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Indian Police Service Officer Rank Insignia

- Director of Intelligence Bureau (GOI)- DIB

- Although DIB is a4 star post and not a rank, it's given to the senior most IPSofficer inIntelligence Bureau.
-The current director of Intelligence Bureau is Mr. Syed Asif Ibrahim, a 1977 batch IPS cadre.
- Commissioner of Police(State) or Director General of Police - CPorDGP
-In theIndian Police, a commissioner of state police is designatedDirector General of Police(three-star rank)
although a police commissioner of a city may be a "commissioner of police" (three-star rank)
-Additional Commissioner of Policeor Inspector General of Police- ADL.CPorIGP
-Deputy Inspector General of Police or Additional Commissioner of Police is aone-star rankin theIndian Police
-Joint Commissioner of PoliceorDeputy Inspector General of Police - JCPorDIG
-In India anInspector General of Police(IGP) is a gazetted officer of the Indian Police Service, usually in
charge of a division in a State. A division represents a group of Districts within a State
-Deputy Commissioner of PoliceorSenior Superintendent of Police - DCPorSSP
-Deputy Commissioner of PoliceorSuperintendent of Police- DCPorSP
-InIndia, adistrict superintendent of police(SP) or deputy commissioner of police(DCP) heads the police force
of adistrict. Superintendents of Police are officers of theIndian Police Service. Their rank badge is the state
emblem above one star, although those selected for higher rank or with fifteen or more years' service wear the
state emblem above two stars.
- Additional Deputy Commissioner of PoliceorAdditional Superintendent of Police- ADL.DCPorASP
-Assistant superintendent of police is still in use in India where the officer holding this rank is fromIndian Police
Service. However, assistant superintendent of police is a probationary rank and is worn by officers when under
training at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA.)
- Assistant Commissioner of PoliceorDeputy Superintendent of Police - ACPorDSP
- InIndia, the rank is assistant commissioner of police in commissionerate system, whereas at district level the
rank is deputy superintendent of police. The rank of deputy superintendent (DSP) or assistant commissioner of
police (ACP) was created in 1876 as the policy of Indianisationwas introduced. Deputy superintendents or
assistant commissioners of police are state police officers who belong to the provincial police forces, either direct
entrants at that rank or promoted from inspector. Assistant commissioner of police, who are members of the
provincial forces (equivalent rank deputy superintendents) are equal in every way to IPS (equivalent rank
assistant superintendent of police) although paid slightly less and fill the same positions (sub divisional police
officer). Deputy superintendents of police (assistant commissioner of police) who show potential could be
promoted to the IPS after some limited years of service which varies from 8 to 15 years depending on the
In the states of RajasthanandUttar Pradesh, it is known asCircle Officer (CO).
- Assistant Superintendent of Police(Probationary Rank: 2 years of service) - ASST.SP
- Assistant superintendent of police is still in use in India where the officer holding this rank is fromIndian Police
Service. However, assistant superintendent of police is a probationary rank and is worn by officers when under
training at SVPNPA.
- Assistant Superintendent of Police(Probationary Rank: 1 year of service) - ASST.SP
Note: Commissioner of Policedesignation can only be used by ADL.CP/DIG, JCP/IGP and CP/DGP,
where the latter is called Commissioner of Police (State) and the former ones Commissioner of Police (City).
Indian State Police Gazetted Officer Rank Insignia
Note: Gazetted officers belonging to Indian State Police Service(s) lie between ranks ACP/DSP and DCP/SSP.
To gain promotion to ADL.CP/DIG rank, officers undergo training and hence are awardedIPS.
- Deputy Commissioner of Policeor Senior Superintendent of Police - DCPorSSP
- Deputy Commissioner of Policeor Superintendent of Police - DCPorSP
- Additional Deputy Commissioner of Policeor Additional Superintendent of Police - ADL.DCPorASP
- Assistant Commissioner of Policeor Deputy Superintendent of Police - ACPorDSP
Indian State Police Non-Gazetted Officer Rank Insignia
Insignia No Insignia
Inspector of
of Police
Assistant Sub-
Inspector of
Police Head
Senior Police
Abbreviation INS SI ASI HPC SPC PC
Police Constable has no insignia except thekhaki uniform.
Note: Colour pattern and size of chevronmay vary according to the different rules of several distinct Indian State
Police Services.
A sub-inspector (SI) is generally in command of few police personnel (withhead constables, the equivalent of corporals,
commanding police outposts). He is the lowest ranked officer who under Indian Police rules and regulations can file a charge
sheet in court, and is usually the first investigating officer. Officers subordinate to him cannot file charge sheets, but can only
investigate cases on his behalf.