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College of Medicine
Departent of !re"enti"e and Co#nit$ Medicine
Copre%en&i"e E'aination ())*
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_____ Which of the following is true of Preventive Medicine?
A. it is a medical specialty
B. it narrows down the scope of medical practice
C. it is an integral part of all fields/types of medical practice
. its o!"ectives are achieved through organi#ed community efforts
_____ $he primary or !asic role of the physician is%
A. &cientist/'esearcher C. &ocial Mo!ili#er
B. (ealth Care Provider . (ealth Administrator
_____ )n the ecologic concept of health and disease* the general factors involved are%
A. the host and the disease agent
B. the host and the environment
C. the host* the disease agent and the environment
. the host* the disease agent* the environment and access to health
_____ Which of the following is not a health promotive strategy?
A. +ducating young drivers on the ha#ards of drun,en driving
B. $eaching mothers good dietary practices
C. Ma,ing availa!le fortified commonly-consumed foods
. .iving Poliomyelitis vaccine to infants in depressed areas
_____ Which of the following preventive strategies is useful/applica!le at all levels of
A. (ealth +ducation
B. )mmuni#ation
C. Periodic (ealth +/amination
+. (ome Care with Professional &ervices
_____Classification as a method of summari#ing data is 0ualitative if%
A. the classes are of e0ual si#es
B. the fre0uencies are in percent
C. the !asis of classification is not e/pressed in num!ers
. the data are all normal values
_____Which of the following is not a measurement%
A. Blood pressure C. 1ital capacity
B. (eart !eats . (eight
_____ A good measuring device/instrument for data collection that could !e e/pected to
produce accurate results is one that is characteri#ed !y the following* +2C+P$%
A. it measures what it is intended to measure
B. it produces consistent results
C. it is easy to administer or use
. it elicits identifical or similar o!servations !y differentr o!servers
_____A method of collecting data is considered practical if%
A. it is feasi!le within e/isitng resources
B. it allows good coverage
C. the procedure involved is accepta!le to the su!"ects
. it is easy 3 convenient to use
_____ $he following are true of the standard deviation* +2C+P$%
A. it is the s0uare root of the variance
B. it is the root mean s0uared deviations from the mean
C. it is a measure of differences
. it is !y how much individual values in a set/series differ from one
another on the average
_____ Which of the following table is composed of several classification in its columns and
rows which can serve are repository of information or data?
A) Simple table
B) aster table
!) "re#uency distribution table
$) "our fold table
_____ Which of the following is &'() of a *ie $iagram?
A) +, of the pie is e#uivalent to -./ degrees of angle.
B) An increase in the rate of a component is usually reflective of an actual increase
in fre#uency.
!) A decreased in the rate of a component is usually reflective of an artifactual
decrease in its fre#uency
$) 0t allows comparison of 1 or more distribution
_____ &he local civil registrar of chartered cities is the:
A) !ity &reasurer
B) !ity ayor
!) !ity 2ealth 3fficer
$) !ity 4ice ayor
)) None of the above
_____ $eath should be reported to the local health officer for certification within:
A) 56 hours after the occurrence
B) +7 days after the occurrence
!) -8 days after occurrence
$) 57 days after occurrence
)) None of the above
_____ Who is responsible for reporting of the occurrence of death if it was not medically
A) 9ocal health officer
B) Anybody who has :nowledge of the occurrence
!) unicipal or !ity &reasurer
$) 9ocal !ivil 'egistrar
)) None of the above
_____ Which of the following is an administrative advantage derived from civil registration
A) provision of legal evidence to claim for inheritance
B) provision for improvement of public health
!) provision of data relatively free from sampling error
$) provision of data for research purposes
)) none of the above.
_____ Which of the following should be accomplished if a fetus with an intrauterine life of less
than ; months was born alive but dies after the first day of life?
A) Birth certificate only
B) $eath certificate only
!) Both Birth and $eath certificate
$) Both Birth and death certificate but are mar:ed: "3' S&A&0S&0!A9 *(*'3S)S
_____ !ivil registration in towns=municipalities in the *hilippines is the responsibility of the
A. unicipal Secretary !. unicipal 'egistrar of $eeds
B. unicipal &reasurer $. unicipal 2ealth 3fficer
_____ (nder ordinary conditions> deaths in the *hilippines are registered in the 3ffice of the
9ocal !ivil 'egistrar of
A. the place of birth of the deceased !. the place of burial=interment
B. the place of his=her permanent residence $. the place of occurrence of the event
_____ &he reglementary period for the registration of deaths in the *hilippines as amended by
*residential $ecree ?/7+ is within
A. 15 hours !. -8 days
B. 56 hours $. 58 days
_____ 0f the deceased was not medically@attended> the medical certification of the cause of death
A. need not be accomplished
B. maybe done by the person reporting the death
!. may be done by any physician
$. is the responsibility of the 9ocal 2ealth 3fficer
*age 7
_____ Which of the following is the most sensitive indeA of the state of health and disease of a
A. !rude Birth rate !. 0nfant ortality 'ate
B. !rude $eath rate $. aternal ortality rate
_____ 0f the 0nfant ortality rate of a community is -1=+>888> this means
A. -1 out of every +>888 B+ year old children died
B. -1 babies died before reaching their first birthday
!. -1 out of every +>888 babies born alive failed to survive the first year
$. -1 out of every +>888 persons in the community died in infancy
_____ &he statement> CAbout 56, of all women dying in relation to the process of childbearing
died of hemorrhage in 1881D is an eApression of the
A. aternal ortality rate !. *roportionate ortality rate
B. !ause@specific $eath rate $. !ause@effect rate
_____ &he proportion of cases of a specific disease that die of it is the
A. *roportionate ortality rate !. !ase "atality rate
B. !ause@specific $eath rate $. Specific *ercentage $eath rate
_____ C"ifty@eight percent E76,) of the roughly /8 guests in a birthday party developed
abdominal pain> vomiting and loose bowel movement within -/ hoursD &his is a
summary eApression of the
A. 0ncidence 'ate !. Attac: rate
B. *revalence 'ate $. !ause@effect rate
_____ Which of the following indices=indicators best reflects the state of environmental
sanitation of a community?
A. *revalence rate of malaria !. !ase "atality 'ate of $engue
B. $eath 'ate of &uberculosis $. 0ncidence 'ate of !holera el tor
_____ &he use of a factor in the computation of the statistical indices of community health and
disease is for
A. greater accuracy !. fairer comparison
B. obtaining a whole number $. all of the above
_____ aFor factor=s which affect the age composition of the population
A. fertility level of the population !. peace and order situation
B. urban@rural differences $. all of the above
_____ A method of sampling where population is initially divided into a set of primary or first
stage sampling units and a sample of such unit is selected:
A. Stratified $. cluster
B. simple random ). systematic
!. multi stage
_____ A method of sampling where a sample is chosen at a regular interval=range from an
enumerated numbered list:
A. stratified $. cluster
B. simple random ). systematic
$. multi stage
page +=*+
_____ Which of the following is a probability sampling method?
A. Fudgmental $. #uota
B. haphaGard ). none of the above
!. clusters
_____ Which of the following is=are the criteria=s that should be met in order for the conclusion
of a sampling procedure to be valid:
A. sample should be representative of the study pop.
B. sample should be ade#uate
!. sampling procedure should be practical
$. sampling procedure should be feasible
). all of the above
_____ &he unit which is actually sampled=pic:ed from the sampling population:
A. sampling unit $. target population
B. elementary unit ). none of the above
!. frame
_____ Children* especially preschoolers who weigh 45-678 of their standard weight for
age and height are considered
A. overnourished C. slightly undernourished
B. ade0uately nourished . moderately undernourished
_____ Measurement of s,infold thic,ness is essentially a measure of
A. the !ody mass C. the caloric reserve
B. the linear dimensions . all of the a!ove
_____ 9washior,or is a malnutrition pro!lem due to deficiency primarily of
A. energy C. 1itamin B
B. protein . )ron
_____ Which of the following is the correct se0uence of steps in treatment of community
water supplies?
:. ;locculation
<. &edimentation
=. Coagulation
>. isinfection
?. ;iltration
A.:*<*=*>*? C. <*:*=*?*>
B.=*:*<*?*> . =*<*:*>*?
_____ $he presence of the following is indicative of fecal contamination of water.
A.+ntamoe!a coli C. &almonella typhi
B.+scherichia coli . &higella shiga
_____ Which of the following is considered @water-!asedA?
A. &chistosomiasis C. &ca!ies
B. engue (-fever . Beptospirosis
_____ At what stage of water treatment is alum precipitate CtawasD used?
A. ;locculation C. Coagulation
B. &edimentation . isinfection
_____ Method/s of economic appraisal
A. cost analysis C. cost-effectiveness analysis
B. cost minimi#ation analysis . All of the a!ove
_____ Euality health care service may include
A. thoroughness of in-patient care C. thoroughness in outpatient
B. availa!ility of up-to-date e0uipments . All of the a!ove
_____ Primary healthcare facility usually provide
A. primary consultation C. !asic therapeutics
B. !asic la!oratory . all of the a!ove
_____ 'ecovery from an infectious disease is a type of
A. natural passive immunity C. artificial active immunity
B. natural active immunity . artificial passive immunity
_____ $o determine whether a person responds to an antigenic stimulation li,e in
vaccine* one can
A. measure anti!ody titer or perform $-cell count
B. count the num!er of monocytes from the peripheral !lood
C. measure mean !lood corpuscular volume
. do a CBC Ccomplete !lood countD
_____ )n pregnant women* the fourth C$$>D dose of tetanus to/oid will provide
protection that will last for
A. ? years C. :? years
B. :7 years . <7 years
_____ $o maintain the cold chain* the ma/imum duration vaccines can !e stored at the
provincial level is a!out
A. 5 months C. : month
B. = months . not more than = days
_____ Permanent rodent control measure/s
A. rat proofing
B. use of rodent poisons e.g. red s0uill
C. use of mouse traps
. use of animals li,e cats
_____ $his term refers to the infestation of tissues and organs !y fly larva
A. dermatitis C. envenomi#ation
B. myiasis . entomopho!ia
_____ A type of transmission wherein the vector simply transports or carries the
pathogen which undergoes no change during transmission
A. !iological transmission C. mechanical transmission
B. propagative transmission . cyclodevelopmental
_____ )t provides an arena for people to interact and wor, together in see,ing solutions
to their pro!lems
A. advocacy C. community organi#ing
B. training . monitoring and evaluation
_____ )t utili#es the principle of shared discontentment with e/isting conditions
A. Principle of Beadership
B. Principle of Participation
C. Principle of structure
. Principle of Feed/Pro!lems and )ssues
_____ Which of the following &$Gs causes gumma?
A. F. gonorrhea C. $. pallidum
B. C. trachomatis . C. genitalis
_____ )ndications for adopting the P(C approach in the Philippines include the following
A. une0ual distri!ution of health care facilities
B. soaring cost of medical care
C. lac, of !asic health ,nowledge of the people
. inade0uate shelter
_____ &pecific strategies to achieve the goal of providing accessi!le* afforda!le and
appropriate health care services include the following +2C+P$
A. esta!lishment of infrastructure li,e tertiary hospitals
B . intensive health education of the pu!lic
C. provision of essential drugs
. training of volunteers to provide health care services
_____ Which of the following is considered wor,-related disease?
AD mesothelioma CD low !ac, pain
BD as!estosis D hypertension
_____ Which of the following is considered an occupational disease?
AD chronic non-specific respiratory disease
BD ischemic heart disease
CD psychosomatic disease
D pneumoconiosis
_____ Which of the following is FI$ a method of Changing Process in )ndustrial
AD su!stitution CD waste disposal
BD isolation D education and training
_____ Which of the following is FI$ a physical factor in the causation of occupational
AD vectors CD noise
BD pressure D e/tremes of temperature
_____ Which of the following is included in the Cognitive plane of the reaction to
diagnosis of the stages of family illness tra"ectory?
AD denial CD accommodation
BD dis!elief D acceptance
_____ At which family stage is ..I.B.) included in the patient education?
AD newly married family CD family with adolescents
BD family with young children D launching family
_____ Which of the following family assessment instruments is descri!ed as a self
reported scale where in the patient rates the family mem!ers !ased on =7
categories and on a scale of : to ?
AD A.P...A.'. CD ;.+.&.
BD ;.A.C.+.&. D &.C.'.+.+.M.
_____ An adopted child is a most common component of%
AD nuclear family CD single parent
BD e/tended family D !lended family
_____ Parents that undergo midlife crisis usually !elongs to
AD launching family CD family with young children
BD family later years D family with adolescents
_____ @+ncouraging sic, mem!ers of the family to see, appropriate helpA is a
component of which prevention?
AD primordial prevention CD secondary prevention
BD primary prevention D tertiary prevention
_____ Which of the ;ollowing Fational (ealth )nsurance Program mem!ers are FI$
considered non-paying?
AD 'etirees
BD Pensioners of .&)& and &&&
CD Permanent and Partial disa!ility pensioners
D )ndigent mem!ers
_____ Phil(ealth e/tension of coverage include/s%
AD Begitimate F()P-mem!er spouse
BD +mployed children !elow <: years old
CD Mentally retarded children over <: years old
D ?6 years old retired parent
_____ Compensa!le outpatient services under Phil(ealth include/s
AD Iutpatient psychotherapy
BD Cosmetic surgery
CD Cataract surgery
D Iptometric services
_____ )n which of the following situation is F()P !enefits !e forfeited?
AD Confinement to a non-accredited hospital of vehicular accident victim
BD Confinement to a accredited hospital of a vehicular accident victim
CD Patient was confined to a non-accredited hospital and died within the first
<> hours of confinement
D Patient was confined to a accredited hospital and was discharged
improved within the first <> hours
_____Iutilining the wor, that an applicant can perform efficiently is a component of
A. Preplacement e/amination
B. (ealth counseling
C. Mental health
. +nvironmental (ealth program
_____)llumination for offices in a safe wor,place should !e
A. :7 footcandle C. =7 foot candle
B. <7 foot candle . >7 foot candle
_____ &tatistical indices/indicators used in the indirect assessment of the nutritional
status of populations include the following* EXCEPT%
A. : J > years CtoddlerD death rate
B. K ? years proportionate mortality rate
C. measles mor!idity rate
. prevalence of intestinal parasitism
____ Which of the following is/are physical indicator/s of stress?
A. nail !iting C. se/ual pro!lems
B. anger . muscle aches* stiffness
____Which of the following is/are characteristic/s of a $ype A personality?
A. more easygoing* less competitive
B. )mpatient* competitive* easily irritated
C. Balanced attitude to life and can ad"ust to different situations
. Calm and fle/i!le