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1)Jo is a nurse.

Fill in the gaps in the description of a typical work

day for her by putting the verb in brackets into the correct
present simple tense form. (3,)
Jo 1._____ (be) a nurse. She 2. _____ (work) at a medical clinic near her home
in Ipswich. She 3. _____ (get) to work at 8 am eer! weekda!. She "irst #. _____
(check) the phone "or oice messages and the "a$ machine "or "a$es. She then %. _____
(talk) to the doctors about the da!&s appointments. 't 8.3( she ). _____ (make) sure that
the medical instruments *. _____ (be) read! "or use and that eer!thing 8. _____ (be)
clean and tid!.
+he doctors and nurses ,. _____ (start) seeing patients at ,.((. Jo1(. _____
(spend) a lot o" time giing babies and children accinations. She 11. _____ (talk) to
their parents about an! worries the! 12. _____ (hae). +he doctors 13. _____ (call) her
"or help with bandaging or tests. She 1#. _____ (be) also aailable at all times "or
medical emergencies.
't lunchtime Jo 1%. _____ (answer) the phone while the receptionist 1). _____
(hae) her lunch. It 1*. _____ (be - not) a bus! time so Jo usuall! 18. _____ (hae) a
cup o" tea. She 1,. _____ (tr!) to do an! paperwork during this time too. +he clinic 2(.
_____ (hae - not) as man! patients in the a"ternoon unless it 21. _____ (be) a .rida!.
't around #.(( she 22. _____ (check) that her computer "iles 23. _____ (be) up/
to/date. She 2#. _____ (look) at the clinic&s stock o" medical supplies and 2%. _____
(phone) the manu"acturers to order more o" something0 i" necessar!. .inall!0 Jo 2).
_____ (talk) to the doctors and other nurses about the da!&s work. She 2*. _____ (go)
home around %.((. She 28. _____ ( be) usuall! late leaing work. Jo 2,. _____ (loe)
her 1ob but the pa! 3(. _____ (be - not) er! good.
!)"gnes is an elderly lady. #he is in hospital. Fill in the gaps in this
letter by putting the verb in brackets into the correct present
continuous tense form. (!,)
3)Complete the sentences with the correct form (simple present) of the verbs in
brackets: (1,0)
a) We __________ (arrive) at school at 8.30.
b) A pianist __________ (play) the piano.
c) Mary __________ (speak) English very well.
d) __________ (take) a shower every !orning.
e) Mr. "!ith __________ (go) to work by b#s.
$) My English teacher __________ (be) very gentle with #s.
g) A doctor__________ (treat) patients.
h) Ann and her sister __________ (be) twins
i) My cat __________ (like) %sh.
&) "arah ________ (love) her h#sband.
4) Write questions with o or oes! "ive short answers (1,0)

#$: % pla& football! 'o &ou pla& football( )es, % o * +o, % on,t
a) live in 'isbon. ________________________( ___________________
b) st#dy English. ________________________( _______________________
c) watch )* a$ter dinner. ________________________( ________________
d) drink !ilk at break$ast. ________________________( ________________
e) like cats. ________________________( ____________________________
-) .ake ne/ative sentences! (1,0)
a) She goes to school on "oot.
b) 2ar! knows him
c) I like this "ilm.
d) 2! "ather works on Sunda!s.
e) She is m! best "riend.
0) 1ut the verb in brackets into the present continuous, affirmative , ne/ative or
interro/ative! (1,0)

1. So what _____________(happen) now3
2. 4ook5 +he! _________(hae) a lot o" "un.
3. 6o0 the bus _________(not stop). +he bus drier _________(drie) er! "ast.
#. 4isten5 Someone _________(knock) on the door.
%. +he! _________(not read). +he! _________(ride) their bikes outside.
2)1ut in the verbs in brackets into the /aps usin/ 3imple 1resent or 1resent
1ro/ressive! (1,0)
a) 'ook+ )he boys ______________(to r#n) to the playgro#nd.
b) Every a$ternoon ,ack __________ (to have) a c#p o$ tea.
c) We ____________(to play) a co!p#ter ga!e at the !o!ent.
d) _____________( to watch) a nice %l! now.
e) )o! never ______________ (to write) pict#re postcards
$) )hey ____________ (to be) $ro! )okyo.
g) 'isten+ Anne and "#san ____________( to sing) a song.
h) Angela _________(to visit) a !#se#! so!eti!es.
i) 't the moment the! __________________ (stand) in the rain.
1) 7e are er! bus! now because we __________________ (wash)the "loor.