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July 27, 2014
Faithbuilders (E. Hall)

9:00 Sanctuary Worship
Childrens Classes (Info in Room 11)
Youth Classes: (N. Forum)
Salt, Adult Class (N. Room)

10:30 Watermark Worship
Childrens Classes (Info in Room 11)
Pathnders, Adult Class (N. Room)
High Flight, Adult Class (E. Hall)
*CoreFit & More Tu & Th, 4:30 p ............
Mens Bible Study Wednesday, 6:30 a ..........
*Womens Bible Study Wednesday, 7:00 p ....
*Adult Choir Wednesday, 7:00 p ...................
Womens Bible Study Thursday, 6:45 a .....
*Mens Bible Study Thursday, 7:00 a ........
Roots (Young Adults) Thursday, 7:00 p ....
*Womens Bible Study Friday, 9:30 a ...
KP Prayer Group Saturday, 6:30 a ...........
CrossFit ...........................
Chain Gang (Craft) 2
Monday 10 a .......
Reap What You Sew 2
& 4
Wed. 9 a .....
* on break

Praise Songs

Worship Choir
River in Judea


Morning Prayer

Word in Song
Create In Me
John Gott & Ken Johnson

Nick Stavlund
The Story: The King Who Had It All
1 Kings 1 - 11

Closing Song
Be Thou My Vision

Closing Prayer
Regularly Scheduled Programs
Frank Shirvinski
Lead Pastor
Nick Stavlund
Executive Pastor
Katy Statler
Ministry Director: Youth
Nicole Moran
Preschool Director
Jenny Statler
Interim Worship Leader
Kiefer Ireland
Childrens Ministry Asst.
Sara Perrine
Minister, Missional Groups
Mary Cartwright
Minister, Pastoral Care
Sharon Hostetler
Ministry Director:
Connections & Events
Stacy Shirvinski
Executive Director: Community
Impact, Families and Children
Helpful Info
Communion/Lords Supper
All followers of Christ are welcome to
participate in our Service of
Communion. If you have prepared
yourself for this very special moment
with our Savior, you are invited to His
table. (1 Corinthians 11:23-30) Please
take the emblems as they are passed
and partake when you are ready.
Some prefer to take it before passing
it along.

In all of our services, a special time
for giving is set aside. Participation is
an act of worship and voluntary.

We have a friendly, well-sta!ed and
impeccably clean nursery located on
the north side of the narthex. Please
see an usher for directions.
Prayer: Irv Ekelund, Marilyn Davis 6451 E. Shea Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85254 480-991-9878
We have a little over 4 ! weeks to prepare
for our time with Family Promise. How does
it work?
Each evening the families are transported by
van from a home-like day center to volunteer
churches of all faiths that provide a meal and
a safe sleeping space for individual families.
Chaparral Christian Church has been blessed
with the opportunity to manage the evening
care for 4 families from August 24 30. We
will provide a hot meal each evening for them
on our Church campus (in the Choir Room)
and then house them in the Forum building
with each family having a divided private
sleeping area.
Here are some needs we have RIGHT NOW:
1) Prayers and open hearts for not only
these families in need, but also for the
volunteers and wonderful people (YOU
included) of our Church who felt drawn to be
a part of this wonderful mission.
2) Bedding (any size sheets, blankets, pillow
cases and pillows).
3) Non-perishable breakfast and lunch
For more information on Family Promise pick
up a brochure in the Narthex. To volunteer,
please contact Mary Blakeman
( or Sara Perrine
Cn AugusL 23rd, 8rlan lorresLer wlll rlsk
LoLal arm, leg, and back faugue whlle
bowllng 100 frames (10 compleLe games) Lo
help make a dlerence for Lhe Pouse of
8efuge and Pouse of Pope and Lhe
lndlvlduals Lhey serve. 1hls ls Lhelr 26Lh year
of helplng men and slngle moms escape
homelessness and achleve
self-sumclency. 1he
money ralsed wlll
reduce Lhelr debL on Lhe
Lrlplex LhaL Pouse of Pope
moms llve ln. lL ls Lhelr lasL morLgaged
properLy and paylng lL o wlll allow Lhem Lo
expand Lhelr women's program. lf you
would llke Lo sponsor 8rlan, go Lo: hup://[
Welcome Kiefer Ireland to the
Childrens Ministry Staff! Kiefer will be
working with Ms. Stacy with a new
program for our older elementary kids
at the Watermark hour. Kiefer not
only likes to have a lot of fun with kids
and is a really good musician, he has
an awesome Wookie call. Ask any
kids who came to VBS what that is all
about. You might have seen him
playing on stage, too. Be sure to
welcome him!
VBS Mission Accomplished!
During VBS we joined forces with Kid-to-Kid
ministries to bring clean water, hand washing
stations and bathrooms for kids in India. For
$2.50 we can give this to one child for an
entire year! Our kids raised $550 so 220 kids
will have their basic water and sanitary needs
covered! Well done awesome kids!
Farewell Party
We are sad and excited for the
Stavlunds new adventure. The
Army has called Nick to active
duty and they will be relocated to
North Carolina. Their last day is
August 31st. We will have a
farewell lunch after church that
day (11:30 in the East Hall).
Please feel free to bring cards to
let them know you are thankful for
their ministry here!

Save the Date!
7/29 5:30p Zumba! Forum N ... ....... ...............
7/29 6:30p Iron Class Conf. Rm ... ....... ..........
8/2 10:00a Zumba! Forum N ..... ..... ...............
8/2 11:00a Teachers Mtg Room 10 ..... ..... ...
8/10 Promotion Sunday all ................... .......
8/31 11:30a Farewell East Hall ... ..... .............