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Glosar de termeni juridici roman-englez

A amna: To defer
A anexa: To attach/to annex
A anula, a nlocui: To supersede
A avea dreptul s: To be entitled to
A considera: To deem
A conveni: To aknowledge
A convoca: To convene
A declina orice rspundere: isclaim all responsibilit!
A despgubi: "ndemnif!
A executa un contract: To fulfil an agreement
A expedia: To ship
A fi de competen#a: To come within the $urisdiction of
A fi obligat s: To be bound to
A interpreta: To construe
A nclca: To infringe
A ncheia un acord/
A ncheia un contract: To enter into/conclude an agreement/To strike a bargain
A ncredin#a o sarcin: %ntrust with
A pierde un drept: To forfeit a right
A pre$udicia: To damage
A pre&enta o ofert: To tender
A rspunde de: To be responsible for
A reglementa un diferend: To accomodate a dispute
A renun#a la un drept: To disclaim a right, to waive
A re&ilia: To terminate
A re&ilia un contract: To terminate a contract/an agreement
A rupe un contract: To break a contract
A scuti de rspundere: To hold harmless
A se anga$a 's(: To undertake to
A se anga$a s: To undertake to
A se conforma: To compl! with
A se supune: To be sub$ect to
A semna un act: To execute a deed
A semna un contract: To execute a contract
A sigura pe cineva cu: To procure sth) *or sb)
A suporta costurile: To bear the costs of
A vi&a, a contrasemna: To countersign
Acoperirea contractului: +cope of contract
Acord de licen#: ,icence agreement
Acord prin care pr#ile se oblig/
Acord care oblig pr#ile: -inding agreement
Acord scris prealabil: .rior written permission
Acord tacit: "mplicit agreement
Anexa alturat: Appendix/schedule hereto
Anex: Annex, schedule, appendix
Anga$ament: /ndertaking
Anga$ate/re&ultate din cau&a: "ncurred b! reason of
Anterior 'mentionat, precedent(: *oregoing
A01i executa obliga#iile: To discharge one2s obligations
A01i ndeplini obligatiile: To perform one2s obligations
Atestnd aceasta: "n witness whereof
-ilan#: Account
-unuri pre$udiciate: amaged propert!
3aiet de sarcini: 4e5uirements, specifications
3are: As 'u&itat in contracte(
3are ar putea fi cerut/solicitat: As ma! be re5uired
3are dep1e1te: "n excess of
3are intr sub inciden#a prevederilor: 3oming within the terms
3are nu poate fi considerat scu&abil: 6hich is not deemed excusable
3are re&ult din sau sunt provocate de: Arising out of or resulting from
3a& de for# ma$or: Act of 7od
3ederea contractului: Assignement
3el mai tr&iu: 8n or before
3el tr&iu: At the latest
3erere de ofert: 3all for tender
3erere de rambursare: 3laim for refund/reimbursment
3heltuieli diverse: 3ontingencies
3heltuieli $udiciare: ,egal expenses
3ifr de afaceri: Turnover
3itit 1i aprobat: Aknowledged and agreed to
3lau&a este obligatorie pentru
fiecare dintre cele dou pr#i: The clause shall be binding on either part!
3omisie consultativ: Advisor! bod!
3omisie special: Ad0hoc committee
3omportament inadecvat: 9isconduct
3onditie necesar: .rere5uisite 'for(
3ondi#ii de plat: Terms of pa!ment
3ondi#iile contractului
vor trebui interpretate: The terms of the contract are to be construed
3onform condi#iilor: -! the term
3onform contractului: /nder the contract
3onform cu: .ursuant to, compl!ing with, according to
:n conformitate cu: "n accordance with, consistent with, pursuant to,
compl!ing with, according to
3onform regulilor/
prevederilor: /nder rules/provisions
3ontract anulabil: ;oidable contract
3ontract de cumprare: .urchase agreement
3ontract nul: ;oid contract
3ontractul a fost ncheiat
de ctre 1i ntre: The agreement has been concluded b! and between
3ontractul va fi pre&entat
n engle&: The contract shall be submitted in english
3ontractul va intra n vigoare: The agreement shall be effective
3orespun&tor: ul!
3u cheltuiala 1i pe rspunderea: At the expense and liabilit! of
3u condi#ia ca: 8n the condition that/provided that
3u titlu de avans: -! wa! of advance
3u/fr acord scris prealabil: 6ith/without prior written consent
3um este specificat mai sus: As specified above

ac este ca&ul: "f an!

ac este necesar: 6hen appropriate
ac nu s0a specificat altfel: %xcept as otherwise specified
ac nu se stipulea& altfel: /nless otherwise stipulated
ac pr#ile nu convin
de comun acord altfel: /nless parties mutuall! agree otherwise
ac s0a convenit de ctre pr#i: "f agreed upon b! the parties
ac se solicit astfel: "f so re5uired
ac/indiferent dac: 6hether
at fiind c, ntruct, n timp ce: 6hereas
ata intrrii n vigoare: %ffective date
aune moratorii: ,ate charges
e comun acord: -! mutual agreement/consent
e mai $os, tot aici: <ereunder
enumit mai departe/
n cele ce urmea&: <ereinafter called/<ereinafter referred to as
esi, cu toate c, n ciuda: =otwithstanding
espgubire: 4emed!
evi&: %stimate
in cau&a: -! reason of
rept de proprietate: .roprietar! right
up cum este ca&ul: As ma! be appropriate/As the case ma! be
up cum este prev&ut: As provided
up cum s0a prev&ut mai sus: As aforesaid
up cum se preci&ea& mai $os: As stated below
up cuno1tin#a: According to the knowledge
up primirea: After receipt
uplicat, copie: 3ounterpart
urata contractului: Term
%veniment neprev&ut: 3ontingenc!
%xecutare corespun&toare 1i la timp: .roper and timel! performance
%xecutare cu ntr&iere: ela!ed performance
%xecutarea contractului: .erformance of ontract
%xpediere: +hippment
*ace referire la: "t pertains/refers to )))
*r a #ine seama/cont de: 4egardless of
7a$, garan#ie: .ledge
7arant: +uret!
7aran#ie de executare: .erformance bond
7aran#ie de plat: -id bond
7aran#ii contractuale: 3ontractual warranties
"mpo&it: Assessment
"n conformitate cu: "n compliance with, in accordance with
"nclu&nd dar fr a se limita la: "ncluding but not limited/restricted to
"ndependent de voin#a: -e!ond the control
"ntrare n vigoare
'ca titlu n cadrul contractului(: 3ommencement
:mputernicire: .ower of attorne!
:mputernicit, mandatar: .rox!
:n aceast privin#: "n this respect
:n ca& de nendeplinire: "n case of default
:n ceea ce prive1te: 6ith respect to
:n condi#iile: 8n terms and conditions
:n conformitate cu: According to
:n consecint,
drept urmare: Therefore
:n consecin#: Accordingl!
:n folosul: "n behalf of
:n func#ie de: epending on
:n incinta: 8n the premises
:n intervalul de timp preci&at: *or the term specified
:n legtur cu acesta sau
care se raportea& la acesta: "n connection therewith or related thereto
:n msura n care: "n so far as
:n msura n care: To the extant that
:n mod explicit: %xpressl!
:n mod re&onabil: 4easonabl!
:n orice scop: *or an! purpose
:n prealabil: -eforehand
:n privin#a creia: 6herein
:n propor#ie de: "n proportion to
:n scopul: *or the purpose
:n timp util: "n due course 'of time/"n due time
:n unanimitate: 6ith one consent
:n vigoare: "n force
:n virtutea: -! virtue of
:ncalcare: "nfringement
:nclcare a contractului: -reach of contract
:nclcarea dreptului de brevet: .atent infringement
:ntre altele: "nter alia
:ntr0o asemenea msur: To such an extent
:1i re&erv dreptul de a: "t reserves the right to
,a cererea: "f re5uested
,a cererea: /pon re5uest
,a livrare: /pon deliver!
,a pct) > de mai sus: /nder >) Above
,a pre&entarea: /pon submission
,a primirea: /pon receipt
,a sfr1itul cruia: At which time
,a timp: 8n time
,egisla#ie fiscal: 4evenue laws
,imita responsabilit#ilor: ,imits of liabilit!
,imitarea rspunderii: ,imitation of liabilit!
9ai $os, mai departe,
tot aici: <ereunder
9ai sus ment#ionat: Aforementioned, aforesaid
=e$ustificat, fr temei: 7roundless
=u respect prevederile specificate: oesn2t compl! with the provisions specified
=ul 1i neavenit: 8f no effect/null and void
=umit: +aid
8biectul contractului: .urpose of contract
8bligatorie: -inding
8bliga#ia de a ))) nu va nceta: The obligation to ))) shall not be waived
8fert nchis: +ealed tender
8ricare ar fi acesta/aceasta: 6hatsoever
.agub material: amage to propert!
.agube materiale: .ropert! damage
.r#i contractante: 3ontracting parties
.e ba&a: 8n account of
.e durata contractului: uring the term of the contract
.e ntreaga perioad: Throughout the period
.e socoteala: *or the account of
.entru, ca 1i: "n respect of
.ersoan $uridic: ,egal person
.eti#ionar: Applicant
.lat: 4emittance
.ltit la timp: ul! paid
.oli# de asigurare: "nsurance polic!
.recedent: Aforegoing
.re$udiciu: Tort
.relungirea perioadei de garan#ie: %xtension of warrant!
.reten#ie de despgubiri: 3laim for damages
.rev&ut de lege: .rovided for b! the law
.re&entul contract are ca obiect: This contract has as purpose
.re&entul contract ncheiat
la ? octombrie @AAA: This agreement made this ?rd of october @AAA
.rin care: 6hereb!
.rin respectarea acesteia: "n observance thereof
.roces verbal: 4eport, proceedings, minute
.roiect de contract: raft agreement
.roprietar, apar#innd: .roprietar!
4mne n vigoare: +hall remain in force
4spundere comun: +everal liabilit!
4spundere unic: +ole liabilit!
4eclama#ie : 3laim
4eglementare pe cale amiabil: *riendl! accomodation
4eglementarea litigiilor: +ettlement of disputes
4enun#area la un drept: 6aiver
+0a convenit dup cum urmea&: "t has been agreed as follows
+alariu brut: 7ross wage
+caden#: 9aturit!
+cutire: %xemption
+emnarea contractului: %xecution of the contract
+ervicii publice: /tilities
+ocietate cu rspundere limitat: ,imited liabilit! compan!
+pecifica#ii incluse aici: +pecifications herein
+ub pedeapsa: /nder penalt! of
+ubiectul contractului: +ub$ect of contract
+ubsemnat: /ndersigned
+uma dep1e1te valoarea ))): The sums exceeds tha value of )))
Tax de repre&entare: %ntertainment cost
Tax pe valoare adugat: Added value
Taxe de expediere: *reight charges
Taxe de re&iliere: Termination charges
Termen de plat: Term of pa!ment
Thereafter: /lterior
/lterior: +ubse5uent to
/tili&area acestuia: The use thereof
;a rmne n vigoare dup re&iliere: +hall survive after termination
;enit: "ncome
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