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Entering the Void

Integrate the mind body and spirit (energy) through chi kung meditation and physical
exercise that trains the intention

1. empty the mind of chatter through silencing the social self, which reduces ego centrism
and desire once the mind is smooth and silent without expectations, begin contemplating
the positive and beautiful with feeling until you have a full understanding of passion, or
integratively focused intention, taking the time for developing self-awareness open each
chakra and bring its energy up your very erect spine until all the energy is circling
upward to the brain, this process is guided through following the breath then guiding it
seal the orbit with your tongue pressing into the roof of the mouth as you patiently focus
your attention on the area between and above your closed eyes with no socialized
expectation, allow your self to experience whatever begins to happen. but be stealthy as
you approach the darkness as recommended by Meister Eckhart, Lao Tzu, and St John of
the Cross, remembering the ninja does not fear power or evil (if you do not understand
power and evil, be prepared to take some damage) with joy and reverence in your heart,
enter the unknown terrain like a polite guest who does not intend to overstay his welcome
in the spirit world which is the home of the powerful dead.

2. Now, pay attention to the movement of energy on the back of the eyelids. as your skill
increases, the phosphenes will change color as your internal energy increases. carefully
observe what happens to them when you are relaxed. they may begin to offer you mini
hallucinations. Now, observe these patterns and figures. give them attention, feed them
more energy by concentrating your energy around the eyes. This is called developing the
third eye. after a while you will be able to "see" into your body. It’s like looking down
into an empty barrel. as your chi level increases, it is like looking at a tree that is on fire.
This is the first stage and often results in the healing of many physiological problems. the
second stage is learning how to move the energy around when you are walking, healing,
or practicing your taijutsu. Once you have reached the point of being comfortable with
accepting energy, attempt to push it out of your third eye through the practice of
concentration and breath regulation. The third stage is following the breath or energy
wherever it may go. With enough third stage practice, you can enter the spirit world with
your spirit in meditation. Now, work on creating an image of yourself on the back of your
eyelids then give yourself permission to see with its eyes and feel with its senses and
push it forward into the void using your life force or chi. Be cool, the natives are restless.

Path Notes of an American Ninja Master

Dr. Glenn J. Morris