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Nina Williams

Nina Williams
Tekken character
Nina Williams in Tekken Tag Tournament 2
First game Tekken (1994)
Voiced by
Lynn Harris (Tekken-Tekken
Tag Tournament)
Ellie McBride (The Motion
Lisle Wilkerson (Tekken 4)
Mary Elizabeth McGly nn
(since Tekken 5)
Voiced by
Yumi Tma (Tekken-Tekken
Tag Tournament)
Minami Takayama (The
Motion Picture, drama CD)
Kanako Hirano (Japanese
dub of the Tekken f ilm)
Atsuko Tanaka (Blood
Y Kobayashi (Street Fighter
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Nina Williams (Japanese: Hepburn: Nna Wiriamuzu
) is a f ictional character f rom Namco's Tekken f ighting game series. A cold-blooded
Irish assassin, Nina made her f irst appearance in Tekken, the original game in the series, and is one of three playable characters (the others being Paul Phoenix
and Heihachi Mishima), and the only f emale character to appear in every installment in the series. She also starred in her ow n spin-of f game, Death by Degrees.
Nina has an unstable and of ten violent relationship w ith her younger sister, Anna Williams, w ho is f requently her arch-rival in the series. She is know n f or her
f ast and lethal f ighting style, based loosely on the f ighting arts hapkido and koppojutsu, among others. The character w as mostly very w ell received, of ten
regarded as one of the best Tekken characters as w ell as one of the most attractive and stylish f emale characters in gaming.
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Appearances [edi t]
In video games [edi t]
Nina Williams w as born and raised in Ireland, as w as her sister, Anna.
From a young age, both w ere taught various f orms of martial arts such as
assassination martial arts, aikido and koppojutsu.
Both sisters admired their f ather, a f ormer assassin Richard Williams, w hich caused a sibling rivalry betw een
the tw o as they crave and compete f or his attention. When Richard died, both sisters started to blame each other f or the cause of his death. Although they tried
to maintain their relationship f ollow ing their f ather's last w ish, it only made their rivalry strengthen even f urther. Nina's know ledge of the assassination martial
arts help her quickly becoming an assassin and the 20-year-old Nina had later been hired during The King of Iron Fist Tournament to assassinate the head of
Mishima Zaibatsu, Heihachi Mishima. How ever, she f ailed.
Tw o years later, Nina w as contracted again to assassinate the current head of Mishima Zaibatsu, Kazuya Mishima by entering The King of Iron Fist Tournament
2, but Anna intervened, and a conf lict prevented her f rom f ulf illing the assignment. She w as captured by Kazuya af ter f ailing to assassinate him and w as used
as a test subject in the "cold sleep" project by Dr. Boskonovich
- a cryogenic experiment. Anna Williams volunteered to be put in cryogenic sleep, but
demanded to be aw oken at the same time as Nina. The experiment w ent on f or 19 years.
When Nina w oke up f rom the cryosleep, she suf f ered heavy amnesia, a f ate f rom w hich her sister Anna w as spared. She w as also controlled by the recently
aw akened Ogre, the God of Fighting w ho sent her to participate in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3 to assassinate Jin Kazama - Heihachi Mishima's
Near the end of the tournament, Jin managed to beat Nina back to her senses, allow ing her to break f ree f rom Ogre's control. As an act of
compassion, Anna w orked intensively w ith Dr. Boskonovitch to bring her sister's memories back. How ever, the project f ailed w hen Nina recovered the memory
about the f act that she and her sister did not get along. Af ter this, Nina lef t and did not contact Anna f or some time.
Nina soon revived her role as an assassin, the only thing that she recalled f rom her previous lif e. Tw o years later, she w as contracted by a Maf ia syndicate to
kill a f amous British boxer, Steve Fox. How ever, she discovered that Steve w as in f act her biological son, w ho w as born through In vitro f ertilisation during her
X Tekken)
Kumiko Kamata (Blood
Portrayed by Candce Hillebrand (f ilm)
Summer Daniels (Tekken Tag
Tournament 2 "Girl Power"
Fictional profile
Birthplace Ireland
Fighting style Assassination arts (f usion of
Koppo-jutsu and Hapkido)
Occupation Assassin (Tekken-Tekken 2,
Tekken 4)
MI6 operativ e (Death by
Bodyguard (Tekken 6)
Summer Daniels (lef t) as
Nina at the Electronic
Entertainment Expo 2012
years in cryosleep. At the last moment, she abandoned her assassination attempt af ter detective Lei Wulong brought dow n the syndicate. Af ter the collapse of
her employers, Nina no longer required a viable reason to pursue her target. It w as also revealed that she remained emotionally impassive about the discovery
of her biological son, but the f act that she did not kill him w hen the chance presented itself show s otherw ise f or some.
Nina decided that it w as time she re-discovered her lost memories and came to the conclusion that the only person w ho could help her w as her sister, Anna
Anna meets w ith Nina soon af ter. How ever, Nina's memories and hatred instinctively returned, and they rapidly engaged in a gun battle.
The duel
lasted f or days and the tw o later agreed to meet at The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 and f inish their battle.
The tw o promised that only one w ould w alk
aw ay f rom the coming battle, how ever, w hen Nina w on, she ref used to take Anna's lif e as their f ight w as not satisf actory.
Later, Nina w as approached by the CEO of Mishima Financial Empire, Jin Kazama w ho had already launched w ar around the w orld, to be his personal
bodyguard and enters The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 to intercept any possible threat to him, w hich Nina accepted. Meanw hile, Anna, w ho vow s to take
revenge at Nina becomes Kazuya Mishima's personal bodyguard, know ing she is bound to come f ace to f ace w ith Nina along the w ay. In the Scenario Campaign
mode of the console version of Tekken 6, she served as one of the antagonist f or the most part, assisting Jin at his scheme. Af ter Jin sacrif iced himself to kill
Azazel at the end, she told Lars that she already knew Jin's plans about the w orld w ar since the beginning; so he can aw aken Azazel's physical body, but she
w as unsure w hether Jin's actions w ere right or w rong. She then lef t w ith a Mishima Zaibatsu helicopter, w hich may or may not signif y that she became Mishima
Zaibatsu's new CEO.
Nina stars in her ow n action game, Death by Degrees, released in 2005.
The game provides an alternate backstory f or Nina and Anna; the plot concentrating
more on their f ather and how he died w hen they w ere children. In this game it is revealed that Richard Williams had struggled w ith a f ew guardsmen, and shouted f or Nina to grab a gun w hich one of
guardsmen had dropped. How ever, her hesitation and f ear caused the guards to get the upper hand and shoot Richard Williams, killing him. Anna is show n comf orting her sister moments af ter, w hile the
older Nina looks over the scene. The rivalry w hich stemmed f rom the incident crossed over to the real-time events of the Tekken series.
Nina also appears in the crossover f ighting game Street Fighter X Tekken w ith her of f icial tag partner, Kazuya. In the cinematic trailer, they battle against Ryu and Ken at a condemned building, bef ore
Kazuya captures Ryu as bait to lure Jin out.
Design and gameplay [edi t]
Nina Williams has blonde ponytail and blue eyes, and voluptuous yet pow erf ul build. Her look contrasts that of her sister, Anna, w ho is a brunette. Nina dresses primarily in purple f itted costumes and is
commonly seen w earing a military style outf it (to suit her occupation),
sometimes also in costumes made of materials resembling spandex, PVC and leather. Most of her shoes also consist of heels. In
Tekken 6, one of Nina's extra outf its is her Death by Degrees costume.
In the original Tekken, her age w as initially stated as 20 years old, in Tekken 2 she w as 22 and in Tekken 6, her age is 43. How ever, in the 19 year gap that takes place betw een Tekken 2 and 3 both Nina
and her sister Anna w ere cryogenically f rozen slow ing dow n the ef f ects of aging.
Nina Williams' f ighting style is Hapkido. Nina is know n f or her lethal f ighting styles, consisting of many martial arts and f ighting skills.
Nina has strong jabbing abilities, is agile and has above average
Nina w as also among the f irst characters to utilize chain throw s, having them since Tekken 2.
Other appearances [edi t]
Nina also appears in the OVA Tekken: The Motion Picture as one of the main antagonists. She is seduced by Lee Chaolan and he hires her to kill Kazuya Mishima so that he
w ill inherit the Mishima Zaibatsu f rom Heihachi. Nina attempts many times to assassinate Kazuya, but he keeps f oiling her w ith his superior skills. Her rivalry w ith Anna is also
present, although it dif f ers f rom the games in the sense that Nina w as f avoured by their f ather, w ho ignored Anna, w hich led to Anna killing him as an act of revenge and
resentment, something Nina never f orgave Anna f or. Eventually, Nina f ights Anna somew here on the island w here the tournament is being held. As Anna is ambushed and
devoured by a biologically enhanced dinosaur-like being, Nina f lees. She is last seen among the other f ighters w ho made it of f the island bef ore it explodes.
Nina Williams w as portrayed by South Af rican model and singer Candce Hillebrand in the 2010 f ilm adaptation, Tekken. In the f ilm, she is a participant in the Iron Fist
tournament, yet serves as an assassin under Kazuya along w ith Anna. Both of them are also Kazuya's lovers. Kazuya sends Nina and Anna to assassinate Jin Kazama, but
the ensuing f ight attracts Christie Monteiro's attention and Nina and Anna f lee. In the next round, Jin recognizes Nina as one of the assassins, and Christie takes her revenge
on Nina by beating her soundly in the ring. She returns w hen Kazuya order his soldiers to arrest the f ighters. Nina is seen in one of the cells w ith Anna and Dragunov. Unlike
the games, she and Anna are on good terms and has no relation to Steve Fox.
Nina also appears in the animated f ilm Tekken: Blood Vengeance. In its beginning, she rides a motorcycle and f ighting Anna. Despite being cornered, she still manages to
escape and is sent to Russia by Jin to f ind Alisa. She once again appears af ter Xiaoyu and Alisa escape f rom Anna. It is later on revealed w hat had happened. Anna
[hide] V T E
attempts to capture her, amusing Lee. This attempt leads to an unknow n outcome.
Summer Daniels portrayed Nina in the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Girl Pow er Trailer, show n at Comic-Con in 2012.
In 1998, Epoch Co. released a 1/10 scale Nina action f igure based on her appearance in
Tekken 3. The action f igure comes w ith tw o plastic sw ords and one plastic gun.
An action f igure based on her appearance f rom Tekken 5 w as released in 2006.
Tw o Nina f igures based on her
appearance in Death by Degrees w ere also released that same year.
Reception [edi t]
The character w as received mostly very positively. Polish edition of GameStar had her voted at f if th place in the 2006 poll f or the title of "Miss of the Video Game World".
In 2008, Guinness World
Records Gamer's Edition announced Nina Williams w as voted the "Hottest Female Fighting Character" in their Internet poll.
Nina w as of ten noted f or sex appeal. GameTrailers listed her at number six among top ten "gamer babes" in 2007.
That same year, Tom's Games listed Nina among the 50 greatest f emale characters in
video game history, commenting that she proves that you can be hot and cold at the same time and "she has w ithout a doubt one of the best bodies in the business, and she doesn't take crap f rom
w hile Screw Attack ranked her seventh on the list of top ten "boobies" in games.
In 2010, PLAY ranked her as second top "hottest" blonde in games, adding that she "w as sexy even back
w hen her hair w as made out of about eight polygons,"
w hile ranked her as number one top "sexiest and f ierce" blonde in games.
In addition, she w as included in GameDaily's top list
of hottest blondes in video games, f or having both "a killer body" and a killer instinct,
also placing as the 30th "hottest" among all "video game babes".
In 2009, Maxim listed Nina among the top nine
"video game vixens", complimenting her costumes and her running around w ith a katana w ith very high heels in Death by Degrees, and stating "it's f rightening and erotic at the same timesort of like w hat
w e imagine having sex w ith Amy Winehouse might be like;"
she w as also show cased on a similar list by Fakt.
[22] ranked her number 17th on their 2011 list of top "videogame hotties".
same year, Lisa Foiles of The Escapist put her among the top f ive "hottest blonde chicks," stating her pref erence of Nina over many other f ighting game blondes (such as Cammy, Jill Valentine, Sarah
Bryant, Sophitia and Tina Armstrong), as w ell as her sister Anna, and noting Nina's resemblance to Capcom's Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 5.
In 2012, MSN included her among the 20 "hottest w omen in
video game history", adding that "she became hotter and hotter as graphics technology improved,"
w hile Gadget Review ranked her as the 20th "hottest" f emale video game character;
f urthermore, included Nina among the "sexiest game heroines" of 2012.
In 2006, Gaming Target listed Nina as the f if th best Tekken character, calling her the "w orld's sexiest assassin;"
in 2010, G4 included Nina among the best assassins in all video games.
In 2011,
PlayStation Official Magazine listed her among "PlayStations meanest mothers".
In 2011, Joystick Division listed Nina as the second most badass Irish character in video games.
In 2012, FHM listed a
f ight betw een Nina and Poison as one of the ten "aw esome f antasy f ights" in Street Fighter X Tekken, adding that "hot girls f ighting is alw ays a spectacle to see, and these tw o represent the sauciest f or
both f ranchises."
Complex ranked Nina as the second best Tekken character, commenting "Nina Williams is the ultimate ice queen. She's got a huge arsenal of pokes at her disposal, not to mention chain
throw s and combo launchers."
In an of f icial poll by Namco, Nina ranked as the 14th most requested Tekken character to be playable in Tekken X Street Fighter.
In 2014, What Culture ranked Nina as
the 12th greatest ever f ighting game character, noting "she isnt overtly sexualised in the same w ay that, say, Ivy and Taki f rom SoulCalibur are", and regarded her as among the strongest f emale video
game characters.
How ever, the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine called the Death by Degrees Nina as an "overrated" spin-of f character in comparison to Whiplash protagonist Spanx.
GameDaily listed her appearance
in Death by Degrees as one of her w orst moments, citing its unlikable gameplay and below -average graphics.
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