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... through Bertha Dudde

Correction of misguided teachings ....
Truth does not remain pure once it is spread amongst imperfect
humanity, hich ! had foreseen and therefore spo"e the Words #!
i$$ guide you into truth ....%, a$though merely a firm i$$ ou$d
suffice to "eep it pure. But peop$e do not muster this i$$ ....
&nd especia$$y di'ine gifts i$$ (e de'a$ued (y the ad'ersary%s
inf$uence. !t can a$ays (e safe$y assumed that My revelations
i$$ not remain unchanged either, especia$$y hen worldly
interests are in'o$'ed, hen peop$e do not exclusively ser'e
these re'e$ations ith the firm intention to protect them against
ad'erse inf$uences.
&nd thus )y pure Word can (e sent to earth time and again, it
i$$ not remain pure, (ecause there are too fe spiritual
he$pers, and if )y di'ine Word gets into the hands of worldly
minded peop$e it can (e e*pected to (e contaminated again.
Therefore it is always necessary to con'ey the pure truth to
earth again ....
&nd for this ! choose the right 'esse$s, peop$e ho prepare
themse$'es for the reception of )y f$o of spirit, ho gi'e )e the
assurance that they i$$ accept the truth ithout resistance ....
ho do not oppose it ith their on opinions and ho fu$fi$ their
tas" correct$y .... and ho are a$so distri(utors of )y di'ine
They i$$ a$so ha'e the gift to recognise error hich, as a or" of
)y ad'ersary .... thus under the co'er of piety, is gi'en to peop$e
as truth in the same ay.
! cannot contradict )yse$f, and neither can ! ma"e use of a
person ho denies My act of Salvation and My human
manifestation in Jesus, ho thus a$$eged$y spea"s to a person
as #+esus% (eing an #ascended master% ....
& misguided doctrine is (eing fostered in a$$ these human (eings,
hich does not correspond to )y di'ine teaching. But My chosen
'esse$ recognises a$$ corre$ations and cannot (e decei'ed. &nd
since the (eings of $ight, ho or" on )y instruction, i$$ on$y
teach you hat is My will .... since they impart the same f$o of
strength and $ight hich emanates from )e )yse$f, their spiritua$
information has to (e the same too, or you ou$d ha'e to dou(t
its authenticity.
! i$$ a$ays and fore'er e*pound the di'ine teaching of $o'e, as
! did on earth, and e*p$ain to peop$e the conse,uences of a $ife of
$o'e as e$$ as the disad'antages of non-comp$iance ith )y
commandments, (ecause this is the meaning and purpose of
earth$y $ife after a$$ ....
&nd time and again you i$$ (e to$d a(out the cause of your
earth$y e*istence ....
The "no$edge of a$$ corre$ations is a$$-inc$usi'e and e*p$ains
e'erything, you i$$ recognise therein )y $o'e, isdom and
might, and i$$ (e a($e to stri'e toards a unity ith )e. That is
a$$ ! as" for.
The fact that )y pure Word as repeated$y spoi$ed forces )e to
repeated$y pronounce )y i$$ too, yet its truth is guaranteed as
$ong as ! can sti$$ use a 'esse$ ser'ing )e 'o$untari$y and as $ong
as ser'ants assist )e to spread the pure truth.
&nd hi$e this is so, misguided doctrines, hich are a$ays
c$ose at hand and endanger the pure truth, can be refuted.
! i$$ a$ays ($ess the i$$ of those ho stri'e for pure truth,
! i$$ en$ighten their thoughts so that they i$$ recognise the
truth .... (ut it is a$so essentia$ that they ta"e the path to Me.
They must not entrust themse$'es to (eings they ca$$ upon for
he$p, for they don%t "no hether these are authorised (y )e to
teach you. Thus they do not "no hether they are (eing taught
the truth.
The act of Salvation and its reason is e'idence that you ha'e
found the right source, (ut if this is on$y mentioned in passing, if
it is not the essence of a message from a(o'e, you shou$d ha'e
for ! ga'e you the criterion )yse$f #Test the spirits hether they
are of God .... a spirit ho confesses that +esus Christ has come
in the f$esh is of God ....% &nd this teaching is the most
important, this is hat matters. that you find sa$'ation through
+esus Christ, on$y /e can ta"e the origina$ sin from you ....
For /e and ! are one, you ha'e to ac"no$edge /im as your God
and Creator in order to unite ith )e eterna$$y ....
0u($ished (y friends of ne re'e$ations of God 1 !nformation,
don$oad of a$$ trans$ated re'e$ations, theme-(oo"$ets at.