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Abhishekh Chauhan - +91 720 832 2983

Creative, high-energy designer with 7 months' experience in product, packaging, merchandising,
production and graphic design. Passionate about translating emerging trends into successful
product lines that connect on an emotional level and sell through at retail. Known for delivering
high quality work on time and within budget, even when working to very tight deadlines.
New Product Design Style Guide Development Colour Story Creation
Market Research Packaging Design Sampling
Trend Analysis Client Relations Production
Brand Identity Merchandising Prototyping
computer software:
Adobe Photoshop Auto Cad Microsoft Office Suite
Corel Draw Rhino Google Skecth-up
Adobe Indesign Delcam Shoe Designer Solid Works Beginner
Illustrator Home Designer 3ds Max Beginner
design strength
Concept sketching and mix media rendering.
Parametric design mindset and knowledge of ergonomics.
Human centered product design.
Solid understanding of material property, their handling of uses wood, metal, plastic,
fabric, ceramics, leather, and other material.
Expertise in prototyping the design thought in actual model.
Ability to translate design language to engineering language and vice-versa.
Expertise in producing the technical spec-sheets of products.
Expertise in pattern making of bags and its pattern marking, also honing the technique of
shoes pattern making (ladies)
It is my passion for design what inspired me to learn more and more about different field
of product design.
C-304 Cosmos, Mira Rd., Thane, Maharastra
Abhishekh Kumar Chauhan "Design is not a job for me.
PRODUCT DESIGN It is my passion"
t.a.n.k design studio
Major player in the fashion industry known print killer designer Tanvi Kedia
I established a new product line of fashion accessories including shoes and bags for TANK.
Senior Product Designer (Accessory Designer)
Originally recruited as a furniture and wooden product designer but moved to accessory
designer within two months and quickly learned its process of designing, sampling,
merchandising and production including research.
Earned reputation for excellence, often juggling many projects at once, and received a
promotion to senior designer-level overseeing a team of fashion accessories.
Created a award winning three pair of shoes and a bag for competition "fashion night
out" organized by Vouge India Fashion.
Also designed the variations of covers for Micromax Canvas- 4 before its launch date in a
Currently dealing with fashion accessories line setup for industry.
urban ladder
Make furniture easy as ABC
Furniture/ Product Designer
Done many projects related to furniture for different clientele group.
This project is very fascinating for me because I have to use knowledge of fashion in form
of furniture.
Learned some basics e-commerce during this projects.
In a certain project I made a Denim Puffs, which flied of the racks.
Also learned the essential knowledge of interiors and done many projects related to it.
Done a projects related hanging items on walls like clock, hanger, shelves, lightings, etc.
All this thing is done in 3 months.
C-304 Cosmos, Mira Rd., Thane, Maharastra
Abhishekh Kumar Chauhan "Design is not a job for me.
PRODUCT DESIGN It is my passion"
u.p. ceramics
India's 3rd biggest industry for ceramic dining-ware company.
Graphic Designer/ Product Designer
Done many projects for U.P. Ceramics on their tea-table accessories which includes decal
printing on Milk Mugs, Coffee Mugs, Cups and saucers on ceramic. This project is actually
on graphic designing.
Also done graphic design and decal printing on ceramics and melamine in a separate
projects for Pierre Cardin & Marie Clarie.
A ad-campaign is done by me for Pierre Cardin for the above project.
Also done form exploration in ceramics tea-set for U.P.Ceramics.
All this projects and learning about the ceramics (shape and printing) was done in a short
duration of 4 months.
Also done Branding for U.P. Ceramics (including Photography, Catalogue Layout, Brand
other industrial exposures/ craft clusters
Having a 3 week internship in a glass industry where I learned different glass treatment
and its joining process.
Made some products wit the help of industry.
Been to Nagina 2 weeks where learned about wood inlay, brass inlay wood carving and
wood jali work with craftsmen.
Designed many products using their skills.
Having a exposure trip to glass industries in Firozabad.
Having a exposure trip to plastic moldings (injection molding) and grasped the technical
Bachelor of Design in Product
National Institute of Fashion Technology
Diploma in DTP
Navodaya Institute - Thane, Maharashtra