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Office No: 08335256399, E-mail:

Name of the organization : KARNATAKA INTEGRATED RURAL
Phone no : 08335256399
E-mail address :
Legal status : Registered under Karnataka Societies
Registration Act, 1960; Reg. No. : BEL-
President : Pradeep R. Kankanwadi
Mob: 09480346900
Maintaining Committee of the Society: The Managing Committee of the society
consists of 9 members. All of them are
professionally trained social workers and
have been engaged in highly-dedicated
community service.
Bank Details : We have got two Bank accounts. The
details are as below:
1) Karnataka Vikas Grameen Bank
(A/c no: )
2) Laxmi Urban Bank (A/c no: )
Tax Exemption : Recognition by Commissioner of Income
Tax 12A and 80G of IT Act No
12A : 118/12A/CIT/BGM/2009-10
80G : 119/80G/CIT-BGM/2009-10
Registered Office : (G) Hosakoti – 591130
Tq : Ramadurg Dist : Belgaum
Details of Working Staff : Our staff is well-educated, with BA, BSW,
and MSW as their educational
qualification. They are adequately trained
in Rural Development programme
designing and implantation. Most of them
have been working with us for the last 3
Office and Infrastructure Facilities of the We have good infrastructure facilities with
Society : computer facility available at our Society’s
office Hosakoti.
Operation Area : Karnataka state

1. Background of the Society


voluntary organization registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act,
1960 with the cherished vision of striving for the total development of the rural
masses so to that they enjoy a life of dignity, equity and prosperity and the
mission of ushering-in a just and egalitarian society, where every person can
bloom into the fullness of life.

The Society is a non-profit, non-political, non-governmental organization. It was

started in response to the felt needs of the rural masses in North Karnataka who
have been experiencing untold misery due to the onslaught of globalization,
privatization and liberalization on the one hand and ignorance, famine and
indebtedness on the other.

It is associated with professionally qualified social workers, having good

experience in various developmental fields. It does collaborative work in
association with the government and other voluntary organizations. It is well-
grounded with the unstinted support of the people, experienced and well qualified
staff, and a strong band of committed volunteers to execute its various
development projects.
2. Vision

The vision of the Society is, “to strive for the total development of the rural
masses so that they enjoy a life of dignity, equity and prosperity”.

3. Mission

The mission of the Society is, “to usher-in a just and egalitarian society where
every person can bloom into the fullness of life.”

4. Objectives of the Society

a. Overall Objective:

To initiate meaningful programs and activities for creating an atmosphere of

all-round development of human beings, with a special focus on the
disadvantaged sections of society; especially women and children, and
promoting environmental concern for a greener and sustainable future.

b. Short term objectives :

 To initiate activities for the preservation and enhancement of natural
resources which are essential for the survival and sustenance of the human

 To promote temperance and good habits among the general public,

especially youth, for healthy society, and initiate various activities for
creating awareness against the social evils such as drug-addiction,
alcoholism, tobacco consumption, child marriage and Devadasi system.

 To organize people living below the poverty line (BPL), train them in
planning different programmes for their development, and help them in the
effective implementation of those programmes.

 To initiate community health services, Medicare, population control and

family welfare and awareness generation activities to prevent HIV/AIDS
and various STDs.

 To take up community based re-habilitation programmes and integrated

education for the development of disabled sectors.

 To organize youth community and provide training to them for different

socio-economic and rural development programmes.

5. Organization Structure

6 Board of Directors President Advisory Board


Field Staff

6. Strengths of the Society

The organization has strong strength of deliberately plane, implementation,

evaluation and follow up of development program through participative social
transparent process in the development area stated bellow.

 Self-help-group formation and management

 Environment, health and sanitation program

 Women and child health program

 Youth federation

 Education and training institutions

The organization has good professional qualified and experienced staff in various
field such as organizing people and program, conducting various participatory
training, negotiation, planning, implementation, evaluation, monitoring and
problem solving skill as well as required infrastructure.

7. Ongoing Activities of the Society

 Community development with leadership-orientation

 Formation of self-help-groups and promoting of sustainability and
empowerment of women groups

 Health and sanitation

 Creation of youth federation

 Street play and cultural advancement for awareness-generation

8. Achievements of the Society

 NTT Center

 Free computer education center

 Employment to 17 youths

 More than 75 women self-help-groups in Ramadurga and Gokak taluk

 Formed 8 yuvak sanghas (youth groups) in Ramadurga and Gokak taluk

9. Future Plans

 To start a BSW college

 To start LKG and UKG school

 Formation of farmers’ groups

 Formation and enhancement of more women’s self-help-groups