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How to create a Gantt Chart Using Excel

1. In Microsoft Excel, create four columns (A-D) labelled Tasks Start Date
Duration (Days) and End Date

2. In column A list all the tasks which you believe need completing in the next 12

3. In column B list the start date for all tasks

4. In column C put the approximate duration (in days) that each task will last

5. In column D put the end date. In the first cell enter a formula which adds up the
previous two cells (e.g. if your column is D4 then enter the formula =B4+C4.
Excel will work out the end date for you.

6. Highlight the rest of column D, click on edit, fill and then fill down the end
dates will automatically be filled in for you. You now have all of your data.

7. Click on insert and then chart select bar chart, and insert a stacked bar chart
(this will enable you to create a Gantt chart)

8. Click on the tab series for series one name enter Start Date. Highlight the
values column and then go back to your Excel data and select the data in
column B.

9. Add another series for series two enter Duration (in Days). Once again
highlight the values column and then go back to your Excel data and select the
data in column C.

10. Under the Category X axis labels select the data from column A.

11. Click on next until you get to the finish page click on place chart as new
sheet chart 1. This is the beginning of your Gantt chart!

12. You need to get rid of the blue lines in the chart right click on any blue line and
click format data series click on no fill and no border.

13. You need to format the Y axis (tasks). Right click on any task in the chart and
then on format axis. Click on scale and then categories in reverse order.

14. Go back to your Excel data. You need to format your X axis (dates) highlight
the data in column B and under toolbar options, click on comma. The start dates
will then turn into a series of values. Work out the value of the start date and the
end date. Make a note of them.

15. Return to your chart. Right click on the date (X) axis and then on format axis.
Click on scale. Under maximum and minimum values, enter the numeric value of
your project start and end date. This will tidy up your Gantt chart and show you
which tasks overlap.

16. Your Gantt chart is finished!