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The News of Grace

Volume 37, no.8 August 2014

Jesus said, The Son of Man came not to be served but to
serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many. (Matthew 20:28)
Do you ever wonder how everything gets done around the
church? There are a myriad of things that take place that people do not
even know about, even as it is obvious to see greeters, ushers, acolytes
and communion assistants during a Sunday Morning Service, as well as
those who sing in the choir, serve as cantor or play musical instruments.
Dont forget those who faithfully teach Sunday School and maintain our
Cradle Roll. Oh yeah, at the same time it becomes obvious that no one is
serving during coffee time if all that is in the parlor is coffee and a few
plates of cookies hastily pulled out of the freezer to make sure there is
something to serve. This is a large task for someone to take care of I
know, but if it is going to happen someone has to volunteer to serve and
it is an important part of our Sunday morning fellowship outside of what
we do in the sanctuary. There are also those who serve on the Altar
Guild whose names show up in the Sunday morning bulletin, but you
might not know what they do in order that we might be served the
Sacrament of the Altar on Sunday morning or even Wednesday evening.
Vacation Bible School is a one week ministry effort that takes
considerable planning and many volunteers to make sure it happens and
this past year we had many involved in many ways to insure its success.
When I have a Baptism someone has made the Baptism banner, someone
has done calligraphy for the Baptism certificate and someone has
embroidered the Baptism linen napkin.
At the same time we contract with janitorial and lawn service
companies to make sure that the facilities are clean and the street appeal
of our grounds is positive. Yet even with these services we have things
that are not covered and so we need volunteers to take their time and
effort to make sure they get done at specially called work days or by
individual effort, not to mention the funding that is necessary for us to
contract these services. That brings to mind those who regularly gather
to count and deposit the weekly offering and post the necessary
information to account for the giving that is done here for the Lords
work so that our giving members have a record of their giving.
It is the Lords work that we are called to participate in as
members of the Body of Christ, a part of this congregation called Grace
Lutheran. We have talents and gifts that can be used for the collective
good of this congregation and for reaching out with the Good News of
salvation found in Christ Jesus our Lord. It is really not optional, though
from time to time I have come across individuals who didnt want to join
the church, or specifically this congregation, because they knew they
would be asked to help, asked to participate, asked to give of themselves
and their resources and that was a problem for them. Actually that is a
spiritual problem.
Certainly we do not all have the same gifts and talents and some
have greater means than others, though it might be interesting to see how
our service of time, talent and treasure is used proportionately in the
overall work that we do together here at Grace. I know that some of you
make it a point to mail cards to members and some of you prepare meals
for our members from time to time as there is need or occasion. There
may be some of us who are unable to physically serve and I am reminded
of our need to pray that we do the Lords will in this place, pray for one
another and pray that the Lord will use us wherever we are in life to bear
witness to Him by what we say and what we do. As I mentioned in last
months newsletter we have members who are in their golden years who
witness their faith just by being here Sunday after Sunday. They may not
be able to physically serve but their ongoing witness as they gather for
worship, Bible study and fellowship is priceless. Dont forget Divine
Service is how the Lord serves us through Word and Sacrament.
Through that Service to us we are created anew to do the good works that
God has prepared for us to do in His name. (Read Ephesians 2:8-10,
especially verse 10)
There are two instances in the Gospel accounts that come to
mind when I hear the word service. The account that comes before the
words I have shared at the beginning of this first page is one of those
instances. Here Jesus responds to some bitter feelings amongst His
disciples over who is the greatest among them. His disciples felt
compelled to argue about that. What set this into motion was the mother
of James and John requested, or they requested (Mark 10:35) that they sit
at Jesus right and left when He came into His kingdom. Whoever asked
for this did not know what they were asking, because these perceived
positions of power would actually be positions of suffering and death at
Golgatha, places occupied by common criminals.
The other instance that comes to mind is when Jesus is preparing
to celebrate the Passover, His final Passover, with His disciples. We also
refer to this evening as the night when He was betrayed. All the
preparations had been made exactly as Jesus had said they would.
However a servant for foot-washing had not been arranged. Obviously
as disciples of Jesus this was not a task that they felt they should do, after
all it was a task meant for the lowest servant of the household. Yet here
we see Jesus show by example that even as their Teacher and Lord He
was servant and He washed their feet. The One by whom all things were
made stooped to serve. He said to them, Truly, truly, I say to you, a
servant is not greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the
one who sent him. If you know these things, blessed are you if you do
them. (John 13:16-17)
Lets go back to the original verse that I chose to begin this first
page. Jesus said, The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve,
and to give His life as a ransom for many. (Matthew 20:28 and Mark
10:45) The ultimate act of service was giving His life as a ransom for
many which include us all. What does that mean for us His servants and
His messengers? Obviously what He did for us was a free and complete
gift. He did it for us because we could not do it for ourselves. There are
however many things that we can do as His servants and messengers.
There are many ways we can say to our Teacher and Lord that we are
At Your Service. That follows His serving us. It surely must follow!
Faith bears fruit! If it does not it is dead. The Lords Service for us
creates and sustains our faith, and faith seeks to serve. By doing so it
shows that we are alive in Christ.
During the month of August the Parish Planning Council looks
for those willing to serve on respective Boards of Grace. We dont have
elections we ask for volunteers, those who truly desire to serve. If you
truly want to serve in some capacity, please inform the church office and
your name will be given to the appropriate board Director to make sure
you are included. If there is something that you see that needs to be done
around the Church and it is something that you can take care of, let us
know that as well and we will gladly let you take care of it unless there
are reasons why we have to have someone else take care of it. Please
continue to pray for the well-being of our brothers and sisters in Christ in
this place. Pray that the Lord will use this congregation which includes
you to bear witness to Him who came to serve and give His life as a
ransom for many.
The Lord bless you the rest of this summer - Pastor Walter

Director of Parish Music

Greetings in the name of our Risen Lord and Savior, Jesus the
Believe it or not, summer vacation is close to over, and its time to
start thinking of the fall. As you do so, have you ever considered
joining a music group here at Grace? If youd like to be involved
with music at Grace, please put Tuesday, September 9
on your
calendar as we will have a music department kick-off party,
beginning at 6pm. We had a great time last year, and its a great
way to get to know the other musicians at Grace. So, if youre in a
music group, want to be in a music group, or are curious about
what we do in our music groups here at Grace, come on out to the
kickoff on September 9
and find out whats going on. I look
forward to seeing you there!
The last week of July I attended the Lutheran Church Missouri
Institute on Liturgy, Preaching, and Church Music, held at
Concordia University Nebraska. The theme for the conference is
Comfort, Comfort My People. Saint Paul knew something about
comfort in Christ in the midst of suffering, and the hymn for this
month is based on much of what he writes in the Epistle to the
Romans. It is No Saint on Earth Lives Life to Self Alone (LSB
747). The text is by Norman J. Kansfield (b. 1940), a Reformed
pastor, and the tune (SONG 1) comes from Orlando Gibbons
(1583-1625), the famous English composer.
Stanza One:
No saint on earth lives life to self alone
Or dies alone, for we with Christ are one.
So if we live, for Christ alone we live,
And if we die, to Christ our dying give.
In living and in dying this confess:
We are the Lords, safe in Gods faithfulness.
Christ took our sin and death upon Himself, giving us His life. I
love the phrase And if we die, to Christ our dying give, because
it tells us that even in death, the final enemy of all people, Christ
takes it, keeping us safe in His faithfulness.
Stanza Two:
For to this end our Lord by death was slain,
That to new life He might arise again.
Through sorrow on to triumph Christ has led,
And reigns oer all: the living and the dead.
In living and in dying, Him we bless;
We are the Lords, safe in Gods faithfulness.
Not only has Christ taken our sin and death and given to us His
righteousness and life, but that was the precise reason He came.
His entire purpose was to save spirituality dead humanity from sin,
death, and the devil. Because He lives, we too shall live! It is
because of what He has done for us that we sing praises to our
great God! Thanks be to God!
O God, for our redemption You gave Your only-begotten Son to the
death of the cross and by His glorious resurrection delivered us
from the power of the enemy. Grant that all our sin may be
drowned through daily repentance and that day by day we may
arise to live before You in righteousness and purity forever;
through Jesus Christ, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and
the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.
Peace in Christ,
Nathan Beethe
Director of Parish Music


August 17
the Sunday School children will begin new classes.

September 7
- Christian Education Sunday
The Board of Christian Education will serve refreshments in
Parker Hall during Coffee and Fellowship time following the 8:15


8:15 a.m. Worship Services Ginger Litwa
10:45 a.m. Worship Services Anna Kate Manchester

August 3
10:45 Service John Calvillo
August 10
8:15 Service Frank Royster
August 17
10:45 Service Greg Warren
August 24
8:15 Service Dave Graf

8:15 a.m. Worship Services Roy Bullards team
Roy Andrews, John Ketcher, Gary Proud
10:45 a.m. Worship Services Gervais LeBlancs team
Jeff Ralston, Jacob Ralston, Paul Krueger

8:15 a.m. Worship Services Jon Cline
10:45 a.m. Worship Services Jeff Ralston

8:15 a.m. Worship Services Jack and Pat Funk
10:45 a.m. Worship Jeff and Ginny Ralston
August 10
10:45 a.m.Worship Dave, Diane and Alex Roberts
Wade Wallace

8:15 a.m. Services Dorris Deislinger and Mildred Wilkins
10:45 a.m. Services Ginny Ralston
Wednesday Mid-Week Services Suzanne Raddle & Wilma Richter

I f you are unable to serve please ask someone to fill in for you
and then call the church office.


Volunteers Needed to Serve

COFFEE HOST SIGN UP Please take a minute and sign
up for the Sunday on which you wish to serve. The sign-up
sheet is on the bulletin board by the Parlor.

The schedule for August, 2014 is:

August 3
Board of Parish Fellowship

August 10
Anna, Christina, Emily and James Junkans

August 17
Kaye Gilbert

August 24
Emily and Carter Stein

August 31
Debbie Penny and Sally McNabb

The schedule for September, 2014 is:

Sept. 7
Board of Christian Education

Sept. 14

Sept. 21


Sept. 28

Thanks!! We appreciate your help!

2014 budget totals $531,856
which is an average weekly
General Fund contribution requirement of $10,228

Budget needs through July 27 $306,840
Actual expenses through July 27 $298,570

Contributions to General Fund from all sources $284,080*
Average weekly contribution through July 27 $9469

In summary, General Fund giving for the year is $14,490 less than
actual expenses. By comparison, this time last year giving was $7,516
less than expenses.

Non-budget giving to designated funds through July 27 $28,622

*These contributions include a monthly payment from ECDC to help
offset expenses. They also include some memorials and honorariums
which are not designated to specific funds.


Avery Jo Calvillo, daughter of John and Megan Calvillo, was
received into Gods Kingdom of Grace through the Sacrament of
Holy Baptism on Sunday, July 27
. Her sponsor is Alisa Coffey.

CONGRATULATIONS to John and Megan Calvillo on the birth of
their daughter Avery Jo Calvillo who was born on Thursday, July
at Baptist Medical Center. Avery Jo has a big brother Jonas.
Congratulations and Gods blessings to the Calvillo family.
Our Christian Sympathy to the family of Mrs. Ann Benson who
died on July 3
in hospice care. Ann is the mother of Brenda
Parscale. Please remember Brenda and her family in your prayers.

GODS BLESSINGS to Vicar Kevin and Allie Ray and their family
as they move to Concordia, Missouri, for Kevin to begin his
Vicarage at St. Paul Lutheran Church and School in Concordia in
August. Please keep the Ray family in your prayers.

GODS BLESSINGS to Kurt, Rose and Evelyn Shrader as they
move to Scarville, Iowa. They have been a blessing to our Grace
Family and will be truly missed. Their new address is 106 East 2

Street, P. O. Box 48, Scarville, IA 50473. Please keep the Shrader
family in your prayers for safe travel.

CONGRATULATIONS While at cheer camp, Ashley Worden was
selected to be an All American cheerleader. She will be among a
group of senior cheerleaders, selected nationwide, to represent the
USA in a New Years Day parade in London, England.
Congratulations, Ashley!!!

Grace Parish Planning Board
August 18

7:00 p.m.

Grace Voters Meeting
August 25

7:00 p.m.


Sit and Sew will meet on Tuesday, August 12

at 12:00 noon.
Bring your project and join them in the downstairs classroom in
the church. They will also discuss plans for the Fall Craft Show
and Used Book Sale.
For details call Carole Nichols, Sammye Sue Harrill or Riley

Parker Hall

Fellowship Club will meet on Tuesday, August 26
, (Note the
change of date) at 12:00 noon in Parker Hall. Our ACTS friends
will serve another delicious meal. Mark your calendar and plan to
come and have a great time of fun and fellowship.

Parker Hall

Noon Devotions with Pastor is Thursday, August 14
, at
12:00 noon in Parker Hall. Bring your sandwich and join us for
Bible study and fellowship. Drinks, chips, and dessert are
provided. We eat first and then Pastor Walter shares a devotional
Bible study with us. Bring a friend and join us this is a
wonderful opportunity for fellowship!!


Applications now being accepted
for booth rentals
at the Grace Fall Craft Show

Mark your calendar for Saturday, November 1
, 2014 for the Fall
Craft Show and Used Book Sale. We gladly accept donations of
used books beginning mid- October. The Fall Craft Show and
Book Sale will benefit the Seminary Food Bank at Concordia, St.
Louis and also Kevin Ray, in his Vicarage year. Matching funds
will be donated by Thrivent Financial.
Follow us on Facebook at
Contact Riley Middaugh at or 954-9281 for
more information.


The Women of Grace are collecting supplies to make School Kits
for Lutheran World Relief. To the children who receive School
Kits, these supplies mean the difference between getting an
education or not. In the places where LWR works, even a few
required supplies may be more than families can afford. Items
needed for each kit includes:
Four 70-sheet notebooks of wide-
or college-ruled paper; no loose-leaf paper
One 30-centimeter ruler, or a ruler with
centimeters on one side and inches on the other
One pencil sharpener
One blunt scissors (safety scissors with embedded steel
blades work well)
Five unsharpened #2 pencils with erasers; secure together
with a rubber band
Five black or blue ballpoint pens (no gel ink); secure
together with a rubber band
One box of 16 or 24 crayons
One 2 eraser

Our goal is 75 School Kits. Items may be brought to the church
and placed in the container marked School Kits. We are also in
need of volunteers to make simple backpacks. A simple pattern is
available and material can be provided if needed. For any
questions, please contact Ginny Ralston at 425-1487. Now is a
great time to take advantage of the various sales. Thank you for
your help!


Grace Family Members in the month of August:
1 - Natasha Graf, Leah Villarreal
3 - Lyndsey Allen, Jeff Ralston, Elwanda Wells
8 - Ginger Litwa, Greg Warren
9 - Erika Clark
11 - Melanie Stillman Davis
12 - Janet Killough
13 - Stephen Nichols, Charles Stein, Paul Walter
15 - Megan Gipson, Benjamin Hardman, Doris Holzhauer
16 - Mike Paulson
19 - Ashley Weinhold
20 - Kevin Ray
21 - Roy Bullard
22 - Samantha Morrison
23 - Daniel Woodyard
24 - David Mainard, Charlie Stein, Bill Wilkins, Sr.
26 - Maryn Villarreal, Tiffany Warriner
29 - Hope Hammond, Amber Solomon, Faye Stillman
30 - Kathryn Moseley

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to these couples in August:
1 - Suzanne and John Lambert
4 - Paula and Pastor Walter
5 - Jennifer and Chris Harrod
7 - Sandy and Jon Lindemann, Linda and Frank Royster
8 - Tammy and Terry Hill, Angie and Jeramy Stephens
9 - Stephanie and David Cannon
10 - Pat and Jack Funk
13 - Ginny and Jeff Ralston
14 - Lisa and Jeff Hicks
15 - Rose and Kurt Shrader
26 - Ann and Owen Stoker
27 - Kelley and John Wilkins
30 - Linnea and Tommy Weed

We apologize if we have missed your birthday or anniversary; please let us
know in the church office so we can update our records. Thank you!!

Our nursery, downstairs in the church, is also available to take care
of the infants and toddlers during Sunday School/Bible Class time.

ADULT BIBLE CLASS - Pastor Walters Bible Class meets each Sunday at
9:45 a.m. in Parker Hall. Pastor Walter is leading a study of the book of
SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES for children ages 3 through 6
grade are
held in the lower level of the Family Life Center. Parents are invited to
join us for the opening service at 9:45 each Sunday. Questions? Contact
Sunday School Superintendent Colleen Moorman. LCEF K.I.D.S.
Saving Stamps are available from Ame Andrews during Sunday School
opening time.
JUNIOR YOUTH class meets at 9:45 a.m. on Sunday in their classroom
downstairs in the church. Joel Junkans leads the class each Sunday
SENIOR YOUTH class meets each Sunday at 9:45 a.m. in their classroom
downstairs in the church. Dave Roberts leads the class each Sunday
YOUNG ADULT BIBLE STUDY group is taking a break for the summer.
Watch the bulletin and newsletter for the fall schedule. Contact Vicar
David Witte at if you have questions.
MENS BIBLE STUDY class meets each Wednesday morning at 6:30 a.m.
at St. Vincent Hospital in the 4
floor conference room (off the main
elevator). Pastor Walter leads this Bible Study. All men of Grace are
encouraged to attend.
TUESDAY MORNING BIBLE CLASS usually meets each Tuesday morning
at 9:30 a.m. in the downstairs classroom in the church. THEY ARE
ECDC News &

Soon we will be saying good-bye to some of our children. Our prayers go with
them as they go off to Kindergarten and other programs around town. And,
well be saying hello to new children who will be a part of our ECDC family! Our
returning kids are looking forward to moving into a new classroom and learning
all sorts of new things. The staff will spend August 18
and 19
in staff
development days making preparations and getting rooms ready for new kids
and the new year. The 2014-2015 school year begins with a bang Wednesday,
August 20

Guess Im jumping ahead a little cause we arent done with our summer fun
YET! The circus is coming, the circus is coming! Well be exploring all about the
three rings and animals! During Jesus time we will be learning about being
fishers of men a pretty appropriate send-off for our oldest friends! Plus,
explore other jobs we find in the Bible and about the Holy Trinity (as we review
all that we have learned from the Bible the last twelve months). Not to mention
Frosty Treat Fridays!

The Board of Christian Education reviewed the results of this years parent
survey at their July meeting. Thirty-nine out of 61 families respondedthats a
64% return! The majority of the responses and comments were very positive
what a blessing! But there is always room for improvement so as we head into
the new school year we will be addressing some of the concerns shared. First
and foremost, the Board wants you our Grace Lutheran congregation as well
as the families we serve to know that ECDC will continue its commitment to
being a child-care program that provides quality care addressing all areas of
care, including appropriate developmental and educational opportunities; and
as our mission statement states in part The play-based and child-focused
curriculum at Grace, therefore, aims to develop well-rounded individuals who
acknowledge the daily presence of Christ in their lives. What a challenge
what a blessing!

One more thing an INVITATION! Friday, August 15
we will be having our
end of year program and party. The festivities begin in Parker Hall at 3:30p.m.
with our program and graduation. Well then move downstairs to a party
hosted by the Board of Christian Education. Please come join us if you can it
would be an excellent opportunity to view firsthand this ministry of our
congregation, and to meet and thank the many families that entrust us with
their children!

See ya again next month, until then Gods continued blessings to each of you

Painless Ways to Support
Little Rock Lutheran Education!

Many of you already take advantage of company programs that provide
financial incentives for Grace Lutheran ECDC and Christ Lutheran
School that dont cost you any extra money for that we all say THANK
YOU! These programs are really an untapped resource that benefits
Lutheran education in Little Rock by providing funds for all type of budget
needs! And all the programs are very user-friendly and simple - some
only require scissors!

Following are programs used by one or more of our Lutheran schools
please consider this painless way to support Lutheran Education in L.R.!

Grace ECDC

The Board of Christian Education encourages you to enroll your Kroger Plus
card at today. Once you choose Graces
ECDC program (code 80368), a portion of your eligible purchases at Kroger
goes directly to the ECDC. Holiday shopping is around the corner so please
support our ECDC. Every dollar you spend benefits this amazing program here
at Grace. For questions or help with your enrollment, please contact Catherine
Manchester (821-4140) or Colleen Moorman (663-0755). Thank you!

General Mills
Box Tops for Education
used by Christ Lutheran School
Campbells Labels
used by ECDC &
Christ Lutheran School
Heres how these work:
- Remove box top for education labels from General Mills containers (ie
Cheerios, Betty Crocker), and/or ENTIRE LABEL WITH UPC CODE from
Campbells products (ie soup, juices).
- collection boxes may be found on the bookcase next to the breezeway or the
entry area of ECDC.
- Box Tops for Education provide monetary support for the CLS Band,
Campbells Labels are turned into credit toward purchasing supplies and
equipment for both ECDC and Christ Lutheran School.