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Math Olympiad Reviewer
Grade 6

Name: ________________________________________________ Score: _______________
Instructions: Read and analyze each item carefully. Write your answer on the space provided.
_______________1. How many hours do you think it would take you to count up to one million if u use one
second for its number?
_______________2. I am a two-digit multiple of 10, closer to 94 than to 80 and 5 more. What number am
_______________3. The numbers 1, 4, 9, and 16 are perfect squares. How many prefect squares are there
between 100 and 500? What are these perfect squares?
_______________4. After dividing 34 804 by a number, Jose got a quotient of 263 with a remainder of 88.
What number did he use as divisor?
_______________5. Express 45 as a sum of four numbers. Add 2 to the first number; subtract 2 from the
second number; multiply the third number by 2 and divide the fourth number by 2. If all four
answers are equal, what are the four numbers?
_______________6. Two fathers and their two sons went fishing. They were not so lucky that day for they
caught only three fish. But they divided the fish equally among themselves without cutting or
splitting any of the catch. How was that possible?
_______________7. What is the value of n in n=

______________8. Suppose you were asked to guess the number of beans inside the jar. You are
given this clue: The number therein, when divided by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 will
always leave a remainder of 1. How many beans are there in the jar?
______________9. Solve for the GCF of 1 536, 1 344, and 2 904.
______________10. Shawie can arrange her stamps either 15 stamps on a page, 18 on a page, 21
on a page. What is the least number of stamps that Shawie has?
______________11. Find the value of n in

______________12. A fruit dealer sold

kg of bananas,

kg of mangoes,

kg of atis, and

kg of chicos. How many kilograms of fruits did the dealer sell?

______________13. If I double

of a fraction and multiply it by that fraction, I will get

. What is
the original fraction?
______________14. A city government supports 9 thousand, 8 hundred high school and college
scholars. Of these,

are now in college. How many college students are now being
supported by the city government?
______________15. A student works as a library aide. He works for

hours including some

minutes for the lunch break. If he spends

hours in the library, how long is his lunch

______________16. Mr. Santos brought home

slices of cake for his children. If each child got

of the cake, how many children shared the cake?
______________17. How many bags of rice can be made out of 225 kg of rice if each bag should

kg of rice?
______________18. Mrs. Reyes had 120 kg of mangoes. She sold

of them to a friend and

of the
remaining mangoes to a fruit vendor. How many kilograms of mangoes were left?
______________19. In a newspaper drive, five classes collected

What was
the average collection per class?
______________20. How many

pieces of paper can be cut from a

piece of a paper?
______________21. Write the decimal number of the following equation (

) (

______________22. A television set was marked at Php 11,500.55. During the sale, it was sold for
Php9, 855.95. What was the difference in the prices?
______________23. When my father started the car in the morning, the odometer read 397.5 km.
When he returned home in the afternoon, it read 540.3 km. How far did he travel
during that day?
______________24. A carpenter has to cut off an excess of 1.25 cm from a steel bar that is 49.7
cm long. What is the length of the steel bar that he wants to have?
______________25. A piece of wood 243.84 cm long is defective at both ends. The carpenter has
to remove 3.50 cm from one end and 1.75 cm from the other end. How long would the
wood be after removing the defective parts?
______________26. Each of the three pairs of decimal numbers has a sum of 0.974, 4.043 6, and
10.521 98. What is the sum of all the six decimal numbers?
______________27. Three pairs of decimals a and b, c and d, and e and f have the differences of
0.687, 0.822, and 0.923. What is the value of (a+c+e)-(b+d+f)?
______________28. Compute Juns average monthly electric bill for the past seven months:
P1, 089; P1, 187 .36; P1, 086.52; P1, 283.27; P1, 085.64; P1, 187.09; and P1, 185.43.
______________29. A certain car will travel 4.5 km on 0.8 L of gasoline. How many liters will be
needed for a trip of 266.3 km?
______________30. Mr. Dionisio earns P978,968.68 a year including the thirteenth month pay.
What is his monthly salary?
______________31. Elmer has 42 marbles, 14 of which are red, while the rest are green. What is
the ratio of the red marbles to the green marbles?
______________32. A stick 48 cm long is cut into two pieces in the ration 1:2. How long is each
______________33. The sum of the degree measures of two angles is 90. If their measures are in
the ratio 1:4, what is the measure of each angle?
______________34. Two angles have a total degree measure of 180. If their measures are in the
ratio 4:5, what is the measure of each angle?
_______________35. Find two numbers with a ratio of 2:5 if one number is 15 more than the
_______________36. What is the ratio of the number of even numbers less than 100 to the
number of odd numbers less than 100?
_______________37. Find two numbers with a ratio of 5:8 and whose difference is 18?
_______________38. What is the value of n to make the statement true?

_______________39. Bronze consist of 6 parts tin for every 19 parts copper. How many kilograms
of tin are there in 500 kg of bronze?
_______________40. Joed gets 2 vacation days for every 28 days of work. If he has worked 224
days straight since his last vacation, how many vacation days does he have coming?
_______________41. Show that

is equivalent to

_______________42. The ratio of santol trees to mango trees to tamarind trees in an orchard is
5:2:8. If there are 1 245 trees in the orchard, how many mango trees are there?
_______________43. If 200 is divided in the ratio of 1:2:5, what is the middle quantity?
_______________44. The daily sales of two newspaper vendors are in the ratio of 7:8. Find the
daily sales of each of the vendors if they sell 750 newspapers together.
_______________45. Two numbers are in the ratio of 3:5 and their sum is 216. Find the two
_______________46. If 200:300:500=a:b:c and a+b+c=20, find the values of a, b, and c.
_______________47. If 250: 450: 600= x:y:z and x+y+z= 26, find the values of x, y, and z.
_______________48. If a is indirectly proportional to be, then a=

, where k is a constant or a fixed number. If

a= 8 when b= 6, find the value of k.
_______________49. Maria got 92 out of 100 problems correctly. What percent of the problems did she get
correctly? How many problems did she get wrong?
_______________50. A cable, 121.5 m long, is cut into 9 equal pieces. Express the length of each piece in
decimal form. What percent of the whole cable is the length of each piece?
_______________51. A sheet of newspaper is cut into 16 equal parts. What percent of the whole is one part?
_______________52. A one-half sheet of cartolina is cut into 12 equal parts. Three parts of it make what
percent of the whole sheet of cartolina?
_______________53. A one-third sheet of a used cardboard is cut into 8 equal parts. Four parts of it make
what percent of the whole piece cardboard?
_______________54. A rectangle is divided into 4 equal parts and one part is divided into 4 equal parts, one
part of which is divided into 4 equal parts as shown. What percent of the whole
rectangle is shaded part?

_______________55. The vertices of the inner triangles are midpoints of the sides of the outer triangles.
What percent of the whole triangle is the shaded part?

_______________56. Lea has 9 980 cavans of rice in his warehouse. He wants 70 % of these delivered to their
customers within the week. How many cavans of rice does he expect to be delivered to
their customers?
_______________57. A sales person received 12 % of his total sales. If total sales reached P19, 650, how much
did the salesperson receive?
_______________58. A book publisher printed 15 000 copies of a mathematics textbook. The spoilage during
printing and binding reached 3.70% of the total run. How many of the books are
_______________59. Mrs. Perez bought a house for P800, 000. House repairs cost her an extra 21% of the
value. How much did she pay for repairs?
_______________60. Tony earns P46, 500 a month. He saves 15% of it. How much does he save in a month?
_______________61. The class submitted 48 pictures for the art exhibit but only 36 of them could be

displayed. What percent of the pictures were displayed?
_______________62. Ms. de Leon receives a monthly salary of P45, 000 and saves P9, 000. What percent of
her salary does she save?
_______________63. Roy answered 40 classwork exercises in math. If 36 of them are correct, what percent
are correct?
_______________64. Danilo read 80 pages of a book containing 500 pages. What part of the book did he
_______________65. A basketball team won 12 out of 20 games played. What percent of the games did the
team win? What percent of the games did the team lose?
_______________66. Out of 8 760 kg of recyclable materials, 3 504 kg are papers. What percent of the
materials are papers?
_______________67. Charlie missed

Answer key
1. 277

2. 90
3. 12 perfect squares; 121, 144, 169, 196, 225, 156, 289, 324, 361, 400, 441, 484
4. 132 Solution: (34 804-88)263=132
5. 45= 8+2+5+20

The numbers are 8, 12, 5, and 20

6. Grandfather
The two Father
sons Son

Here there were three persons, and they got one fish each.

7. n=(10+9)(10-9)+(8+7)(8-7)+(6+5)(6-5)+(4+3)(4-3)+(2+1)(2-1)
n= 19+15+11+7+3
n= 55

8. 2 521 beans
9. 24
10. 630 stamps
11. n=9

kg of fruits sold

14. 6125 college students
15. 40 minutes
16. 4 children
17. 300 bags
18. 10 kg were left

20. pieces
21. 0.09
22. Php1 644.60
23. 142.8 km
24. 48.45 cm
25. 238.59 cm
26. 15.539 58
27. 2.432
28. P1, 157.88
29. 47.34 L
30. P75,305.28
31. 1:2
32. 16 cm and 32 cm
33. 18 degrees and 72 degrees
34. 80 degrees and 100 degrees
35. 10 and 25
36. 49:50
37. 30 and 48


40. 16

42. 415 santol trees, 166 mango trees, and 664 tamarind trees
43. 50
44. 350 and 400
45. 81 and 135
46. a= 4, b= 6, and c= 10
47. x= 5, y= 9, and z= 12
48. k= 48
49. 92%, 8
50. 13.5,






57. P2, 358
58. 555 books spoiled
59. P168, 000
60. P6, 975
61. 75%
62. 75%
63. 90%
64. 16%
65. 60%, 40%
66. 40%