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Store Manager Job Description


Store managers are the people in charge of entire stores and the employees that or! ithin" Store
managers are in charge of the general operations of a store# ma!ing s$re it r$ns smoothly# cleanly and
meets any %$dget or sales goals"
A store manager might plan and promote the daily sched$le of employees and the %$siness# inter&ie#
hire# coordinate and discipline employees# ma!e s$re the store is stoc!ed# clean and in proper or!ing
order# create and maintain %$dgets# and coordinate ith and report to senior management in the
This depends a lot on hat !ind of field yo$ are in and hat sort of company yo$ are hired to manage"
According to the *$rea$ of +a%or Statistics# for e,ample# resta$rant and food ser&ice managers ma!e
a median income of -./#012# or -31"0. per ho$r" 4ay ill &ary depending on occ$pation and years of
ser&ice# among other factors"
Again# this &aries greatly depending on the field of or!# %$t on7the78o% e,perience in the line of or!
is a m$st" There are many general management co$rses that yo$ can ta!e# and e&en speciali9ed
secondary ed$cation ma8ors# that might shorten the time it ta!es to reach management le&el in yo$r
field" *$t most managers ha&e spent years as general employees in their respecti&e fields %efore
reaching a leadership le&el"
+eadership S!ills; <o$ ill ha&e to !eep yo$r employees moti&ated# resol&e conflicts and ma!e
hard decisions for yo$r employees" A s$ccessf$l store manager is a good leader"
Time Management; <o$ ill %e or!ing ith employees# c$stomers and management" <o$
might ha&e to create sched$les# order s$pplies and rite reports" Time management is essential
to ma!e s$re e&erything gets done"
Math and *$dgeting; Store managers are e,pected to !eep and maintain a %$dget in almost
e&ery field" <o$ ill need to %e confident in $sing math s!ills to ma!e s$re yo$ !no here yo$r
company=s money is going"
Analytical S!ills; <o$ ill %e in charge of hiring ne employees# and %eing a good 8$dge of
character ill help ens$re that yo$ hire the right people to maintain an efficient and moti&ated
team" <o$ ill also need analytical s!ills to %e a%le to sol&e pro%lems that may come $p d$ring a
typical or! day"
Decision7Ma!ing S!ills; The %$c! stops ith yo$" Whether it is dealing ith employees#
c$stomers# management or &endors# yo$ ill ha&e to ma!e decisions that affect the company"
Ha&ing the a%ility to ma!e hard and fast decisions is cr$cial to yo$r s$ccess"
Spea!ing and Writing; Store managers do a lot of comm$nicating" This might %e one7on7one
to a c$stomer# in front of a gro$p of employees# or in a meeting ith management" <o$ might %e
called $pon to rite reports# recommendations# or reasons for termination" Great &er%al
comm$nications and riting s!ills ill help yo$ in any of these scenarios"
($stomer Ser&ice S!ills; ($stomers are going to as! to spea! to the manager" Ho yo$
interact ith c$stomers is cr$cial for repeat %$siness# employee morale and the health of yo$r
company" Great c$stomer ser&ice s!ills ill help yo$ sol&e iss$es %efore they %ecome pro%lems#
and help create c$stomer loyalty"
Store manager 8o% description
So, what will I actually be doing?
*eing a store manager yo$ ill %e part of a %$sy# dynamic en&ironment that changes e&eryday" <o$r list of d$ties
ill %e &aried# ranging from ens$ring high le&els of c$stomer ser&ice to re&ieing security issues" Other 8o%s on
yo$r to7do list ill incl$de;
Reaching sales targets and increasing profits
Dealing ith c$stomer ser&ice iss$es s$ch as >$eries and complaints ?the c$stomer isn=t alays right#
%$t most of the time they are@
Interviewing and recruiting new staff
S$per&ising departmental managers and organising training
Organising rotas and holidays
O&erseeing stoc! control and recei&ing orders ?get that rong and yo$=&e got an empty shop@
The nitty gritty
Store managers or! an a&erage 1A7.2 ho$r ee!" Hoe&er# this is rarely a Monday to Briday 8o% and yo$=ll %e
e,pected to or! some ee!ends as it=s often the %$siest time so yo$=ll need to %e on7hand"
<o$ ill ha&e yo$r on office %$t sadly yo$ on=t %e a%le to spend all yo$r ho$rs hiding aay in there#
as yo$=ll need to spend plenty of time on the shop floor too"
Once yo$C&e learned the ropes and gained some e,perience# yo$ can loo! at mo&ing to %igger stores ith more
responsi%ility" Brom there yo$ can ad&ance to %ecome a senior store manager# area manager or e&en director"
Money, money, money
Salaries for store managers range from D0E! to D.2! per year depending on the si9e of the store# yo$r e,perience
and here yo$ li&e in the ')"
The good points...
FThe thing 5 really lo&e a%o$t my 8o% is that it changes all the time#F says Toni Milns a store manager for Godafone"
F5 ha&e my set tas!s that 5 ha&e to do# %$t thereCs alays different people coming thro$gh the door# different
pro8ects and different challenges"F
...and the bad
*$sy days# long ho$rs and or!ing ee!ends"
Is there study involved?
No specific entry >$alifications are re>$ired# altho$gh a good general ed$cation is $s$ally needed" Ne&er %een in
management %efore? Don=t panic# some retail chains r$n management training schemes and large retailers offer
a grad$ate apprenticeship scheme" A degree in retail# %$siness or mar!eting7related s$%8ects ill gi&e yo$ an
ad&antage or yo$ co$ld consider ta!ing one of the folloing;
Diploma in Retail *$siness
HNDHHN( in Retail Management
Bo$ndation Degree in Retail Management
!, I"m interested... #ut is it really the $ob for me?
<o$Cll need %ags of stamina as yo$=ll %e on yo$r feet a lot# plenty of moti&ation and strong communications
s%ills to %e a store manager" <o$ also need to %e;
Happy to ta!e on plenty of responsi%ility
A good team leader
(alm $nder press$re
Good at acco$nting and 5T
Shop Manager $ob description
Shop Managers are responsible for the day to day management of stores and the effective
supervision and management of the employees. They are also responsible for maintaining
productivity, the tracking of stock and the balancing of books. Another part of this role is the
management of a budget
Excellent communications skills are vital in this job, as are interpersonal skills. no!ledge of
the merchandise or services the store offers is also essential, as it s strong "T competency in
relevant applications. Attention to personal appearance is also important as managers are
expected to look smart and presentable as they are representing the company to the public
The average salary for this role is #$%,&&& per year. The successful applicant !ill be re'uired
to have previous experience in a supervisory role. (ormal educational 'ualifications above
and beyond basic )*SEs are not necessary if good experience is sho!n, but it is beneficial
for applicants to have a business or retail management 'ualification.
Managing a shop or store, the staff and the day to day activities, is the responsibility of a
Shop Manager. They carry out responsibilities that may include training, recruiting, project
management and stock taking.
A Shop Manager usually performs many of the follo!ing tasks+
, Handling sales matters
, Recruiting staff
, Keeping the store in line !ith -ealth and Safety regulations
, Managing the shops security policies
, Proposing and implementing promotions and specials
, Developing marketing strategies
, Doing merchandising
, Maintaining the budgets and expenditure
, Attending sales meetings
, Keeping abreast of stocks and merchandise levels
, .eing able to effectively lead teams
, .eing able to manage stressful situations
, .eing flexible
, .eing able to maximise customer satisfaction
, .eing able to communicate effectively
, .eing able to !ork !ith numeric data and statistics
, .eing focused and motivated
, .eing able to mentor employees
, .eing proactive
, .eing able to net!ork !ith other industry professionals
, .eing able to use the computer
, .eing professional and amenable at all times
-aving a .achelors or Masters /egree helps job seekers in getting a position in Shop
Management. Shop Managers tend to have good 'ualifications, but they are also extremely
kno!ledgeable about sales and retail management. -0*, -0/, or )*SE 'ualifications are
also accepted by employers. Areas of study may include 1etail Management, Marketing,
Sales Management, .usiness Administration, and Strategic Management.
Store Manager& Job Description, Duties and 'e(uirements
Store managers are responsi%le for many aspects of a retail store=s operation# from c$stomer ser&ice
and %$dget maintenance to personnel hiring# training and management" Some employers re>$ire
formal ed$cation# s$ch as a %achelor=s degree in %$siness# hile others loo! for management and
retail e,perience and choose to train prospecti&e managers themsel&es"
Store Manager Job Description
Store managers s$per&ise a retail organi9ation=s staff# meet c$stomer needs and plan and
coordinate sales# merchandising and %$dgeting" 5n order to effecti&ely perform the m$ltit$de of tas!s
re>$ired# managers sho$ld or! ell $nder press$re and ith deadlines# and ha&e significant
e,perience in retail %$siness and h$man reso$rces" They also need strong leadership# interpersonal
and m$ltitas!ing s!ills"
Store managers may or! for a &ariety of retailers# incl$ding food# apparel and electronics" They
or! in an office en&ironment hile performing administrati&e d$ties and on the sales floor hile
addressing staffing# c$stomer and merchandising needs" According to the '"S" *$rea$ of +a%or
Statistics ?*+S@# the a&erage ann$al salary of first7line s$per&isors of retail sales or!ers# incl$ding
store managers# as -.0#.I2 in May 3201"
Duties of Store Managers
5n the office# store managers plan# monitor and ma,imi9e retail %$dgets and prod$ct in&entory#
p$rchasing and sales" They may or! closely ith regional managers and store oners to
coordinate and determine the most cost7effecti&e mar!eting and hiring strategies# and align their
partic$lar franchise ith a retailer=s parent %$siness philosophy" Store managers $se company
softare to draft proposals# recr$it employees and research and trac! prod$cts"
On the floor# store managers m$st assem%le the %est possi%le sales team" They inter&ie and
selecti&ely hire the most >$alified candidates# pro&ide time7efficient and thoro$gh training and
maintain the s!ills and ell7%eing of c$rrent staff ith moti&ational incenti&es and e&al$ations" 5n
addition# managers m$st address c$stomer needs %y immediately resol&ing conflict# inspiring long7
term c$stomer relationships and creati&ely placing and rotating merchandise in a ay that %est
catches c$stomers= attention"
Store Manager 'e(uirements
*eca$se of the increasing amo$nts of responsi%ility placed on store managers# many employers
prefer to hire employees ith a %achelor=s degree or other formal ed$cation in a %$siness7related
field" A %achelor=s in %$siness administration degree program pro&ides st$dents ith the s!ills
necessary to %ecome effecti&e store managers thro$gh co$rseor! in s$ch s$%8ects as mar!eting#
acco$nting# %$siness ethics and management strategy" Employees ith a degree are most li!ely to
%e promoted to a higher le&el of management and administration in larger retail companies"
Training and )*perience
Gario$s retail organi9ations pro&ide their on managerial training programs" According to the *+S#
s$ch programs may last anyhere from one ee! to one year# and offer %oth on7the78o% and
classroom training" Topics co&ered in these programs range from c$stomer ser&ice s!ills to
employee inter&ieing and relations ?"
The National Retail Bederation pro&ides prospecti&e store managers ith the training and s!ills
necessary for the 8o% thro$gh co$rses in retail management# merchandising and h$man reso$rces"
Hoe&er# act$al e,perience in retail management and sales may s$%stit$te for formal ed$cation or
training# depending on the employer"
'etail Store Manager Job Description
The job of a retail store manager consists of various duties and responsibilities covering the mostly
the entire management of the store. He or she is responsible for ensuring profit maximization
through employee coordination and motivation. A retail store manager is an inspirational leader to
those working under him, and the one who is considered to be responsible for attaining a high
degree of customer satisfaction.
hile there have been various arguments based on the issue of profit maximization vs. customer
satisfaction, signifying that one of the either is mostly compromised in favor of the other, there is
an occupation that strives hard to ensure that both are achieved optimally !! the job of a retail
store manager. "nlike the olden times, when customers had to be contented with whatever the
manufacturers provided, successful marketing today, is all about achieving profitability through
customer satisfaction.
#etail stores have become an ideal place for shopping, satisfying all the possible needs of the
consumer under one roof, thereby providing a variety of options to choose from, at reasonable
rates. ith most of us rushing to the nearby retail stores to fulfill our day!to!day shopping needs, it
is remarkable how the products demanded by us are always $in stock$%
hile we are busy getting confused between the options in front of us, there are a group of people
working day and night to ensure that $we always get what we need$ ! and among those people, a
significant role is played by a retail store manager. The designation itself signifies that the
appointed person is expected to manage the entire operations in the retail store. The following
sections will give you all the necessary information regarding this career.
Job Description
As we all know, retail stores are of various types. hile some contain only a single line of products,
say, medicines and cosmetics, others will have a varied range of products, right from apparels!to!
grocery!to!stationary. The job of a retail manager is to ensure that the activities of various
departments, are synchronized towards the growth and profitability of the store. This includes
keeping a check on the stock inventory, ensuring the availability of well!trained staff, catering to
customer &ueries and complaints, and ensuring profitability through sales and customer
Duties and Responsibilities
Inventory Management ! e all are aware of the varied range of products, and the varied
number of customers visiting these stores on a daily basis. A retail store manager needs to ensure
that the customer demands are met efficiently through sufficient product inventory. 'f this function
is not performed properly, the store might lose customers because of product unavailability. (very
store has a specific level of stock inventory that needs to be maintained by the store manager.
Employee Staffing and Training ! The manager is also responsible for hiring people with the
right attitude and skills for a retail store job. This may prove to be a challenging task. He or she is
also responsible to give the hired staff appropriate training and conditioning as per the
organizational re&uirements. The manager also ensures that the employees are working as
expected, on a daily basis, and in case of inefficiency, he or she has the right to warn, or even fire
the staff. (ven the salaries and wages of the employees are paid by the manager.
Handling Customer Complaints and Queries ! The success of the retail store depends upon how
happy its customers are. There are many instances when the customer is unhappy about the
services provided by the store. 't could be due to an unpleasant salesperson, or because of bad
&uality. The manager is expected to handle all the complaints and &ueries faced by the customers
in a pleasant way. The ultimate goal should be to gain customer loyalty through effective problem!
solving skills.
Sales and Revenue Management ! The ultimate motive behind keeping the customers happy and
increasing customer loyalty is to gain maximum profits through sales and revenue. A retail store
manager is expected to keep a tab on the daily sales and revenue generated by the organization,
and to keep a systematic account for the same.
Ensuring Employee Satisfaction ! hile customer satisfaction is of supreme importance, a retail
store manager should also ensure that the employees are also satisfied in terms of job
expectations, monetary rewards, and career growth. )or this, it is important that the manager not
only motivates the employees to meet there daily sales &uota, but to also ensure that they are
being trained and e&uipped for bigger roles in the organization. *eadership &ualities are re&uired to
ensure that the employees are motivated to give their +,, percent to the job, while being
contented about their professional life.
ormulating !dvertising and Mar"eting #olicies ! The market is full of competition, and the
retail sector is no different. ith each day passing by, the number of retail organizations are
increasing day by day. *ike the customers have a choices of products to choose from, they also
have different choices of retail stores. Hence, it becomes really difficult for the manager to ensure
customer loyalty and steady profitability. )or this purpose, it becomes essential for the manager to
work with all the departments and formulate attractive advertising and marketing policies to attract
customers and enhance sales and promotion.
Educational Qualifications and E$perience
! bac%elor&s degree in subjects like business administration, public relations, customer service,
marketing management, etc., would be beneficial. There are various retail organizations that
provide essential training to the retail managers, but those with prior &ualifications may be
considered for higher roles in the future.
E$perience in this career adds to your credibility. -ost of the retail organizations prefer hiring
those with a significant experience in handling the day!to!day retail operations efficiently. 't
re&uires multitasking, leadership, and &uick decision!making abilities, something that is attained
only through years of experience. A minimum of . years of experience is what most of the
organizations seek.
#ersonal S"ills and Qualities
(xcellent leadership skills
/reativity and adaptability
(xcellent communication skills
(fficiency in multitasking
0uick decision making
(xcellent interpersonal skills
Ability to forecast sales and revenue
(xcellent problem!solving skills
/alm and composed personality
1leasant and active personality
Ability to work under stress and deadlines
Ability to strategize
1roficiency in computers and technology
Salary Range
Salary by E$perience
*ess than + year 233,4,5 ! 265,.,3
+ ! 6 years 236,567 ! 25,,833
5!7 years 234,+++ ! 259,448
+,!+7 years 2.+,,76 ! 288,699
3, or more years 2.,,88, ! 24.,..9
Source: PayScale
: Note:
All figures are as of -ay 3,+. and are in "; <ollars.
All figures are average annual salaries and may vary based on education, experience,
location, type of employer, and so on.
According to PayScale, the median salary of a retail store manager in the United States of America is
$40,32. The job demands a lot of dynamism in compliance with the ever!changing business
policies and strategies in the retail sector. =evertheless, the need of a retail store manager
continues to be the essence of a successful business growth and development of both the
employees, and the industry on a whole.