistance + 1?00 ohms, ma4.
/NN"9 -
2.2 Cine -mpedance + =00 ohms0 )?00 ohms (or PC@,*
2.4 ,runk Ceakae Res. + 22 k-ohms, min.
.. DC C;515cte1i$tic$
4.1 Bn-hook @C resistance $etween tip and rin conductors and $etween each o( the
tip and rin conductors and earth round shall $e reater than 10 Me-ohm (or all
@C voltaes up to and includin 100 <dc.
4.1 ,he CP" should $e a$le to operate with the minimum o((-hook loop current o( 1>
m/, and a ma4imum loop current o( 100 m/.
4.2 B((-hook dc resistance shall $e within ?0 ohms to 400 ohms.
,. AC C;515cte1i$tic$
;.1 Bn-hook tip-and-rin-to-round impedance durin rinin shall $e reater than 1400
ohms at rin voltaes and (re#uencies speci(ied in 'ection 8= o( this standard.
;.1 ,o prevent e4cessive round current (low at commercial power (re#uencies, on-
hook impedance shall e4ceed 10 k-ohms measured at tip-to-round and rin-to-
round terminals at voltaes up to ;0 <rms and (re#uencies (rom =0 to =00 G7.
-. Ri!4 A6e1ti!4 Re<7i1e=e!t$
=.1 Rin alertin device must respond to incomin rin sinals o( 1? - 1; G7 and 2; - 110
<ac rms. Arom the e4chane the rinin sinal is superimposed upon the dc
voltae o( nominal 48 < or =0 volts.
=.1 'traiht-line electro-mechanical or electronic riners ma%$e emplo%ed.
=.2 Rin sinal voltae at main-distri$ution-(rame o( the P',N is rated to $e ?0 O&-10
<ac )rms* (or a (re#uenc% o( 1? - 1; G7. 8ecause o( the loss caused $% ma4imum
loop attenuation and the distri$ution o( loop current amon e4tensions and
anne4ed e#uipment, it is re#uired that rin alertin devices must respond to
incomin sinals in the rane o( 2; to 110 <ac )rms.*, measured at tip and rin
wire o( the CP".
=.4 Riner impedance at 10 G7 shall $e at least 1400 ohms.
>. Ri!4e1 E<7i956e!ce N7=?e1 )REN*
,he sum o( the riner e#uivalence num$ers o( all e#uipment connected the same
telephone line or loop shall not e4ceed ;. Aor the e#uipment under test the (ollowin
measurements and computations are to $e made+
>.1 @ivide ;0 MBhms $% the smallest measured on-hock @C resistance at 100 <dc.
>.1 @ivide >000 ohms $% the actual measured riner impedance at >0 <rms, 10 G7.
,he hihest value computed in 8.1 and 8.1 is the Riner "#uivalence Num$er
)R"N* o( the instrument, which shall $e visuali7ed to customer in a numerical o(
two diits ma4. on t%pe approval la$el o( CP"
@. T15!$=it Si4!56 P0e1 Li=it5ti!$
8.1 'inals transmitted $% CP" into the telephone network shall not induce inter(erence
and cause crosstalk $etween ad6acent transmission paths.
8.1 'econdar% Pulse
@urin transition (rom o((-hook to on-hook condition, the CP" shall not introduce
unnecessar% sinal, which can $e interpreted $% the e4chane as a pulse sinal.
8.2 <oice 8and 'inals
<oice $and sinals other than voice and those intended (or network address
sinalin, shall not e4ceed -? d8m when measured across the terminals. -n cases
however when output level is varia$le, in no wa% shall sinals when measured at
the e4chane e4ceed -11 d8m.
8.4 But-o(-8and 'inals
,he sinal power output o( CP" (or (re#uencies a$ove voice shall not e4ceed the
(ollowin limitations.

400; G7 to l0 kG7 - -1= d8m,
l0 kG7 to 1; kG7 - -14 d8m
1; kG7 to 40 kG7 - -2= d8m
40 kG7 to 1 MG7 - -;0 d8m
/NN"9 -
8.; <oice 8and -mpedance Match0 Return Coss
,o ensure sta$ilit% o( voice (re#uenc% transmission channels in the network, the
return loss (or all CP"s, measured aainst =00 ohm resistance, must e4ceed -4 d8
(or all (re#uencies (rom 100 G7 to 2100 G7 )'inin Return Coss or 'ta$ilit%
Return Coss*.
+. '5A5137$ V6t54e Li=it5ti!$
?.1 Connection o( CP" shall not cause transmission o( ha7ardous voltae into the
network in order to ensure the sa(et% o( network personnel and su$scri$ers, and to
prevent damae and mal(unction o( network e#uipment.
?.1 ,he open circuit voltae when measured $etween e#uipment leads to telephone
line shall not e4ceed >0 volts peak (or more than 1 second.
10. Ni$e Li=it$
CP"-enerated noise when measured across tip and rin terminals shall $e 1; d8rnc or
11. Me5!$ B C!!ecti!
/ll connections to the pu$lic telephone network shall $e made throuh the standard
.'BC RF11C 6acks and plus, as descri$ed in /nne4 2. 'tandard 6acks shall $e so
arraned that, i( the plu connected thereto is withdrawn, there shall $e no inter(erence
caused to the operation to an% e#uipment at the customer3s premises which remains
connected to the telephone network, shall occur $% reason o( such withdrawal,
Corded telephone sets are su$6ect 'ections /, 8 and C o( /nne4 Q1E o( this Circular
1. T15!$=i$$i! C;515cte1i$tic$
1.1 ,ransmission ,est "nvironment
,est Coop + 4.;> :m
5ire 'i7e + R1= aw
Coop Current + 1> m/ , O1M
,est Are#uencies + 822 to 10>8 G7
/NN"9 -
'ource 'inal Cevels -
a. /rti(icial Mouth+ ?4.O0.8d8spl )relative to 10* micro Pascal at tip S rin
$. Cine )tip and rin* 0.1;1 volt )-l1d8<*
c. Gandset Ai4ture+ as de(ined in -""" 'tandard 1=?+ Method (or Measurin
,ransmission Per(ormance o( ,elephone 'ets.
1.1 ,ransmit Response
5ith the ?4 d8spl source sinal (ed to the transmitter via arti(icial mouth, the
sinal measured at the tip and rin conductors o( test telephone shall (all within
P22.; d8< and -10.; d8<.
1.2 Receive Response
5ith 0.1;l<olt )-11d8<* source sinal (ed across tip and rin conductors, sinal
measured via arti(icial ear shall $e $etween >? d8spl to ?;.; d8spl.
1.4 'idetone Response
5ith ?4 d8spl source sinal (ed to transmitter throuh arti(icial mouth, sinal
measured via arti(icial ear shall (all within =8 d8spl to ?4 d8spl.
1.; Gih-amplitude electrical pulses )or voltae transients* present at the tip and rin
terminals o( test telephone shall not create e4cessive acoustic pressure at the
telephone receiver. Compliance with this re#uirement prevents anno%ance and
possi$le auditor% in6uries in the part o( telephone users. ,he peek pressure,
however, shall not $e so low as to inter(ere with the peaks o( normal speech
2. Di56 Re<7i1e=e!t$
1.1 CP"s ma% have conventional rotar% dials or ke%pads with associated dialers (or
the eneration o( dial pulse or @,MA sinals.
1.1 Push $utton sets whether (or dial pulse o( @,MA sinalin shall have a ke%pad
la%out pre(era$l% as shown $elow. Are#uencies shown are (or @,MA applications
as standardi7ed $% -,.-,.
/NN"9 -
Gih !roup Are#uencies
1209 1336 1477 1633
697 1
3 (a)
6 (b)
9 ())
0 + (,)
Cow !roup Are#uencies
1.2 :e%s in parenthesis are optional and are (or @,MA sets onl%. ,hese are reserved
(or special service (eatures.
1.4 / telephone user should perceive a positive indication to determine that actuation
o( a ke%pad $utton has actuall% occurred.
1.; /lphanumeric markin is pre(erred (or push$utton ke%pad and (or rotar% dial sets.
/. Ri!4e1 C;515cte1i$tic$
2.1 ,he telephone set shall $e a$le to compl% with the rin alertin re#uirements
speci(ied in 'ection 8= o( this standard.
2.1 'traiht-line electro-mechanical or electronic riners ma% $e emplo%ed.
2.2 Riner impedance at 10G7 shall $e at least 1400 Bhms
.. E6ect1ic56 St1e$$ 5!3 O9e1653 Re<7i1e=e!t$
4.1 @ielectric 'trenth
@ielectric strenth shall $e measured $etween telephone terminals and item
e4posed to user )e.., handset*. ,he instrument shall $e a$le to withstand a
;000<dc voltae applied $etween line cord terminals and metal (oil wrapped
around handset without evidence o( $reakdown or leakae.
/NN"9 -
4.1 -nsulation Resistance
,he insulation resistance when measured with an -nsulation ,ester $etween line
cord terminals and e4ternal metal sur(aces e4posed to user shall not $e lower than
;00 Me-ohms.
1. Cordless ,elephone 'ets shall meet the re#uirements (or conventional telephone sets.
1. ,ransmit Are#uenc% Ranes+ 1.>1; to 1.>? MG7 or
1>.;1; to 1>.>1; MG7 or
4=.=00 to ;0.000 MG7
2. 8ase stations o( cordless telephones are su$6ect to 'ections /, 8 and C o( /nne4 D-3 o(
this Circular.
4. Radiated power shall not e4ceed ; m5.
Secti! F. PAB( 5!3 &TS EQUIPMENT
1. P1i95te A7t=5tic B15!c; E:c;5!4e )PAB(*
1.1 P/89 is su$6ect to 'ections /, 8 and C o( /nne4 D-E o( this Circular
1.1 P/89 with direct inward dialin )@-@* (eature shall receive either dial pulse
)decadic* or @,MA dial sinals speci(ied as (ollows+
1.1.1 @ecadic
@ial Pulse Rate - 8 to 11 pps
M 8reak - ;> to =2M
lnterdiit ,ime- T200 msec
1.1.1 @,MA shall compl% with the network eneral re#uirements (or @,MA
1.2 5ith the condition speci(ied $elow and usin 1000 G7, 0 d8 test tone, insertion
loss measurements shall $e 1.0 d8 )ma4imum*.
1.4 /ppl%in 1000 G7. 0d8 test tone to one o( the two ad6acent P/89 local to trunk
connections, crosstalk attenuation measured (rom the other connection shall $e
ma4imum o( >0 d8.
/NN"9 -
1.; / measure o( the impedance mismatch, Return Coss, $etween the P/89 and the
servin telephone e4chane shall have the (ollowin value relative to the
(re#uenc% rane covered+
1.;.1 "cho Return Coss, "RC - 14 d8 )minimum*
);00 to 1;00G7*
1.;.1 'inin Return Coss, 'RC - = d8 )minimum*
)100 to ;00 and 1;00 to 2100 G7*
2. &eC Te6e8;!e SC$te=$ ) &TS*
1.1 :,' is su$6ect to 'ections /, 8 and C o( /nne4 D-E o( this Circular.
1.1 Crosstalk attenuation shall $e the same as in P/89,
1.2 / measure o( the impedance mismatch )Return Coss* $etween the :,' and the
servin telephone e4chane shall have the (ollowin values relative to the
(re#uenc% rane covered+
1.2.1 "cho Return Coss. "RC - >d8 )minimum*
- );00 to 1;00 G7*
'inin Return Coss, 'RC - 2.; d8 )minimum*
- )100 to ;00 and 1;00 to 2100 G7*
Secti! ". Ce667651 M?i6e Te6e8;!e SC$te= )CMTS* 5!3#1 P7?6ic M?i6e Te6e8;!e
SC$te=$ )PMTS* S7?$c1i?e1 U!it$
1. "e!e156 C;515cte1i$tic$
1.1 /ccepted Common /ir -nter(ace )C/-* 'tandards+
/MA'&N/MP', ,/!', ,@M/, !'M, !@M/, and
Bther standards $ased on -,. Recommendations which
ma% $e developed and accepted in the (uture as a result
o( new technoloies and services.
1.1 Are#uenc% Rane+ 'u$6ect to the (re#uenc% allocation $% this Commission
2. Recei9e1 C;515cte1i$tic$
1.1 'ensitivit% shall $e-11= d8m )11d8 '-N/@* or $etter
1.1 /d6acent Channel 'electivit% shall $e reater than or e#ual to =;@$.
/NN"9 -
1.2 'purious Re6ection shall $e reater than or e#ual to =; d8
1.4 -ntermodulation Re6ection shall $e reater than or e#ual to =0 d8.
1.; /udio @istortion shall $e less than -1= d8.
1.= Gum and Noise shall $e reater than or e#ual to 4;d8.
/. T15!$=itte1 C;515cte1i$tic$
2.1 ,he R.A. power output shall not e4ceed 2 watts )24.>> d8m*.
2.1 ,he 'purious "mission shall $e reater t$1r or e#ual to 4; d8 $elow the carrier.
2.2 Gum and Noise shall $e reater than or e#ual to 21 d8.
2.4 /udio @istortion shall $e less than -1= d8.
2.; Are#uenc% 'ta$ilit% shall $e 1.; kG7, O1.; ppm.
Secti! '. Fi:e3 %i1e6e$$ Acce$$ S7?$c1i?e1 Te1=i!56
1. "e!e156 C;515cte1i$tic$
1.1 /ccepted Common /ir -nter(ace )C/-* 'tandards
+ PG', @"C,, ,@M/, !'M, CBM/, and
+ Bther standards $ased on -,. Recommendations
which ma% $e developed and accepted in the
(uture as a result o( new technoloies and
1.1 Are#uenc% Rane + su$6ect to (re#uenc% allocation $% this Commission.
1.2 Radiated power shall not e4ceed O18d8m per channel.
1.4 Receiver 'ensitivit% + -8= d8m at 8"R l0
or $etter
+ ->2 d8m at 8"R 10
or $etter
Secti! I. %i1e6e$$ P54i!4 E<7i8=e!t
1. "e!e156 C;515cte1i$tic$
1.1 /ccepted Common /ir -nter(ace )C/l* 'tandards+
+ PBC'/!, AC"9, and
+ Bther standards $ased on -,. Recommendations
which ma% $e developed and accepted in the (uture
as a result o( new technoloies services.
1.1 Are#uenc% ranes+ 14? .000 to 1;>.000 MG7
1>?.000 to 181.000 MG7
44;.;00 to 44=.000 MG7
?1?.000 to ?21.000 MG7
/NN"9 -
2. A68;5!7=e1ic P54i!4 Recei9e1 C;515cte1i$tic$
1.1 Pain 'ensitivit% + ;<&m )Aront* at ;11 8P'
+ ><&m )Aront* at 1100 8P'
+ 11<&m )Aront* at 1100 8P'
1.1 Are#uenc% 'ta$ilit% + O; ppm )-10C to O;0C*
1.2 'electivit% + More than =0 d8 at O1; :G7
1.4 'purious Re6ection + ;0 d8
1.; -mae Re6ection + 40 d8
/. N7=e1ic P54i!4 Recei9e1 C;515cte1i$tic$
2.1 Pain 'ensitivit% + 1; :G7
2.1 Are#uenc% 'ta$ilit% + 0.001M )-10C to ;0UC*
2.2 'electivit% + More than >0 d8 at O1; :G7
2.4 'purious Re6ection + More than ;;d8
2.; -mae Re6ection + More than ;;d8
2.= 'inal Aormat + N"C @2 'tandard
Secti! J. D5t5 C==7!ic5ti!$ E<7i8=e!t )DCE*#D5t5 Te1=i!56 E<7i8=e!t )DTE*
1. "e!e156 C;515cte1i$tic$
1.1 /ccepted standards+ -,.-,&/N'- standards, and
Bther standards $ased on -,. Recommendations
which ma% $e developed and accepted in the (uture as a
result o( new technoloies and services.
1.1 @C"&@," is su$6ect to 'ections /, 8 and C o( /nne4 D-E o( this Circular.
2. T15!$=i$$i! S8ee3
@ue to the diversit% o( t%pes o( the network3s switchin e#uipment, the recommended data
transmission speeds var% in relation to the t%pe o( e#uipment involved in the connection

/. E<7i8=e!t I=8e35!ce
2.1 ,erminatin -mpedance
,o minimi7e inter(erence and optimi7e power trans(er, the e#uipment shall
present terminatin line impedance, which is identical to the servin e4chane.
/NN"9 -
2.1 Rinin -mpedance
@urin the application o( simulated rinin sinal, the impedance shall not $e less
than 1000 ohms. -mpedance to round shall not $e less than 100 kilo ohms.
2.2 -mpedance 8alance
,he minimum accepta$le impedance $alance ratio shall $e 4=d8.
.. E<7i8=e!t De$i4! Re<7i1e=e!t$
4.1 'a(et% Re#uirements
4.1.1 Ga7ardous voltaes internal to the e#uipment must $e isolated (rom the
point o( attachment $% at least one o( the (ollowin $arriers, which ma% $e
located within the e#uipment or inter(aced $etween the attachment and the
a. -solatin ,rans(ormers
$. -solatin Capacitors
c. -solatin Rela%s or 'witches
4.1.1 ,he e#uipment shall have an earth connection. Main suppl% plus shall
have protection earth lead and shall $e plued into appropriate
convenience outlets. /ll metal works o( the e#uipment not re#uired to
carr% current must $e connected to protection earth.
4.1 Protection o( "#uipment
.sers, suppliers, and manu(acturers are advised to consider the need to protect
their e#uipment (rom transient and proloned voltaes, which are normal
(unctional characteristics o( the telephone network.
4.2 Aail-'a(e Bperation
-n the event o( power (ailure, or incorrect manual operation, the e#uipment shall
immediatel% release the enaed telephone line and shall revert to the normal (ree
condition )on-hook* upon the restoration o( power.
4.4 'el(-,est Aeature
.sers, vendors, and manu(acturers are advised to consider the need (or sel(-test
capa$ilities in their e#uipment to (acilitate isolation o( trou$le to either e#uipment
side or network side.
/NN"9 -
4.; "#uali7ation
,o compensate (or ca$le attenuation and envelope dela% distortion, compromise
e#uali7ation (or medium-speed data transmission )1400 $its per second and
$elow* or automatic e#uali7ation (or hih-speed transmission should $e
1. /nswerin machines&devices are su$6ect to 'ection /, 8 and C /nne4 D-E o( this Circular
e4cept (or 'ection C1 )Network /ddress 'inalin*.
1. /t least one )1* $ut not more than (our )4* rinin c%cles shall $e completed $e(ore the
answerin machine oes o(( hook to answer an incomin call.
2. ,he answerin machine shall wait (or at least two )1* seconds a(ter oin o(( hook $e(ore
startin the transmission o( recorded messae.
Secti! L. "6?56 M?i6e Te1=i!56 E<7i8=e!t
1. /ccepted standards + ",'- ,8R 41
+ ,echnical 8asis (or Reulation on 'atellite Personal
Communications Networks )'-PCN*
Mo$ile "arth 'tations )M"'s*, includin handheld
ear (or '-PCN in the 1, =&1, 4 !G7 $ands under the
Mo$ile 'atellite 'ervice )M''*0 ,erminal "ssential
+ Bther standards $ased on -,. Recommendations,
which ma% $e developed and accepted in the (uture
as a result o( new technoloies and services.
1. Are#uenc% ranes+ 'u$6ect to the (re#uenc% allocation $% this Commission.
2 /pplicants shall provide the manu(acturer3s declaration o( compliance to relevant lo$al
standards $ased on -,. Recommendations.
/NN"9 -
Secti! M. Ve1C S=566 A8e1t71e Te1=i!56 )VSAT* E<7i8=e!t
1.1 Cross-Polari7ation
1.1.1 ,he transmit antenna polari7ation must $e ad6usted with the anle which
maintains a cross polari7ation o( at least 20 d8 low the co-polari7ed
component with the P1 d8 contour o( the main $eam on an% assined
1.1.1 'idelo$e per(ormance (or the transmit antennas+ the sidelo$e per(ormance
o( the antenna must con(orm to -,.-R'.;80-; and 4=;-;.
1.1 ,he spectral sidelo$es o( each transmitted diital carrier shall $e more than 1; d8
(rom the spectral mainlo$e when it (alls outside the user3s $andwidth.
1.1 B((-$eam emissions shall not e4ceed the limits set $% -,.-R'.;14-;
2.1 "-RP value shall not e4ceed 0.;d8 compared to the nominal value in clear
weather condition
2.1 <'/,s operatin in :u $and, :a $ands must have uplink power control.
,he "-RP outside o( the user3s $andwidth which result (rom spurious tones, $ands o(
noise or undesira$le sinals, e4cept intermodulation products, shall not e4ceed 4 d85 in
an% 4 :G7 $and within the operatin (re#uenc% rane.
/dvanced CP"s are those that make use o( wireless and wired diital inter(aces di((erent (rom
the inter(ace parameters descri$ed in 'ection C.
/pplicants shall provide the manu(acturer3s declaration o( compliance or con(ormit% to relevant
internationall% accepted standards $ased on -,. Recommendations. /dvanced CP"s ma%
include, $ut not limited to, the (ollowin+
/NN"9 -
a. -nterated 'ervices @iital Network )-'@N* terminal e#uipment
$. Multimedia terminal e#uipment
c. Call distri$ution terminal e#uipment
d. <ideophone terminal e#uipment
e. -nteractive voice response terminal e#uipment
(. ,hird !eneration )2!* mo$ile terminal e#uipments
AMPS - /dvanced Mo$ile Phone '%stem
ANSI - /merican National 'tandards -nstitute. / .' national standard $od% that
coordinates the settin and approval o( some .' standards.
CDMA - Code @ivision Multiple /ccess
DECT - @iital "uropean Cordless ,elecommunications
DTMF - @ual ,one Modulated Are#uenc%. / wa% o( representin in(ormation as
pairs o( tones.
EIRP - "((ective -sotropic Radiated Power
FLE( - Ale4i$le Gih 'peed Pain
"MPCS - !lo$al Mo$ile Personal Communications $% 'atellite
"SM - !lo$al '%stem (or Mo$ile Communications
ISDN - -nterated 'ervices @iital Network
ITU - -nternational ,elecommunications .nion. ,he .nited Nations aenc%
responsi$le (or international telecommunication reulation. Aormerl%
ITU-R - -,. Radio Communications 'ector
ITU-T - -,. ,elecommunications 'ector
NAMPS - Narrow-8and /naloue Mo$ile Phone '%stem
OFF-'OO& - is the sinal that the telephone receiver has $een li(ted. Briinatin o((--
hook activates a dial tone on switched networks.
P'S - Personal Gand% Phone '%stem
POCSA" - Post B((ice Code 'tandardi7ation /dvisor% !roup
PSTN - Pu$lic 'witched ,elephone Network
TACS - ,otal /ccess Communications '%stem
TDMA - ,ime @ivision Multiple /ccess
SPC - 'inalin Point Code
VSAT - <er% 'mall /perture ,erminal