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A dedicated teacher learns some important lessons about himself years after he retired from the

classroom in this drama. William Hundert (Kevin Kline) is an instructor at St. Benedict's School for Boys,
an exclusive private academy on the East Coast where Hundert drills his charges on the moral lessons to
be learned through the study of Greek and Roman philosophers. Hundert is fond of telling his students,
"A man's character is his fate," and he strives to impress upon them the importance of the ordered and
examined life. In 1976, however, Hundert finds himself with an especially challenging group of students -
- party-minded Fred Masoudi (Jesse Eisenberg) , introverted Martin Blythe (Paul Dano), bright but
mischievous Deepak Mehta (Rishi Mehta), and most notably, openly rebellious Sedgewick Bell (Emile
Hirsch). The son of a powerful politician, Bell pointedly runs against the current of Hundert's example,
questioning the importance of the material, flouting the school's rules, talking out of turn in class, and
devoting as much time to his interest in girls as in his studies. However, Hundert sees the possibility of
great things in Bell, and encourages him to take part in the school's annual academic competition for the
title of Mr. Julius Caesar. Hundert even goes so far as to bend the rules in scoring to favor Bell in the
early stages of the contest, but his faith is betrayed when Bell is discovered cheating during the contest
finals. Years later, Hundert is reunited with his students, where they learn the years have taught them all
a great deal about their virtues and weaknesses.

When I watched the Emperors Club movie it made me raised questions about situational ethics,
morality, and right and wrong. Its the perfect film for teachers, students, parents and school
administrator like me who wish to start discussions that can influence one another for good. This movie
is about the teaching significant and memorable experience of the teacher William Hundert with his
naughty and hard-headed student Sedgewick Bell. He is a history teacher who taught his class the
Roman Emperors. This film focus on two aspects of a teacher: as servant of truth who teaches values to
students and the responsibility in molding students. Mr. William Hundert as a teacher was a righteous
man but like all men he too has the tendency to take the temptation. He became so, attached to the
development of his student Sedgewick who was truly doing his best to learn and improve in class. Mr.
William gave extra mark to Sedgewick in order to qualify for the quiz bee and this is very much unfair to
those students who tried their best and study harder to get better grades. He tolerated Sedgewick
behavior and the practiced of cheating. Mr. William have done something wrong because he wanted to
give Sedgewick a chance to change. Sedgewick is the failure of Mr. William. He was not able to do his job
as a molder. They are both in a different world that has different reality. They do not believe in teaching
but it is only through cheating they can survive. This is the saddest fate of man. Mr. William Hundert
have failed teaching Sedgewick but he was more than successful in influencing the lives of his students
who continued to value his lessons. According to him The worth of a life is not determined by a single
failure or a solidarity success.