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Valley Benchmark is a new GPU stress-testing tool from the developers of

the very popular and highly acclaimed Heaven Benchmark. The forest-covered
valley surrounded y vast mountains ama!es with its scale from a ird"s-eye view
and is e#tremely detailed down to every leaf and flower petal. This non-synthetic
enchmark powered y the state-of-the art U$%G%$& &ngi ne
showcases a
comprehensive set of cutting-edge graphics technologies with a dynamic
environment and fully interactive modes availale to the end user.
(ffering a rare chance to e#perience a reath of untapped) crystal clear air) Valley
Benchmark allows you to encounter a morning high up in the mountains when the
snow-capped peaks are *ust arely glittering in the rising sun. Be it flying over the
vast green e#panses or hiking along rocky slopes) this *ourney continues as long
you wish. Uni+ue in every corner) this open-space world provides a wonderfully
rela#ing e#perience under the tran+uil music and sounds of nature.
&#treme hardware staility testing
Per-frame GPU temperature and clock monitoring
,upport for -indows) .inu#) 'ac (, /
0dvanced visual technologies1 dynamic sky) volumetric clouds) sun shafts)
2(3) amient occlusion
45666666 s+uare meters of e#tremely detailed) seamless terrain
Procedural o*ect placement of vegetation and rocks
The entire valley is free to e e#plored in interactive fly-y or hike-through
User-controlled dynamic weather
,upport for stereo 72 and multi-monitor configurations
Benchmarking presets
,tress testing mode 8enchmark looping9 :only for 0dvanced and Pro versions;
<ommand line automation support :only for 0dvanced and Pro versions;
Highly customi!ale reports in <,V format :only for 0dvanced and Pro versions;
,upport for software rendering mode in 2irect/ == :only for Pro version;
Unigine <orp. > ?66@-?6=7. 0ll rights reserved.
0T% Aadeon H2 5### and higher
$V%2%0 Ge3orce B### and higher
%ntel H2 7666 and higher
Video memory1 @=? '
2isk space1 =.@ G
(perating system1
', -indows /P C Vista C D C B
.inu# 8proprietary video drivers re+uired9
'ac (, / =6.BE 8'ountain .ion9
%n the launcher) it is possile to choose one of the enchmarking presets or
specify settings to run Valley.
Language - use &nglish) Aussian or <hinese language for the interface
Preset - enchmarking preset) see the details elow.
API - graphics 0P% to e used1
2irect/ ==
2irect/ F
Quality - +uality preset) from .ow to Ultra high.
Stere !" - enales stereo rendering1
"isa#le$ - no stereo 72 rendering.
!" Visin - $V%2%0 72 Vision stereo. This mode re+uires 72 Vision-
compatile graphics card and monitor) as well as active shutter
glasses 8or anaglyph ones) depending on the 72 Vision driver
!" Surrun$ - $V%2%0 72 ,urround stereo across three monitors
8the same re+uirements as for $V%2%0 72 Vision apply9.
"ual Out%ut - stereo mode for custom VAC0A output devices that
support separate images input) such as 72 video glasses or helmets.
Si$e&#y&si$e - screen is halved hori!ontally to render left- and right-
eye images
T%&an$&#tt' - screen is halved vertically to render left- and right-
Unigine <orp. > ?66@-?6=7. 0ll rights reserved.
eye images
Interla(e$ - interlaced stereo
Anagly%) anaglyph stereo 8red-cyan glasses are re+uired9.
Mnitrs - render Valley across multiple monitors
Single - render on one monitor
Surrun$ !*+ - span Valley across three monitors using one window
Wall Aut - detect the numer of availale monitors 8works only for
identical monitors) with identical resolution9
Wall ,*+ - ? monitors in a row
Wall +*, - ? monitors in a column
Anti&aliasing - set the level of hardware anti-aliasing or disale it
Full S(reen - full screen mode
Reslutin - choose screen resolution or window si!e from the list
Syste' - auto-detection of used resolutions
Cust' - set custom width and height to e used
Run utton runs the Valley Benchmark application.
&ach preset allows for comparale results across hardware configurations and
has its own settings.
Cust' - allows for changing launch options
-asi( - provides standard GPU load
0P%1 2irect/ F on -indows and (penG. on .inu# and 'ac
Guality1 medium
Aesolution1 =?B6#D?6) windowed mode
0nti-aliasing1 #?
V,ync1 disaled
,tereo1 disaled
0mient (cclusion1 enaled
Volumetric ,hadows1 enaled
'otion Blur1 disaled
E*tre'e - provides heavy load for system testing
0P%1 2irect/ == on -indows and (penG. on .inu# and 'ac
Guality1 ultra
Aesolution1 =466#F66) windowed mode
0nti-aliasing1 #B
Unigine <orp. > ?66@-?6=7. 0ll rights reserved.
V,ync1 disaled
,tereo1 disaled
0mient (cclusion1 enaled
Volumetric ,hadows1 enaled
'otion Blur1 enaled
E*tre'e H" - provides e#tremely heavy load in the fullscreen mode
0P%1 2irect/ == on -indows and (penG. on .inu# and 'ac
Guality1 ultra
Aesolution1 =F?6#=6B6) fullscreen mode
0nti-aliasing1 #B
V,ync1 disaled
,tereo1 disaled
0mient (cclusion1 enaled
Volumetric ,hadows1 enaled
'otion Blur1 enaled
This option starts enchmarking of the system. 2uring this run) the GPU is
stressed to determine the systemHs relialy under graphics-intensive load.
The enchmarking is always done according to the parameters set in the
launcher. %f the VSyn( option is enaled in enchmarkHs ,ettings) the preset is
reset to a Cust' one.
The following parameters are displayed during enchmarking 8you can press &sc
to cancel a test run91
FPS - the current) per-frame 3P,
Ti'e - duration of enchmarking
Fra'es count
Min FPS - the minimum 3P, since the eginning of enchmarking
Ma* FPS - the ma#imum 3P, since the eginning of enchmarking
S(ene - the numer of cinematic scenes shownCleft
Unigine <orp. > ?66@-?6=7. 0ll rights reserved.
The results of enchmarking are output onto the screen and can e saved into a
HT'. file. %n addition to the aove mentioned parameters) they include1
FPS / average 3P, during enchmarking
S(re I your system score
Plat0r' / system data and version of the U$%G%$& &ngine powering the
1PU and CPU model data
Settings - graphics settings used to run the enchmark
The <amera mode option allows to sit ack and watch the cinematic scenes
or switch to an interactive mode to e#plore the green Valley e#panses detailed to
every leaf1
Cine'ati( & cinematic scenes
Free - fly-y mode for e#ploring the valley from the irdHs-eye view
Wal2 - walk-through mode for hiking along the rocky slopes
%n the Cine'ati( camera mode) the following hot keys are availale1
,pace ar J stopCresume scene playack
&nter J skip the scene
Backspace J replay the scene from the start
Unigine <orp. > ?66@-?6=7. 0ll rights reserved.
%n interactive camera modes the depth of field effect can e additionally tweaked1
F(us - change the focus point from close-y o*ects to distant ones
A%erture - change the width of the area in focus
The &nvironment option makes the ever-dynamic weather and a full day-
night cycle availale for change. %n the link of an eye the sunny day-time reverie
can turn into a whole new) gloomy scenery) when the skies are heavy with stormy
clouds and erupt with slashing rain.
This option allows you to set any time from the full day-night cycle. 3rom early
dawn to the deepest of night) true-to-life atmospheric conditions are simulated.
The sun and the full moon rising and setting over the hori!on
Aeal geographic location-ased stars
%mmersive amient sounds accounting for a time change
0s you change weather conditions) the right lue sunny sky will ecome densely
overcast with heavy rain clouds generated y a physically accurate algorithm. 0t
daytime hours) shadows are softened as they are cast onto the gloomy ground.
Using this option) you can enale the rain and see it dri!!le calmly or pour down in
a shower. %t comes together with the following effects1
Trickles down wet stone surfaces
Volumetric fog lying low at the valley ottom
Aaindrops on the camera lens
This option allows you to enale the wind and change its strength from a light
ree!e to a lustery storm. Trees and grass sway under gusts of wind) and the air
is filled with dust particles and leaf shreds.
Unigine <orp. > ?66@-?6=7. 0ll rights reserved.
The Guality option allows for choosing etween four +uality presets when
rendering Valley) from .ow to Ultra one. This option effectively scales the
rendering performance load.
The ,ound option toggles the meditative ackground music and the sounds
of nature.
0 set of sounds changes with the time of day) from irds singing during the
daytime to crickets chirp deep in the night.
0ccounting for a weather change) a sound of pouring rain and rushing wind
are added to the amient environment.
Unigine <orp. > ?66@-?6=7. 0ll rights reserved.