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PARISH STAFF: Fr John Fitzgerald (Parish Priest)

Barry Wolff (Business Manager)

Leanne McElgunn (Secretary)
Brian Shanahan (Gardening/Maintenance)
Office Hours: Monday to Friday: 9.00am - 12.30pm; 1.30pm - 4.00pm

SCHOOL PRINCIPALS: Michael Gray (St Josephs School)
Peter Morgan (Emmanuel College)

WEEK-END LITURGIES: Sunday: 8.30am - 10.30am - 6.00pm
Purnim: 11.00am (Eucharist on 2nd and 4th Sundays)
(Assembly of Word with Communion on 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays)

WEEK-DAY LITURGIES: Tuesday & Wednesday: 10.00am (Eucharist)
Thursday: 6.00pm (Feast of the Assumption: Vigil)
Friday: 10.00am (Feast of the Assumption)
Friday: 10.40am (Reconciliation)

Deaths: Jade Burns, Mary OConnor

Anniversaries: We remember in Prayer: James & Molly Kelson, William Primmer,
Judy McDowall, Jesus Mendoza, Anne McKenna, Kath Dunne, William Kennedy
Bereavement Support Group: Monday, 18th August at 4.00pm (Gathering Space)

Feast of the Assumption (15th August): A Holy Day of Obligation: Masses will be
celebrated Thursday at 6.00pm (Vigil) and Friday at 10.00am

Baptism: Preparation evening this Wednesday at 7.30pm

A Moral Imperative: Bringing an end to Modern Slavery: An information session
to discover the realities of human trafficking in todays world. Tuesday 26th August at
Mercy Centre Gathering Room (14a Gent St Ballarat East) 6.00pm. Enq 5331 7774

Meeting: Wednesday: Social Justice Group at 7.30pm

Collections: Presbytery: $1,152.00 Parish: $2,165.00
Thank you for your support
Counters: This week: Team 5: Peter Stacey (5562 1469)
Next week: Team 6: Barry Wolff (5562 7913)

Parish Office: 5562 2231 Fax: 5562 2230
Diocesan website:

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fr John: Dear Parents, at baptism you brought your child to the Church to be
welcomed into the community of Gods people. Since that day it has been your
responsibility, together with the support of the Church community, to model the life
of the Gospel and to prepare your child for full participation in the life of the
Church. It is by celebrating the gifts of the Holy Spirit at Confirmation and by being
nourished by the Lords Body and Blood at the Eucharist that the child becomes a
full member of the Church. So I ask you:
Will you continue to nourish your own faith by continuing to hear and reflect on
the Word of God, being nourished by his Body and Blood and living out the values
of the Gospel? Parents: We will
Fr John: Will you continue to encourage your child to live the Christian life
through word and example? Parents: We will
Fr John: May Almighty God bless you in this most important ministry.

Pastoral Planning throughout the Diocese of Ballarat

Earlier this year parishes completed Parish Appraisals to facilitate parish reflection
and discussion. As a follow-up, our parish will host a gathering of Southern Zone
parish representatives and interested parishioners to discuss future directions with
regard to our faith communities and to share ideas and insights.

Venue: St Josephs Gathering Space

Date: Tuesday, 16th September: 7.00pm to 9.00pm
Similar gatherings are being held around the Diocese. Anyone interested is welcome
to attend. A copy of the Looking Forward document is available on the Diocese

Integrity in the Service of the Church
Parishes are invited to undertake a familiarisation program with Integrity in the
Service of the Church for their staff, lay ministers and volunteers (hospitality,
committees.) but all parishioners are invited. On Wednesday, 27th August at
7.00pm (Gathering Space) there will be an opportunity for parishioners to become
familiar with the principles outlined in the Document. The evening will be led by
Mr Michael Gray and will take approx 45 minutes. As an alternative there will be a
series of 5 workshops offered at a later date. Parishioners are most welcome to
attend either of the above. The parish staff will become familiar with the Document
tomorrow morning (Monday). (Fr John)