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ASTE 280 Intro to Astronautics

ASTE 280 Spring 2003 Schedule

Introduction to Astronautics and Space Environment 1
Tuesday and Thursday 3:30 :!0 "#$# %&S 101 3 'nits
Week Dates Subject Book HW due
1 1/14 & 1/16 Organization of the class Histor! of s"ace e#"loration
$nits %oordinate S!ste&s Orbital "ara&eters
%ha"s 1' (' &)
( 1/(1 & 1/() *+uations of &otion ,e-ton.s la-s (/bod! "roble&
%onic sections
%ha"s 4 & 0
1""endi# %
2 & 1
) 1/(3 & 1/)4 5e"lerian orbits 5e"ler.s la-s 6i&e of flight %ha"s 4' 0' & 3
1""endi# %
4 (/4 & (/6 Hoh&ann transfer S"ecial orbits %ha"s 6 & 7 )
0 (/11 & (/1) 8ield of 9ie- :round track ;e9ie- %ha" 3 4
6 (/13 & (/(4 <nter"lanetar! trajectories %ha" 7 0
7 (/(0 & (/(7 1
=<D6*;= *>1=' :ra9it! 1ssist %ha" 7
3 )/4 & )/6 <ntro to rockets ?ehicle "erfor&ance %ha" 14 6
@ )/11 & )/1) ;ocket t!"esA solid' li+uid' electric Staging ,ozzles %ha" 14 7
)/13 & )/(4 S"ring Break
14 )/(0 & )/(7 <ntroduction to rigid bod! d!na&ics 5ine&atics
=o&ents of inertia
%ha" 1( 3
11 4/1 & 4/) *nerg! & <&"ulse 1ngular &o&entu& )/D rotations/
1( 4/3 & 4/14 1ttitude control 1ttitude sensors (
1) 4/10 & 4/17 Stabilization &echanis&sA &o&entu& -heels' !o/!o'
gra9it! gradient' g!ros ;eentr!
%ha" 14 14
14 4/(( & 4/(4 <ntro to s"ace en9iron&ent S"acecraft subs!ste&s %ha" 1) 11
10 4/(@ & 0/1 S"acecraft subs!ste&s %ourse re9ie- %ha" 1) 1(
2 %lass sur9e!' e&ail addresses' and obtain additional needed &aterials for unfa&iliar to"ics
ASTE 280 Intro to Astronautics
Instructor A
5eith :oodfello-
$S%A ;;B (13 BCrof *r-in.s officeD' B(1)D 744/0)03' 8a# B(1)D 744/7774' Office hoursE before
or after class
-orkA B313D )04/011( office/&essage
e&ailA keithdgoodfello-Fj"lnasago9 keithgoodfello-Fuscedu
EmailA %o&&unication b! e&ail is -elco&e and encouraged <t is a reliable and eas! &ethod for
co&&unicating -ith distant folks Bstudents and instructorD' as -ell as "ro9iding a sa9ed transcri"t
1 class e&ail list -ill be established for sending out infor&ation bet-een lectures So&eti&es there
are errors in the ho&e-ork +uestions' &issing infor&ation' or se9eral students &a! ask the sa&e
clarification +uestion <n those cases < -ill e&ail e9er!one corrections and/or hints Gou &a! ha9e
as &an! e&ail addresses on the list as !ou -ould like Bho&e' -ork' etcD 6he addresses -ill not be
shared -ith e9er!one else
6his class -ill ha9e a teaching assistant that -ill grade the ho&e-ork and be a9ailable for +uestions
and ho&e-ork hel" 6he office hours and contact infor&ation for the 61 -ill t!"icall! be set u"
so&eti&e in the first t-o -eeks of class
(e)uired Te*t: Herr! H Sellers' $nderstanding S"ace (
ed =c:ra- Hill' (444
+lass "rocedure: 6eaching -ill be done directl! fro& the notes and at the board <t is ad9isable to
re9ie- the a""ro"riate &aterial before the lecture and bring the a""ro"riate notes to class
,ome-or.: 1s scheduled One ho&e-ork score B)4 "ointsD -ill be dro""ed for a total of 11
recorded scores 6he ho&e-ork is -orth )4I of the total grade and the e#a& +uestions are often
based on the ho&e-ork 6herefore' if !ou fail to do the ho&e-ork' it is unlikel! !ou -ill recei9e a
good grade for the course *#tra credit "roble&s &a! be gi9en at ti&es /o other 0special1
pro2lems3 pro4ects3 or e*tra -or. -ill 2e given
Students are encouraged to -ork together and share ideas but each student &ust turn in their o-n
-ork Clagiaris&' either fro& another.s -ork or fro& "re9ious !ears ho&e-ork solutions -ill not
be allo-ed and -ill result in loss of credit for the assign&ent Repeat offenders may be dropped
from the course and expelled from the department.
<f !ou are a distant student and -ould like to kno- if there are others in !our region' let &e kno- <
-ill "ro9ide a local contact list for an!one -anting it Gour contact infor&ation -ill not be shared
to others -ithout !our -ritten a""ro9al Be&ailD
Attendance: <t.s u" to !ou We -on.t be kee"ing track' but !ou -ill be &issing a significant
"ortion of the &aterial
(eligious ,oly 5ays: Clease &ake arrange&ents in ad9ance to &ake u" -ork &issed on those
ASTE 280 Intro to Astronautics
E*ams: 6-o =idter& e#a&s "lus 8inal *#a&
=ake/u" e#a&s -ill onl! be gi9en for s"ecial conditions Billness' death in the fa&il!' etcD or b!
"rior arrange&ent for job related issues 6he &ake/u" e#a& -ill be harder than the regular e#a&
%rading: Ho&e-ork J 10I
*ach =idter& J (0I
8inal J )0I
Kate ho&e-ork can be sub&itted one -eek after the due date and -ill be graded and reduced b! a
04I factor ,o ho&e-ork -ill be acce"ted after the solutions ha9e been "osted <f !ou ha9e
grading +uestions "lease call of see the 61 first and then contact the instructor if there is still a
Tour: 1 tour of the ,1S1/Het Cro"ulsion Kaborator! &a! be scheduled to-ards the end of the
se&ester 6his tour is o"tional and is ,O6 re+uired Details -ill be -orked out later
6uestions: Discussion is al-a!s -elco&e and encouraged on all as"ects of astronautics and s"ace
e#"lorations -ell as on the to"ic at hand BWe do not guarantee i&&ediate ans-ers on the abstract
+uestions but so&eti&es -ill need to adjourn the discussion until -e are better infor&edD 8or the
benefit of re&ote students' on/ca&"us students should s"eak loudl! and clearl! in order that
e9er!one can hear their +uestions Off/ca&"us students are encouraged to "hone in +uestions at an!
ti&e 6he studio "hone nu&ber -ill be dis"la!ed at the beginning of each lecture
8eith %ood9ello-3 Senior *ngineer' 1d9anced Cro"ulsion :rou"' ,1S1 Het Cro"ulsion
5eith :oodfello- got his BS in &echanical engineering -ith a &inor in "h!sics fro& the
$ni9ersit! of $tah in 1@36 and his =S in &echanical engineering fro& Curdue $ni9ersit! in 1@33
1t Curdue his "ursued coarse/-ork in solid and li+uid "ro"ellant rockets' h!"ersonic aerod!na&ics
and "erfor&ed research on electric "ro"ulsion thrusters and "las&a "h!sics He recei9ed his ChD
in aeros"ace engineering fro& $S% in 1@@6 His -ork -as on the interactions of "las&a/arc/
discharges and electrodes in electric "ro"ulsion thrusters He -as a &e&ber of the 1d9anced
Cro"ulsion 6echnolog! :rou" at the Het Cro"ulsion Kaborator! BHCKD fro& 1@33 until (444 1t HCK
he -as in9ol9ed -ith the "erfor&ance and endurance testing of &an! different t!"es of electric
thrusters Barcjet thrusters' Hall thrusters' ion engines' =agnetoClas&aD!na&ic B=CDD thrusters'
and inno9ati9e thrustersD' "las&a diagnostics' facilit! and data ac+uisition s!ste& de9elo"&ent'
e9aluation of ad9anced "ro"ulsion conce"ts' de9elo"&ent and testing of solar and &icro-a9e
dri9en sails' &ission studies' s"acecraft design' s"acecraft ther&al and 9acuu& testing' and flight
o"erations su""ort BDee" S"ace OneD He -as a &e&ber of the 1&erican <nstitute of 1eronautics
and 1stronautics B1<11D *lectric Cro"ulsion 6echnical %o&&ittee for 0 !ears He has been
teaching continuousl! at $S% since (444 His courses includeA 1D 1S6* 474 S"acecraft Cro"ulsion'
(D 1S6* 07( 1d9anced S"acecraft Cro"ulsion and )D 1S6* (34 <ntroduction to 1stronautics
ASTE 280 Intro to Astronautics
Please send email to me ( with the following information. I will
use !our email address as the main wa! of getting a hold of !ou. I will send email to !ou
using two or more addresses if !ou like" #lease tell me all email addresses !ou$d like me to
use. Sometimes I will get se%eral students asking for hel# on a #articular #ro&lem. 'ith a
class email list I can easil! send out hints on how to sol%e it. Please tell me a little a&out
!our interests. It hel#s me customi(e the material to the interests to the students. 'e
ha%e a lot more material a%aila&le than we ha%e time to co%er.
). *ame
2. +lass location (e.g., -S+, or for remote students .oeing, /ockheed, etc. If it is
a com#an! #lease include the di%ision0location and the de#artment. (1or
e2am#le, there are a lot of .oeing locations
3. /ist degrees attained 4 dates 4 from what -ni%ersit! 4 fields (AE, 5E, etc.
6. 7egree sought (..S, Ph7, etc. 4 field (AE, 5E, EE, etc.
8. If a##lica&le, #resent related 9o& or student research area (t!#e of work,
com#an!, de#artment, and t!#e of work (design, testing, +17, etc.
:. Tele#hone num&er(s (emergenc! use onl!
;. Email address (as man! as !ou would like" home, work, etc.
8. T!#e of student (e.g., regular, non<degree o#tion, audit, etc.
=. Areas of interest in s#acecraft (or aircraft (#ro#ulsion, controls, structures, etc.
)0. To#ics of interest to !ou for this class (micro#ro#ulsion, 5ars missions, nuclear
#ro#ulsion, etc. 'hat would !ou like the class to co%er this semester>
*ote? There is no need for !ou to send me !our social securit! num&er.