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C-663 Mercury™ Step Controller

1-Axis Networkable Stepper-Motor Controller
The MercuryTM Step stepper
Ordering Information
motor controller shares its pro-
gramming language with the C-663.10
Mercury™ Step Stepper Motor
well-established MercuryTM DC- Controller with Wide-Range Power
motor controller. Up to 16 Supply, 24 V
MercuryTM controllers (DC and
stepper) can be daisy chain- C-819.20
2-Axis Analog Joystick for
ed and operated from one
Mercury™ Controller
Flexible Automation Y-Cable for Connecting
2 Controllers to C-819.20
The C-663 offers a number of
features to achieve automation C-170.IO
and handling tasks in research I/O cable, 2 m, open end

and industry in a very cost- C-170.PB

effective way. Programming is Push Button Box, 4 Buttons and
C-663 Mercury Step stepper motor controller
facilitated by the high-level 4 LEDs
for cost-sensitive micropositioning tasks
mnemonic command language
with macro and compound-
trollers such as piezo drivers
command functionality. Mac-
and multi-axis servo control-
쮿 High Performance at Low Cost ros can be stored in the non-
lers with minimal program-
쮿 Stand-Alone Functionality volatile memory for later recall.
ming effort.
쮿 Network Capability for Multi-Axis Applications
For easy synchronization of
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Compatible and Networkable with C-863 MercuryTM motion with internal or exter- Contents of Delivery
DC-Motor Controllers nal trigger signals four input
Each MercuryTM Step comes
쮿 Joystick Port for Manual Control and four output lines are provi-
with a wide-range power sup-
쮿 Non-Volatile Macro Memory ded. A joystick can also be con-
ply, RS-232 communications
쮿 Parameters Changeable On-the-Fly nected for manual control.
The newest release for data sheets is available for download at Cat120E Inspirations2009 08/10.18

cables, a USB cable and a com-

Stand-alone capability is pro- prehensive software package.
vided by a user-programmable
autostart macro to run automa-
tion tasks at power up (no run-
time computer communication

The MercuryTM Step stepper logic controller). The C-663 User-Friendly: Comprehensive
motor controller is the perfect supplements the successful Software Package and
solution for cost-effective and C-863 MercuryTM servo motor Two Interface Options
flexible motion control applica- controller. Easy data interchange with lap-
tions where a precision posi- top or PC is possible via the
tioner is to be controlled by a Microstepping of 1/16 full step
USB interface. To facilitate
PC or PLC (programmable (up to 6400 steps/rev. with PI
industrial applications, an RS-
232 interface is also standard.
stepper motors) provides for
Application Examples ultra-smooth, high-resolution The included software sup-
motion. ports networking of multiple
쮿 Flexible automation controller devices. LabVIEWTM
Multi-Axis Control, drivers and Windows DLLs
쮿 Handling
Combination of DC & Stepper allow for easy programming
쮿 Quality control Motors and integration into your sys-
쮿 Testing equipment The networking feature allows tem. MercuryTM Step control-
the user to start out with one lers can also be operated using
쮿 Photonics applications MercuryTM controller and add the PI General Command Set
more units later for multiaxis (GCS) via a DLL. PI-GCS allows
쮿 Fiber positioning
setups. networking of different PI-con-
Piezo • Nano • Positioning

Linear Actuators & Motors

Nanopositioning / Piezoelectrics



Hexapod 6-Axis Systems /

Parallel Kinematics

Linear Stages

Translation (X)
Vertical (Y)

Rotary & Tilt Stages

MercuryTM Step controller with M-403.62S precision translation stage


Servo & Stepper

Motor Controllers
Technical Data
Model C-663.10
Function Stepper motor controller, stand-alone capability
Drive type 2-phase stepper motor Multi-Channel

Channels 1 Micropositioning
Motion and control
Trajectory profile modes Trapezoidal, point-to-point
Microstep resolution 1/16 full step
Limit switches 2 x TTL, programmable
Reference switches 1 x TTL, programmable
Motor brake 1 x TTL, programmable
Electrical properties
Operating voltage 15 to 30 V
Current limitation per motor phase 1000 mA
Interface and operation
Interface/Communication USB, RS-232 (bus architecture)
Motor connector Sub-D 15 (f)
Controller network Up to 16 units* on single interface
I/O ports 4 analog/digital in, 4 digital out
Command set MercuryTM native command set, GCS
User software MMCRun, PIMikroMove®
Software drivers GCS (PI General Command Set)-DLL,
LabVIEW drivers, native MercuryTM DLL
Supported functionality Start-up macro
Manual control Joystick, Y-cable for 2D motion, pushbutton box
Operating temperature range 0 to 50 °C
Mass 0.3 kg
Dimensions 130 x 76 x 40 mm3
*16 with USB; 6 with RS-232 (depending on RS-232 output driver of PC)