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The Affidavit of Rescission is intended to be sent with each income tax return you file to get your money back every
year, if you are in the unfortunate position of having to do so because your employer refuses to cooperate in ending
withholding after you withdraw your W-4 form or submitted your W-!
"ertified #ail $umber% &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
'ate% &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
c(o )*+* +ost ,ffice -ox .//0
11",)$T2 $A#344 "ounty
11"5T2 $A#344, 11*TAT3 $A#344 Republic
)nited *tates of America
6ip code exempt
OF _________________

11*TAT3 $A#344 *TAT3(R3+)-75"
11",)$T2 $A#344 ",)$T2
8 *ubscribed, *worn and *ealed
5, *tate "iti6en &&&&&&&&&&&&&, being a free *overeign adult, natural born in 11*TAT3 $A#344, living and
working as a *tate "iti6en domiciled in the 11*TAT3 $A#344 Republic since 9:;< and 5, as such status, hereby
make this *pecial Appearance, by Affidavit, In Propria Persona, proceeding Sui Juris, At 7aw, in "ommon 7aw,
with Assistance, *pecial, neither conferring nor consenting to any foreign =urisdiction, except to the =udicial power
of 11*TAT3 $A#344 and(or America, and as such 5 willfully enforce all "onstitutional limitations respectively on
all government agencies when dealing with them! Wherefore, the undersigned Affiant, named herein and above,
upon affirmation declares and evidences the following%
5, &&&&&&&&&&&&&, am of lawful age and competent! 5 am a *overeign natural born free *tate "iti6en domiciled in
the 11*TAT3 $A#344 Republic >see 9%<%<, 9%?%?, <%9%;, ?%<%9 and 4%<%9 in the )!*! "onstitution8, and thereby in
the )nited *tates of America, in fact, by right of heritage, a *overeign *tate "iti6en inhabiting and domiciled in the
11*TAT3 $A#344 Republic, protected via hereditary succession by my predecessors@ previous contracts with
government as found in the $orthwest ,rdinance of 9AA, the ,rganic Act of 94: >the original "onstitution of
11*TAT3 $A#3448, the Articles of "onfederation of 9AAA, the "onstitution for the )nited *tates of America
>9A:8 including its +reamble, and the -ill of Rights >9A:98 including its +reambleB and, as such, 5 retain all my
unalienable rights granted by Cod in positive law, embodied in the 'eclaration of 5ndependence >9AAD8 and binding
rights upon myself and my parentage, on this day and for all time now and hereafter! And further,
5, &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&, a *overeign natural born free *tate "iti6en, In Propria Persona, proceeding Sui Juris, At
7aw, with Assistance, *pecial, receiving mail c(o )*+* +ost ,ffice -ox .//0, 11"5T2 $A#344, 11*TAT3
$A#344 Republic, 6ip code exempt >'## 9<<!?<8, being duly sworn and affixing my signature to this document,
do hereby make the following statement of fact and affirm% the so-called E*ocial *ecurityE number 11*,"5A7
*3")R5T2 $)#-3R44 is rescinded in application, in body, and in signature, for 5 affirm that this agreement was
imposed upon me by usage of threat, coercion, withholding of material facts, and uninformed consent, and that 5 was
not at age of ma=orityB therefore, this aforementioned government action constitutes constructive fraud and placed
me under duress of mind and therefore deprived me of giving any meaningful consent to the original E*ocial
*ecurityE application and agreement! This agreement is null and void, ab initio >from its inception8, due to the
aforementioned fraud! And further,
AFF5'AG5T A#3$'#3$T +R,T3"T5,$ "7A)*3
5, the undersigned, in order to protect my unalienable rights to life, liberty, and property, inclusive of my right to the
proper in rem and in personam *tate "iti6enship status, have been forced to amend certain legal documents and
statements, due to the continued revelation and increased discovery of the continuous acts of fraud upon me by the
de facto governments, both *tate and Federal, and therefore 5 declare that 5 am now and fully intend to remain free
to amend any and all such documents and statements, as a matter of substantive right, for 5 cannot be held liable for
either the acts or the omissions by governments which are out of my control, which acts and omissions constitute
fraud in one form or another! Therefore, 5 proceed at all times EW5TH 3I+75"5T R3*3RGAT5,$ ,F A77 #2
)$A753$A-73 R5CHT* A$' W5TH,)T +R3J)'5"3 T, A$2 ,F #2 )$A753$A-73 R5CHT*E, inclusive
of my personal right to substantive and procedural due process proceedings under the Judicial +ower of both my
*tate and my $ation! And further,
5, &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&, do state and affirm the following%
9! That material facts were withheld, such as Title <, )!*!"!, *ection 9A4D, *ubsections 9 K < >being without or
within the E)nited *tatesE, respectively8, which caused me to be unaware that a completed, signed and submitted
EForm 9L4LE or Eincome tax returnE and other 5nternal Revenue *ervice and *tate Franchise Tax -oard forms and
documents are voluntarily executed instruments which could be used as prima facie evidence against me in criminal
trials and civil proceedings to show that 5 had voluntarily waived my "onstitutionally secured rights and that 5 had
voluntarily sub=ected myself to the federal income(excise tax, to the provisions of the 5nternal Revenue "ode
>hereinafter referred to as the 5R"8, to the authority of the *tate Franchise Tax -oard >hereinafter referred to as the
FT-8 and to the authority of the 5nternal Revenue *ervice >hereinafter referred to as the 5R*8 by signing and thereby
affirming, under penalty of per=ury >within the E)nited *tatesE8, that 5 was, in effect, a EpersonE sub=ect to the taxB
that the above induced and(or forced action, via *tate and Federal governments, clearly indicates a violation of
Article 9, *ection :, "lause ? >9%:%?8, to wit% E$o -ill of Attainder or ex post facto 7aw shall be passedE and also
Article 9, *ection :, "lause 4 9%:%48, to wit% E$o "apitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in +roportion to
the "ensus or 3numeration hereinbefore directed to be takenE in the )nited *tates "onstitution! These above same
in=unctions are found in the $orthwest ,rdinance and in the 11*TAT3 $A#344 "onstitution! And further,
<! That material facts were withheld, which caused me to be unaware of the legal effects of signing and filing
income tax returns, as shown by the decision of the )nited *tates "ourt of Appeals for the :th "ircuit in the 9:A4
ruling in the case of Morse v. U.S., 4:4 F!<d AD, L, wherein the "ourt explained how a *tate "iti6en became a
EtaxpayerE by stating% EAccordingly, when returns were filed in #rs! #orse@s name declaring income to her for 9:44
and 9:4;, making her potentially liable for the tax due on that income, she became a taxpayer within the meaning of
the 5nternal Revenue "ode!E .emphasis added0 And further,
?! That material facts were withheld, which caused me to be unaware that the signing and filing of an income tax
return and other 5R* forms are acts of voluntary compliance for a *overeign natural born free *tate "iti6en
inhabiting the )nited *tates of America, when executed and submitted by said *overeign living and working within
the *tates of the )nionB that 5 was unaware that, in a legislative court such as a )nited *tates 'istrict "ourt, the
completed 5R* documents can become prima facie evidence, sufficient to sustain a legal conclusion by a =udge, that
the signer has voluntarily changed his lawful status(state FR,# that of a *overeign natural born free *tate "iti6en
who is not sub=ect to any federal income tax and who possesses all of his Cod-given, "onstitutionally secured rights
when dealing with government, T, the legal status of a EtaxpayerE >any individual, trust, estate, partnership,
association, company or corporation sub=ect to federal excise tax8, that is, a EpersonE who is sub=ect to the federal
excise tax and is, therefore, sub=ect to the authority, =urisdiction, and control of the federal government under the
5R", to the statutes governing federal taxation, and to the regulations of the 5R*, thereby imposing the tax on
himself, waiving his Cod-given "onstitutionally secured rights to property and labor in respect to the federal
income(excise tax statutes and their administration by the 5R*, and establishing himself as one who has privileges
only, but no rights, in dealings with the 5R*, the same as a corporationB that it is my understanding that the change of
status(state resulting from the signed 5R* documents is very similar to the change of status that occurs when one
enlists in the military service and voluntarily takes an oath that sub=ects him to the authority, =urisdiction, and control
of the federal government under Title 9L of the )nited *tates "ode >i.e., the statutes governing the armed forces and
the regulations of the military service8, thereby waiving his "onstitutionally guaranteed rights in relation to dealings
with the military services! And further,
4! That 5, as a *overeign natural born free *tate "iti6en and inhabitant in the )nited *tates of America, domiciled in
the 11*TAT3 $A#344 Republic, and as a Free #an, am endowed by my "reator with numerous
unalienable(inalienable rights which include but are not limited to my rights to Elife, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness >property8E, which rights are specifically identified in the #agna "arta >9<9;8 and the 'eclaration of
5ndependence >9AAD8, and protected and secured by the "onstitution for the )nited *tates of America >9A:8 and the
subseMuent -ill of Rights, Articles in Amendment 9 thru 9L >9A:98B that my birthright to the Elife, liberty and the
pursuit of happinessE has been interpreted by both the Framers of the "onstitution and by the )!*! *upreme "ourt to
include my unalienable right to contract, to acMuire, to deal in, to sell, rent, and exchange properties of various kinds,
real and personal, without reMuesting or exercising any privilege or franchise from governmentB that 5 have learned
that these unalienable property rights also include my right to contract for the exchange of my labor-property for
other properties and remuneration, such as wages, salaries, and other earningsB that 5 have never knowingly,
intentionally or voluntarily waived any of these unalienable rights, nor can 5, &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&, be forced to
waive any of these rights granted to me by Cod the Father, my "reator, because 5 am endowed with these rights by
my "reator and by nobody else and nothing else >see Brady v. U.S., ?:A )!*! A4< at A4 >9:AL88! And further,
;! That 5 understand that, if the exercise of my rights were sub=ected to taxation, these same rights could be
destroyed by increasing the tax rates to unaffordable levelsB therefore, courts have repeatedly ruled that government
has no power whatsoever to tax or otherwise ElienE against the exercise of any rights, particularly the rights of
*overeign *tate "iti6ens, as shown by the )nited *tates *upreme "ourt in the case of Murdock v. Pennsylvania,
?9: )!*! 9L; >9:4?8, which stated% EA state may not impose a charge for the en=oyment of a right granted by the
Federal "onstitution!EB that unalienable rights are rights against which no lien can be established precisely because
they are un-lien-ableB that America@s founding documents enumerate some of my unalienable rights, none of which
rights 5 have ever waived knowingly, voluntarily, and intentionallyB that 5 freely choose to obey all American 7aw
and to pay all 7awful taxes in =urisdictions which are applicable to me for the common goodB that 5 stand In Propria
Persona with Assistance, *pecialB that my status and unalienable rights, as stated hereinafter and in the foregoing,
are not negotiable! And further,
D! That, for years past and at least since the year 9:D4, 5 have been influenced by numerous cases of people going to
=ail and being punished, and also by numerous and repeated public warnings made by the FT- and by the 5R*, via
radio, television, the printed press and other forms of public communication media, warning of the EdeadlineE for
filing *tate and Federal forms, such as a EForm 9L4L 5ncome Tax ReturnE and(or other 5R* forms and documentsB
this therefore caused me to file said forms under threat, duress and coercion! And further,
A! That, in addition to the aforesaid warnings, 5 have also been influenced by the misleading and deceptive wording
of 5R* publications and 5R*-generated news articles, by the pressure of widespread rumors and misinformed public
opinion, and by the advice and assurances of lawyers, "!+!A!@s, and income tax preparers which misled me to believe
incorrectly that the 9Dth Amendment to the "onstitution for the )nited *tates of America abolished the Fifth
Amendment of that same "onstitution and authori6ed "ongress to impose a direct tax on me, my property, my
exchanges of property and(or property received as a result of exercising my "onstitutionally secured right to
contractB that 5 was further misled into believing that 5 had a legal duty and obligation to file a EForm 9L4L 5ncome
Tax ReturnE and other 5R* and *tate tax forms, schedules, and documents, and that 5 was unaware of < )!*!"!
9A4D, wherein there are two per=ury clauses% >98 one stating that you are without the E)nited *tatesE and also ><8 the
other stating that you are within the E)nited *tatesE, respectively! The per=ury clauses on both *tate and Federal tax
forms stipulate, under penalty of per=ury, that 5 was stating unknowingly, involuntarily, and unintentionally that 5
was within the E)nited *tatesE! This is an act of fraud by both *tate and Federal taxing agencies! And further,
! That 5 have also been further influenced, misled, and alarmed by rumors, by misinformed public opinion, and by
the advice and assurances of lawyers, "!+!A!@s, and income tax preparers to the effect that Ethe 5R* and the FT- will
get youE, and that it would be a crime punishable by fines and(or imprisonment if 5 did not fill out, sign, and file
with the 5R* a EForm 9L4LEB that, in point of fact, the only person actually named within the 5R" as a person
reMuired to collect an income tax, to file an income tax return, and to pay an income tax is a EWithholding AgentEB
and that, to the best of my knowledge, 5 am not now, nor have 5 ever been,, a EWithholding AgentE! And further,
:! That, in addition to all of the reasons stated in paragraphs D, A, and above, 5 was influenced by the common and
widespread practice of employers who, either knowingly or unknowingly, without +ower of Attorney, misled me and
their employees to believe that they and 5 must have a *ocial *ecurity $umber and that all are sub=ect to the
withholding of Eincome taxesE from their earnings, either with or without their permission, based upon the
employers@ possibly mistaken assumption that they, as employers, are reMuired by law to withhold Eincome taxesE
from the paychecks of their employees, which is contrary to the *ections ?4L<>n8, A?4? and AAL9>a8>9D8 of the 5R",
absent a voluntary execution of Form W-4, the E3mployee@s Withholding Allowance "ertificateE! And further,
9L! That 5 have also been mistakenly influenced and mistakenly impressed by annual public displays and
indiscriminate public offerings by the 5R* and the FT- of large Muantities of the Forms 9L4L and ;4L in banks, in
post offices, and through the )!*! mail, which public displays and indiscriminate public offerings also had the effect
of reminding me of, and inducing me to respond mistakenly by filling out, signing, and sending EForm 9L4LE to the
5R* and EForm ;4LE to the FT-! And further,
99! That said EForms 9L4LE contained no reference to any law or laws which would explain =ust exactly who is and
who is not sub=ect to, or liable for, the income tax, *tate or Federal, nor did it contain any notice or warning to
anyone that merely sending said completed EForm 9L4LE to the 5R* would waive my right to privacy, as secured by
the 4th Amendment in the )!*! "onstitution, and also waive my right to not be a witness against myself, as secured
by the ;th Amendment in the )!*! "onstitution, and that a completed EForm 9L4LE would, in itself, constitute legal
evidence, admissible in a court of law, that the filer is sub=ect to and liable for the income(excise tax, even though
and regardless of the fact that 5, as a *overeign natural born free *tate "iti6en, am actually and legally not sub=ect to
the statutory =urisdiction of the 5R", nor liable for any income(excise tax, and regardless of the fact that, to the best
of my knowledge, 5 have no legal duty or obligation whatsoever to complete and file any EForm 9L4LE or *tate
income tax forms, nor did they ever evidence < )!*!" 9A4D! And further,
9<! That at no time was 5 ever notified or informed by the 5R* or by the *tate of 11*TAT3 $A#344, nor by any of
their agents or employees, nor by any lawyer, "!+!A!, or tax preparer, of the fact that the so-called 9Dth Amendment
in the )!*! "onstitution, as correctly interpreted by the )!*! *upreme "ourt in such cases as Brushaber v. Union
Pacific Railroad Co., <4L )!*! 9 >9:9D8 and Stanton v. Baltic Mining Co., <4L )!*! 9L? >9:9D8, identified the
income tax as an indirect excise tax in accordance with Article 9, *ection , "lause 9 >9%%98 of the )nited *tates
"onstitutionB that the so-called 9Dth Amendment to the )!*! "onstitution, as correctly interpreted by the )!*!
*upreme "ourt, does not authori6e a tax on all individuals but is applicable to nonresident aliens >e.g., Frank R!
-rushaber8 who involve themselves in activities, events or occupations which come under, or are within, the taxing
authority of the E)nited *tatesE, as explained in Treasury 'ecision <?9?, dated #arch <9, 9:9DB that the so-called
9Dth Amendment was never actually ratified nor could it have been enacted into positive law because the reMuisite
number of *tates >i.e., ?D8 did not meet the lawful reMuirements for amending the "onstitution at that timeB and that
a mass of incontrovertible material evidence available since the year 9:; proves that the act of EdeclaringE the so-
called 9Dth Amendment EratifiedE was an act of outright fraud by +hilander "! Nnox in the year 9:9?! And further,
9?! That at no time was 5 ever notified or informed by the FT- nor by the 5R*, their agents or employees, nor by any
lawyer, "!+!A! or tax preparer, of the fact that, because of various rulings of the )!*! *upreme "ourt in such cases as
Flint v. Stone Tracy Co., <<L )!*! 9LA >9:998, and Pollock v. Farmer's oan and Trust Co., 9;A )!*! 4:< >9:;8, the
indirect excise tax on incomes identified by the so-called 9Dth Amendment is also a tax upon corporate privileges
granted by government, which tax is measured by the amount of corporate income >see "orporations Tax Act,
*tatutes at 7arge, 9:L:, vol! IIIG5, section ?, page 99<8B that this indirect excise tax is also imposed on the
taxable income of foreign corporations, and on the taxable income of nonresident aliens to the extent this >latter8
income is either effectively connected with the conduct of a trade or business within the corporate =urisdiction of the
E)nited *tatesE, or derived from sources within the corporate =urisdiction of the E)nited *tatesE although not
effectively connected with the conduct of trade or business within the corporate =urisdiction of the E)nited *tatesE,
according to *ections A9 and A< of the 5R"! And further,
94! That my attention has been called to Report $o! L-9:A, entitled E*ome "onstitutional Ouestions Regarding the
Federal 5ncome Tax 7awsE published by the American 7aw 'ivision of the "ongressional Research *ervice of the
7ibrary of "ongress, updated January 9A, 9:LB that this publication describes the tax on EincomeE identified in the
so-called 9Dth Amendment to the )!*! "onstitution as an indirect excise taxB that this report stated% EThe *upreme
"ourt, in a decision written by "hief Justice White, first noted that the 9Dth Amendment did not authori6e any new
type of tax, nor did it repeal or revoke the tax clauses of Article 5 of the )nited *tates "onstitution, Muoted above!EB
and this report further stated% ETherefore, it can clearly be determined from the decisions of the )nited *tates
*upreme "ourt that the income tax is an indirect tax, generally in the nature of an excise tax !!!!E, thus proving in my
mind that the Eincome taxE is not a tax on me as a *overeign natural born free *tate "iti6en, but is, rather, an indirect
excise tax as described by the )!*! *upreme "ourt in the case of lint v. Stone Tracy Co. supra, wherein the high
"ourt defined excise taxes as E!!! taxes laid upon the manufacture, sale, or consumption of commodities within the
country, upon licenses to pursue certain occupations, and upon corporate privileges !!!!E, none of which aforesaid
classifications apply to me! And further,
9;! That 5 was unaware of the truth of the rarely publici6ed statement by the 5R* that the EincomeE tax system is
based upon Evoluntary compliance with the law and self-assessment of taxEB that 5 was unaware before June of 9::L
of a posted notice in the main lobby of the Federal -uilding in *an Francisco, 11*TAT3 $A#344, outside the
offices of the 5R*, which notice reads, in pertinent part, EThe purpose of the 5nternal Revenue *ervice is to !!!
encourage and achieve the highest degree of voluntary compliance in accordance with the tax laws and
regulations!EB that 5 was unaware before June of 9::L that #r! Roger #! ,lsen, Assistant Attorney Ceneral, Tax
'ivision, 'epartment of Justice, Washington, '!"!, made the following statement to an assemblage of tax lawyers
on #ay :, 9:A% EWe encourage voluntary compliance by scaring the heck out of you!EB that it has never been either
my intention nor my desire to voluntarily self-assess an excise tax upon myself, nor to give up my right to property,
nor to voluntarily sub=ect myself to such an excise taxB that 5 had always thought that compliance was reMuired by
law! And further,
9D! That 5 have examined *ections A9 thru A, 9449, 944<, 944?, ?4L9>c8, DLL9, DL99, DL9<>a8, D??9>a8, A<L?,
A<L; and A?4? of the 5R", and 5 am entirely convinced and completely satisfied that 5 am not now, nor was 5 ever,
any such EpersonE or individual referred to by these sections! And further,
9A! That, after careful study of the 5R", and after consultations on the provisions of that "ode with informed
lawyers, tax accountants, and tax preparers concerning the provisions of the 5R", 5 have never found or been shown
any sections of the 5R" that imposed any reMuirement on me as a *overeign natural born free *tate "iti6en and
unprivileged inhabitant, living and working within a "ounty within a *tate of the )nion, to file a EForm 9L4L
5ncome Tax ReturnE or any other *tate income tax form, or that imposed a reMuirement upon me to pay a tax on
EincomeE, or that would classify me as a Eperson liableE, as a Eperson made liableE, or as a EtaxpayerE as the term
EtaxpayerE is defined in 5R" *ection AA9L9>a8>948, which states% EThe term @taxpayer@ means any person sub=ect to
any internal revenue tax!E And further,
9! That, after the study and consultations mentioned in paragraph 9A, the only mention of any possible reMuirement
upon me, as an individual, to pay a tax on EincomeE, that 5 could find, or was shown in the 5R", was the title of +art
5 under *ubtitle A, "hapter 9, *ubchapter A >which is deceptively titled ETax on 5ndividualsE8 and *ection DL9<>a8,
*ubtitle F, "hapter D9-A, +art 55--, *ubpart -, and the 11*TAT3 $A#344 Tax *tatutesB that a careful study and
earnest examination of these parts of the 5R" revealed that the EindividualsE to whom these sections refer are, in
fact, either individuals who work within a foreign nation like France and are taxed according to a tax treaty, or they
are nonresident aliens who receive income which is either effectively connected with the conduct of a trade or
business within the corporate =urisdiction of the E)nited *tatesE, or derived from sources within the corporate
=urisdiction of the E)nited *tatesE, although not effectively connected with the conduct of trade or business within
the corporate =urisdiction of the E)nited *tatesE, according to *ections A9 and A< of the 5R"B and that, to the best
of my knowledge, 5 have never conducted any trade or business within the corporate =urisdiction of the E)nited
*tatesE, nor have 5 ever derived income from sources within the corporate =urisdiction of the E)nited *tatesE! And
9:! That, after the study and consultations mentioned in paragraph 9A above, my attention was called to the 5R",
"hapter <9, entitled EFederal 5nsurance "ontributions ActE >*ocial *ecurity8, and my attention was also called to
*ubchapter A of "hapter <9 entitled ETax on 3mployeesE, which includes *ection ?9L9, wherein the *ocial *ecurity
tax is identified as a tax on EincomeE, not as an E5nsurance "ontributionE, not as a ETax on 3mployeesE, and not as a
tax on wages or earningsB that my attention was further called to these facts% there is no provision in the 5R" that
imposes the tax on employees or reMuires them to pay the taxB a voluntarily signed and completed Form W-4,
E3mployee@s Withholding Allowance "ertificateE, allows an employer to withhold money from a worker@s pay for
*ocial *ecurity EincomeE tax, even though the worker has claimed on that form to be EexemptE from the graduated
EincomeE taxB and an employer has no authority to withhold money from a worker@s pay for the *ocial *ecurity
EincomeE tax, for the graduated EincomeE tax, nor for any 5R*-imposed penalty or assessment, if there is no
voluntarily signed EForm W-4E in force and no EForm <DAE in force Cranting +ower of Attorney! And further,
<L! That, after the study and consultations described in paragraph 9A above, my attention was called to *ection D9>a8
of the 5R", which lists items that are sources of EincomeE, and to the following facts% that 5R* "ollections *ummons
Form DD? >9<-<8 confirms that these items are sources, not EincomeE, by stating that the following items are
EsourcesE% Ewages, salaries, tips, fees, commissions, interest, rents, royalties, alimony, state or local tax refunds,
pensions, business income, gains from dealings in property, and any other compensations for services >including
receipt of property other than money8!EB that sources are not EincomeE, but sources become EincomeE if they are
entered as EincomeE on a signed EForm 9L4LE, because the signer affirms, under penalty of per=ury >within the
E)nited *tatesE8, that the items entered in the EincomeE section of the EForm 9L4LE are EincomeE to the signerB that
*ection D9>b8 clearly indicates which sections of the 5R" identify and list items that are included in EincomeE by
stating% EFor items specifically included in gross income, see +art 55 >sec! A9 and following8E! And further,
<9! That my attention was then called to the said +art 55 entitled% E5tems *pecifically 5ncluded in Cross 5ncomeEB that
5 studied sections A9 thru A and noticed that wages, salaries, commissions, tips, interest, dividends, pensions, rents,
royalties, etc!, are not listed as being included in EincomeE in those *ections of the 5R"B and that, in fact, those items
are not mentioned any!"ere in any of these sections of the 5R"! And further,
<<! That, after further diligent study, it appears entirely clear to me that the only way that property received by me as
a *overeign natural born free *tate "iti6en, living and working within the *tates of the )nion, in the form of wages,
salaries, commissions, tips, interest, dividends, rents, royalties and(or pensions could be, or could have been legally
considered to be EincomeE, is if 5 voluntarily completed and signed a EForm 9L4L 5ncome Tax ReturnE, thereby
affirming, under penalty of per=ury >within the E)nited *tatesE8, that the information on such EForm 9L4LE was true
and correct, and that any amounts listed on the EForm 9L4LE in the EincomeE block were EincomeE, and thereby
acknowledging under oath or affirmation, that 5 am, or was, a taxpayer sub=ect to the tax and have, or had, a duty to
file a EForm 9L4L 5ncome Tax ReturnE and(or other 5R* forms, documents and schedules, none of which instruments
5 have ever signed with the understanding that 5 signed them knowingly, voluntarily, and intentionally and by means
of knowingly intelligent acts done Ewith sufficient awareness of all the relevant circumstances and likely
conseMuencesE >see Brady v. U.S. supra8B and that, when 5 have sent in *tate and Federal tax forms purposely not
signed, they were returned to me with a letter instructing and stipulating that 5 must sign the forms under the penalty
of per=ury, thereby claiming that 5 was a E)nited *tates citi6enE due to the wording of the per=ury clause >see <
)!*!"! 9A4D><88! And further,
<?! That, with good faith, with an honest reliance upon the aforementioned )!*! *upreme "ourt rulings and with
reliance upon my constitutionally protected $atural "ommon 7aw -ill of Rights, Amendments 9 thru 9L >9A:98, to
lawfully contract, to lawfully work and to lawfully acMuire and possess property, 5 am convinced and satisfied that 5
am not now, nor was 5 ever sub=ect to, liable for, or reMuired to pay an income(excise taxB that 5 am not now, nor
have 5 ever been a EtaxpayerE, and there has never been a Judicial +ower proceeding in which it was ruled that 5 was
a EtaxpayerE as that term is defined and used in the 5R"B and that 5 have never had any legal duties or obligations
whatsoever to file any EForm 9L4LE or to make any Eincome tax returnE, or to sign or submit any other 5R*
EindividualE forms or documents or schedules, to pay any EindividualE income tax, to keep any personal financial
records, or to supply any personal information to the 5R*! And further,
<4! That the )!*! "ongress, the 5nternational #onetary Fund, the Federal Reserve -anks and the 5nternal Revenue
*ervice, by means of vague, deceptive and misleading words and statements in the 5R", in the "ode of Federal
Regulations >"FR8, in official statements by 5R* "ommissioners in the Federal Register, in 5R* publications and in
5R*-generated news articles, committed constructive fraud and misrepresentation by misleading and deceiving me,
as well as the general public, into believing that 5 was reMuired to file EForm 9L4L 5ncome Tax ReturnsE and other
5R* forms, documents, and schedules and that 5 was also reMuired to keep records, to supply information and to pay
income taxes! And further,
<;! That, by reason of the aforementioned facts, 5 do hereby exercise my rights as a *overeign natural born free *tate
"iti6en, upheld by various court decisions, to rescind, to cancel and to render null and void, #unc Pro Tunc, both
currently and retroactively to the time of signing, based upon the constructive fraud and misrepresentation
perpetrated upon me by the Federal government, the )!*! "ongress, the 5R*, the E*tate of 11*TAT3 $A#344E,
and the FT-, all 5R* and FT- forms, statements, documents, returns, schedules, contracts, licenses, applications,
articles, certificates and(or commercial agreements ever signed and(or submitted by me, or on my behalf by third
parties >including but not limited to Forms 9L4L and attached schedules, Forms W-<, Forms W-4, and Forms 9L::8
on the accounts bearing the account numbers 11*,"5A7 *3")R5T2 $)#-3R44, and :-AD;4?<9 and all my
signatures on any and all of the aforementioned items, including the original E*ocial *ecurityE application, which
caused the account bearing the account number 11*,"5A7 *3")R5T2 $)#-3R44 to be establishedB that this
notice of rescission is based upon my rights with respect to constructive fraud and misrepresentation as established
in, but not limited to, the cases of Tyler v. Secretary of State, 94 F!<d 9L9 >9:D<8 and also !l Paso Natural "as
Co. v. #ysar $nsurance Co., DL; +acific <d <4L >9:A:8, which stated% E"onstructive fraud as well as actual fraud
may be the basis of cancellation of an instrument!E And further,
<D! That 5 do hereby declare that 5 am not and never was a EtaxpayerE as that term is defined in the 5R", a Eperson
liableE for any internal revenue tax, or a EpersonE sub=ect to the provisions of the 5R", and 5 do hereby declare that 5
am, and have always been, a EnontaxpayerEB that courts have recogni6ed and acknowledged that individuals can be
nontaxpayers, E!!! for with them "ongress does not assume to deal and they are neither the sub=ect nor the ob=ect of
revenue laws !!!!E, as stated in the cases of %ong v. Ras&ussen, <9 F! <?D >9:<<8, 'e %i&a v. Bid(ell, 9< )!*!
9AD, 9A:, and "erth v. United States, 9?< F! *upp! :4 >9:;;8! And further,
<A! That evidence now available to me proves that the 5nternal Revenue *ervice has to date failed to comply with the
clear and unambiguous reMuirements imposed on all federal government agencies by the following "ongressional
statutes% the Federal Register Act >44 )!*!"! 9;L9 et se$.8, the Administrative +rocedures Act >; )!*!"! ;;9 et se$.8,
and the +aperwork Reduction Act >44 )!*!"! ?;L9 et se$.8B that the 5R* failure to comply with the reMuirements of
these statutes constitutes further constructive fraud, breach of fiduciary trust between *overeign *tate "iti6ens and
public servants, and violations of the solemn oaths of office reMuired of federal government officials, thereby
relieving me of any and all legal duties which could or might otherwise exist for me to file any returns, schedules, or
other documents with the 5R*B and that, after having read these three statutes and summaries of related case law, 5
thereby conclude that there is no reason why the 5R* would be exempt from any of the clear and unambiguous
reMuirements imposed upon federal government agencies by these three statutes, notwithstanding any and all
allegations to the contrary that heretofore may have been published by the 5R* or the Treasury 'epartment in the
Federal Register without also citing the proper legal authorities, if any, for such allegations! And further,
<! That recent diligent studies have convinced me of the above, and that as such 5 am not Esub=ect toE the
territorially limited Eexclusive legislationE nor to the foreign =urisdiction mandated for the 'istrict of "olumbia,
federal enclaves, federal territories, and federal possessions by Article 9, *ection , "lause 9A and 9 and Article 4,
*ection ?, "lause < of the )!*! "onstitution, including its EinternalE governmental organi6ations therein >hereinafter
referred to as the EFederal 7egislative 'emocracyE and elsewhere referred to in this Affidavit as the Ecorporate
=urisdiction of the )nited *tatesE8B that 5 am not Esub=ect toE this foreign =urisdiction by reason of any valid contract
or any valid commercial agreement resulting in adhesion thereto across America, nor are millions of other *overeign
*tate "iti6ens, unless they have provided Ewaivers of rights guaranteed by the "onstitutionE by means of
Eknowingly intelligent actsE, such as contracts or commercial agreements with such government>s8 Ewith sufficient
awareness of the relevant circumstances and likely conseMuencesE, as ruled by the )!*! *upreme "ourt in -rady v!
)nited *tates supraB and that 5 myself have given no such EwaiversE! And further,
<:! That these same diligent studies have also proved to me that misrepresentation and a shrewd and criminal
constructive fraud have been perpetrated upon *overeign *tate "iti6ens by government, under counterfeit Ecolor of
lawE, through the apparent entrapments of Ecertain activities >monopoly occupations8 and privileges >other benefits8E
allowed by statutory acts or otherwiseB that, by reason of American 7aw which has never been repealed, such
sources of past and present criminal element in and behind government should be brought to =ustice in a
"onstitutional "ourt of 7aw for aiding and abetting this misrepresentation and constructive fraud as willing
accomplicesB that it is for such a "ourt, with a 9<-member =ury of peers, to decide who is and who is not guilty
among personnel of government, media, schools, lawyers, accountants, clergy and other purveyors of
misinformation and other mind-set propaganda, in this and related regards! And further,
?L! That, due to such shrewd entrapments over many years, 5 have unwittingly signed many related documents,
contracts and commercial agreements, some even under the Eper=uryE =urat >!it"in the E)nited *tatesE8 as was
supposedly reMuiredB with American 7aw on my side, 5 hereby rescind and cancel any and all such signatures and
render them null and void, nunc pro tunc, except for those which 5 may choose to have considered as being under
ET'"E >Threat, 'uress and(or "oercion8, past and presentB that this is also my lawful notice that all such signatures
of mine in the future on instruments of government or other entities, including banks, which might otherwise result
in contract adhesion, are to be considered as being under ET'"E, whether appearing therewith or otherwiseB that my
"onstitutional E+rivileges and 5mmunitiesE >per Article 4, *ection <8 are apart from those mandated for the Federal
7egislative 'emocracy by Article 9, *ection , "lauses 9A and 9 and by Article 4, *ection ?, "lause <, and shall
not by 7aw be violated everB and that my status, in accord, is stated for all to see and to know in 9%<%<, 9%?%?, <%9%;,
?%<%9 and 4%<%9 of the "onstitution for the )nited *tates of America! And further,
?9! That, with this accurate knowledge and with Ethe supreme 7aw of the 7andE >Article D, *ection <8 again on my
side, 5 do 7awfully and EsMuarely challengeE the fraudulent, usurping, octopus-like authority and =urisdiction cited
above in paragraph <, which authority and =urisdiction do not apply to me >see )agans v. %avine, 49; )!*! ;< at
;??8B it is, therefore, now mandatory for any personnel of the Federal 7egislative 'emocracy or its agents to F5R*T
+R,G3 its E=urisdictionE, if any, over me before any further procedures can take place in my regard, per Title ;,
)nited *tates "ode, ECovernment ,rgani6ation and 3mployeesE, *ection ;;D>d8, specifically by disclosing in
writing any and all contracts or other commercial agreements whereby the Federal 7egislative 'emocracy and its
agents claim to have obtained controlling interest in me such that my specific performance to any third party debt or
obligation can be compelledB ,R 37*3 any of its personnel and accomplices who willfully violate this statute can
and shall be personally charged as citi6ens under Title 9, )nited *tates "riminal "ode, *ections <49, <4<, 9LL9
and(or otherwiseB and, in fairness, it must be added that, to my knowledge, 5R* agents have $, written lawful
E'elegation of AuthorityE within the ;L *tates of the )nion and their so-called EForm 9L4LE appears to be a bogus
and bootleg document on its face! And further,
?<! That, with all of the above in mind, it appears that this *overeign natural born free *tate "iti6en is, by 7aw, as
EforeignE and as much a $,$R3*5'3$T A753$ with respect to the Federal 7egislative 'emocracy as he is to
France, and thus shall be free to use related Forms of the Federal 7egislative 'emocracy if and when they might be
needed, reMuired, and(or appropriate at various future times and places yet to be determined >see paragraphs 9<, 9?
and 9 above8, including but not limited to Form W- >E"ertificate of Foreign *tatusE8 or its eMuivalent for banks
and(or other financial institutions, Forms 9L4LI >EAmended )!*! 5ndividual 5ncome Tax ReturnE8 and 9L4L$R
>E)!*! $onresident Alien 5ncome Tax ReturnE8 for refunds and for correcting the administrative record, and 5R"
*ection ?4L<>n8 which authori6es certificates of exemption from withholding! And further,
??! That, since my date of birth on 11-5RTH'AT344, 5 have always been a $,$R3*5'3$T A753$ with respect
to the Federal 7egislative 'emocracy of the E)nited *tatesE, never having resided, worked, nor having any income,
to the best of my recollection, from any sources within the 'istrict of "olumbia, +uerto Rico, Girgin 5slands, Cuam,
American *amoa, $orthern #ariana 5slands, the Trust Territory of the +acific 5slands, or any other territory or
possession within the E)nited *tatesE, which entity obtains its exclusive legislative authority and =urisdiction from
Article 9, *ection , "lause 9A and 9 and Article 4, *ection ?, "lause < of the )!*! "onstitutionB that 5 have always
been a non-taxpayer outside the venue and =urisdiction of the 5R"B that, to the best of my knowledge, 5 have never
had any E)!*! trade or businessE as defined in the 5R", in <D "!F!R!, or in <A "!F!R!B that, to the best of my
knowledge, 5 have never had any Egross incomeE from any )!*! sources, as the term Egross incomeE is defined in
5R" *ection A<>a8! And further,
?4! That my use of 5R* Forms 9L4LI and 9L4L$R shall be presumed to mean that they were filed solely to correct
the administrative record permanently, retroactively to 11-5RTH'AT344, so as to claim any lawful refunds that
may be due, to rebut any erroneous presumptions and(or terminate any erroneous elections of )!*! EresidenceE
which may have been established in error by the filing of any prior 5R* forms, schedules, and other statements by
mistakes resulting in part from the demonstrable vagueness that is evident in the 5R" and its regulations, and by
mistakes resulting also from the constructive fraud and misrepresentation mentioned throughout this AffidavitB that 5
was neither born nor naturali6ed in the E)nited *tatesE, 5 have never been sub=ect to its =urisdiction, and 5 have never
been a E)nited *tates citi6enE as defined in <D "!F!R! 9!9-9>c8 and as defined in the so-called 94th Amendment to
the )!*! "onstitution! And further,
?;! That the federal government has committed fraud, duress and coercion, exercised undue influence, and
evidenced unlawful menace against the American people by representing the so-called 94th Amendment as a
lawfully ratified amendment in the )!*! "onstitution, when contrary proof, published court authorities, and other
competent legal scholars have now established that it was $,T lawfully ratified! >*ee State v. Philli*s, ;4L +!<d :?D
>9:A;8B 'yett v. Turner, 4?: +!<d <DD >9:D8B < Tulane 7aw Review <<B 99 *outh "arolina 7aw Ouarterly 44!8
And further,
?D! That 5 am not now, nor have 5 ever knowingly, intentionally and voluntarily, with informed consent, entered into
any personal, internal, public or private agreement, contract, stipulation, account, or similar contrivance with the
E)nited *tatesE, the EFederal CovernmentE or the E'istrict of "olumbiaE, its territories, its agencies, or other
property appurtenant thereto, which would have altered or waived my de =ure, Sui Juris status, or my unalienable
Cod-given natural rightsB that any such agreements or contracts, expressed or implied, such as a *ocial *ecurity
number and application, or 'river@s 7icense, or -ank *ignature "ard, or the use of Federal Reserve $otes >which
are not lawful *pecie8 etc!, have all been hereby rescinded ab initio, due to the fraudulent withholding of material
facts, which became a snare and a trap and, as such, are a -ill of Attainder on this *overeign natural born free *tate
"iti6en and inhabitant in the )nited *tates of America, for 5 cannot become a nexus by the effect of a fraudulent
nexum, because my status and unalienable natural rights are not negotiable, and the government, both *tate and
Federal, have not proved that they ever had =urisdiction to change my status, as reMuired by Title ; )!*!"! *ection
;;D>d8, or as defined and set out as a "onstitutional reMuirement in Hagans v! 7avine supra >see also -rady v! )!*!
supra8B that any change of status would lawfully have to take place in a "ommon 7aw >=udicial power8 court under
the due process clause of the ;th Amendment to the )!*! "onstitution! And further,
?A! That this is to certify that 5, &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&, am a *overeign natural born free *tate "iti6en and inhabitant
in the )nited *tates of America, domiciled in the 11*TAT3 $A#344 Republic, living and working in &&&&&&&&
"ounty, living under the "ommon 7aw, having assumed, among the powers of the 3arth, the *eparate and 3Mual
*tation to which the 7aws of $ature and $ature@s Cod entitles me, in order to secure the -lessings of 7iberty to
#yself and my +osterity, and in order to re-acMuire the -irthright that was taken from me by fraud, do hereby
asseverate nunc pro tunc and rescind, ab initio, all feudatory contracts with the Federal government and its agencies,
and with the corporate *tate of 11*TAT3 $A#344 and its agenciesB for 5, &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&, being of sound
mind and body, do not choose, nor have 5 ever chosen, to give up, relinMuish, or otherwise waive any of my Cod-
given, natural, fundamental, "onstitutionally secured rights! And further,
?! That my use of the phrase EW5TH 3I+75"5T R3*3RGAT5,$ ,F A77 #2 R5CHT* A$' W5TH,)T
+R3J)'5"3 )"" 9-<LA >)""A 9<LA8E above my signature on this document indicates% >98 that 5 explicitly re=ect
any and all benefits of the )niform "ommercial "ode, absent a valid commercial agreement which is in force and to
which 5 am a party, and cite its provisions herein only to serve notice upon A77 agencies of government, whether
international, national, state or local, that they, and not 5, are sub=ect to, and bound by, all of its provisions, whether
cited herein or notB ><8 that my explicit reservation of rights has served notice upon A77 agencies of government of
the ERemedyE they must provide for me under Article 9, *ection <LA, of the )niform "ommercial "ode, whereby 5
have explicitly reserved my "ommon 7aw right not to be compelled to perform under any contract or commercial
agreement into which 5 have not entered knowingly, voluntarily, and intentionallyB >?8 that my explicit reservation of
rights has served notice upon A77 agencies of government that they are A77 limited to proceeding against me only
in harmony with the "ommon 7aw and that 5 do not, and will not, accept the liability associated with the
EcompelledE benefit of any unrevealed commercial agreementsB and >48 that my valid reservation of rights has
preserved all my rights and prevented the loss of any such rights by application of the concepts of waiver or
estoppel! And further,
?:! That 5 reserve my unalienable right to amend this Affidavit at times and places of my own choosing, according
as new facts and revelations are made available to me at various future times and places as yet unknown, and as yet
to be determined, given the massive fiscal fraud which has now been sufficiently revealed to me by means of
material and other reliable evidence which constitutes satisfactory and incontrovertible proof of the fraud to which 5
refer in this paragraph and elsewhere in this Affidavit! And further,
4L! That 5 affirm, under penalty of per=ury, under the "ommon 7aw of America, without the E)nited *tatesE, under
the laws of the )nited *tates of %merica that the foregoing is true and correct, to the best of my current information,
knowledge, and belief, per < )!*!"! 9A4D>98B and
Further this Affiant saith not!
*ubscribed and affirmed to #unc Pro Tunc on the date of my ma=ority, which day was 11'AT344!
*ubscribed, sealed and affirmed to this &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& day of &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&, 1123AR44!
5 now affix my own signature to all of the above affirmations W5TH 3I+75"5T R3*3RGAT5,$ ,F A77 #2
R5CHT* A$' W5TH,)T +R3J)'5"3 )"" 9-<LA >)""A 9<LA8 >see paragraph ? above8%
&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&, *tate "iti6en and +rincipal, by special Appearance, In Propria Persona, proceeding Sui Juris,
with Assistance, *pecial, with explicit reservation of all my unalienable rights and without pre=udice to any of my
unalienable rights
c(o )*+* +ost ,ffice -ox .//0
11"5T2 $A#344, 11*TAT3 $A#344 Republic
6ip code exempt >'## 9<<!?<8
11*TAT3 $A#344 All-+urpose Acknowledgement 11*TAT3 $A#344 *TAT3(R3+)-75" 8 8 ",)$T2 ,F
11",)$T2 $A#344 8 ,n the &&&&&&&& day of &&&&&&&&&&&&, 1123AR44 %nno &omini, before me personally
appeared &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&, personally known to me >or proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence8 to be
the +erson whose name is subscribed to the within instrument and acknowledged to me that he executed the same in
His authori6ed capacity, and that by His signature on this instrument the +erson, or the entity upon behalf of which
the +erson acted, executed the instrument! +urpose of $otary +ublic is for identification only, and not for entrance
into any foreign =urisdiction!
W5T$3** my hand and official seal! &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& $otary +ublic