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Unlock and Root HTC One dual sim 802d
July 22nd, 2014 Heru Nurwarsito Edit No comments
How to Unlock and Root HTC One dual sim 802d-series
This adopt from
As softModders, the rst thing we do after updating to the newest version of Android is to root, install a custom
recovery, and install a superuser app. By doing this you open up your HTC One to a vast quantity of new apps
and tweaks you can use to truly make your phone One of a kind.
Well need to get a few basic out of the way before we begin.
Make sure your phone is fully charged. 1.
Register for an account over at HTCdev. 2.
Enable USB debugging in Developer options. 3.
Disable Fast boot in your power settings by going to Settings -> Battery Manager -> uncheck Fast
Heru Nurwarsito
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Have ADB and Fastboot installed on your computer. You can install ADB and Fastboot either on Windows
or Mac.
Back up all of your app data using ADB. or use another application like App Backup/Restore from
Google Play Store
Also, be sure to back up anything in the internal storage of your device to your Mac because this process 7.
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2 of 12 8/27/14, 8:58 AM
wipes all data from your device, including pictures, music, videos, etc.
Make sure you have the HTC One drivers installed. If you installed HTC Sync, they are already on your
Unfortunately, Big Red (Verizon) thought it best to remove the ability to unlock your bootloader through HTC
Dev. Because of this added security measure, any One running KitKat cannot be unlocked or S-Offd. If you are
one of the lucky few to still be using JellyBean, than you are in luck, as long as you S-Off your device you can
unlock your bootloader.
Unlocking Your Bootloader
The rst step to rooting is having an unlocked bootloader.
Basically, a bootloader is what starts your Android operating system kernel. Every bootloader is device specic,
which means there are different ways to unlock them depending on what phone you are using.
The beauty of unlocking your bootloader is that you can install custom rmwares, recoveries, and ROMs without
the need for HTC to ofcially push them out.
Place your device into fastboot mode by shutting off your phone, then powering it on again by pressing
both the Power and Volume down buttons until you see the screen below. While pressing maybe display
will dark at moment, hold until display like this bellow.
Highlight fastboot by using the Volume down button and conrm by pressing the Power button. 2.
Connect your phone to your Mac and open Terminal. 3.
In terminal, type fastboot oem get_identier_token. 4.
Now copy the identier code (excluding the (bootloader) portion) and hold onto it. 5.
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Go to and login to your account. If you have no account 6.
Select Unlock Bootloader and then Get Started. 7.
Select All Supported Models and then Begin Unlock Bootloader. 7.
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Choose Yes, then Proceed to Unlock on the next 2 pop-ups. 8.
On the following screen, scroll all the way to bottom and select Proceed to Step 5. 9.
Paste in that identier token from terminal into the bottom eld of the next screen and click Submit. (you
can copy paste from terminal and delete any (bootloader) so dispaly like this bellow).
Heru Nurwarsito
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Go to your email and download the Unlock_code.bin that HTC emailed to you, then place it on your
Now, back in terminal, type cd Desktop (change to Desktop directory). 12.
Then, fastboot ash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin. 13.
Now go to your phone and, using the Volume Up button, select Yes to unlock bootloader and conrm using
your Power button.
Wait a few seconds and allow your HTC One to reboot. 15.
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Congratulations! Your bootloader is now unlocked and your phone is basically back to stock, so you are going to
need to go through the set up process as if it were a new device.
Installing TWRP Recovery & SuperSU
Now that the bootloader has been unlocked, its time to root!
Once you are rebooted, go to Chainres download page on your Mac and download the UPDATE-
SuperSU .zip le (Chainre will always update the download page to the latest version).
Once downloaded, copy it to the internal storage or Micro SD of your phone. 2.
Just like we did in Step 1 for unlocking the bootloader, put your phone into fastboot mode again. 3.
Download the appropriate TWRP recovery .img le as your HTC type. HTC One has many type like 802d,
802t, or 802w etc.
If you have an AT&T, T-Mobile, International, or Developer Edition HTC One, go to this page to
download the TWRP recovery.img le.
If you have a Sprint HTC One, go to this page to download the TWRP recovery.img le.
If you have HTC One 802d, 802t, or 802w, go to this page to download recovery.img le.
To install the recovery, type one of the following into Terminal. 5.
For the AT&T, T-Mobile, International, and Developer editions, type fastboot ash recovery openrecovery-
For the Sprint HTC Once, type fastboot ash recovery openrecovery-twrp-
For HTC One 802d, 802t, or 802w, type fastboot ash recovery TWRP_Recovery_2.6.3.4_802d.img.
Then type fastboot erase cache. 6.
Now on your phone, go highlight Bootloader (using the volume keys) and hit the Power button to conrm. 7.
Using the volume keys, select Recovery, then hit the Power button again to boot your HTC One into
recovery mode.
Once in TWRP, select Install, then select the SuperSU zip le you copied over earlier. 9.
Slide to install and then select Reboot System. 10.
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Heru Nurwarsito
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Thats it, youre rooted!
Check Root in Your smartphone
To check root in your smartphone, please use apps Root checker from Play store.
Now What?
Once rebooted, you will have a SuperSU icon in your app drawer and be able to use it to grant apps root access,
like the renowned Xposed Installer.
After this is all done, you will be able to restore your data using the same guide you used to back up your data.
Heru Nurwarsito
9 of 12 8/27/14, 8:58 AM
Just be sure to re-enable USB debugging.

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Install OS Apple MAC OSX 10.6.4 di PC
November 17th, 2010 Heru Nurwarsito Edit No comments
Tertarik enaknya komputer Mac? bisa coba install di PC/Laptop.
Anda bisa download IATKOS S3 V2 10.6.3 Snow Leopard. Anda bisa gogling dengan kata kunci IATKOS S3
V2 dan Hotle atau rapidshare atau leserve atau beli DVD dari kaskus biasanya sudah tersedia. Silahkan
burning di DVD dengan speed rendah saja.
1. Boot dengan DVD IATKOS S3 V2.
2. Bila menu Utilities muncul, pilih Disk Utility. Buat Partisi hardisk menjadi 3, yaitu untuk Windows, Mac OSX
dan Data. Bila sudah selesai keluar Disk Utility.
3. Pilih Partisi untuk MAC, dan pilih Cuxtomize denga opsi:
- bootloader : PC EFI
- Driver: PS2, NTFS, VGA sesuaikan, Network sesuaikan dengan PC anda
3. Klik Instal dan tunggu sampai selesai, jangan lupa sediakan USB mouse karena pada tahap awal PS2 mouse
belum bisa terdeteksi.
4. bila sudah restart, isi data-data yang sesuai
5. Untuk mengaktifkan PS2 Mouse dengan cara :
- copy ApplePS2Controller.kext punya 10.5.5 di attach berikut (extrak dulu ya)
- Jalanakan Kext Utility
- Hapus (move to trash) extension.mkext yg di direktori /Extra
- reboot dan pastikan mouse USB dilepas
6. Untuk aplikasi MAC OSX bisa dilihat dan di download
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April 28th, 2010 Heru Nurwarsito Edit No comments
SAP adalah aplikasi ERP terbesar di dunia dan begitu juga di Indonesia. SAP faktanya memegang lebih dari 80%
ERP application di Indonesia.
Bagimana belajar SAP? Barangkali link ini bisa membantu:
Heru Nurwarsito
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Hello world!
March 29th, 2010 Heru Nurwarsito Edit 1 comment
Selamat Datang di Universitas Brawijaya. Ini adalah posting pertamaku
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Install OS Apple MAC OSX 10.6.4 di PC
Unlock and Root HTC One dual sim 802d
Hello world!
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