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Formula Symbols

C Capacitance (farads)
fs System Frequency
f Frequency (Hertz)
I Current (amps)
I1, I2 Currents of bank or stages being sitc!ed and of bank or stage a"ready energized
Ima# peak $ peak %a"ue ca"cu"ated it!out damping& In practica" circuits it i"" be about '(
percent of t!is %a"ue
I! )*S current (amps) at !armonic (!)
+%ar )eacti%e ,oer (k%ar)
k-$t# .!ree/p!ase transformer rating
0t# 1amep"ate impedance (2)
k-$r .!ree/p!ase capacitor bank rating
+-$ .ota" ,oer (k-$)
k- ki"o%o"ts (k%)
+3 )ea" ,oer (k)
4eq .ota" equi%a"ent inductance per p!ase beteen capacitor banks or stages, in
,F ,oer Factor (no unit)
, )ea" ,oer (+3)
5 )eacti%e ,oer (k%ar)
S .ota" ,oer (+-$)
Subscript I Initia"
Subscript d 6esired
Subscript .!ree ,!ase
Subscript Sing"e ,!ase
Subscript 41 4ine to 1eutra"
Subscript 44 4ine to 4ine
Subscript SC S!ort Circuit
.! Sing"e Frequency .IF at !armonic (!)
-n Harmonic -o"tage magnitude
-rms )oot mean square (rms) %a"ue of %o"tage
-44 )ated ma#imum %o"tage in ki"o%o"ts
I rms )oot mean square (rms) %a"ue of current
Symmetrica" rms s!ort/circuit current, in amperes
,eak magnitude
7c Capaciti%e )eactance (o!ms)
7C Capaciti%e reactance ()
74 Inducti%e reactance ()
) )esistance ()
7n Fi"ter inductor / reactance ()
n Harmonic at !ic! fi"ter is tuned
,oer factor ang"e
Formula Index
$) Capacitors Connected in ,ara""e"
8) Capacitors Connected in Series
C) Capaciti%e )eactance
6) Capacitance
9) Capacitor +i"o%ars
F) ,oer Factor
:) +i"o%ars )equired to C!ange ,oer Factor
H) 9quations for .ota" ,oer Factor
I) .ota" ,oer
;) )eacti%e ,oer
+) -o"tage )ise
4) )e"eased System Capacity for ,oer Factor Impro%ement
*) 4oss )eduction for Correcting ,oer Factor
1) Capacitor Current
<) .ota" Harmonic 6istortion
,) )oot *ean Square, )*S
5) 6isp"acement ,oer Factor, 6,F
)) .ota" ,oer Factor, .,F
S) )esonant Frequency, !
.) I=. ,roduct
>) 5ua"ity Factor, 5
-) Crest Factor, CF
3) Inrus! Current Ca"cu"ation for Sing"e Capacitor 8ank Sitc!ing
7) Inrus! Current Ca"cu"ation for 8ack/.o/8ack Capacitor 8ank Sitc!ing
A) Capacitors Connected in Parallel
B) Capacitors Connected in Series
C) Capacitive Reactance Xc
D) Capacitance C
E) Capacitive ilovars
F) Po!er Factor
") vars Re#uired to C$an%e Po!er Factor
@ Initia" ,oer Factor $ng"e
@ Fina" ,oer Factor $ng"e
&) E#uations 'or (otal Po!er
good for bot! A p!ase and
sing"e p!ase ca"cu"ations

I) (otal Po!er
)) E#uations For Reactive Po!er
) Approximate *olta%e Rise 'or Addition o' Capacitors

+) Released System Capacity 'or Po!er Factor Improvement

,) - +oss Reduction 'or Correctin% Po!er Factor

.) Capacitor Current

/) (otal &armonic Distortion

P) Root ,ean S#uare0 R,S

1) Displacement Po!er Factor

R) (otal Po!er Factor0 (PF

S) Resonant Fre#uency

() I2( Product

3) 1uality Factor0 1

*) Crest Factor0 CF

4) Inrus$ Current and Fre#uency Calculation 'or Sin%le Capacitor Ban5 S!itc$in%

X) Inrus$ Current and Fre#uency Calculation 'or Bac56(o6Bac5 Capacitor Ban5