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US Treasurys Lael Brainard was quoted as

saying the US supports Japan effort to

invigorate growth and end deflation. Ms
Brainard is the Under Secrertary of the
Treasury for International Affairs. She has
been appointed to represent the US at the
G20 Meetings which will take place on
Friday and Saturday. Jack Lew, who is still
going through the confirmation process for
becoming the new Treasury Secretary, will
not be able to represent the US until his
confirmation is complete. That is not
expected until sometime next week
according to news reports.
Lael Brainard, membru al
Trezoreriei SUA a fost citat
spunnd ca Statele Unite sprijin
eforturile Japoniei de a nviora
creterea i de a stopa deflaia.
Dna. Brainard este Secretarul
Adjunct al Trezoreriei pentru
Afacerile Internaionale. Ea a
fost numit pentru a repezenta
Statele Unite n cadrul
ntlnirilor G20, care vor avea
loc vineri i smbt. Jack Lew,
care nc trece prin procesul de
confirmare pentru a deveni noul
Secretar al Trezoreriei, nu va fi
n msur s reprezinte SUA,
pn ce confirmarea lui va fi
complet. Acest lucru este de
ateptat s se ntmple cndva,
sptmna viitoare, conform
rapoartelor de tiri.
The comment opened the door for a move
above the 38.2% of the move down from
the 2007 high to the 2012 low at the 94.114
level. The 2010 high is the next key target
on the topside for the pair. Support now
will be eyed against the 94.11 level.
Comentariul a deschis
oportunitatea unei micri peste
38.2 % a micrii descendente de
la maximul din 2007, la minimul
din 2012, la nivelul 94.114.
Maximul din 2010 este
urmtoarea int cheie pentru
partea superioar a paritii.
Suportul va fi acum mpotriva
nivelului 94.11.
The EURUSD has now been in a trading
range of 76 pips over the last 50 hour of
trading. Moreover the range from Friday
(and high/low price) is nearly identical.
Fridays high came in at 1.3429. Today the
high comes in at 1.3428. The low on
Friday came in at 1.3353. The low today
came in at 1.3357. Only 5 pips 1 on the
topside and 4 on the downside separate
the two days.
EURUSD s-a aflat n range-ul de
tranzacionare de 76 de pipi n
ultimele 50 de ore de
tranzacionare. n plus, range-ul
de vineri ncoace este aproape
identic. Maximul de vineri a fost
n 1.3429. Astzi, maximul va fi
n 1.3353. Minimul de astzi
este n 1.3357. Doar cinci pipi-
unul n sus i patru n jos-
difereniaz cele dou zile.
That non trending nature of the market,
says to me Get ready for a break.
Aceast pia fr un trend
direcional mi spune
Pregtete-te de o spargere.
Which way is a bit unknown. Traders may
have an inkling but the market by virtue
of the fact that the price remains in the
range, is still debating the merits of either
Direcia este necunoscut.
Traderii au o bnuial dar, n
virtutea faptului c preul rmne
n range, piaa nc disput
meritele uneia din pri.