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1. What are the information and reports needed by the following:
A. Executive Director
B. Associate Deans
. !" !ead
D. !" Department
E. Employees
#. !ow do the Decision $upport $ystem for !uman "esource
%anagement help the !" department in terms of:
A. Document management
&he proposed system provides a centrali'ed storage for
employee(related information.
&he proposed system stores employee information in
&he proposed system allows searching and retrieving of
information easier and faster.
&he proposed system ensures the integrity of document and
information from potential loss or destruction
B. "eport )eneration
&he proposed system allows report generation that is needed by
the department* the !" head and Executive Director for data
&he proposed system provides reports that can be used for
accreditation purposes.
. &raining and awards monitoring
&he proposed system can easily trac+ employees training
&he proposed system ensure that employees are engaged and receive
the training they need to update skills
D. ,ob history and performance review
&he proposed system monitors the -og
E. ollaboration
&he proposed system improves communication with the
employees by speeding up information dissemination about
announcements and !" policies
&he proposed system encourages collaboration and between the
!" department and employee
.. /eave %anagement
&he proposed system can accurately trac+ed leave transactions.
&he proposed system can automatically compute leave credits.

). Data $ecurity
&he proposed system is secure and protect your employee files from
unauthorized access
!. Data Accuracy
0. !ow do the Decision $upport $ystem for !uman "esource
%anagement assists the needs of the employees in terms of:
A. Access to personal records
&he proposed system has employee self service facility
where employees can easily access their personal !"
information anytime and anywhere.
&he proposed system assists employees in the
management of their personal information
&he proposed system assists the employees with some
1ueries and 1uestions without going to the !" 23ce
B. 4pdating personal records
&he proposed system empowers employees with ownership
of their personal information by allowing them to view and
update certain 5elds without needing help of the !" sta6.
&he proposed system allows employees to upload their
certi5cates for trainings and seminars attended for future
. .iling for leave of absence
&he proposed systems speeds and simpli5es the leave
application process.
7. What are the features of the dashboard that can support the needs of
the Executive Director* Associate Deans and !" !ead in terms of
decision ma+ing8
9. What are the reports needed during accreditation that can be provided
by the proposed system8