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The Anglican Parish of Cobden-Runanga The Herald To know Jesus Christ and to make Him
The Anglican Parish of Cobden-Runanga
The Herald
To know Jesus Christ and to make Him known.
Sunday 4th October 2009
Theme for this Sunday: The Prodigal Son - No Strings Attached Love
Readings: Romans 8:38-39, Luke 15:11-31
Theme for 11th October: Christ our wealth (Runanga)
Stewart Nimmo (Cobden)
Readings: Wisdom 7:7-11, Psalm 90, Hebrews 4:12-13, Mark 10:17-30 (Runanga)
Stewart Nimmo (Cobden)
4:12-13, Mark 10:17-30 (Runanga) Stewart Nimmo (Cobden) Tim Writes A huge thank you to Nancy for

Tim Writes

A huge thank you to Nancy for co-ordinating, to Pauline, Nolene, Janice, Lesta, Dalma, Gwen and Joyce for helping on the two days and also to all those who baked for the Synod afternoon teas. It was a stupendous job and I know we excelled ourselves in the quantity and quality of the food produced. Several remarked on a job well done by our folk. So thank you everyone you did us proud. We will be receiving part of the funding allocated to making Synod happen in due course.

Simon Johnson from Holy Trinity will be preaching today at Runanga and Cobden as part of his

Bible College training. Simon is already

a good preacher and I know we will all

benefit from his being with us. His topic

is "The Prodigal Son."

his being with us. His topic is "The Prodigal Son." ECUMENICAL AFTERNOON TEA Ladies of the

ECUMENICAL AFTERNOON TEA Ladies of the parish are invited to join the AAW members at the Teddy Bear

Picnic annual ecumenical afternoon tea to be held at Holy Trinity Church on Mon 19th October at 1pm. Cost $5.00 Come dressed for a picnic and please also bring your teddy bear. Please let Lesta know by the 12th.

SAMOAN TSUNAMI APPEAL The Anglican Missions Board are accepting donations which will be forwarded to Samoa for relief efforts. If you would like to donate to the appeal then forward your donation direct to:

Anglican Missions Board PO Box 12012, Thorndon, Wellington 6144

Please make cheques payable to the "Anglican Missions Board."

CHURCH TEAM FOR SOCIAL VOLLEYBALL Has been formed and is meeting this Friday for a briefing. There is still room for more players if folk want to play.

Lawn Mowing Roster 11th Oct H. Stengs
Lawn Mowing Roster 11th Oct H. Stengs

Lawn Mowing Roster

11th Oct H. Stengs

DRAINAGE UPDATE We're still working away slowly at the drainage at Cobden church. Because of levels it now looks like the Ark drainage will have to come out the front and across the driveway to the trench we dug, but that also measn we can close of the back trench and not have to dig up the playground which is a huge bonus. Labour weekend looks like being the time we will do some of the work across the front as well.

JESS BATY Sadly I have some sad news to report. Jess Baty passed away on Thursday about 3:30pm. She went very peacefully and I have been to see her daughter and also Jeff who is at Granger House. The funeral will be

from Cobden Anglican church on Monday at 2pm. Please keep Dixon House, Jeff and the wider family in your prayers at this time, and know also that as a woman of faith, Jess is now safe with her Lord.

A THIRD MEN'S 4 x 4 GROUP? The second 4x4 group has started but there is always room for more. If you are still interested in being a part of such a group please see Tim in the near future. We already have two names of possible interested parties.

PREACHING AT 7:29 LIVE Last week I spoke at the Afrikaans church and really enjoyed myself. Next week I speak at 7:29 Live as Marge and Robin are away on holiday.

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