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Voice Portal
The Next Step in Delivering a Unique and Personalized Customer Experience

Voice Portal
• Support multiple communication modes, providing
Overview your customers with the information they need in a
timely manner via the medium most convenient to
Now more than ever, your customers are demanding them—voice, telephony, Web, fax, email or mobile
excellence from each contact center interaction—whether device.
it is a self-service or live-agent experience. In order to stay • Maximize the lifetime value of your customers by
competitive, you must take a closer look at how you can radically improving the effectiveness of all customer
deliver consistent, personalized, first-class service to your interactions.
customers each and every time. • Take advantage of cross-sell / upsell opportunities.
• Use VXML and Call Control XML (CCXML)
By taking advantage of the power of speech and standards to create innovative speech applications.
web-based standards, voice portals can help you meet • Translate customer applications to VoiceXML.
or exceed customer expectations, reduce costs, and • Use State Chart XML (SCXML) to deliver
improve customer satisfaction. applications that allow callers to perform tasks
simultaneously or interrupt tasks with new requests,
Intervoice Voice Portal – Enabling Personalized, and then resume tasks where they left off.
Multimodal Communications
Delivering the Ultimate Self-Service Experience
Intervoice Voice Portal is a leading technology platform Organizations like yours chose Voice Portal because
preferred by many Fortune 100 companies for the Convergys is the only voice portal vendor that offers
design, development, delivery, and management of a leading technology platform plus unmatched
distinctive and innovative speech-enabled, self-service services expertise. Our goal is to create a personalized,
applications. An award-winning solution, Voice Portal satisfying, secure, and consistent caller experience by
allows you to accelerate application development and delivering a solution that supports anytime, anywhere
deployment by combining your existing enterprise access to a full spectrum of automated self-service
infrastructure with an extensible, standards-based capabilities—all while reducing operational costs.
development and runtime environment. Voice Portal
also supports powerful management, integration, and In order to make the most of speech self service,
metering capabilities for speech-enabled and touch- you have to understand your customers’ needs and
tone self-service solutions. These capabilities allow you preferences. Ultimately, your customers need to feel
to track the application’s performance and adapt the empowered to lead their self-service interactions in
solution to meet your unique needs: the way they want them—personalized, convenient,
and consistent. You must be able to quickly determine
the nature of the customer’s call and route the call

appropriately within the system. With Voice Portal, Key Benefits
common requests can be easily automated in self-
service mode to provide fast and easy answers, while Contact Center Managers: For the first time, your
more complex issues or high-value customers can customers can enjoy the flexibility of choosing the
quickly be routed to a live agent. most convenient channel and media (for example,
speech, text, video, touch-tone) for each step in a
Partnering With You to Take Customer Service to
customer service interaction. With more options for
the Next Level
how they conduct a self-service session, callers are
Convergys is helping one of the largest cable providers
less frustrated, get more done, and are more likely
achieve its business goals. The company is tapping into
to end the interaction with a positive impression.
the power of speech technology on our Voice Portal
platform to deliver world-class customer service,
Voice Portal enables you to:
increase automation, extend the company’s brand, and
reduce costs.
• Decrease inbound call center traffic through
With the deployment of speech applications, customers proactive outbound notification of customers
can now report signal loss or blackouts, purchase via phone, text message, or email.
movies, access billing information, and upgrade
• Closely monitor application usage and caller
or downgrade their program package. In addition,
behavior to quickly identify areas for application
field service personnel can set up outbound dialing
improvement and enhancement.
to remind customers of appointments, reschedule
appointments, or check the status of work orders. • Allow callers to securely and comfortably do
more on their own, decreasing “opt out” to live
While this company is focused on promoting and agent service.
extending its brand and improving the customer
experience, it is also achieving bottom-line savings of • Improve customer service and satisfaction by
over $18 million per year by using the Voice Portal. using adaptive technologies to deliver
responsive, personalized, and conversational
Guaranteed Success interaction.
After carefully evaluating many vendors, Litton Loan
Servicing selected the Voice Portal platform for its
ability to integrate speech for increased scalability and
call efficiency, drive higher self-service automation,
reduce live agent interactions, and deliver a consistent,
high-touch customer experience. INTERVOICE
As part of this project, Convergys guaranteed Litton’s
results and focused on developing a self-service
experience that met or exceeded the company’s SATISFIED CUSTOMERS
business metrics. Just 60 days after the completion of
the project, Voice Portal proved its value by successfully

automating 62.6 percent of valid calls without a transfer
Key Benefits to an agent, except in cases involving specific call routing
requirements. This level of automation exceeded the
IT Managers: The open standards-based design 37 percent automation benchmark of Litton’s previous
of Voice Portal allows you to deploy the IVR solution.
technology within your organization’s existing
environment and use your existing development Litton was able to personalize its standard self-service
resources and skill sets. offering, giving customers a more meaningful interaction;
reduce costs through more intelligent routing; and increase
Additional benefits include: customer satisfaction by reducing hold times by 31 percent.
These achievements met or exceeded the company’s
• Voice Portal can be deployed on a single server predetermined goals.
or in a distributed configuration.
Comprehensive Standards Support
• Voice Portal’s server-side architecture lets you
quickly and consistently roll out new software Convergys uses World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
upgrades in a single event. and Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standards
more thoroughly than any other voice portal vendor.
• You can easily scale applications to keep pace These standards include VXML, CCXML, Web Services
with business growth. and SCXML, which facilitates asynchronous and parallel

• Web-based management and reporting handling of customer interactions. Convergys’ extensive

support for standards simplifies integration with other
tools allow you to monitor and troubleshoot
customer service solutions, existing business logic, back-
application issues before they impact customer
end applications, and data repositories.

• Your deployment is simplified through reuse Application Enrichment Services

of existing infrastructure and easier Voice Portal offers a robust set of application enrichment
integration with databases, Web Services, and services, enabling you to deliver a more compelling self-
legacy systems. service experience that reduces operational costs while
improving caller satisfaction. The platform’s flexible and
• Resource utilization is improved by eliminating
natural speech capabilities enable your contact center to
development silos, accessing data and rules
conduct more responsive and productive conversations
across a unified application infrastructure,
with each caller. You can use these adaptive capabilities to
and strong Service-Oriented Architecture achieve multiple business objectives:
(SOA) support.
• Enable callers to choose the communication method that
best accommodates their needs.
• Allow callers to securely and comfortably do more on
INTERVOICE their own, decreasing “opt out” to live agent service.
VERTICAL APPLICATIONS PORTAL • Provide a more personalized experience and take
advantage of upsell and cross-sell opportunities based on
caller data.









Intervoice Voice Portal is built on a solid foundation of multichannel user interactions, powerful services
orchestration, robust integration services, a full suite of development tools, and comprehensive management and
reporting capabilities.

Management and Reporting Tools CUSTOMER


Voice Portal provides a vast array of on-demand


management and reporting tools to meet both business Development Suite

and IT objectives. Real-time reporting allows you to • Voice Portal includes a powerful suite of application
continuously monitor your self-service solution, thus development tools that enable you to take advantage
lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO), and of your existing infrastructures, service oriented
making it easy to integrate system wide enhancements: architecture (SOA), and business logic to create
• Dramatically reduce solution management overhead dynamic, personalized applications. Developers can
by using real-time, on-demand reporting. easily create, modify, and test voice and touch-tone
applications to produce optimum business results:
• Easily track key performance metrics and evaluate
application efficiency. • Significantly reduce development efforts through
code reuse and extensions.
• Effortlessly make system modifications and
improvements based on usage data and caller • Eliminate the need for proprietary skill sets.
experience. • Simplify management of storage and retrieval of
self-service application media (for example, audio
prompts) for use across multiple applications.

Application Enrichment Services

Provides advanced speech recognition and text-to-speech capabilities that allow callers to hear

Enables simultaneous use of touch-tone, speech, text, touch pad, graphics, and video for sharing
and receiving information within a single self-service interaction.

-ULTITASKING3TATE#ONTROL tasks with new requests, and then resume tasks where they left off.

Allows you to use biometric characteristics of a caller’s voice to validate identity and deploy self-
Voice Authentication
service applications with multi-factor security.


.OTIlCATION'ATEWAY alerting customers to important updates, issues, and other information.

Key Benefits Our new Interaction Composer development tool features
an open standards-based, drag-and-drop graphical user
Development Managers: Voice Portal’s interface (GUI). This tool serves as the foundation for
portfolio of developer tools meets your development of multimodal services and back-office
organization’s needs across solution integration.
lifecycle, lowering IT cost and effort by:
Core Infrastructure Components

• Reducing development effort duplication The Voice Portal core infrastructure components provide
through code reuse and extension foundational services for creating dynamic self-service
applications, improving the customer experience, and
• Eliminating need for proprietary skill sets futureproofing the solution:

• Simplifying reuse of existing business • Simplify reuse of existing business logic and integration
logic and integration with other customer with other customer service solutions, back-end
applications, and data repositories.
service solutions, back-end applications,
• Ease development of sophisticated applications that
and data repositories
require intelligent call routing and computer telephony
• Expediting development of sophisticated integration (CTI).
applications that require intelligent call • Ensure consistency of the caller experience across
routing and CTI channels.

• Ensuring consistency of the caller

Customer-Focused Solution Delivery
experience across channels
Voice and multimodal applications are rarely, if ever,
deployed “out of the box.” You want intelligent automation
solutions to reflect your brand and address your callers’
unique needs and service requirements. In order to achieve
INTERVOICE maximum ROI, it is critical that these solutions be designed
VOICE PORTAL and customized with creativity and care.

Therefore, when you evaluate voice technology, you must

also consider the technology’s ability to bridge the gap
from platform purchase to effective voice and multimodal
applications, and provide measurable ROI. Convergys
Quicker Deployment
professional services group will collaborate one on one with
you to achieve solution success and exceed your business
objectives by providing a complete, integrated suite of
solution services:
• Deep knowledge of caller needs and experiences
• Continual focus on your business objectives
• Process excellence and rigor throughout the
development process

Core Infrastructure Components
68-, ##8-, 3#8-,AND7EB
comprehensive multichannel solutions.

Provides a dynamic, programmable call routing switch, capable of making routing decisions on the
fly based on application logic.


requests from applications to their correct destinations.


#ONTACT#ENTER callers to live agent assistance.

As voice technology continues to grow, Convergys is • Unparalleled global services support –

an established leader in developing innovative ways to Convergys Professional Services offers self-service
increase automation and seamlessly integrate customer application design, development, and management
data into multimodal applications. With Voice Portal, expertise and experience that is unsurpassed in the
callers find a unified experience across self-service and industry. This team’s time-tested, proven
methodology has been refined in collaboration with
live agent transactions, voice, Web, and mobile devices,
more than 5,000 clients. No other services partner
while you enjoy new ways to increase revenue and
matches Professional Services’ thought leadership
realize greater customer satisfaction than ever before.
and deep technical knowledge of how to deliver a
personalized, satisfying, and consistent self-service
The Convergys Advantage
experience across all channels.
• Visionary self-service applications – Convergys
• Focus and independence – Convergys holds a
provides industry-leading speech solutions and
unique position in the industry. Our products and
was first to market in delivering a platform for
services are more complete than those of smaller
multimodal self-service applications. Voice Portal
niche players and more focused than those of larger
is the only voice portal platform that enables
multi-industry players. Over time, we have
simultaneous voice and visual data input and
maintained our focus on reducing the need for live
delivery on a telephone or mobile device in a single
agent assistance by increasing and improving
interaction, and the only platform that facilitates
automation. Unlike other voice portal products,
multitasking, interruptions, and resuming of user
Voice Portal is vendor-neutral when integrating with
hardware for caller interfaces, CTI, automatic speech
• Innovative standards implementation – recognition (ASR), private branch exchange (PBX)
Convergys uses Internet standards, including VXML, and switches, making Voice Portal easier to deploy
CCXML, Web Services, and SCXML, more within your existing customer service infrastructure.
thoroughly than any other voice portal vendor. Our
extensive support for Internet standards simplifies
integration with other customer service solutions,
existing business logic, back-end applications, and
data repositories.

About Convergys

Convergys Corporation (NYSE: CVG) is a global leader

in relationship management. We provide solutions that
drive more value from the relationships our clients have
with their customers and employees. Convergys turns
these everyday interactions into a source of profit and
strategic advantage for our clients. For more information,

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Most importantly, Voice Portal’s extensive use of open
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