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Press Release

Acquisition of Kemmer Przision GmBH

On December 30, 2010 CTC (India) Private Limited of Kolkata, India (CTC (India)) acquired 100
percent of the outstanding stocks of Kemmer Przision GmbH from Kemmer Holdings of USA.
Kemmer Przision GmbH is one of the largest manufacturer of printed circuit boards (PCB) cutting
tools in Europe and is among the largest companies in the field in the world. It is also a leading
manufacturer of micro cutting tools for several industries serving customers worldwide. Kemmer
Przision was established in Schwbisch Gmnd in 1954. Kemmer Prazision also has equity interests
in Kemmer Japan.
CTC (India) is the largest manufacturer of PCB Cutting Tools in India located in the industrial city of
Jamshedpur, India. CTC was established in 1983 and today employs around 300 people at its state-
of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Jamshedpur. From this facility CTC serves its worldwide
customers in North America, Japan, China, Asia and Europe. CTC maintains a support office in
Kolkata, India and California, USA. CTC has a close strategic relationship with Kyocera Corporation,
one of the largest corporations in Japan, through which it serves its global customers and shares
technology development with its strategic partner in the United States, Japan and China.
CTC (India) has embarked on an aggressive growth plan through which it seeks to expand its
manufacturing capacity and sales, and diversify into related markets such as dental cutting tools,
micro industrial cutting tools, beauty and other cosmetic tool products, and semifinished products
for such industries. As a part of this expansion program it is also looking to expand its presence in
the European market. Kemmer Przision will act as a platform for CTCs expansion into the multiple
European markets.
CTC (India) plans to fully integrate Kemmer Przision into its global operations, retain all of its
employees and rationalize Kemmer Przisions manufacturing facilities in Schwbisch Gmnd to
optimize its global operations. Furthermore, CTC also plans to completely utilize Kemmer Przisions
research and development capabilities to develop products for new markets and improve
operations. Kemmer Przisions local facilities will be a hub to support the combined companies
customers in Europe with rapid deliveries and resolution of any issues. In the
future, CTC (India) hopes to grow Kemmer Przision to fully utilize its manufacturing capacity.
CTC (India)s financial strength combined with Kyocera Corporations active partnership with CTC will
enable Kemmer Przision to gain additional strength and an ability to penetrate new markets with
premium but cost effective solutions for its customers.
Regd. Off: Centre Point, Room No. 322, 21-Hemanat Basu Sarani, Kolkata -700 001 (W,B.)
Works: M2 (Part). Phase VI, Adityapur Industrial Area, Gamharia, Jamshedpur - 832 102
100 % EOU
Kemmer Przision GmbH
Lindenhofstr. 1
D-73529 Schwbisch Gmnd

September 9, 2008



Effective 9th of September 2008, Gregor Dutkiewicz is promoted to General Manager and will take
over the duties from Dr. Hans Diestel. Hans will leave Kemmer at the end of September and we wish
him well.
Gregor is a long time Kemmer employee and has contributed a great deal in maintaining high quality
and introductions of new products. He was the Director of R&D and Quality. Gregor will continue to
drive Kemmer to be the most competitive European PCB Drills & Routers supplier, quality product
with efficient customer service!
Several internal Management changes will be made in order to meet our objectives: Klaus Hoenig is
promoted to Manager of Quality.

His contact details are:
Mobile phone +49 172 7300 355

Lets congratulate Gregor & Klaus and give your full support.

Fil Filipov
Chairman & CEO

October 1, 2007



Effective 1st of October 2007, Dr. Hans-Ulrich Distel will take over the duties of a General Manager
at Kemmer Przision.
This date coincides with another important undertaking in our company in as far as Kemmer is
moving its production operation these days from Lorch to the new site at Schwbisch-Gmnd-
Hans Distel, having degrees in Engineering and Business Administration, is a well established
manager with 35 years of experience in national and international trade and industry.
He worked his way up in small, midsize and bigger companies and their subsidiaries such as SABA,
GTE, Mercedes Benz, DaimlerChrysler, UTC, etc. where he had positions as Project Leader, Chief
Controller, Partner, CFO, GM and MD.
Although at the edge of early retirement, I could win him for taking over the exciting task to lead the
German operation at and from the new premises.
Hans is dedicated to run a very rational, cost-effective, competitive and high quality operation and
to share a win-win-situation with our valued customers and partners.
His skills, experience, service-orientation and a good portion of humor will be the basis of a good
further collaboration with you.

His contact details are:
Mobile phone +49 171 4594 243

At this occasion, may I personally and all employees of Kemmer Germany, thank you for your
ongoing partnership in business.

Fil Filipov
Chairman & CEO

We are pleased to announce that Bulgarian Industrial Group (BIG) AD is Kemmer Praezision's new
partner. Kemmer Praezision has made an investment of over 2 m euros with BIG AD this year. BIG
AD has experience and reputation with metalworking production. Kemmer has provided BIG AD with
equipment, process control and technical information so as to allow BIG AD to manufacture Quality
Products for and on behalf of Kemmer Praezision, from blanks provided by Kemmer Praezision
suppliers. Bulgarian Operators spent extensive time training in Germany prior to transfer of the
machines. BIG AD completed a new production floor for Kemmer Praezision products in Plovdiv,
Bulgaria and will focus on production of micro drills, routers and quality control of all products, R&D
for customers and all other business operations.

We are pleased to announce that Garete Company (Jairuite Hardware Precision Tool Co., Ltd.) is
Kemmer Prazision's new partner. Kemmer Prazision has made major investment with Garete this
year. Garete has good experience and reputition with router production and
other cutting tools in different markets.
Kemmer will provide Garete with equipment, process control and technical information so as to
allow Garete to manufacture Quality Products (large diameter drills and routers ) for and on behalf
of KEMMER, from blanks provided by KEMMER supliers. Garete completed a new building for
Kemmer products in Shanghai, located near the Kemmer new factory located in Bao Shan, Shanghai
(see pictures). Kemmer's new plant in Bao Shan will focus all micro drills, quality control of all
products, R&D for Asian customers and all other business operations.

November, 2006


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We will continue introduction of new products, investment in new machines, simplify the
organization, increase our productivity, reduce our cost, grow our business and be profitable!

Fil Fillipov
Chairman & CEO

May 6, 2006


In order to reduce cost, focus on the customer needs and grow our business, we are transitioning to
a regional organization:

NORTH AMERICA: To cover Canada & South America
EUROPE: To cover Africa & Middle East
ASIA: To cover Australia

Effective immediately:

KarlHeinz Stieler has been promoted to Managing Director, Europe
Karl will be located in Lorch, Germany with full P&L responsibility.
Erhard Auracher will be the Sales Director & Steffen Klein the Finance Director.

As promised, the organization will be simplified and levels of management eliminated. Cost
reductions will be a way of life.
Open communication - the rule.

Results is all that count!

Fil Filipov
Chairman & CEO

May 1st, 2006

We are pleased to have had the opportunity to acquire Kemmer Prazision, and I am looking forward
to working with you. Our website will continue . We will keep our
current LOGO as well as the very well known name Kemmer Prazision!
During our first 100 days - WE WILL:
. Drastically reduce cost & eliminate waste! BEST QUALITY @ LOW COST!!
. Increase productivity and find ways to do things better & faster!
. Our suppliers will be required to participate!
. Reduce/Eliminate meetings and spend time on the shop floor!
. Clean &Arrange: Place for everything, and Everything in its place"
. Satisfy our current customers & Significantly increase our sales with them.
. .We want to take the business from our competitors,
. and... become profitable!

You know the business; do not expect miracles from me.
My style is straight forward, no bureaucracy and you will find me more often in the shop floor then
in meetings! I plan to visit our customers and find out what we must do to increase our business. We
will drive the cost down and improve quality while increasing efficiency and double our business in a
short time!

The organization will be simplified and levels of management eliminated. Open communication will
be the rule. I answer emails the same day and anyone can write to me!

Results is all that count!
I am counting on you!

Chairman & CEO