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1. An Alpha male is very comfortable with himself
He always radiates confidence. He does not fear anyone, he does not really care
how people think of him. Confidence is him. He knows he is more important
than anyone else in his life.
2. Is very passionate in life
He knows what he loves to do and follows his dreams. A true Alpha male has
goals and ambitions, and really high ones. He follows these to the ultimate end,
and ends up living a fulfilled life. (And women love passionate men with
ambition. They see these kind of men becoming very successful in life and in
their subconcious minds this is a qualifying factor in choosing a mate that will
be able to provide for their future kids.
3. Failure is only a minor setback for a real Alpha Male
!ts only part of the process, he is learning. He is moving. He will always
bounce back from failure, learn from the e"perience and move ahead with
life. #othing holds him back, after all, he is the Alpha male. #othing can
put him down. This is how he overcomes the challenges in his life.
. !e is always compose"
An alpha male never loses composure, he is always himself, thoughtful and
calculated. He won$t be carried away in
emotional spasms.
5. #riven
A real Alpha male is very self% driven and self disciplined. &nce he decides
his target, all his attention will be at achieving his goal. He will do
everything persistently to achieve what he wants. This is also why Alpha
males drive women cra'y, they are men of their own, they don$t need to
be told what they should do. (omen prefer men who make the decisions.
$. !i%h morals an" values
A true Alpha male is not what we will call a )loose$ man. He has high moral
principles. He is not abusive or arrogant and does not look down upon others.
*any people confuse Alpha males and +ullies. +ut generally, while bullies are
very agressive on the outside, alpha males are very calm, calculated and
controlled people.
&. An Alpha male is a natural lea"er
He is always looked up upon to provide direction when needed.
'. An Alpha male is a (roblem )olver
!n a company or organi'ation, he will always be put in a challenging
position and because of this, he will be highly regarded and compensated.
He will always be the best at what he does.
*. #ress+ ,o"e+ )mart
#ot that he really cares what anyone thinks of how he dresses, that is not
very important to him. +ut he still dresses the best way possible, always. !ts
-ust part of his nature, after all, he wants the best in life. He doesn$t have to
but he knows he should.
1-. !e believes in %rowth
He knows that change is an internal process and takes time. He does not blame
anyone for his mistakes because he knows that he has the power to make his
life better and become a better man. /ife for him is all about constant growth.
This is the real essence of a man living a life of purpose. 0very successful man
in history knew this. That life is learning process. !t is only an arrogant person
who thinks they know it all. Humble yourself and learn.
11. .ith women he always poses a challen%e
#o, he is not chosen by women, he CH&&101 them. He does not throw
himself at women and start acting needy with women. 2or him its the other
way round. They really have to impress him and earn his attention.
12. A True Alpha male is not bossy
#ot at all. He likes to listen to others$ opinions. !f he is in a position of
leadership he will let everyone share their thoughts and collectively find
the solution. That$s why his co% workers love him. His team always wins.
13. !e is not afrai" to face his faults or a"mit when he is
2or a real Alpha male, there is nothing wrong with admitting when
he has done something wrong. !ts all about moving on with life,
finding a solution, moving forward. !f he wronged someone, he will
politely admit and apologise, without making a big deal out of it,
then move on to the ne"t best thing.
1. !e "oes not have to prove himself
An alpha male is being of very high self esteem, he does not need
anyone$s approval to make him feel better about
15. Alpha males are very clever/ smart an" cunnin% people
He$s got a real keen mind. He will assess situations and find the best
logical solutions. !n business alpha males do very
well, their analytical skill and keen mind goes a long way.
1$. #ominant/ not a%%ressive
Alpha males also posess superior social skills.
1&. )ocial behaviour 0 !an% out mostly with other alpha males
A true Alpha male finds the most value in hanging out with others
like him. He also finds growth in doing this by learning from others
who are better than him at one thing or another. That is why he
never fails in life, he surrounds himself with people who are either
like him or better achieved than him. Those are his company.
1'. (hysically fit
Alpha males are into healthy living and proper eating. They workout
regularly, this also helps them become more
focused on their goals and ambitions. This is why most Alpha$s are
well built and all masculine.
1*. 1ptimistic
Alpha males will always see the positive side of things and make
the best out of what they have. A true Alpha male knows that in
every problem there lies therein an opportunity. They -ust have
to find it.
2-. Alpha males talk slowly
They never rush things, they are always in control. They have a
way of having there audience eat at their every word. They know
they are important and when they talk they command this
21. They walk slowly/ not not la2ily
There is a difference. Alpha males are very controlled people.
They are not always in a rush like everyone else. An Alpha male
will be very disciplined to be on time or earlier for a meeting
and well prepared. He will therefor have enough time to
observe and think through his strategy.
22. 3eally 4oo" ,ommunicators
The alpha male is a great communicator both verbal and non%verbal.
He shows his feelings through positive body language and is not
afraid to show his se"ual side. (omen love this too 3 *en who are
not wussies at flirting and showing their se"uality. !t is not about
telling a woman that you love her. !ts about 0"pressing it in body
/anguage and letting her read it with her subconscious mind.
23. .itty
Alpha males have a high sense of humor, they always live on the fun
side of life. !ts never always too serious fo them.
2. Alpha males know that they are important
(hen you call them (4nlike +eta males they will take their time to
turn their head and focus on you. 5ou always have to prove worthy
of their attention.
25. Alpha males #emonstrate )tren%th
The kind of strength that will make a woman believe that she is
safe with him and that he can protect her when it comes to
that. (omen are generally the weaker se", and always look for
comfort in Alpha males, men who are dominant