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Complexity of society and social problems

Society is not only the collection of individuals but also the collection of morality,
culture, norm, ritual, aim etc. And it also includes all the duties to be done.
Man are not the same nature, they have different like six kinds of characteristics
caritas, religions, economic, intelligent, professions, ideas and even environments. All
these things are complexity.
Firstly, the problem is started from internal of an individual then again comes to social
problems. ormally conflict occurs in t!o person, individual and group, bet!een t!o
groups or from a person and some organi"ation. #herefore all the problems are called
$ne should behave !ith one%s ability or to be the good ground first. For example, if one
!ants to safe somebody !ho is sunken, firstly he himself should stay in the state of
&ith regard to 'uddhism there are causes and conditions for the conflict. othing can
happen !ithout causes and conditions.
(n order to solve these problems, there are three methods o!ing to 'uddhism such as Sila
morality, Samadhi concentration and )anna !isdom. At first !e have to classify the
problems into pieces in order to understand the main point.
All the problems are including dukkha and the escape from dukkha is ibbana.
(t is stated in Assalayanasutta that there is no different from birth. #he 'uddha asks
Assalayana as 'rahmin !omen are kno!n to have period, conceive, give birth and breast,
feed their infants and are seen as such everybody* #he +asetthasutta says the different
kinds of grass, tree, beetles, moths, fishes, and birds etc can be seen. 'ut !ith regard to
men, the Sutta emphasis that no such difference is seen in relation to their hair, head or
ear or eyes mouth and so on.
#he ,annakatthasutta says that the fire produced by dry teak or sal or salala or sandal
!ood has no difference in the heat or brilliance !hatsoever. (n the same !ay, a !ealthy
'rahmin or a ,satriya or a +aisya or Sudra can get ore of the other three castes employed
as his servant. (n reality !ealth is the decided factor of status high and lo! in society.

Historical aspect
(t is mentioned in Aggannasutta that the people divided themselves according to their
occupation and !ere kno!n by name denoting that occupation.
A A S ' ) p, ./
-. Mahasammata #he 0reat elect
1. ,hattiya #he 2ord of the field
3. 4a5a $ne !ho delights other in 6hamma
7. 'rahmana $ne !ho puts a!ay evil and immorality
/. 8hayaka $ne !ho meditates
9. A5hayaka $ne !ho does not meditates but devotes himself to study
.. +essa $ne !ho engages in various trades
:. Sudda $ne !ho engages in hunting and such other menial !orks

Ethical aspect
#he Madhurasutta points out that the different of a person is from his behaviour.
+enerable Mahakaccaya said to the king that if a person of any of the castes breaks into a
house to steal or commits a robbery etc, he is called a thief. (n the same !ay, if anyone of
the four castes has gone forth from home to homeless life, he is called a recluse.
Religious aspect
(n the Aggannasutta the 'uddha sho!s that if anyone of the four castes kills creatures,
takes !hat has not given, !rongly en5oys the pleasures of the senses, is a liar, of
slanderous speech, a gossip, covetous, malevolent in mind, of !rong vie!, he is destined
to be born in a state of !oe. 'ut one !ho lives up to standard laid do!n in the 6hamma
is he a 'rahmin or a ,satriya or a +aisya or a Sudra he is better person and destined to be
born in heavenly !orld.
(n this regard a person can be changed by accepting religion.
Education aspect
(n the term of education, !e should obviously understand the t!o concepts of
;niversity and <igher education. ;niversity is an institution for higher learning !ith
teaching and research facilities that a!ards undergraduate and postgraduate degree. #his
institution consists of three groups of people= students, academic staff and non>academic

$ne of the most important things in the humanity premises is the library. (ts curriculum is
based on formal education, as in the humanities or science, rather than on practical or
vocational training. Furthermore, it is different from primary and secondary education.
)rominent place is given to theoretical and speculative aspects of education.
#he university students represent a very small proportion of a country%s population. #heir
?ualities of mind and character should be outstanding. #he lecturer also occupies an
important place in the university. <e is different from a school teacher. A teacher provides
kno!ledge and skill for the students, through teaching or by example. #he lecturer is not
teaching but giving lectures. <is !ay of teaching is completely different form that of a
A A S ' ) p ..
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@')SA +
teacher. A lecture is al!ays engaged in research !orks. (n his lectures he reads or
explains the result of his research. #his includes not only the fact that he gathered from
the research but also the details regarding the sources and methodology use in his
(n this respect, there are so many reasons for the people to be different from each other
according to the concept of education. @ven the man has no different from the beginning
or from birth.
Environment aspect
#he 'uddha taught that the environment in !hich and individual lives influences each
other. #hat is !hy <e considered that it is very auspicious to be able to live in a good
environment ptirupadesavasoca. (t is stated in Mangalasutta that living in a congenial
environment !ill give peace and happiness and helps us to concentrate the mind.

#he environment in !hich one lives is made up of many factors. (t is considered of both
animate and inanimate features of life. #hey are living inter>related. <appiness and
harmony has to be blended !ith environment. #herefore one has to either select a good
environment or to make by himself the environment good.
#he 'uddha teaches that one should live close to nature. #hus environment should be
preserved properly. #he importance can be seen from the 'uddha, !hen considering a
particular spot to sit on to attain the 'uddha>hood. <e carefully selected a beautiful place
!ith a large shady 'odhi tree. #his sho!s ho! the important of the environment
influences one%s action. 0ood environment is essential for the progress of spirituality.
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