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Puberty: Understanding a Males Changing Body

A boys body changes during puberty just like how a girls would.
What changes happen to boys?
Grow taller and heavier
Bones grow bigger and heavier
Nose + jaw get bigger and face gets longer
Get ore uscles
!air and skin can becoe oily and you ay
get piples
Body sweats ore
!air grows on the face" under the arpits"
around the genitals #pubic hair$.
%ay get ore hair on ars" legs and chest.
&oice gets deeper
penis and testicles grow
scrotu changes
%ay have ood swings" se'ual thoughts
and feelings
Breasts ay grow
What causes these changes?
!orones cause the changes" just like how they do for girls. (eeber" boys ake lots of
testosterone" not so uch estrogen.
What are the sex organs?
)hese parts are also called the
reproductive organs and genitals.
Testicles or Testes
)he parts are*
- bag of skin that holds testicles
- keeps the at right teperature to ake sper" slightly cooler than bodys teperature
- gets bigger and baggier and turns a darker colour
What happens on the inside?
!orones ake the testicles grow and they start aking ore testosterone and
producing sper
After puberty a boy akes 200,000 - 400,000 sper cells a day for the rest of his life
+per build up in tubes around the
testicles and travels along soe tubes
and i' with fluids fro glands
What happens on the inside?
+per + fluids , Semen
How does the semen come out?
- the tube through which urine and
seen leaves the boys body
- tube-like organ that hangs outside the
- coe in all and shapes"
deterined by our genes
Testicles or testes
- usually two" one hangs lower
- +oeties called balls or nuts
- /here sper are ade
0f seen is going to coe out" the penis is likely to be erect.
A penis gets erect when blood rushes into it
%uscles push the seen into the urethra and
out the penis.
)his is called an ejaculation.
What can cause an erection?
Boys get erections for all kinds of reasons
)hey ight happen if a boy *
1 Are thinking about soething se'y
1 /hen you wake in the orning and have to
1 /hen you are rela'ed
1 /hen you are an'ious or frightened
1 2or no reason at all
Boys get their first erections before they are born3
When does ejaculation happen?
0f a boy wakes up and finds a wet" sticky spot on his bedclothes seen cae out
when he was sleeping. )his is called a 4wet drea5
0f a boy touches or rubs his penis and it gets erect and seen coes out. )his is
called asturbation.
+oe boys have wet dreas" soe dont
+oe boys asturbate" soe dont
!owever it happens is okay
oes penis si!e matter?
)esticles grow first so your penis ay look as if it is shrinking.
0t isnt
0t can take a while for your penis to grow.
6enises" like noses and ears and hands" coe in all and shapes and colours.
)hey vary how they curve and stick out when erect.
6enises" when erect" are ore alike in si.e than when they are soft.
)hey all work.
So what are normal "eelings?
+oe guys think about girls and kissing and touching
+oe guys think about other guys and kissing and touching
+oe guys dont think about any of this stuff
+oe have crushes and fall in love
+oe dont
+oe get angry at parents