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Harry Potter and Dumbledores Many Secrets(Continuation of Harry Potter and the

Order of the Pheonix)

After Siriuss Death:
Hermione: Harry! Harry, will you please wait up? Please tell me what happened with you and
Dumbledore. Ron and I just got out of the hospital. Unfortunately, Ginny and Neville are
required to stay longerbut what about you? Are you all right? What did Dumbledore say-?
Harry: Oh, so you two are finally talking to me now, are you? You didnt seem to care about
my whereabouts a few weeks before. And for your information, Dumbledore didnt say
anything important. In fact, he made things much worse for me. (he didnt mean to say that)
Hermione: Harry, we have always been talking to you! In fact, a few hours back, we just
risked our lives for you! Is that not enough.(silence. Harry said the password to get into
the common room and made his way to his dormitory to start packingRon and
Hermione followed.)Harry, I know youre mad, but even you know that what youre
saying about Dumbledores not true. I know youre lying to us. What did Dumbledore
actually say?
Harry: You both dont get it, do you? (now looking at Ron). Its not about Dumbledore. Its
about Sirius. SIRIUS DIED. What more do you need to understand? This year was hell
already, and now I dont need you two hovering behind my back. I can take care of myself
perfectly fine.
Ron: Mate, weve always been taking your side. But, you keep ignoring us. Hermione and I
do understand what youre going through. Im really sorry mate. Sirius was a great man, but
he wouldnt want you to worry about him now Thats all weve got to say. Well see you
in the Great Hall, then?
(Hermione and Ron walked off. Harry walked behind them after deciding to pack

Great Hall

Dumbledore: Right then. Before we start the feast, Id just like to say that the Minister of
Magic has finally come about to his senses as you all mustve noticed with his report in the
Prophet. It is true. Voldemort has come back. (gasps). It is to my displeasure to inform you
that it has come at many expenses. Last year, we had a noble student of ours die. And a few
hours back, we lost a man known to you all as Sirius Black(whispers). Sirius Black, as some
of you have thought up til now, was never a Death Eater trying to take revenge on Harry
Potter. He was a true noble man trying only to protect him. Theres a long story behind it, and
I dont wish to uncover it all. Long story short, Sirius was very dear to Harrys heart, and its
hard to get through right now. So, I kindly request that Hogwarts students dont go
bombarding him with questions as he has a lot to deal with. On another note, due to certain
circumstances,w including my departure from Hogwarts and the replacement of Headmistress
by Undersecretary Umbridge, who thankful to say isnt Headmistress anymore, the professors
and I decided another term is sufficient to bring your knowledge back to form. We have
deprived you all of it this year, and its my fault. So, term will end in the beginning of August
and you will get a one month summer break before the next year resumes September 1.
(shouts heard now). No worries, there will be no homework for students. The OWL results
will still be mailed in July for fifth-years, but weve added another term just for review. An
owl has been sent to everyones household regarding this information. Now, everyone eat up!
(Hermione and Ron just looked at each other. Both wanted to discuss this with Harry,
but like Dumbledore said, Harry did not want to be talked to. He preferred being alone
at the moment).
(Professor McGonagall now started handing last minute information-Ron: WHAT? We
have a quiz on all the stuff weve learned this year? This isnt so much different from
exams, is it?)
Hermione: Oh, give it a rest, Ron. Its just a quiz. Besides, we all should ace it since we spent
most of the year studying for OWLs.
Ron: Yeah, I guess youre right.
At this very moment, a girl took seat right next to Harry at the Gryffindor table not finding
room elsewhere. Harry looked up.
Harry: Hello..
Neeti: Hi..Harry Potter, right? My names Neeti. Neeti Mohan... Nice to meet you. Sorry, the
tables full, and I just arrived. You dont mind?
Harry: Of course not. Sorry, I thought you sat here to interrogate me about recent events. I
know everyone else wants to.
Neeti: No, I wouldnt have dared. Trust meI know what its like to be deceived by
someone who you thought would be there for you(now looking at Dumbledore)Oh sorry.
Forgive my mannersDumbledores a wonderful Headmaster nonetheless (Harry
nodded. Suddenly, down the table, Dean and Lavender called Neeti. Neeti, a spots
open. Come over here!)
Neeti: Well, I guess Ill be seeing you around then. (She left.)
Harry: Well shes pretty, isnt she? Hermione, who is she? (made a look of sorry at her)
Hermione: Shes our year Harry! Youve never noticed her? Well, probably not. She always
sits next to Parvati. Theyre pretty close actually.But of course, you havent noticed since last
years ball.
This was true. Parvati avoided Harry all that she could for not paying some respect to her at
the ball. Of course, she had a good time with the Durmstang boys nonetheless.
Harry: Yeh, I guess Ive never noticed.
(He continued eating, followed by a small grin from Hermione as she continued eating
as well. She thought this was good that Harry moved on from Cho to someone else).


McG: Well, its good to see you all again! (She was truly happy. Most likely because
Umbridge was gone).
Dean: Sorry Professor, but what will we be doing for the next term now that weve already
taken our OWLs?
(Harry turned back to look at Dean as he asked this question, and right next to her, he
saw Neeti. Harry thought to himself, Why have I never talked to her before? Oh,
maybe its because Ive been wasting my time with Cho.)
McG: Its true youve finished your OWLs, so all your hard work comes to an end.
Nonetheless, I would like all of us to review to prepare for next years NEWT level classes.
Im sure that many of you(Glancing at Hermione and Potter) will be taking my NEWT
level Transfiguration class knowing your abilities. We will just review Switching Spells, and
the transfiguration from a pin cushion into a ferret today, shall we? Today, however, Ill be
choosing the partners. Hermione and Ron, Harry and Neeti(Had he heard this right? He
turned around at Neeti and smiled).and Neville, that leaves you with Malfoy. (Malfoy
scowled). Thats a bad choice. One of you will end up killing the other. Potter, you will be
with Neville, and Neeti, youll be with Draco.
(At that very moment, all of Harrys joy vanished).

Neville: Hello Harry! How have you been?
Harry: (a little dejected) Fine. How have you been holding up in the hospital? Is your nose
all mended?
Neville: Yea, Im good as new. Madame Pomprey was worried that I wouldnt recover, and
she wanted to keep me in for another two days, but Im alright. Im also glad that Professor
Lupin put the Finishing Charm on me to stop me from twitching. Tarantallegra is such an
awful spell, isnt it?
Harry nodded. Although he was truly grateful to see Neville in good form again, he couldnt
help but looking at Neeti, who he really wanted to be working with. Malfoy seemed to be
enjoying himself.

Malfoy: Yeah, my father works for the Ministry, you know?... Im really surprised that we
havent worked together before? Thats a misfortune, for me.
Neeti smiled.
Neeti: Rightcan we get back to switching spells? So, the definition of a switching spell is a
transforming spell used to swap two objects into one another. The wand movement is as such.
(She demonstrated, and Malfoy seem impressed).
Malfoy: You know, youre sounding like Granger right nowfilthy mudblood, isnt she?
Neeti: Watch your tongue! You happen to be talking about my house member, you know?
What, you cant take the fact that a muggle-born is smarter than you? (she now scowled at
him. Harry smiled looking at Malfoys quick downfall at impressing Neeti. She now
walked off).
McG: Alright everyone.Silence, and back to your seats, please! Theres of course no
homework anymore, but I still want you lot to review. We will be taking quizzes nonetheless
just to brush up on facts. In fact, I will call a student up every day to perform some different
spell required for the NEWT class. Now, who will demonstrate the switching spell that we
just reviewed? (Hermiones hand was in the air, but McGonagall called on someone

McG: Neeti, why dont you come on up? (She smiled at Neeti. Neeti never volunteered in
class. Everyone now found it a shock that Hermione wasnt picked. Nonetheless, Neeti
walked up towards the class). Neeti here is a very smart Transfiguration pupil. She, in fact,
ties with Hermione. (Hermione looked up, shocked). Ive happened to already know her
Owl score as the Wizarding Examinations Authority found her paper fast and easy to grade
because she got an Outstanding in Transfiguration. (Neeti looked wary, however.)
Neeti: I have?!
McG: Of course Miss Mohan. You are one of Hogwarts brightest students. Now, please
define a switching spell and clearly state its incantation and wand movement.
As though Neeti was a talking textbook, she defined the switching spell, its incantation, and
showed the movement. But, she also demonstrated it.
McG: Excellent, Miss Mohan! Gryffindor, take 20 points!
Ron: Blimey Hermione! Youve got some competition! (Hermione scowled).
(Class End-Hermione walks over to Neeti)
Hermione: Um, Neeti? May I have word?
Neeti: Hi, Hermione. Yes, what is it?
Hermione: Dont take this offensively, but if youre so smart, why dont you ever raise your
hand? Gryffindor could easily take the House Cup with all the points you could earn for us
Neeti: I like to keep to myself(and she walked off).
Ron: Look, youve upset her now!
(Harry couldnt help but liking Neeti more. She also wanted to be left alone. But why?
He didnt have time to think about it now because he had to go to Potions).
Snape: Now, although its my utmost desire to give you all loads of homework, Professor
Dumbledore has banned it for fifth years because youve already taken your OWLs.
However, that does not mean that you will mutter silly incantations or demonstrate foolish
wand-moving in this class. If you plan on taking my NEWT class next year(assuming that
the Gryffindors actualy get an OWL-Slytherins laughed), you should be prepared to draw
up a potion on the spot, and thats what well be doing this term to prepare. Therefore, I
would like someone to do one right now. Lets seePotter, get up here.
Harry knew this was coming.

Snape: Bring your cauldron to the front of the classroom, and brew a polyjuice potion, will
you? (He sneered, but Harry knew why. Snape wanted to make fun of him as soon as
Harry got the ingredients, but Harry knew from his second year experience that it
would take a month to make the potion).
Harry: Sorry professor. But, the Polyjuice potion cant simply be made within an hour time
frame. Im afraid it takes a month to make because of how ripe it needs to be. Surely you
knew this.
Snape: Yes, of course I did Potter. It seems like you have been studyingmostly due to my
Remedial Potions class, yes? (The Slytherins laughed).
(At this, Neeti, who never talked and who Harry didnt know was in this class at all
until now, raised her hand).
Neeti: Excuse me, Professor. But I think you have to make one correction with that last
Snape: Silly girl, what are you talking about? You wish to protest against my word?
Neeti: Surely, you know I would do no such thing as youve already mentioned that Im your
bestand favorite student(Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle looked shocked. They thought
they were his favorites)
Snape peered at her. Seamus shouted: You actually have a Gryffindor favorite? Its like
saying Professor Trelawney can teach Divination. (At this, everyone laughed. Neeti did too.
Was Neeti actually taking Harrys side? He seemed surprised at this).
Snape: QuietYes, Miss Mohan, I guess I have mentioned it. You seem to be the only
Gryffindor to keep quiet but also follow my directions correctly. As you can see, the rest of
the class just cant.(looking at Hermione who was furious) And no miss Granger, you are
not my favorite. You ace this class, no doubt there, but you seem to defy against anything I
say about Potter(There were glares at this).
Neeti:..Ahem As I was saying, Id like to make a correction at your last statement. I think
youve seemed to hide one bit of information about the Remedial Potions you just mentioned.
Surely, the conversation between Dumbledore and Harry regardingSirius, his godfathers
deathis known to the whole school no matter how much Dumbledore tried to conceal
itSo, what Im trying to say is that you werent teaching him extra Potions, were you? You
were teaching him Occlumency, I believe?
Snape: YesI guess I wasalthough Potter couldve used Remedial Potions.
Neeti: Surely a student who knows how to brew the Polyjuice Potion, a NEWT standard
potion, doesnt seem to require Remedial Potions, does he?
Snape: Yes, I guessyou are rightOpen up to page 33 and review the Polyjuice Potion(He
walked to the board to continue notes).

Ron, Harry, and Hermione were rushing out at the end of class

Ron: Did you see that? That girl can talk. And, you know whats surprising? Snape didnt
dock any points off of Gryffindor.
Harry: He couldnt have, could he? Hed look more like a wimp, and Neeti wouldve said
something intelligent to that too..
(Hermione, now clearly annoyed with this topic, brushed off to something else)
Hermione: My question is, what did she mean by saying that the whole school knows about
the conversation you and Dumbledore had? You still havent told us what he said, did you?
But everyone else seems to know?
Harry: Its nothing of importance, Hermione. Im sure Neeti doesnt even know whats going
on. What Dumbledore said at the Feast is all that people knowof Siriuss death and how
Voldemort was trying to get to my mind with Leglimency. But they dont know of the
prophecy(he stopped talking at this because he hadnt mentioned this to Hermione
Hermione: A prophecy? Dumbledore told you of a prophecy? Harry, you didnt tell us!
Harry: It didnt strike me. (She glared at this) Ok, fine. I wanted you to know how being
left out of conversations felt like
Ron: But, Dumbledore told you the reason for that. You cant still be holding a grudge
Now, what is this prophecy?
Hermione: Of course! Why didnt I see it before? Ron, the thing the Death Eaters wanted
from the Ministry dept. of Mysteries and what Harry was holding WAS the prophecy. Thats
what Voldemort wanted.
Ron: Oh, right. It musve been. Harry, what did the prophecy say?
Harry: It said that the power to vanquish the Dark Lord resides within meA PERSON
LORD. Voldemort wanted to kill me before hand, but he ended up losing all his power and I
was left with a scar because I have some power(Dumbledore claims its my love from my
mother and my heart) that took him down last time. But, in the end, only one of us can win
while the other dies. And you know who told Dumbledore of this prophecy? Professor
Trelawney did. Thats why Dumbledore gave her the job. Only for that reasonTheres one
more thing. Neville also has a birthday at the end of July and his parents also escaped
Voldemort three timesbut, Dumbledore reckons he cant be the one to kill Voldemort.
Hermione: Harry, that means you are the Chosen one! But, we cant rule Neville out. I mean,
he was still placed in Gryffindor. Hes a true Gryffindor then.
Ron: But it runs in his family Hermionethey were all Gryffindors, and no offense, but they
were actually really brave.
Harry: (annoyed that he told the two about this because he didnt want them talking
about this) Ok guys, lets give this a rest. We have Charms next.

Charms was entertaining because Flitwick didnt have a lesson planned for today. So,
everyone just spent most of the hour talking and practicing small spells on each other.

Flitwick: Ok, everyone, silence! Its true that I didnt have a lesson foreplanned. However,
that does not mean this class can go to waste, can it? Therefore, Id like to review the
Levitation Charm today. Its a simple incantation, however, it is one thats not often used,
and its found tricky by many brilliant wizards even today. Therefore, I want you to work in
pairs and practice the levitation charm. If you can do so, try to levitate each other. Nuh uh uh!
(He pointed at Harry who was going to Ron)Ill be choosing the pairs, Potter(Harrys
thought: Whats with all the professors choosing the partners? He was hoping for Neeti,
but she got Malfoy again. But, he got Hermione so that wasnt bad at all.)
A Few Seconds Later

Hermione: Harry, stop losing focus! You have happened to levitate me, but I dont want to
fall! Pay attention! (Harry was looking at Neeti, who had Malfoy in the air instantly. Its
as if she did it with her bare hand. Harry slowly dropped Hermione.) Harry, I know
youre looking at Neeti. You fancy her, dont you?
Harry: Uhsorry? Did you say something? (He now resumed looking at Hermione, who
was rolling her eyes).
Hermione: I see the way you look at Neeti. Its much different from your look with Cho. This
is more a passionate desire to be with her, isnt it?
Harry: Hermione, thats just the thingYou very much well know that Cho and I had a row
about Marietta, and shes never talked with me again. At the feast, I saw her with Michael.
Michael might have gone to comfort Cho, but I cant do that. So, although I do like Neeti, I
dont know if shell just be another Cho.
Hermione: You think that Neeti, a quiet girl, is the type to cry and go hooking up with guys
right after shes done with one? Just look at how shes responding to Malfoys pathetic
comments over there.

Malfoy: You know, I dont like much of the Gryffindors. But, youre different. You come
across quiet, but youre very beautiful and smart. I like that.
Neeti: Look, Draco. Lay low with the comments, yeah? I dont like you that way. Id love to
be your friend, but I cant becauseyoure a Slytherinand Slytherins and Gryffindors
dont get along much
Malfoy: All the Gryffindors say that. But, youre different arent you? I mean, come on. I
know who your father is
(Neeti looked furious when he mentioned her father, and she pulled out her wand and
Draco was flying up. SHE CAN DO A NONVERBAL SPELL? Hermione, herself,
looked impressed. That was something they would practice the following year. She
didnt even know how to do that yet.)
Neeti: Dont. You. Ever Mention My Father. Again. Got it?
Malfoy: Alright, sorry. Put me down!
(And he fell with a thud)
(The Three Were Now Heading to The Common Room only to find Ginny and Dean
snogging. Ron was obviously furious. )
Ron:You two, detention! No PDA within the common room.
Ginny: What?! Theres no rule like that, Ron.
Ron: I dont care. Im a prefect, and you both have detention. Separate detentions, mind you.
(They both walked off, scowling.)
Hermione: Ron, you cant be such an overprotective brother. Ginny is old enough to be
dating and snogging whoever she wants.
Ron: Oh, give it a rest Hermione. She deserved that.
(Hermione was now looking at Harry, who was deep in thought)
Hermione: Harry, whats wrong? Youre not still thinking about what happened in Charms,
are you?
Ron: Blimey, I forgot to tell you. Neville did the Levitation charm really well, he did!
Hermione: Ron, youre so insensitive. Harry and I were talking about what we heard Neeti
say to Malfoy during Charms.
(She just informed Ron of what he missed)
Harry: I dont get it. Whos Neetis father, and what does that have to do with Malfoys
attraction to Neeti? And how is she able to perform spells nonverbally already? Fifth years
dont know how to do that yet.
Ron: Forget that Draco likes Neeti, a Gryffindor?!
Hermione: Mind you, she is a pure blood. He might see that as a bonus to make up for her
being sorted into Gryffindor house.
(Ron nodded, but Harry was left in thought. Was there something Neeti was hiding? He
really wanted to find it out. It was getting late, and Harry had not seen Neeti walk to the
Hall for dinner or to the common room after. It was now 9, and that was curfew time. )
Ron: Hey, mate, Hermione and I have to stroll the castle to make sure no Gryffindors are
wandering about. Well see you later, yeh?
Harry: Im coming with you under my cloak. Neeti hasnt come into the common room yet.

(Walking in the Castle)
Ron: Can we give it a rest now? I havent seen a sign of her anywhere.
Suddenly, muffled voices came from Snapes office. This was technically an area where
Slytherin prefects were supposed to monitor, but not seeing Malfoy or Parkinson around, the
three headed to the door to listen in on the conversation.

Snape: Your words of wisdom today, nonetheless, were unnecessary Miss Mohan. I was truly
surprised to see you defend Potter.
Neeti: I was just being logical, thats all. He was taking Occlumency, and I didnt think you
had to lie about it to make him feel bad. Thats all. Besides, hes a fellow Gryffindor.
Snape: If this were another Gryffindor, I wouldve put them straight into detention, but Ive
let it slide with you because youre different from most Gryffindors. See, you know inside
that you should be in Slytherin
(Neeti muttered that she wasnt a foul Slytherin)
Neeti: So, Professor, why did you want to see me this late? Its past curfew.
Snape: You dont have to worry about rule-breaking. I have a note for you that you can
provide to the prefects in case they realize of your absence. I called you in to talk to you
about your mission. You do know what Im talking about, correct?
Neeti: I doBut, I must apologize by saying that I will not comply. I do not want to be a
mere toy for Voldemorts pleasure.
Snape: You dare say the Dark Lords name? Hmm, it seems that your mere defiance against
the Dark Lord does put you in the Gryffindor house. (Harry looked foul at this).
Neeti: I dont fully understand what Im supposed to do, but the mere threats from my father
puts me in no situation to help at all. I will not use my talents to his gain. And if I should risk
losing my life, then so be it.
Snape: Miss Mohan, you clearly dont understand the circumstances. I am under
Dumbledores orders, and he himself wants you to go through with this. You very well know
that Im part of the Order just like your mother wasIm only here to help you.
Neeti: You might have survived Voldemorts wrath up til this point through your
Occlumency, but I cant do the same.
Snape: A girl who is a master at Leglimency is also one at Occlumency. Im sure you know
this. Ive been doing this for so many years, and a bright student like you can do the same. I
assure you, follow the Dark Lords orders, and your life will be spared. Dumbledore will
have it so that you are well protected from the Dark Lord himself. But, you must block your
mind from the Dark Lord in the meantime. Will you do so?
Neeti looked frightened: IProfessor, I need some time to think. I dont want to lose my
mothershes already in a dreadful state and shes only just getting better, but I dont want
to help the Dark Lord with a mission that Im not fully aware of what it is, at the same time.
Snape: I understand. Dumbledore will not speak of the mission to you as it is confidential, but
it is to bring down the Dark Lord himself. No matter. I will give you a weeks time to think.
Make a wise choice, Miss Mohan.Think of Potter when doing so, since you so admire him.
You may leave.
Harry, Ron, and Hermione now all got under the cloak. Neeti walked out with Snapes note
and walked to Gryffindor tower, somewhat tearful. Then, the three walked back to the tower
Common Room
Ron: Shes working for You-Know-WHO? No wonder Malfoy said he knew her father?
Her father must be a Death Eater like Dracos father is!
Hermione: Youre brilliant Ron. Thats right. Thats the only reason Draco likes Neeti. He
must believe that shes been put into the wrong house. She should truly be a Slytherin,then. I
bet her father was. What if shes spying on Gryffindorespecially Harry for Voldemort?
Harry: But, you both are missing the point. She is unlike Slytherin. Shes quiet, and she
mentioned her father threatening her and her mum. That must mean that she doesnt want to
complete the task that Voldemort is setting her up to
Hermione: Question iswhy use Neeti? I know shes smart and all, but whats the use there?
And why does Dumbledore agree to this? And if Snapes getting information from
Voldemort, is he working for the Order and Voldemort himself? Nothing adds up. Anyways,
we should be off to bed. You both have an end of the year Quidditch game tomorrow, didnt
you know? Its just a knock off gameits on the board. Read it sometime, will you?.
(looking at their bemused faces)
(Then the Three Set Off to Bed)
(Harry gets a Dream, but this time Voldemort is not involved-only Neeti is seen)
Neeti: Harry, please listen to me. I cant go out with you. Its just not right..
Harry: Neeti, I dont see the problem. We are both in Gryffindor. It makes it easier to see
each other and hang out. Moreover, we both like being alone.
Neeti: Thats just it. I prefer being by myself. And if you knew anything about me, you would
want to keep it that way.
Harry: No, thats not what I meant. Neeti, wait! Come back!

(Harry was instantly awake-his scar wasnt hurting thoughHarry realizes that
Voldemort closed up his mind to Harry; this was a relief for Harry)
Ron: Something wrong, mate?
Harry: No, Im just excited for Quidditch, thats all.
The Great Hall was filled with students, although it was early in the morning. Students were
grabbing a quick breakfast and making their way to the Quidditch field for the last game.
Harry and Ron were about to do so when Angelina rushed to them.
Angelina; We might as well forfeit.
Harry and Ron: WHAT?! WHY?
Angelina: I asked Fred and George to show up, although they are no longer students. And
they did. However, Alicia Spinnet is in the hospital after taking a potion gone completely
wrong. Darn Professor Snape! He had to have Alicia test the Draught of Living Peace on
herselfnow, we dont have a Chaser! And we were this close to winning! (She places her
pointer finger a millimeter away from her thumb).
Ron: Why not use Ginny? Shes a better Chaser than a Seeker.
Angelina: Shes in the hospital again. Madame Pomprey saw her in the corridors, and put her
back in for escaping.
Harry: And the two blokes that you replaced Fred and George with when they were banned
from Quidditch? They wont play?
Angelina: I already asked. They said that they werent going to be useful as Chasers being
worse as Beaters. Mind you, they said they never wanted to be on the Quidditch field again.
Were doomed. I better tell Madame Hooch.
(At this point, Fred and George walked up).
Fred and George: Angelina, we dont have to forfeit. We just found you a chaser, we did.
(Behind them stood none other than Neeti Mohan.)
Angelina and Harry: You can play Quidditch?
Fred: George and I just saw her on the field early in the morning. Shed be a great Chaser.
She says she used to play at home. And look Harry, she has a Firebolt too.
Neeti: Hi, Harry. (She had a faint smile as she waved).
Angelina: Well then, its settled. Lets make our way to the field.
Harry: Uhh Neeti! Neeti!
(Neeti abruptly turned around as Hermione got up from the table to wish both Ron and
Harry: Good luck, you two. Ill be in the stands by Neville and Parvati!)
Neeti: Yes?
Harry: Sorry, I justjust wanted to thank you for defending me during Potions. I didnt see it
coming at all.
Neeti: Frankly speaking, I didnt know Id have the guts to do it either. But, Professor Snape
was being abysmal the way he spoke. I couldnt let him blame you of anything like that.
Harry: Well, thanks againgood luck out there today!
Neeti: I have nothing to worry about while knowing that youll be playing as Seeker. (She
smiled as she headed out to the field. Cho, who happened to walk by, scowled. She
seized this moment to snog Michael, who was walking next to her. Harry knew she was
only trying to make him jealous, but he didnt care because he couldnt have been more
overjoyed to hear Neeti talk to him.)
Ron: I saw you therewhy didnt you ask her out?
Harry: I wanted to take it slowanyways, I was a little nervous as well. (He actually didnt
ask her because of the dream he had, but he didnt want to repeat his dream to Ron at
this moment).

Quidditch Field-Gryffindor vs Slytherin
Hooch: Remember, this is a knock off game. The points will still stand as thus-Slytherin in
the lead for the House Cup. Whoever wins, wins. It wont matter. Got it? Now, captains-
shake hands.
(Montague was making his way towards Johnson when Dumbledore sent red sparks in
the air with his wand to halt the game.)
Hooch: Headmaster! What is it?
Dumbledore: Rolanda, Id like to quickly discuss something with you. (His eyes twinkled.
He winked at Harry just before he left with Madame Hooch.)
(Malfoy took this moment to walk to Neeti.)
Malfoy: What do you think that was about? Do you reckon Dumbledores going to cancel the
game? Pity, Slytherin would be in the lead nonetheless.. (He was smiling with pride).
Neeti: Oh, you seem to take pride seeing others lose. Funny, a day before, you seemed to like
me, a girl in Gryffindor. Now, you want to see me lose? (She smiled as well).
Malfoy: No, Neeti. I only pitied you because you shouldnt be in Gryffindor. You should be
in Slytherin, laughing at our victory against Gryffindor.
Neeti: I would do no such thing. Unlike you, Im happy to affiliate with the Gryffindor house.
In factshe walked towards Harry and grabbed his hand....there are some people worth
staying in the house for
(Malfoy marched off, angry).
Harry: Neeti, what was that for? (Neeti was still holding his hand, but she just dropped it,
noticing what she had done.)
Neeti: Oh, Im sorry. I just wanted Draco off my back. He fancies me, you know. He happens
to think Im a fellow Slytherin, and I was wrongly placed in Gryffindor.
Harry: Neeti, about thatI want to talk to you about somethingfancy a chat later in the
common roomat say, midnight?
Neeti: Maybelook, Professor Dumbledores back with Madame Hooch. (She seized this
opportunity to walk away from him, flushed).
Hooch: I have good news for you teams. Professor Dumbledore reckons that since this being
the last game, Gryffindor should still have a chance to compete for the cup. Professor
McGonagall recently added points for her house for Potter and his friends bravery at the
Ministry three days back and for Miss Mohans brilliance in defining and demonstrating the
Swtiching Spells. (Neeti blushed.) Although the points are slim compared to Slytherin with
400, Gryffindor should have the chance to catch up with this match. If Gryffindor wins by
more than 150, theyll win the cup. It should be a fair chanceotherwise, theyll tie for
second place with Ravenclaw, which will not matter anyhow because Slytherin will win.
(Montague spoke up).
Montagaue: Madame Hooch, thats not fair for Slytherin. Slytherin has been in the lead.
Dont you find it unfair to suddenly put Gryffindor in the run?
Dumbledore: You make a fair point Montague. But its fair, you see, because the only way
Gryffindor can win is if the Chasers make many goals before their Seeker, Harry Potter,
catches the Snitch. Tough competition, though, I reckon
(Montagues smile disappeared. )
Montague: But, professor.
Dumbledore: My decision stands Graham. If you have a problem, you can risk forfeiting for
your team and housedo you risk doing so?
Montague through gritted teeth: No, I dont
(Harry ,for once, felt grateful that Dumbledore had done so. He felt as if Dumbledore
was on his side again. But, at that moment, Sirius popped into his head and Harry was
just as mad at Dumbledore as before. )
Hooch: Then let the games begin! Shake hands. (She gave a thumbs up to Lee who was
commentating !
(The whistle was blown, and brooms rose high above)
Lee: Captain Angelina Johnson takes the quaffle and sends it to fourth year, and substitute
player for Spinnet, Neeti Mohan, who by the way, is so damn good looking! (gets a glare
from McGonnagal). Slytherins Chaser, Adrian Pucey, tries to block the quaffle, but
failsand SCORE for Gryffindor. 10-0. Derrick, the Slytherin Beater sends the Bludger
towards Neeti, but she misses it and Fred sends it towards Montague, who gets hit. Another
Gryffindor score! 20-0. This Neeti girl might be Gryffindors charm.
(In the background, Malfoy was yelling at the Beaters for sending the Bludger at Neeti.
Malfoy: I told you two idiots that I fancy Neeti! Just send it towards Potter and Weasley.
Those two should go down.
(Neeti, having heard this, quickly whispers to George, who sends the Bludger Malfoys
way. Malfoy s creams.)
George: Sorry, Malfoy. But, Gryffindor doesnt choose who the Bludger should go to. It just
goes its own way. And it seemed to have chosen you! (George nodded in approval at Neeti
who now whispered thanks to George).
At this point, the Quaffle had gotten into the Gryffindors side, and Ron was trying hard to
send it back. Urquhart hit the Quaffle hard and it was a goal for Slytherin. 20-10.
Harry: Ron, whats going on?
Ron: I dont know. I cant find Hermione. She is like my good luck charm, but I dont see her
Harry: Well, get your act together mate. Shes there somewhere, praying for you to win.
Focus harder.
Ron suddenly saw Hermione, waving to him in the stands. At the same time, Warrington sent
the Quaffle to the middle post, but Ron saved it! Lee: Keeper Ron saves the Quaffle!
(Harrys thoughts: We need to win the cup. Where is the snitch? I dont want Malfoy to
get it. What if I play at his own game? He rushed over to Neeti at this point. )
Neeti: Harry, are you looking for the snitch?
Harry: It hasnt showed up yet. But, when I go diving for it, will you keep Draco busyif
you know what I mean?
Neeti: Of course! Smart tactic, that is! I see youre in it to win it.
Harry: Thanks again, Neeti.
Suddenly Harry was moving towards the surface. Malfoy came over too.
Harry: Did you think I saw the snitch? No, I just wanted to see how much of a git you would
be and follow meWell, I see youre 100 percent of something.
Malfoy: Shut up, Potter. I thought I saw something too, so I dived down here. And another
word, dont you go trying to talk to Neeti, alright? She fancies me.
Harry: Actually, thats what she just told me too. She wanted to talk to you actually. Why
dont you? (As Malfoy zoomed towards her, Harry saw the snitch and went after it
Malfoy: So, Potter told me that you do like me. Er-is that true? Well, how could it not be? I
knew you woud eventually confess.
Neeti: Yes, yes-I guess I
Lee: Gryffindor wins! 170-10. Gryffindor wins the House cup! Yes, Gryffindors rule!
Slytherins blew it! (This time McGonagall was smiling and didnt bother to conjure a
Malfoy: What? How did I miss the snitch?
Neeti: Sorry, Draco. I guess you were paying attention to me.
Malfoy: Its no matter. Im just glad that I got your assurance that you fancy me. Fancy a
walk after I change out of my Quidditch robes? Its a nice day outside.
(Neeti did not want to decline, otherwise, Malfoy would know that she was using him as
a tactic tool. So, she agreed.)
(Harry and Neeti in the Changing Room)
Harry: That was brilliant, Neeti! Thanks for keeping Malfoy occupied.
Neeti: Yeah, anything for Gryffindor.
(Malfoy suddently walked in)
Malfoy: Neeti, what are you doing standing next to Potter? Are you ready for our walk? I just
had to endure Montagues death threats because he was furious how I was careless with the
game. Can you believe him?
Neeti: No, I cant believe he would say that. The good thing out of this is thatwell, you and
I got together, right?
Malfoy: Of course. (He grabbed her hand, and they started walking. Neeti displayed a
look of sorry and a I will talk to you in the common room later face. )

Common Room

Ron: That git! He just took her like that. Harry, you let her do so! You wouldve gotten the
snitch even without Neetis help, you know.
Harry: I know, I was just desperate.
Hermione: Anyways, Ron, you were brilliant.
Ron: You were supporting me the whole time, thats what made the catch.
(Hermione was blushing at this point)
Harry: Guys, do you mind heading to your dormitories early? Neeti said she would meet me
here at midnight. I have to talk to her about the conversation in Snapes office yesterday.
Hermione: Fine, send us away Harry. But, let us know if you two end up snogging. (She
smiled as she grabbed Ron and walked towards the staircase)
(Neeti walks in)
Neeti: Hi Harry.
Harry: How did you get past curfew time? Surely some prefect was bound to see you.
Neeti: IuhDraco saved me from getting in trouble, actually. Ernie spotted me, but I was
with Draco.
(Harry got up at once when he heard this)
Harry: Sorryhow was your walk? (He tried to be calm as he sat down)
Neeti: Awkward, reallyhe talked about his family a lotbut, by the end of it, we actually
had a good time. (Harry wondered if theyd snogged when she said this, but he did not
want to ask)
Harry: Good, goodIm really sorry I put you up to this. You told me he liked you, so I
thought I could use that against himand now its working to his liking, I reckon.
Neeti: I initially loathed him, yes. But, I found out that hes not that bad.
Harry: Not that bad? (He was beckoning her to sit down, and she did.) Hes a Slytherin,
mind you. He hates all us Gryffindors. Especially me.
Neeti: True, but thats just because hes raised that way to believe that. Not all Slytherin are
bad, you know. Anyways, what did you want to talk about?
Harry: Ium, its actually about the conversation you and Snape had yesterday.
Neeti: You were following me after curfew hours?
Harry: Well, actually, I noticed that you didnt come to dinner, and you hadnt joined us in
the common room. Ron and Hermione had to go patrol the castle, and I joined them. I wanted
to find you, but we heard you talking to Snape.
Neeti: Well, what do you want to know?
Harry: Everyone keeps mentioning how you shouldnt be a Gryffindor. Why is that so?
Draco, the other day, mentioned that he knew your fathernow, Snape believes the same and
he hasnt been menacing towards you while he is towards every other Gryffindor. And, what
was this mission that Dumbledore set you up to? Look, I wouldnt be asking you otherwise,
but you and I have so much in common, and I truly care for you. You understand what I
dont. When you sat down next to me, you mentioned that Dumbledore deceived youhe did
that to me too by concealing some information from me. He only told me this year why
Voldemorts after mebecause of this prophecy Anyways, I believe you also have to go
through this mission in order to attack Voldemort? .(silence)
Neeti: Look Harry, all Im going to say is that I shouldnt be in Gryffindor. Everyones right,
I should be in Slytherin. Or Ravenclaw. See, Im from a pure-blood familymy mother was
in the Original Order of Phoenix with your parentsher name is Chandra MohanAnd as
for my dadmy dad and my mum were in the same year at Hogwarts. She was in Ravenclaw
and my dad was in Slytherin. His name was.Evan RosierBeing in Ravenclaw, you will
know of the qualities she possesses. She was truly brilliant. Top of the year. My dad admired
her brilliance, and they fell in love over that. However, my mom was cheated. My dad
became a Death Eater and Lord Voldemort wanted to use my moms brilliance for the Dark
Arts. She, however, did not want to do so. So, Lord Voldemort himself instructed my father
to put her under the Cruciatus Curse. I was just born when this happened. I dont know what
truly Voldemort needed her for, but after that, my mum was never the same again. Shes now
at St. Mungos under special care. After Voldemort lost his power, because of you, my dad
was placed in Azkabanthey thought he went crazy and diedsome Aurors as you know
did kill some Death Eaters, but my dad faked his deathtil now, the Ministry believed he
was dead. Recently, however, I came to know that he was alive after Dumbledore called me
in and personally told me that my dad was faking it and the Ministry found out and were
looking for him. Like he said, I was called in for questioning, but I was of no use to the
Ministry. However, when Voldemort rose to power again last year, my dad got out of hiding
and immediately joined him. Its obvious to me then that Voldmort must have kept him in
hiding because no one knew of his location. Anyways, theres something that Voldemort
needs from me now through my brilliance. See, Im not gifted like my mother, but they know
that I have a knack for one particular subject: Transfiguration. UhDumbledore told me that
Voldemort got Rosier to threaten me and my mum again(a few months back) because he
wanted me to help him transfigure something dark and dangerous that Voldemort himself
couldnt do. See, Voldemort never believed in old magic. And this was something of
that.but, I didnt want to do it. In fact, I didnt know if I could do it. If I wouldnt, he would
kill my mother. Dumbledore wants me to consent, and he promises that my mum and I will
be safe, but I dont know if I can do whatever Voldemort wants me to doall I know is that
Ill put you in danger because it will work against you. You know the dream you had the
other night with me in it?
Harry: How do you know about that?
Neeti: Im sure you thought Voldemort closed his mind from you. Well, hes not. Professor
snape told me that hes implanting thoughts into your head. This one wasnt one fortunately. I
happen to be good at Leglimency and Occlumency because its a quality my father possessed.
Snape warned me to not defend you because he didnt want me to risk losing myself for you
if Voldemort ever wanted to use that against you. I happened to put that dream into you that
night. I was using leglimency on you to warn you of this. Im sure Voldemort got the
message too, and maybe he tried to read my mind too, but I closed my mind. And I put that
dream inside of you so hell know that you dont fancy methat way, he wont risk putting
thoughts into your head concerning me
Harry: Neeti, youre risking too muchyou cant go through with thiswhat if Voldemort
knows what youre doing and is instead trying to receive information from Draco?
Neeti: I figured as much too. But, if I go out with him, I can try to see what hes up toto see
if maybe hes spying on you. In the worst case, Ill have to use Leglimens on him too. But,
anything is worth the risk if I get my mum backand if I know youre alive too. I like you
Harry, but we just cant be together. I wanted to tell you this at the table the other nightbut
I actually liked you since the day I knew you were the BOY WHO LIVED because you
brought the man who brainwashed my father down. Ill always be grateful for that
Harry: Look Neeti, were in this together. I wont let you do anything for Voldemort and
have you risk losing your life. Ill help you. First, we need to figure out this mission. I know
Dumbledore wont reveal because this as its confidential and because hes keeping secrets
from me as wel. But knowing your strength is Transfiguration, well just have to get a note
from McGonagall to go to the restricted section in the library and see what type of magic
Voldemort wants you to do. In the meantime, keep blocking your mind. Voldemort will
always be looking for an opportunity to attack.
Neeti: That goes for you too.You need to learn to block your mind as well.
Harry: I cant though. Snape offered to do so the past year, but I ticked him off and I didnt
get anymore lessons. But, I want to focus harder because itll save a life this time. Will you
help me?
Neeti: Firstly, dont be mad at Snape. Hes had alot to deal with as he was a teenager at
Hogwarts. My dad and him slept in the same dormitory actuallyimagine what its like
being betrayed by someone you know
Harry: I dont know if he was actually deceived though. You know him as the man whos
worked in the Order, but I know him as a Death Eater as well. He has the Dark Mark.
Neeti: Then I guess theres two mysteries to solve. But for now, I will help you with
Harry: Snapes probably conveying every piece of information he gets from Dumbledore to
Voldemort. But, Dumbledore trusts him no matter what I say. (was frustrated now talking
about Dumbledore) Sorry, can we proceed to our first Occlumency lesson then?
Neeti: Sure, (seeing that he really didnt want to talk about Dumbledore) but it wont be
easy. Just remember, show no emotions. Ready? (He nodded) 1,2,3Leglimens!

Suddenly, images popped upHarry breaking up with Cho, Sirius dying, seeing Neeti,
being mad at Hermione and Ron and Dumbledore, Potions, prophecyQuidditch cup
Neeti: Sorryyou have to try harder.btw, do you really like me?
Harry: Yeah (Harry now looked scarlet because he didnt want Neeti to see all of that)
But, I dont want Voldemort to know that. I need to practice harder.
Neeti: I think weve had enough for today. Its almost two. Get to bed, and well talk
tomorrow. Remember, practice showing no emotions.
Harry: Yeah I will. Night Neeti. (He smiled that she believed in him and was concerned
for his safety)
Neeti: Wait, one more thingas far as Malfoy knows, Im his girlfriend, and you can show
no jealousyalright?
Harry: I think Occlumency is going to be harder than I thought with the whole no jealousy
idea(she smiled as they both walked off to their respective dormitories)
(Next Morning)
Hermione: She what?! Shes the daughter of Rosier this doesnt sound good Harry. Why
did you volunteer to help her? How do you know that shes not lying to you
Harry: Because Hermione! (he was getting mad at her)I trust her! And If Im wrong,
which I have been before with Dumbledore, then it wont come as a surprise to meIve met
many that didnt wish to tell me information(he was now staring at Ron and Hermione)
Ron: Mate, dont you go yelling at Hermione!
Harry: So its just started hitting your head that you should take her side? What happened to
all the times you were mad at her for being with Krum??
Hermione: Boys, stop! Look Harry, its up to you what you want to do, but hear me out first.
Harry: Sorry Hermione. I trust her. Just because your jealous that shes smarter than you,
doesnt mean shes a Death Eater spying on me. (Hermione walked off, furious.)
Ron: Youve crossed the limits with that one, mate. Youre on your own now

At that moment, Harry wanted to run after the two and apologize because things had gotten
out of hand, but he decided not to. They didnt understand. Dumbledore had made a mistake
by not telling him all the information which couldve saved Sirius. Sirius was gone now, and
now he had no one. They just didnt understand that, and they wanted to separate him from
the girl who actually understood. He didnt care any longer; he made his way to Herbology
by himself.
Sprout: You know what to do. You are to work with the Venomous Tarantula, which you will
deal with often in my NEWT class. I require the venom by the end of the class in phials.
Now, get to work!
Ron and Hermione decided to work with Ernie and Hannah, leaving Harry with Neville,
Dean and Seamus.
Seamus: Is it true then? (staring at Dean) That Neeti is dating that git Malfoy?
Dean: Yeah, it is. I heard her say so to Parvati and Ginny. Ginny looked furious. She
questioned her as to why she would make a foolish decision, but Neeti said that Draco was a
good guy. For the most part.
Seamus: Well then, Draco must have put her under an Imperius curse. No girl in her right
mind, especially a Gryffindor, would say yes to Draco Malfoy.
Harry: I dont mean to interrupt your conversation, but its not up to you to decide who
should date who.
Neville, who was frantically grabbing the spiders legs and then giving up, spoke: Harry, I
thought you fancied Neeti?
Harry: I mightve then. But, she obviously doesnt like me that way, so were just friends
now. (Harry now stupefied the spider to obtain the venom.)
Dean: Being friends with her might be a bad idea, mate. Words going around that she is the
daughter of one of You-Know-Whos followers. I would know how awful it would be to get
in the hands of a Death Eater with my father being killed by oneblimey, I wish he just told
my mom.. Well, he didnt and then my mum married someone elseanyways, she could be
dangerous. Everyones already calling her the Gryffindor Traitor.
Harry: Dean, shut up, will you? (He was loud enough for almost everyone to hear. And to
his surprise, Ron and Hermione looked his way too). You cant assume something is real
just by hearing it. Im truly sorry that your father was killed by Death Eaters for not joining
Voldemort, but this is different. And for your information, my parents were killed by
Voldemort, so I understand the feeling much better than you do. Anyways, this whole time
you thought you were muggle born, werent you? But, that turned out to be wrong, and Im
sure that Neeti being a Death Eater is just as wrongyoure sounding like Ron and
Hermione right now. Mind you, theyre no longer my friends cause they said that.
Dean shut up after that, and Harry was left working alone although all of them were still at
the same table. By the end of class, however, he got many phials filled with venom.
Harry had Divination next, but he needed to talk to Neeti real fast. He couldnt find her in the
corridors or in the Herbology greenhouse. In fact, he didnt remember seeing her in
Herbology either? Wait, she wasnt in that class. She mustve had History of Magic that
period. So, he rushed to Professor Binns class as fast as he could, although that was far away
from the Astronomy tower to see if Neeti was still there. Professor Binns was just about to
sleep when Harry walked in.
Harry: Professor Binns! Hi-er, sorry to bother youbut, wheres Neeti?
Binns: Neeti? Whos that?
Harry: Miss Mohan?
Binns: Posher, Im afraid I dont know who that is(he didnt even know that his name
was Potter, not Posher)
Harry: Shes in Gryffindor housetall, sleek black hair, wears glassesvery smart, but
keeps quiet
Binns: Oh, you must be talking about Miss Moran, right?
Harry: Miss Mohan, sir.
Binns: Yes, the same one! Well, sorry mboy, but she didnt show up today. In fact, an
absence was called in for her for the whole week.
Harry: What?! Neetis not at Hogwarts? Where did she go?
Binns: I cant answer that Posher because I dont know. Youd get an answer from Professor
McGonnagall or Headmaster, maybe.
Greatthe last thing he wanted to do was meet the man who kept information from
himhed do the same now toowhat if Dumbledore sent Neeti on the mission him and
Snape were referring to? He had to figure out. Although he was already 20 minutes late to
Divination, he didnt mind missing the rest. He went straight to McGonagalls office.
Harry: Professor McGonagall?
McG: Potter? What are you doing here, this hour? You should be in Divination. Im afraid I
must give you detention for skiving off class.
Harry: Sorry Professor, but this is important.
McG: What is it Potter?
Harry: Erwheres Neeti Mohan?
McG: Potter, this is what you considered to be important that you were willing to miss
Divination?although, I dont blame you for wanting to miss it. (McG always hated
Divination with a passion because she believed it was an imprecise branch of magic)
Harry: No, thing is ProfessorI heard Neeti talking to Professor Snape about a mission she
was to complete for Voldemort, and I wanted to know if Professor Dumbledore sent her out
for that
McG had a look of fear on her face: Potter, I dont know how you hear about these things, or
how its always you that comes to know about these things, but I assure you, theres nothing
to worry about.
Harry: Nothing to worry about? Professor, shes an excellent student like her mothersurely,
you know thatand she so happens to be the daughter of Rosier, the death eater! He has
threatened Neeti and her mum a few months agoafter he already performed the Cruciatus
Curse on Mrs. Mohan beforetheres definitely something to worry about if you ask me.
Now, Voldemort is using her to his advantage! He wants her to use some Dark
Transfiguration magic to kill me! (McG now looked concerned and confused)Please
Professor. Help me
McG: Potter, Dumbledore isnt here. Otherwise, I wouldve sent you to his office right
Harry: I dont want to see Dumbledore. Hes the one who wanted to put Neeti in trouble in
the first placetell me Professor. Where is she?
McG: First of all, Id like to say that youve misinterpreted some information. Youre right,
Neeti is an excellent Transfiguration student. She gets her intelligence from her mother, Im
sure. And although Rosier used the Cruciatus curse on Chandra once, he didnt do so a few
months agoshes in St. Mungosand no Death Eater would be able to get in or out of St.
Harry: But Neeti told me
McG: Well, she mustve been lying to you because Chandra is recovering to full health
againthats actually why Neeti has left Hogwarts temporarilyto see her mother, and
Dumbledore has gone with. So, whatever mission you are talking about doesnt exist.
Professor Dumbledore would never do anything to endanger his studentslet alone let
another student do anything as such. Please forget about the Dark Transfiguration magic. I
dont want you to discuss this with me again. Understood? Now please, before I do give you
detention, head down to Gryffindor Tower before dinner (the bell rang indicating that
classes were over)

He couldnt believe itHermione and Ron were right; Neeti lied to him about everything.
But why? But, if she were lying, then why did he hear that there was a mission in Snapes
office? Then, was McGonagall covering something up for Dumbledorebecause
Dumbledore didnt want him to know somethinghe decided to head to the library after
dinner to find out about this Transfiguration magic, something that Professor McGonagall
clearly didnt want him knowing. But where would he start? He had no other choice but to
apologize to Ron and Hermione because they were partly right; Neeti lied about her father
performing the Cruciatus curse the second time.
Common Room
Dean: Ginny, you cant be mad at me
Ginny: Well, too late Dean, I AM mad(she stormed off into the girls dormitories, and
Dean sat across from Harry)
Dean: Everything I do looks wrong towards Ginny. I told her how you treated me in
Herbology today, and she was gobswapped! She says I shouldnt have been
insensitiveshes talking about insensitivitybut, sorry again Harry
Harry was about to apologize back and tell him that he was right, but Ron and Hermione
walked in and went to sit far away from him. He couldnt find anything more important than
talking to his best friends, so he just got up and left to go sit next to them without saying
anything to Dean.
Ron: Oh, look whos sitting with us now? Got bored of your OTHER friends?
Harry: You were right.
Ron: Then you shouldnt sit with uswait what? We were right?
Harry: Yeah, well at least partly. I missed Divination today (Hermione made a HMPH
noise. She didnt like the class, but she didnt like the idea of Harry missing class either)
to talk to Neeti after what happened in Herbology, but she wasnt in Professor Binns class.
Hermione: (Hermione seemed to take this as an apology and as a way to talk to him)
Harry, were truly sorry about what happened in Herbology. I wanted to come and defend
you, but Ron said that we have to be resistant to prove a point.
Harry: It doesnt matter because I went to McGonagall afterwards to ask her where Neeti
Ron: You didnt go straight to Dumbledore?
Harry: You know I wouldnt. He would lie to meagain. Anyways, she said that most of my
information Id heard from Neeti was wrong. Theres no mission that Dumbledores setting
her to do, and her father didnt put the cruciatus curse on her mum few months back? Neetis
actually in St. Mungos right now looking after her somewhat recovered motherso, Im
sorry. You guys were mostly right. She lied to mebut I dont know why..I mean, we heard
Snape talk about a mission and Neeti said she wouldnt do it because she didnt know what to
do, but she didnt want to lose her mother eitherand Snape said hes following
Dumbledores orders.
Hermione: So, you think Professor McGonagall is lying about something?
Harry: Somethings definitely being covered up. And I want to start by looking in the library
tonight after hours to search for Dark Transfiguration magic that Voldemort would want
Neeti to do, in case the mission is actually true. Ill use my cloak because Professor
McGonagall wont give me permission to search the Restricted Section now.
Ron: But, where do we start?
Hermione: Well, we definitely want to look at Transfiguration magic thats definitely too
complex that even Voldemort couldnt do probably a form of old magic? He did despise
Harry: Brilliant, Hermione! It has to be very complex old magic because Neeti knows all
Transfiguration shortcuts and tricks, and shed know the old magic too because her mother
was gifted at old magic. He wanted her mom to do that before, but her mom wouldnt. Thats
what put her in St. Mungos in the first place
(Hermione smiled.)
Ron: Wed love to help, but were on prefect duty for some time. But, while were on prefect
duty, I think Hermione and I should seize the opportunity to spy on Malfoywhat if he has
something to do with the missionin any way?
Harry: Yeah, you guys do that. And once again, Im sorry for not believing you. I was wrong
about Neeti for the most part. I truly trusted her
Hermione: She wasnt completely lying Harrytheres still something to this, isnt
there?although she cant be trusted completely, were still pursuing this because the staff is
keeping something from us. So for all we know, Neetis talk of a mission could still hold true.
Harry: Then, lets get started after dinner?
(They all agreed to it, and walked to the Great Hall.)
(To Harry, Ron, and Hermiones dismay, Malfoy was the first person they met there.)
Malfoy: Oh, look who it is! The Chosen One, The Red-Haired peasant, and The Mudblood
nerd! (Crabbe and Goyle sneered)Hermione: Dont (to Harry and Ron who pulled
their wands out). Now, although I wouldnt be talking to you three on a normal day, Ive
come to ask you something.
Hermione: If youre wondering how to become smart, Im afraid its going to take a lot out of
you.Ron: Woah Hermione! (Malfoy scowled at this)
Malfoy: Think youre so smart, you filthy muggle?
Ron: This filthy muggle you speak of has more brains than you. I bet she got Outstanding
on her all OWLS while you mightve only pulled one In Potions cause Snape likes you
Malfoy: I have nothing to say to you WeasleyPotter, wheres Neeti? Surely, you would
know. I heard youve been following her around a lottoo upset by the fact that she chose
me, are you?
Harry: (He decided to show no emotions like Neeti said, so he lied.) Actually, there are no
hard feelings Malfoy. But, there must be something wrong with your guyss relationship
seeing that she left Hogwarts with a pre-excused absence for a week. (He walked off,
leaving Malfoy appalled).
Malfoy, to Harrys surprise, ran after him.
Malfoy: What? Neeti really left Hogwarts? I didnt think she would do it yet
(Harry was taken aback by his last sentencewhat did he think she was going to do? )
(Harry was going to ask when Professor Snape stood behind him.)
Snape: Draco, get back to your table. Potter, I need a word.
(Malfoy got to gowhy couldnt he? He always got stuck with Snape. Seeing that snape
was peering into his eyes, Harry decided to test his Occlumency skills that he somewhat
learned from Neeti. If he could get past Snape, he could get through anythingSnape
stared into his eyes for some time, but Harry didnt give in. He showed no emotions, and
it appeared to work to his satisfaction.)
Snape: hmmIm under the impression that you were searching for Miss Mohan this
Harry: And why should that concern you?
Snape: Potter, dont be a foolProfessor McGonagall told me you heard Miss Mohan and I
talking the other night. I should give you detention for doing so, but I decided to be lenient.
My word to you is to stay out of this, or you will serve more detentions than you can afford.
(Snape started to walk to the doors when Harry called him)
Harry: Sn..Professor Snape, sir.
Snape: Yes, Potter?
Harry: Where is Professor Dumbledore?
Snape: I give you the same answer Minerva did. Hes with Miss Mohan, and shes safe. So, it
would be best for you to stop butting into things that dont concern you. That is,
unfortunately, why you end up in so many problemsand Potter, I expect a 23 inch
parchment on Wolfsbane Potion from you, tomorrow.
Harry: But Professor, we dont have classes tomorrow
Snape: Im the teacher, and you will comply to my rules. Hand it to me in my office at 8 am
precisely tomorrow or be prepared to receive detentions with me for the rest of the term.
GreatSo now Harry couldnt go to the libraryhe had to write his essay on the uses of the
Wolfsbane Potion for a class no one else had
Hermione: What was that about? Sorry Harry. We sat down to eat when you were talking to
Malfoy and Snapewhat happened?
Harry: When I told him that Neeti would be absent for a week, Draco responded
differentlyhe was surprised that she left and he was wondering why she would do it
alreadyhowever, I dont know what that isto make matters worse, Snape gave me an
assignment to do for tomorrow morning at 8 on the uses of Wolfsbane potion while no one
else has classesI cant go to the library thenIve got to get this done.
Ron: That Snapes a git, he is and Neeti mustve told Draco something about the mission on
their romantic walkI knew something was fishy when you were telling us that she
thought it was awkward at first but then fine being with him. She found someone to confide
in completely. Shes chosen him over you, Harry.
Ron was right, and Harry was furious. He spent the rest of dinner silently eating.
Hermione: Harry, I dont mean to be a bother, but Ive worked the plan for tonight out. Look
at this time-table Ive created. (She placed it carefully between the three so Neville,
Seamus, and Dean couldnt see. Not that Dean would bother anyway. He was busy
eating dessert: Ginny. Ron was disgusted, but he decided to listen to Hermione and
leave them alone.) So, right after dinner, when everyones heading to their dormitories, you
take your cloak and go to the library. Madam Pince, Im sure, will just be heading in after her
dinner as wellbut, shell come in just to lock the door and make sure no ones in there. You
sneak in, and do your research. Meanwhile, Ron and I will be on Prefect dutyIll create a
diversion with Draco and Pansy for a while so that they dont go into their common room
after. Ill think of that laterafter I come up with whatever, Ill go into our common room
and get started on your essay for you. (Seeing Harrys smile and expression of thank you,
she decided to make it clear for him.) Dont get used to it of course. Im only doing this
because this might be the only lead well have. Ron, in the meantime, will gather information
on what Draco says to Pansy. Then, Ron, me, or both of us, will unlock the library doors for
you to come out at say 2...
Harry: The plan sounds wonderful Hermione, except for one bit. How are you going to get a
hold of Madame Pinces keys?
Hermione: Didnt you know Harry? One of the benefits of being a prefect is that we get to
use Filchs set of extra keyshe cant say anything about it. One of us will grab it,
depending on how long it takes me to write a well-developed essay but make it look like your
wordingand then well open the door for you
Harry: Hermione, youre brilliant! Okay, lets go.
Ron: Look whos coming our way. Hermione, you need to create that diversion now.

Hermione(loud enough for Draco to hear): Oh, yes Ron. It was really a pity to hear that
about NeetiIll tell you more about it as were on prefect dutycome on(whispers to
Harry: Good luck! Go! )
Harry seized this moment to head straight to the library. Like Hermione predicted, Madame
Pince was coming to the library from the opposite corridor. It was obvious that she had just
dealt with Peeves. Harry, with his cloak on, stood aside and quickly slipped inside before
Pince locked the door. Behind him now, he could hear her looking around. Not seeing
anything, she locked the doors. (Stupid Poltergeist! The day Argus gets Peeves out of this
school is the day I can peacefully have a date with Argus er)
Harry made his way to the Restricted Section and said, Lumos. Looking around the room,
he saw many branches of magiche was looking for Transfiguration, but the Restricted
Section didnt seem to contain a lot of dark magic regarding Transfiguration.Magic Moste
Evil, Spells Gone Wrong, Fatal Potions: Dead Faster than You can Say Bezoarcome on
Harry, keep looking. It had to be in here somewhere.aha! Evil Transfigurationthis could
give him a clue. Harry picked up the book, and seeing that it didnt make any sounds, opened
it to read it.
Ron and Hermione
Hermione: Is he still following us?
Ron: Yeah, and that pug-faced Pansy tookeep making stuff up
Hermione: Right. Um, Ron you were right. It was dreadfulyesterday she was here, and
today shes not. I hope shes all right. And you know whats funnyDumbledores gone
toowhat if it has to do with Ministry of Magic? I mean, she was the daughter of
Voldemorts followerwhat if shes being questioned right now(Ron didnt have time to
answer because he saw another gruesome scene. Ron: Hey, how many times do I tell you
Dean? Stop snogging my sister. Go up to the common room before I kill Rons
surprise, it was Dean who he had seen. But, the girl he was snogging was not Ginny. It
was Parvati PatilDean: Sorry, Ron. Dont tell Ginny, mate. It was a mistake)
Ron: Locomotor Morti-(Dean ran off quickly before Ron could place the Leg-Locker
curse on him. )
Hermione: Ron, dont ! Stop.
Ron: That bastard! Hes dating my sister AND Parvati? I have to tell Ginny!
Hermione: Not nowlook whos still behind us, listening(Ron made a careful glance
and saw that Malfoy and Pansy were hiding behind a knight) Anyways, Parvati was
cheating as well. She befouled Ginny. They are good friends, you know. Anyways, back to
Neeti, shall we?
Ron: I dont know what Harry sees in her. More importantly, I dont see how she is with
Malfoy. Its probably because of her Slytherin blood, isnt it? I heard that theres this mission
she has to doI think Dumbledore is setting Neeti up for trouble(this was the spark.
Malfoy sprang out from behind the knight, and Pansy Parkinson stood behind him.)
Malfoy: You git! What did you say about my girlfriend? (Pansy squealed when he referred
to Neeti as girlfriend)
Ron: Wanted to snoop around behind us, did you? Well, you heard me! IF you cared about
her, you wouldve went after herDumbledore wants to set her up on some missionI
heard.I heard Snape tell NeetiYou Know Who wants to use Neeti against Harry!... not
that it matters to you, anyway. I mean your father would like this to prove himself toYOU
KNOW WHO (Hermione was surprised at Rons sentence about his father. She didnt
think of that, but thats probably why Draco was with Neeti: so his father would escape
Pansy: Shut up Weasley!
Hermione: You shut up, you pug! (They were about to draw wands when Malfoy and Ron
pulled both of them back. )
Malfoy: Pansy, stay out of this. Go do your prefect duty or something(she walked off,
annoyed)look Weasley. I have no part in this! I truly like NeetiI didnt know that she
was doing anything of that sort
Ron: You mean to say that you didnt know the Dark Lords plans?
Malfoy: II
Hermione: Draco, tell us now! What did you mean when you told Harry that you couldnt
believe Neeti was doing something nowdid she already tell you she was going to leave
Malfoy: I dont have to tell you anything
Ron: Fine, but if she ends up dead
Malfoy: Ok, look. All my father told me was that Neeti was going to save our lives. The Dark
Lord has let my father go because he told him that I was going out with her. My father
expects me to use and somehow lure Neeti to the Dark Lord so that we can escape (because
of his failure to receive the prophecy). I initially followed that idea, but now I genuinely
like herI wouldnt do anything to hurt her.
Ron: Well, seeing your fathers case, You Know Who is going to kill you if you dont.
Malfoy: But, you said that Dumbledore is setting her to do it. So, Ive done my part. If
Dumbledore knows of the plan and wants her to do whatever it is, then Ive clearly fulfilled
the Dark Lords wishes. Ive helped my father escape death. (Neeti will be safe with
Dumbledore right? I mean, Potter always was.)
Hermione: Wait! Before you gocan you tell us why Neeti would lie to us about her
fathershe said that her father threatened her mother a few months ago with the Cruciatus
cursethat doesnt add updo you know anything?
Malfoy: And why should I tell you?
Hermione: Because what youve confessed to me right now will be used against you if I
report it to Professor McGonagall or Professor Snapecare to risk your prefect status or your
stay at Hogwarts?
Malfoy: Fine. Fine. Evan Rosier performed the Cruciatus curse on Chandra Mohan only
onceand that was before the Dark Lord killed Potters parentsthere was a Cruciatus curse
performed a second timebut not by her fatherit was Neeti herself who performed the
curse on her mother. (And he ran off before he could say anything else).

Hermione and Ron looked shocked
Ron: Oh man. We shouldve asked Draco what Snapes actual role was in this
Hermione: Im surprised we got this much from him. Come on, lets find Harryoh no, I
didnt do his paper. Ron, you get the keys and get Harry. I was so involved with the info that
Draco provided that I didnt even start his paperbye

Three books down, and there was nothing. Evil Transfiguration merely stated that the only
form of old complex Dark Transfiguration magic used was to change a human being into a
dead person for mere scary purposesnothing else seemed to be dangerousdangerous
enough, at least, so that Harry would be killed by it. Seeing the time was already 2, he placed
the book on the shelf and grabbed his cloak to make his way towards the door. As he was
walking back, he bumped into a bookshelf and one particular book dropped. This book
shrieked. Harry quickly shouted, Silencio! and it became quiet at that instant. He picked it
up. Transfiguratio habet Intelligatiem. The words were definitely related to Transfiguration,
but as he flipped through the pages, they were in a different language. Nonetheless, he
decided to take the book to read later. At this moment, Ron whispered from outside the door.
Ron: Harry? Harry, are you in there?
Harry: Yes Ron! Open up
They both headed to the common room now.
Hermione: Harry, Ive just finished your essay. I wouldve finished earlier if I sticked to the
time-table, but Malfoy said some thingsthat kept me there.
Hermione and Ron told Harry what happened
Harry: So, Neeti didnt lie about everything else, then? That means Dumbledore and the rest
of the professors were hiding something from us,
Ron: But mate, she still lied about the cruciatus curseit wasnt her father who did it the
second time, it was herself
Harry: But, why would she curse her own mother?
Hermione: She does have Slytherin blood.
Harry: Hermione! Please
Hermione: Sorry, but what else would explain that behavior? Do you reckon she was under
an Imperius Curse?
Harry: Yea, what if she was?
Ron: Yeah Hermione, she couldnt have cursed her motherdeliberately..
Hermione: Oh you two, when will you ever readIn Hogwarts, A History it clearly states
that the only two places where an unforgivable curse wont work is inside Hogwarts itself
and St. Mungosthe hospitalunless the spells are removed, which they arentif her
mother was in the hospital the whole time, she couldnt have been tortured. And Neeti
couldnt have walked in being possessed.dont you see what Im saying? Her mum
mustve been taken outside of St. Mungos or something and been cursed because it cant
happen within St. Mungo propertyand all we have to do is figure that part out
Ron: Everythings harder without Dumbledore here, isnt it?
Harry: Actually, he made things a whole lot harder

Next Morning-Snapes Office
Harry: Sir, I erbrought the assignment
Snape: Leave it on my desk(Snape was examining a potion when Harry did so. As
Harry walked out the door, Snape closed the door shut.) Did I ask you to leave? Sit
Harry did so. Snape came to his desk and sat in front of Harry.
Harry: Sir, is there something you need? Do you want to grade my paper while I sit in front
of you?
Snape: Youre a fool like your father, Potter. I thought you wouldve worked out the
factsguess not. You care about your gradeswell here.(He stamped an O on Harrys
paper without even reading itHarry was really confused)
Harry: Sir, you gave me an Outstanding? (Harry felt like he was dreaming.)
Snape: As of right now, your grades are not of importance. I asked you to come on a day with
no classes to talk to you privately. Seeing as Draco was watching us talk, I had to implicitly
state for you to meet me. And assigning you homework sounded like a wonderful idea(he
sneered at this)
Harry: Professor, why did you want to see me?
Snape: I have no pleasure telling you anything, but Im only following Dumbledores
Harry: Dumbledore talked to you? Hows Neeti? When is she coming back?
Snape: It actually regards that matter Potter. Dumbledore is back from St. Mungos, and he
wishes to talk to you later this evening. Im however to convey the message that you are not
to talk to Miss Mohan. And Dumbledore, knowing that you would still be mad at him,
assured that there would be consequences if you did so. Miss Mohans in the hospital wing as
of right now, but you are not to express concern for her. It is for your best. However, you are
to alert Draco of this matter as soon as possible. After doing so, you will continue your work.
But again, I will remind you not to get involved. Dumbledore wants you to follow this.
Harry: Professor, you cant let Neeti risk her life. If Dumbledores being stupid, how could
Snape: Dont you dare talk about Professor Dumbledore. Hes the Headmaster of this school,
and you are to follow his orders. I told him that you had to be disciplined in a stricter way,
but he told me he had confidence that you would do as told. Guess you want to let him
Harry: Look, I lost Sirius already. And if Voldemort wants something with Neeti, he has to
take me too.
Snape: Neeti already forewarned you to keep your mind shut about thisyes, I told herthe
Dark Lord wants you to think something will happen to her to lure youlike he did with
Siriusthat ended badly enough. Listen to Dumbledore. Dont get involved unless
Dumbledore says so. Now, you may leave. Do as I said. Tell Draco. It is important that he
Harry: So he can tell his father to tell Voldemort and escape his wrath? Its so funny that you
and Dumbledore want Lucius and his family alive, but you dont seem to care about anyone
Snape: Leave before I give detention, and you dont want to make me give you one because
Dumbledore has told me not to.
Harry: You dont do everything Dumbledore says anyways (hinting at his Death Eater
involvement). And I wont either.(Harry left now).
(Hermione and Ron were at the courtyard when Harry approached them)
Ron: Mate, what happened?
Hermione: Did you hand in the paper? I just realized that I forgot to write down the last
ingredient used to make the potion. Im sorry, Harry. Did he at least give you an A?
(Harry showed his O.)
Ron: Snape gave YOU an O?
Harry: His idea of giving homework was just to distract Draco because he was listening to the
conversationSnape called me in to say that Dumbledore and Neeti returned from
Mungosbut Neetis at the hospital and Im not to disturb her. Dumbledore reckons,
instead, that Im to tell Draco about this. Why would she come back from a hospital to go
into another?
Hermione: She mustve been overjoyed that her mother was okay that she couldnt deal with
the shock. Im sure thats what it was
Ron: ButHermione, that cant be it
Harry: Rons right. It defeats the purpose that theres a mission then
Hermione: Oh, I dont know. But, if Dumbledore wants you out of the way Harry, please
follow his orders. I know how mad you are at him, but hes trying to save two lives here
(yours and Neetis) and you cant make it harder for him.
Harry: Youre telling me not to visit Neeti? You know, Dumbledore wants me to pay a visit
to his office in the evening, and I plan on declining.
Ron: No, dont. I meanhe could give you important newsbesides, this is for Neeti. Think
of it that way.
(Draco walked up)
Draco: Crabbe, Goyle, Ill see you in the common room. Leave.
Goyle: Draco, you dont want us to see you smack Potter?
(Hermione now picked up her wand and pointed at Crabbe and Goyle-LEAVE. Or, stay
if you want to be punched just like Draco was(3
book), and they ran.)
Harry: Its good that you showed up. I went to Snapes office and he told me to convey a
message for you: Neetis back at Hogwarts, and shes in the hospital wingyou can visit her
if you want. (Harry looked glum that he couldnt do so however)
Draco: Ohalright(He started walking but turned back around to face Harry.) And,
youre not coming?
Harry: (He gave it some thought. Although his mind was urging him to go, Dumbledore
wouldnt have sent the message if it wasnt important.) No
(Hospital Wing)
Madame Pomprey: Draco, what are you doing here?
Draco: Dumbledore said I could visit Neeti.
Pomprey: Oh yes, rightalright, Ill leave you to it. But, you have 15 min precisely
Draco now made his way to the pale girl at the last bed. Seeing as she was still sleeping, he
placed his hand on hers and started weeping.
Draco: This is all my faultIm so sorry Neeti
Neeti seemed to regain conscience at this point.
Neeti: Draco(she got up)what are you doing here?
Draco: Neeti! Youre awakelook, Im really sorry. I didnt think you would already be
leaving HogwartsIm sorry. Its true that I initially wanted to lure you to the Dark Lords
hands, but I dont want to anymore. At all. I really like you, and you dont have to do
this.Ill.. Ill talk to Dumbledore for you for extra protectionplease dont.
Neeti: Dracostop. I know what youre doing for me, and I appreciate it. I didnt go and
seek VoldemortI went to St. MungosDumbledore came with me.
Draco: What?
Neeti: Dumbledore came with me to put Polyjuice Potionits the only way the other
Healers wont know. Amethyst is the only one, and shes finding it hard to keep secret.. Hes
better, and Im really glad of it. Whats been going on for the past months, what Ive told
youyou havent told your family or Voldemort right..?
Draco: I didntbesides when you told me, thats when I promised that I really liked you and
I didnt want anything to do with losing youand Bellatrix is teaching me Occlumency..Ive
been finding that as an advantage alreadyBut, question ishow did Dumbledore do it at
St. Mungos few months back? I still dont get it
Neeti: Come onyou know how he did it
Draco: But, youll have to take the blame, and youve already dealt with that before.
Neeti: Dumbledore knows what hes doing. Im in the hospital now for that I can
avoid all questioning
Draco: Oh so he still reckons that sacrificing you to the Dark Lord to save Potter is a good
idea? He only seems to care about Potter and not you, doesnt he
Neeti: No, he knows what hes doing. He has a plan, and I know of it. But, Im afraid I cant
tell you. But, hes trying to save all three of us.and Im going to do it. Im going to help
Draco: You cant! Please(silence)Fine, at least tell me why you ended up in the
hospitalDumbledore reckons you can tell me, right? I mean youve already told him that
you told me all of this
Neeti: If the Ministry of Magic people come, which Dumbledore reckons they will, then I
wont have to deal with questioninghe doesnt want me to face the blame againI would
be expelled otherwise because Im underagebut he doesnt want me to tell them just
yetthe truthand about telling him, he was mad at that first you knowbut he was happy
that I didnt say of the plan or anythingand I guess he was okay with me telling you
because you wouldve known from your father anyways about my father
Draco: Yeah thats rightYou and Dumbledore, though, youre both mad.
Neeti: If it saves lives, then why does it matter?
(Madame Pomprey walked in. Pomprey: Ok Draco. Times up. You may visit
laterand Draco walked out after kissing Neetis forehead.)
(Harry was in the common room now, walking to and fro. The fact that Dumbledore
gave Draco permission to see Neeti and not him made him furious. What could
Dumbledore possibly want to tell him? You are to not get involved with thiswe cant
risk losing someone elseand you are to walk out of Draco and Neetis lives
forever?...He couldnt think anymore, so he sat down across from Hermione and Ron,
who were completing their Transfiguration practice exercises. )
(Ginny and Dean walked in, holding hands at this time. )
Ginny; Oh, look who it is Dean. We better stop holding hands, or we might get another
(Ron just remembered what Dean did. )
Ron: Ginny! You dont know what this bloke did
(Dean had an apologetic look on his face and was now holding his hands up, begging for
forgiveness. )
Ginny: Dean, what is he talking about?
Dean: I..I dont know
Ron: You dont know, do you? Well, youre not to talk to my sister again!
Ginny: Oh, I know what this is aboutRon, you git! Are you trying to invade on mine and
Deans relationship again? Its not going to work, alright? You dont see me butting on your
and Hermiones rel-(Hermione started to blush). Oh, thats rightyou havent worked that
out yet, have you? Give it a rest Ron. Come on Dean. (They walked up to his dormitory).
Ron: Hermione, why didnt you tell her? You were sitting right here, werent you?
Hermione: IRonI couldnt. Shes my friend. I dont want her to be upset, you know?
Ron: You WHAT? Shes being cheated on, and that doesnt matter to you? Dean snogged
Parvati! He says its a mistake, but he knew who he was datingI would never do that to you
if we were(Harry now looked up at the both of him)Youre so insensitive
Hermione(and he marched up to his dormitory where Harry and Hermione now
heard Ron saying: You two! Get out of here! I dont want to see you two snogging near
my bed! Out! )
Harry: Well, that was pleasant
Hermione: Rons rightI shouldve said something(tears were now falling onto her
exercise sheet)
Harry: Hell come aroundnow stop cryingor all your hard work will disappear..and I
dont mean with the Vanishing Spell. (she smiled)
(Harry was pulling out his Divination homework, which Ron got for him and who
Trelawney didnt even notice that Harry was gonewhen he saw the book he picked up
from the library)
Harry: Hermione? I forgot to mention(now sitting in the seat next to her)but, I found a
book in the library in the restricted sectionit might help. I checked the other books on Dark
Transfiguration but there was nothing that talked of old, dangerous, complex magic. I thought
maybe this one would have something, but its in a different language. Could you tell me
what language this is?
(Hermione, now peering at the cover, stared at the book.): Sorry Harry, but I dont know
what this is. Its not Runes, Mermish, Goblin-languageI dont know what this ismaybe I
could hold on to the book and let you know later?
Harry: Yeh sure. I cant make progress anyways if I cant translate the text. (Harry was in a
bad mood again. He wanted to help Neeti, but there seemed no way he could. If
Dumbledore only let him talk to Neetihe would get some information)
Hermione: Where are you going Harry? (seeing that he now got up)
Harry: Uh, Im on my way to Dumbledores office.
(Gargoyle: Password? Harry: Cherry popsand he made his way to Dumbledores
office. At that very moment, Snape walked out looking frustrated.)
Snape: Been spying on us, have you Potter?
Harry: Er-no. I just got here.
Dumbledore: Leave him, Severus. He speaks the truth. (Dumbledore smiled. He looked a
little frail, but he showed no regard of it. And Snape left right after this, sullen) Come.
Sit Harry.
(Although Harry was mad coming up here, that all seemed to vanish as he sat down.)
Dumbledore: Now Harry. Before I get to why I summoned you here this night, I would like
for you to have some treacle tart and pumpkin juice. You do like treacle tart and pumpkin
juice, Harry?
Harry: Yes sir. Its my favorite(He grabbed some tarts and took a sip out of his goblet.)
Dumbledore: Now Harry. Im sure youre wondering why Ive called you on a beautiful
summer evening. Well, its to talk about Miss Mohan. I know that youve befriended her. I
saw her sitting next to you at the feast. Although I didnt want it happening that way, I cant
change the past.
Harry: Sir, sorry. But why dont you want me being friends with her?
Dumbledore: Surely Harry, youre aware of Miss Mohans motivesSeverus told me that
you heard him and Miss Mohan talking? Am I right?
Harry: Yes sir. I was merely curious because I didnt think Snape(Dumbledore: Professor
Snape, Harry) would let a Gryffindor defend me. She defended me when Professor Snape
told the class that I was taking Remedial Potions. But, she told otherwiseI was curious to
know more about her after thatI didnt see her at dinner or in the common room, so I
followed Ron and Hermione while they were on Prefect dutythats when I heard them
talking about this mission
Dumbledore: Yes Harrythere is a mission
(Harry couldnt believe that Dumbledore confessed to this. He thought Dumbledore
would deny anything of that sort and warn him not to get involvedDumbledore,
sensing this, spoke. )
Dumbledore: Harry, I know what youre thinkingbut, I dont want to hide the matter
behind this mission because it does concern you. I dont want to hide something thinking that
it will save you when it might make matters worse(Harry knew Dumbledore was now
feeling remorseful to what happened the last few months). But Professor Snape told me
that youve blocked your mind to him successfully, so im sure that what I tell you wont go to
Voldemorts sure he knows this stuff though, most of it at leastIm proud that
youve managed to do it now at least..just as Miss Mohan told you to doso as far as Im
concerned, what I say today wont get to Voldemort as long as you continue to do so But, I
must say, whatever I tell you regarding the mission must only be kept between us. You may
tell Mr. Weasley and Miss Granger, but you will not leak or seek information to Miss Mohan
or Mr. MalfoyCan I get your word on that, Harry?
Harry: But Professor, Neeti cant do this mission without knowing the risk shell be involving
herself in..
Dumbledore: SEE HARRY. I thought of that myself. But, otherwise, Id be sure that she
wouldnt agree to it then in the first place. But, you know very well that I do not plan to harm
my students in any way. So, do I have your word?
Harry: Yes sir. You do.
Dumbledore: Good. Let me take you to the pensieve to begin with the background details of
Miss Mohans past. These are delicate memories, ones that are mine, ones that I found hard
getting from other people, and ones that Neeti wouldnt mind me sharing if I told you... She
likes you HarryIm sure you are aware of thisshes doing all of this to protect youand
Draco of course
Harry: Sir, how much does Draco know? He seems to know more than me.
Dumbledore: Well, I dont completely know what he knowsbut he knows a lot because he
was following his fathers orders initially. But, he came and visited me today(Harry was
surprised) and said that he didnt want to do anything that would hurt Neetibut he was
also asking me if there was a way for him to save his father too
Harry: And what did you tell him sir?
Dumbledore: Like I told Neeti, I told him to go along with Voldemorts ordersI told him to
tell Neeti that he has to give information to Voldemortbut he wont be giving away too
much that that would put his father or her in dangersee, I think this will work because
Draco is an accomplished Occlumens as well. I believe Bellatrix is helping with
thatSeverus told me so.
(Harry felt his insides heat up as Dumbledore mentioned Bellatrixs name. She was the
one who killed Sirius, but he calmed down to ask Dumbledore another question.)
Harry: Sirdo you trust Snape?
Dumbledore: Professor Snape? Yes Harry. I trust him with my life.
Harry: I know hes following your orders for the most part, but isnt he playing a double role?
He must be conveying information to VoldemortI saw his Dark Mark last year, and this
year, he didnt seem to care at all about keeping me safe
Dumbledore: Harry, I told you. If Professor Snape didnt convey the information to the Order
a few months ago, you and maybe your friends wouldve diednow, lets move on to the
Pensieve, shall we? This first one is one that I got from her fatherone that I know you
know is now a Death Eater
Harry: How did you get the information? I thought he was in hiding?
Dumbledore: Ill explain all in good time. Now, the Pensieve..
Pensieve-Evan and Chandras time together
(Black Lake Boat-First Years Only. Harry and Dumbledore were now in the boat too. )
Chandra: Wow, Hogwarts is just like my parents said.
(No one else in her boat replied except for a handsome man Harry thought mustve
been Evan Rosier.)
Evan: Are your parents pure-bloods as well?
Chandra: Yes, in fact they arenot that its important..
Evan: Yeah, I guess. So, whats your name?
Chandra: Im Chandra Mohan. And yours?
Evan: Evan Rosier. What house do you want to be in?
Chandra: None matter to me. But, I reckon Ill be in Ravenclaw. All my family was.
Evan: Well, I hope Im in it with you. But, Im sure Ill be in Slytherin. I tend to be a trouble-
maker and an independent personand I have some qualities Salazar himself had. You
know, my parents didnt want me coming here after the Chamber was opened. The Heir Of
Slytherin was expelled, I heard thoughso I managed to convince them otherwise.
Chandra: Yeah, that frightened me as well. (Harry knew they were talking about Hagrids
(Sorting Hat: Youll be in Ravenclaw for sure with brains like yours(Chandra) and
Rosier: hmmyou could do well in Ravenclaw but you definitely possess Slytherin
(Harry saw his parents and Sirius being sorted too. Then he saw Snape as well. )
(Slytherin dormitory: Hi, Im Rosier. And you are? Malfoy. Lucius Malfoy.(Malfoy was
a prefect.) Nick Carrow. Rodulphus Lestrange. Im Severus Snape.
Malfoy: I knew wed all be in Slytherin. Were all purebloods, arent we? (Everyone
nodded). Snape seemed to frown at this, but Rosier spoke up. Rosier: It doesnt matter
whether were pure-bloods or not, does it?
Malfoy: Surely, youve heard of Tom Riddle? He went to Hogwarts years before. Did you
know something? Hes powers we all could only wish for. He wishes to rise to intense power,
and I would want to follow around someone like thateven if Ill be at their feet the whole
time. If he heard you say this, he would kill you.
Rosier: Is he that powerful?
Avery: Yes, we refer to him as the Dark Lord now
(Hogsmeade-Rosier and Mohan; fifth year)
Rosier: Chandra, wait! Please, Im sorry.
Mohan: Evan, you called Lily, my friend, a mudblood! I WONT FORGIVE YOU FOR
Rosier: I thought you wouldnt careyour friends with the Gryffindors?
Mohan: She goes to our school, doesnt she? I think itd be good if we co-exist with other
houses. You dont seem to think so though. When did you start calling her that? What, after
Severus called Lily that? You know she was shocked that the guy she knew even before
Hogwarts would call her thatand she was trying to save him from James, mind youAll
you Slytherinsyou seemed so nice, but nowI cant believe you would call her that either
Rosier: No, wait. Im sorry. I just wanted to apologize. I didnt mean toSee, I share a
dormitory with Lucius.
Mohan: That git? I knew it. You wouldnt be saying anything of this sort if he didnt teach it
to you
Rosier: So, is it true? Did you really get all outstanding OWLS? They werent due til July
Mohan: Professor Flitwick came up and told me that I did. Im so happy!
Rosier: I knew you would do it! Youre brilliant!
Mohan: You mean that?
Rosier: OF COURSE.
(Memory: Marriage..A year later: just had NeetiRosier: Im sorry Chandra. I have
to. Chandra: No, dont fall to his feet! Lily and James are my friends! You cant. You
know that I work for the Orderis this why you didnt want to join? You BETRAYED
me, Evan. We have a daughter nowRosier: Look, if I dont do it, Ill die. Chandra:
You didnt have to listen to him. Lucius mustve told you to join him seventh year at
Hogwarts..I knew something wasnt rightyou cant do this. Please dont. We can go
into hiding. Ill tell Dumbledore. Hell help usRosier: Chandra, I didnt want to
betray you, but I just wanted some powerHES heard the prophecyYoull die soon
since youre in the order. Just tell mewhere is their location..James and Lilys?
.Chandra: I wont tell you. Im not the secret-keeperI dont have to. And I wont
WHOLE FAMILYRosier: Bye Chandra, bye NeetiCrucio!... The memory ended)
Dumbledore: Awful, wasnt it
Harry: Sir, did Evan love Chandra, or was he already Voldemorts follower during their
Hogwarts years?
Dumbledore: We have to make assumptions, Harry. But, I believe that he did love her
because I remember him apologizing to your mother for calling her the muggleborn word.
There were repercussions, however. Lucius kept telling his dormitory mates of Voldemorts
greatness through his years here. See, after Voldmort left Hogwarts, he started looking for
followers. Never mind that. Well go to that another day, but I bet Lucius was already
considering being a Death Eater when he was telling the others. One day, in their seventh
year I suppose, I bet he became one and told Voldemort that Rosier planned on marrying
Mohan because they were together since their fifth year at Hogwarts. At this time, Lucius
was trying to convince Evan to join his league. Evan didnt want to because he did love
Chandra a lotand they got married a year after they left Hogwarts.,,I think Voldemort
wanted Evan and Chandra their seventh year because he needed more followersbut after
Evan and Chandra got married, he tried seeking Evan more to get Chandra for her
intelligence. See, although she got all 12 OWLS, she had more powers that Voldemort
seeked. He mustve heard the prophecy at this time tooso he needed a way to get her
because he could use her to destroy you. I then assume that Voldemort promised Evan some
rewards if he joined HIM. Or, it couldve been a threat. He mightve told him that his family
would be saved if he got his wife to join. The Order was created a few months before
Chandra had Neeti(I created it after I heard of the prophecy and then I sent your parents
into were born just like the prophecy said, so Voldemort started searching
for you), so Evan was wary of getting her to join because he knew she wouldnt tell where
your parents were..them being good friendsbut in the end, you saw what happenedand
now, were here sitting and talking about thisI assume that Voldemort seeks her daughter
now because shell have her blood.
Harry; Sir, I have some questions. Did Rosier go into hiding after Voldemort lost his powers?
Was it because he was scared? And how did Voldemort learn of the prophecy now? I broke
Dumbledore: I assume that he went into hiding after he tried killing you. He regretted joining
Voldemort since the day he tortured his wife. His wife ended up in St. Mungos, and he went
into hiding after Voldemort lost power, I think. Neeti, up until that time, was raised by her
aunt and unclelike you Harry. Except her family were witches and wizards, so they were
kind about magicunlike the Dursleys(he smiled)Neeti soon discovered that her
mother was in St. Mungos and wanted to kill her father for what he had donehe was still
in hiding until one day, Mad-Eye Moody captured him and sent him to Askaban. And I told
Snape to tell Voldemortyou see, thats his role. He helps the Order, and he also provides
information to Voldemort..its one of the reasons I trust him. (Harry was now confused, but
he didnt bother asking Dumbledore more questions about this).. The next Pensieve will
explain more about what happened to Rosier. This one is my memory actually. This event
actually took place 8 years after you and Neeti were born..8 years after Chandra was
torturedThe second event is more recentit happened a few months ago...shall we?
Pensieve-St. Mungos
Healer Amethyst: Miss Mohan, why dont you head on home? You cant watch your mother
forever. Shes almost healed thoughYou should know that its a miracle. You know that
the Longbottoms have been in here for a long time, but they havent been healed yet.
Neeti: So, why is my mother ok then?
(Memory switches-Askaban)
Dumbledore: Dementors, stand aside. I have permission to visit Rosier. Evan Rosier.
(Dementors moved aside). Rosier, Evan? May I have a word with you?
Evan: How am I not crazy? The dementors..?
Dumbledore: As long as I stand here, they will not take away your happinessnot that you
had any taken away from you before this, am I right Chandra?
Mohan: Dont you speak of Chandra! I tortured hershes at.(Dumbledore flicked his
wand and the shabby looking man now turned into a beautiful middle-aged lady that he
recognized as Mrs. Mohan)
Dumbledore: What were you saying, Chandra?
Chandra: Dumbledore, dont.
Dumbledore: I merely wish to know what you are doing here instead of your husband, Evan
Rosier. This is like Barty Crouch Jr.s case, isnt it?
Chandra: Dumbledore, Ill explain everything. As far as you know, I was under the cruciatus
curse. However, I recovered eight years after the Healers know of this if you want to
check. However, I couldnt go back to my daughter. I had to go find Rosier. Dont look at me
that way. He didnt mean to torture me. If he did, would I have healed? No, of course not. I
wouldve been in the Longbottoms state. I got permission from Moody to visit Rosier one
day. As far as he knew, he thought I was going to interrogate my husband for Voldemorts
whereaboutsI came into the cell and I saw my husband mad. I talked to him though. I told
him to leave Voldemorthe knew that Voldemort came back during the Triwizard Cup
events, but he couldnt get out of here with the dementorsneither could the Lestranges of
coursenonetheless, he confessed everything. He said that he didnt mean to torture me. He
loved me but he didnt want to diebut he said that the situation he put me and Neeti in was
worsehe said he wanted to stay and lose his soul with the dementors kiss, he was waiting
for thathe never could though because the dementors knew he was truly innocent..i had a
way to get him out thoughI told him Id use Polyjuice Potion to be him the rest of my life,
and hed be meand I told him to go into St. Mungos where Amethyst would be the only
one to know of this informationI did this the year my daughter went to Hogwarts, when
Harry Potter was thereAmethyst didnt want to do it at firstbut anyways Amethyst got
him in there as meso until now, Neeti thinks Im in therebut its Evan in there
Dumbledore: Its all very touching Chandra, but I have to tell youhes been under the
Imperius Curse the time he tortured you..Ive just put that piece of information together.. So,
youre right he had to torture youafter he was placed in Azkaban, that curse removed
howeveram I right?
Chandra: Thats rightall spells will be removed. But thats why I brought a potion The
ministry wasnt smart enough to think anyone would bring potions Barty Crouchs wife
did it to save her son, and I had to avoid thatso, I had to avoid the search by bewitching this
potion into a tonic for me
Dumbledore: Very brilliant, you are. I have to tell you thoughtoday, just before I came
here to visit you, I asked Amethyst to remove all spells at St. MungosI had to use the
Cruciatus curse on Evan. I knew it wasnt you in thereplus I needed a memory from him,
and I feared he would still be working for Voldemort..
Chandra: How could you? Hes my husband! And the curse is forbiddenyoull be in
Dumbledore: I had to do it Chandra. Voldemort knew that Rosier was no longer in Azkaban;
he knew that he was switched to St. Mungos.but no true Death Eater could get in St.
Mungos howeverso I used the Cruciatus curse on Rosier so that Voldemort knew that he
was being punished, and I put the blame on Neeti. Yes Chandra. I told Neeti what you and
Evan didshe was furious at me and she thought I deceived her because neither you,
Amethyst or I told herbut she calmed down eventuallyand I gained her trust by telling
her something else. You see, Severus told me somethingsomething very useful
Chandra: Snape! Hehe was the one who told Voldemort everything! How could you trust
Dumbledore: Times have changed, Chandra. I can trust my life with Severus. He works for
the Order now, and I believe him. Anyways, he told me that Voldemort has a plan to use
Neetihowever, Snape also told me that Voldemort wont resort to that plan until he kills
someone else. Sirius, I presume. He means to get Harry Potter that waybut, I have told
Neeti of my plansabout what Voldemort wants to do with Harryand herand I also told
her of what I predict might happenif Sirius dies
Chandra: Nohe cant
Dumbledore: Im sure nothing will happen to Neeti, Sirius, or Harry..Im avoiding contact
with Harry to keep him safe; I will protect everyone. Dont you worry. I wont put my
students at harm.
Chandra: Of course Albus. I always knew that. Please keep my daughter safe though. I dont
know how long Ill be alive, but keep her and Evan safe. From Voldemort.
Dumbledore: I will do my best. Take care Chandra
(Memory closes)
Harry couldnt believe it. Dumbledore performed the Cruciatus curse, and he was the one
who told everyone that Neeti did it. He did all of that to save him, Draco and his family, and
Neetibut now, Neeti was in danger like Dumbledore predictedif only he closed his
mindSirius wouldnt have had to die and Voldemort wouldnt have needed to resort to plan
B. It was all Harrys fault
Dumbledore: Any questions Harry?
Harry: So, Neeti knew of this plan many months ago? She knew what Voldemort wanted to
do? She knew that Voldemort wanted to get to me by killing Sirius
Dumbledore: Yes, she did. And I made a mistake by telling her to promise me that she
wouldnt tell you. If she did, we couldve saved Sirius, I betI told her to take the blame as
well for the curse I performedits easier for her to get out of this situation than meshe
had to go to a hearing thats all..just like you did. However I had to use the curse on her
father the day I told her of the plan many months ago, but then I explained myself. She still
thinks I deceived her for being wrong about Siriusby putting her in that situationI think
she told you so at the feast that she felt cheatedbut I told her how I believed Chandra was
at Azkaban . And she was. I visted her after I told Neeti all of what I believedits
unfortunate though. Yesterday, Evan fully recovered yesterday from the curse I
performedof course, I didnt mean it eitherI did it for his protectionbut Chandra died
yesterday as well. Neeti and I went to bury herShe was really mad at her father beforehand
because she believed her mother was in danger, but she grew out of ithowever, I told her
not to reveal these details to anyone. I told her ,though, that there would be a day where she
would have to tell you some parts of it. And she did as told. See Harry, I knew that if Sirius
died, Neeti would have to tell you of this mission that she has to do
Harry: Sir, what is this mission?
Dumbledore: Im sorry Harry. You must not mistake me. Ive told you this much, but Im
afraid I cant tell you anymore.
(Harry wasnt mad when he told him this though. He was actually happy that
Dumbledore told him this much. )
Harry: Professor, is Neeti in the hospital because
Dumbledore: Yes Harry. Im doing it for her protection from the Ministry. As I understand it,
she is being questioned right now. However, I told her to act asleep if they came. Madame
Pomprey is actually telling them the story I told her to tell. The fact that she merely used the
curse on her mother(as they know it; Voldemort knew otherwise but he cant do
anything to get into St. Mungos) because she said that she still loved Rosier although he
diedagain, the Ministry wont believe that for long because they know that her mother is
well alive in the hospital and has recovered, so theyll want to question himhowever, Ive
asked the Order to move him to a different location for hiding.
Harry: What ifhe tries to go back to HIM?
Dumbledore: Although I highly doubt that hell make a mistake like that again, he will be
under close watch.
Harry: Sir, did you tell him of his wifes death?
Dumbledore: He was most upset. But, he was happy that his daughter was on his sideand
he consented to the plan I had given Neeti.
Harry: He knows of it?
Dumbledore: I couldnt hide it from her own father
Harry: Right. So sir, whats the last memory that well be looking at?
Dumbledore: Im sorry Harry. Im afraid Ill have to show you another time. The Minister is
on his way to interrogate me. Do you have any more questions?
Harry: Two: Snape and my mum...knew each other? Chandra said that he called her a
Dumbledore: -Ill have to answer that another day Harry. The second question?
Harry: Second, who said of the prophecy to Voldemort?
Dumbledore: Again for another day Harry. Now, Ill see you lateruse your cloak. The
minister is at the gargoyle.
Harry: Thanks Professor. For everything. And Im really sorry. (Dumbledore smiled,
beckoning Harry to leave. )
(Harry made his way out)
Common Room-Ron was still mad at Hermione
Hermione: Please Ron; understand why I did it. Im sorry; Ill even do your Potions
homework for you
(Ron ignored her)
Harry: Hi, guys
Ron: How was your talk with Dumbledore? Sorry you had to miss dinner. Nothing happened
though. Didnt even see Malfoyguess he was visiting his girlfriend
Harry: Guys, sit down and cooperate with me at least until I finish the story(he said
Hermione: Harryall this happened? So Rosierwas a good guy? I thought that one of the
two happened. You cant use a Cruciatus curse unless the spells were removed which only a
staff can doso thats what Amethyst was used forI guess thats a good place for Rosier
until they have to hide him
Ron: I just feel bad for Neeti. She never had much of a talking relationship with both her
parents, and now her mother is dead. Are you still not allowed to visit her?
Harry: Even if Dumbledore wanted me to, I wouldnt. I know now that Voldemort is
resorting to Plan B. Although I cant be anywhere close to Neeti, it doesnt mean I wont stop
until I figure out his plan. I dont want to risk anyone dying for menot even Malfoy.
(Ron and Hermione nodded. They seemed to be getting along together right after that
Ron: Im sorry for putting you in an uncomfortable spot. I know how it mustve felt likenot
being able to tell your friend something so sinister
Hermione: Thanks for understanding. But, youre right. We cant leave this empty-handed.
We should still come up with a way where she can figure this out herself.
Harry: Hold on? Youre not thinking of sabotaging Deans life, are you Hermione?
Hermione: Its not sabotage if you already know that the guy is a Crumple-Head Snorkack
(They all laughed)
Harry: Man, am I hungryI wish Dumbledore finished earlier
Ron: No problem, mate. I have an idea. Dobby! Dobby! (Hermione mentioned that his idea
was brilliant)
Dobby: Did someone call DobbyDobby wants to help his friendswhat does his friends
want Dobby to do
Ron: It was me, Dobbycan we get a plate of food for Harry? He hasnt eaten yet.
Dobby: Harry Potter hasnt eaten yet! Dobby can hear of no such thing. Dobby will get food
right away Mr. Wheezy. (He snapped his fingers and a plate full of food sat in front of
Harry. Harry started eating right away. )
Harry: Thanks Dobby!
Dobby: No! Harry Potter must not thank Dobby! Dobby is always indebted to Harry Potter
Hermione: ErDobbymay I ask you something?
Dobby: Yes Miss GrangerMiss Granger has given Dobby many clothes and Dobby has
done nothing in return(he started slapping himself)
Hermione: Dobby, stop! I dont want you to hurt yourself. Instead, can you tell me what
language this is? See, Harry found this book in the library and it will help us with
somethingdo you know the language? Its not Mermish or Runes for sure
Dobby: Dobby has seen this language somewhere! Yes, Dobby remembers. He saw this when
his previous master and family went somewhere(Ron: The Malfoys took you places? )
Harry: (mouthful) Dobby, can you tell us what language this is? You can take your time, but
talk to no one about this. This is from the Restricted Section, and Im not exactly allowed to
have this book.
Dobby: Dobby will find out for his three friends! I will get back to you, sir! (And he
vanished like that.)
Hermione: Ron, you were brilliant thinking of Dobby to bring the food. It was the only way
to get the food for Harry, of coursebut I still dont like how you treat him as a house-elf.
Ron: Hermione, Dobby is a house-elfhe wants to be treated that way
(Hermione remained quiet, although Harry could see that she was urging to argue with
Harry: Well, we should finish our Divination homework, Ron. Weve got classes tomorrow.
Hermione: We also have a free period because theres no one teaching us Defense Against
the Dark Arts, remember?
Ron: But we also have Care of Magical Creatures with Grubbly Plank because Hagrid is on
his mission that Dumbledore sent him towhy couldnt he send Snape on that lifetime
mission instead? We could get out of Potions easily(they laughed as they headed to their
respective dormitories)
Next Day-Divination, Hermione in Ancient Runes
Trelawney: Oh, its good to see you Harry! How are you holding up? Forgive me for not
noticing your absence last weekI knew that there was a grey aura in this class, but I thought
it was because Neville mustve lost his toadam I right Neville?
Neville: Actually, Professor.
Trelawney(didnt bother to listen to Nevilles answer): So, we will continue on with Mind-
Reading, shall we? Although I highly disapprove of such magic, its required in
Dumbledores approved curriculum. Now, you will see more of this in the NEWT Level
Defense against the Dark Arts class, but we will cover it here as well. Now, who can tell me
the proper name for Mind-Reading?
(Before anyone could answer, Firenze galloped into the classroom. Firenze: Sorry to
interrupt Sybill!)
(Professor Trelawney looked at Firenze with disgust but took a seat next to Lavender
and Parvati)
Firenze: Students, I have come to teach you mind-reading today. Sybill, Professor
Dumbledore would actually like to talk to you. Right now
Trelawney: Right now? What for
Firenze: I dont know, but would you care to leave to see what he wants? I dont want to
delay the class lesson further, you see
Trelawney: Yes, I guess I will leave(she slowly walked out, confused.)
Firenze: Now classIll start where Professor Trelawney left offwho can tell me the name
of the Arts used to describe what the muggles would call mind-reading?
(For once, Harrys hand went up to respond. Firenze: Yes, Mr. Potter? Harry: That
would be Leglimency, sir. )
Firenze: Correct, Potter. Now, would you care to explain what it is? Or why Dumbledore
wouldve added this to the Divination curriculum just recently?
Harry: Well, sirIm no Hermione Granger, who would know the textbook definition by
heart, but Leglimency is a branch of dark magic used to extract feelings and thoughts from
Firenze: Yes, indeed. I would award points, but seeing that you Gryffindors already won the
cup, I dont find it necessary. (Draco looked foul at this.) Continue Potter. I believe you
received Occlumency Lessonsdo you mind telling the class why?
Harry: Well, sirOcclumency is the opposite of Leglimencythe minster would forbid me
to tell you all of this, but I was receiving Occlumency lessons to block my mind from
Voldemort(Parvati fainted at this.). He was trying to implant thoughts into my head. I
failed at this the beginning of last year, but after losing someone close to me, I decided to
work harder and put it to useIm sure thats why Dumbledrore added it to the curriculum.
To ensure his students safety. There might come a time when we need to use thismaybe
not from Voldemortbut even from teachers(Dean and Seamus laughed wholeheartedly
at this.)
Firenze: Yes Harry. Good answer. Now, I didnt want to bring this up because I didnt know
if you were ready after what you had to endure, but would you say that you are good at
Occlumency now?
Harry: Actually, I had help from my friend Neeti. (Malfoy looked up at this.)
Firenze: The girl whos at the hospital wing right nowI believe recovering from shock?
Harry: Er, yes sir.
Firenze: Alright, that will do. So, why dont you come up and volunteer to block your mind
as I try to invade it?
Harry: Sure, sir.
Firenze: Now remember, whats the key to Occlumency?
Harry: Showing no emotions.and when you use Leglimency on me, you will try to keep
eye contact, am I right
Firenze: Yes. You could try to break it by moving your head away,but if a Dark Wizard were
here, he or she would force you to look at him nonethelessso, are you ready?
Harry: Yes sir. (He emptied his mind.)
Firenze: Leglimens!
Harry concentrated. He emptied his mind, and a few seconds later, Firenze stopped.
Firenze: Good job Harry Potter! I was able to see nothingI see you practiced well. Good
job. Now class, read the textbook and next week, we will practice with partners
Ron: Good job Harry! That was brilliant.
Harry: Thanks. I wish I accomplished this before. (They started reading from the
Professor Babbling: Class, I want you to work harder. It seems Miss Granger is the only one
who remembered that Demiguise, the creatures invisibiity abilities means 0what about
fwooper miss Granger?
Hermione: Its the creature comprised of four different colours in feathers. That represents
Professor Babbling: Yes. Excellent! You will be the only one who will not receive practice
homeworkeveryone, I want you to look over your notes and practice translating the texts
that I give you
Hermione: Professor, may I ask you something?
Babbling: Yes of course, Miss Granger. Anything.
Hermione: The other day, I went to the Restricted Section in the library, with permission of
courseand I noticed that there was a book in a language incomprehensibleit wasnt runes
for sure, however. Or one that looked as if it represented the Wizarding language. Are there
books in the library that are written in muggle languages? Ones besides English? Arent they
Babbling: You of course know Hermione that Ancient Runes itself is rare, but its very
important when determining codes, and a whole section is assigned to it in the Restricted
Section. I believe there are books in the Restricted Section that are written in other languages
besides English. Few though because Dumbledore thought those were most dangerous.
Funny, isnt it? How a muggle-written book holds much power? What book are you
talking about? Maybe you could ask Madame Pince?
Hermione: Oh, I dont remember the book, so I am afraid I cant ask herThank you,
Babbling: Anything for you
(Hermione walked to her seat only to find Parvati right behind her, sitting next to Dean.
Dean: Its so sad that Neeti hasnt made her way back from the hospital yet. I shouldnt have
called her a Gryffindor traitor. Can you imagine what shes going through?
Parvati: But you know what? I went to visit her yesterday with Ginny, and we saw Draco
there. Its such a disgrace you knowseeing Neeti going out with him. Its defiling the
Gryffindors rep.
Hermione: You two should be ashamed more. Youre talking about defiling when you two
are going out right behind Ginnys back. I know Dean is a Whackspurt(Dean: A WHAT? ),
but Parvati, I thought you knew better.
Parvati: What Ginny doesnt know wont hurt her.
Hermione: Dont you feel guilty at all? Dean, you cant keep this going forever
Dean: I think we can.
Hermione: Anyways, I see youre using McGonagalls last spare Time-Turnerarent you
both in Divination still?
Dean: Oh, we arent using any Time-Turner.s Trelawney loves us that she let us come to her
every other class for lessonsBabbling doesnt mind eitheranyways, Firenze was teaching
today. Trelawney had to leave because Dumbledore called.
Hermione: He did, did he? Hmm
Parvati: Anyways, dont tell Ginny Hermioneplease
Hermione: No, I wont be the one to tell her
(Care of Magical Creatures)
Grubbly Plank: I dont have much planned today, so Ill just leave you girls to look at the
unicorns and then write a few sentences on a unicorns magical properties.
Ron: And exactly what are the guys supposed to do?
Plank: Well, I dont think youll want to look at the unicorns, but you could still write the
paragraphnow, off to it! (Hermione left Harry and Ron right away, so both of them
decided to get started on the paragraph)
Harry: Why do you think Dumbledore is getting everyone to do mind-reading now?
Ron: I dont knowmaybe he reckons its best that everyone knows in case theres a war or
Harry: Yeah, youre right. Besides, itll give us all some privacy from Snape.
Ron: Thats truehey, what if the mind-reading stuffs got to do with the mission?
Harry: Why would it have to do with the mission?
Ron: I dont know, but Dumbledore wouldnt have asked for it to be taught for any other
reasonwould he?
Harry: Yeah, I guess not. Speaking of Dumbledore, Im still waiting to see another
memoryDumbledores only let me see two. He said there was another one I had to see.
(Malfoy walked up.)
Ron: what do you want?
Malfoy; I have a letter from Dumbledore. Its addressed to both you and me, Potter.
Harry: Is it now? Well, read it then. (Draco looked at Ron, asking him to leave). No, that
wont be necessary. Ron can stay here.
Malfoy: Fine(Malfoy read slowly but clearly.) Hi Harry and Draco. I hope youre all
doing well since I last saw you both. Harry, I havent shown you the last memory in the
Pensieve, and Im sorry. The Minister wanted to interrogate me about Miss Mohan, like I
thought he would. So, I want you and Draco to come up to my office in two days time at 9.
We have things to discuss. Dumbledore.
Harry: Why does he want you there?
Malfoy: I dont know, but trust me; youre the last person I want to talk to Dumbledore with.
Harry: Look Malfoy, I know we both hate each other. But, seeing that Dumbledore wants to
see both of us, I think we should learn to get along with each other. At least to save Neeti. I
know that you care for her as much as I doso how is she anyways? Dumbledores ordered
me not to see her in the hospital wing.
Malfoy: Shes fine actually. Madame Pomprey says that the Ministry wont be back for a
while, and so she can leave tonight. I reckon well see her tomorrow in classes.
Harry: Did she talk of the mission?
Malfoy: No, she couldnt tell me what it was either. But, she said shes definitely going to do
Harry: We cant let her
Malfoy: But Dumbledore knows what hes doing. I trust Dumbledore wont put any students
in danger, so lets just both leave it at that.
Harry: Yeah ok. Anyways, Im surprised youre listening to him.
Malfoy: Its only for Neeti and my parents. My dads in a lot of trouble cause of you. So as
far as he knows, Im still trying to get Neeti to consent to the Dark Lords wishes.
(Hermione now came back. And Malfoy went off. )
Hermione: What was he doing talking to you?
Ron: I cant believe Im saying this, but hes on our side. (Ron told her everything as they
walked up to the castle after handing in their parchments.)
Hermione: Well, if shes back tomorrow, maybe we can talk to her
Harry: Lets not risk it until Dumbledore says we can.
Hermione: Youre right... Btw, I asked Professor Babbling about the book. Dont worry, I
was discreteI reckon its a muggle language book. She says there are only a few books that
are written in muggle-language besides English in the library. Well, well just have to wait
for Dobbys reply, dont we? Now, lets go to Dinner. Im hungry
(Great Hall-Ginny and Dean were holding hands while talking to Parvati, Seamus, and
LavenderNeeti was there too, however, she was sitting by herself at the very end.)
Ron: Bloody hell...I cant handle this any longer.
Hermione: Neither can I. I have a plan; just follow my lead.
Harry: You two go ahead. I just saw Neeti
Hermione: Harry, you said you werent going to ask her about the mission.
Harry: I wont talk to her about that. I just want to say good luck though and give her some
thanks for doing this for me. Dumbledore wont mind me saying that, will he?
Hermione: I guess not, but join us as soon as youre done.(Harry nodded and left. )Hi
Ginny. Dean. Oh look, Parvatis here too. Its like a party over here.
Ginny: Meaning?
Hermione: Nothing. I was just wondering why you guys havent talked to Neeti. She just
came back from the hospital too.
Ginny: Oh, we tried. But shes still mad at us for telling her to leave Draco. Anyways, shes a
Gryffindor traitor like everyone said she was.
Ron: You dont know-(Hermione cut him off.)
Hermione: Mind if we sit-? (Ginny nodded.) Oh, look Lavender. There seems to be a letter
by your foot. (Ron looked at her. Hermione told him to just watch.)
Lavender: Oh, yes there is. Its for you Ginny(Lavender passed it to Ginny)
Parvati: Well, what does it say Ginny?
Ginny: Moaning Myrtle wants to meet me in the bathroom? Oh, why now? I havent had the
pudding yet
Dean: Well, go thenshe always needs your help, doesnt she?
Ginny: Actually, I havent talked to her much since my first year here.
Hermione: Well, we cant keep her waiting, can we? She might flood the bathroomor
worse, the Hall. You go Ginny. Well save you some pudding.
Ginny: Thanks Hermione. Ill catch you later. (She waved to her and then kissed Dean
Hermione: Ron and I will just be sitting over there if you need us(she beckoned Ron to an
area few seats down.)
Ron: What are you doing? You bewitched the parchment to make it look like Myrtle wrote
that? What happens when Ginny finds out Myrtle didnt want to talk to her
Hermione: Oh, Myrtle always has something to talk about. Besides, I just need a few
moments timedid you see what I put there? (Ron: NO.) Extendable EarsI got it from
Fred and George of course. Theres one in the bathroomand Ive hid one here under the
table where Dean and Parvati are sitting. So, once Ginny goes to the bathroom, shell hear
everything Dean and Parvati say. Now, well just sit back and eat
Ron: I could kiss you right now, Hermione. (Hermione blushed but that soon vanished
when she saw Harry coming her way.) Mate, how did it go?
Hermione: Yeah, you took long to say hi, good luck, and thanks
Harry: Yeah well, thats not all I said
Ron: Harry, youre not listening to Dumbledore!
Harry: Hear me out, you two! (Muffliato! What? I dont want Dumbedore to hear thisI
heard my father use this spell once(only mentioned in Half Blood; had to make
something up without saying that he already had the Advanced Potion-Making Book)) I
went to Neeti and said hi. She was sitting alone and she looked up. I knew Dumbledore,
Malfoy, and Snape were staring at me, unsure of what I would say. But, it didnt matter to me
that they were hearing me because I told her Good Luck(obviously for the mission she was
going to do). I also said that I was very sorry that I couldnt help, but I told her about the
memories that Dumbledore made me see regarding her life. She looked at Dumbledore who
approvingly nodded to let her continue with this conversation and told me that she was sorry
for lying to me but said that she had to. She also said that it was best that we stay away from
each other just so that she could save me and everyone else. She didnt want me involved
because that would interfere with everything, and Dumbledore had everything sorted out. She
said that the time to end this was coming soon, and that she wasnt too scared anymore
because she would finally put her mothers intelligence to useto save meand to kill
him Then, she kissed my forehead
Ron: She kissed you? Bonus! (Hermione frowned.)
Hermione: But, youre still going to figure out this mission without Dumbledore knowing?
Harry: I want to know what shes inclined to do for me. Ill apologize to Dumbledore later.
Oh come on, once I tell him, maybe hell modify his plans.
Hermione: Youre never going to make this easier for anyone, are you? Dont you think that
Neeti should handle this herself? She must be furious that Voldemort was the cause for her
fathers actions and her mothers death. She wants to take revenge like you do, and I think
you should let her do it. Or do you believe shes weak to do it because shes a girl?
Harry: Hermione, I wouldnt think shes weak after meeting youanyways, Neetis risking
her life for me. Dumbledore wants me safe, and he trusts NeetiIm sure shell handle
everything well because shes brilliant, but I cant risk another person dying for meMy
parents, Cedric, Siriusno more
(Hermione and Ron were quiet afterwards. )
Harry: But I promise you, I wont get involved with the event. No matter what Neeti does. I
just want to help from where Dumbledores standing and act as if I dont know whats going
to happen to me.
(Suddenly, Ginny was marching down to their table, furious and wet. She slammed her
fists onto the table which caused everyone to look around. Malfoy, who was looking at
Neeti up til this point, switched his gaze over to Ginny. Harry knew that Malfoy wanted
to talk to Neeti but had to do it somewhere else and another time so that his Slytherin
companions wouldnt make fun of him anymore for dating a Gryffindor, who they all
Ginny: You filthy rat! (now looking at Dean)(Hermione, Ron, and Harry now walked
over to where Neville just joined Dean, Seamus, Parvati, and Lavender.) I heard
Dean: Ginny, what are you talking about? Why are you wet?
Ginny: Well, I went to see Myrtle in the bathroom, and she was crying as usual. She started
flooding the place as well. I got wet from that, but thats not important. I asked her why she
wanted to meet me, and she said she didnt send me any letter to meet her. (Hermione now
started backing up) But, she went on to talk about how some boy came in the bathroom to
cry to her about how his girlfriend was doing everything for him, and that he didnt know
what to do in return.(Harry knew immediately who this was) Myrtle was crying because
she never had a boyfriendI wanted to calm her down, but I found THESE in the bathroom.
(She pulled up the extendable ears which were now visibleone side at least. Ginny
cried, Revelio and the other set of ears popped up from under the table. She now
looked at Hermione.) You did this, didnt you? You purposely bewitched a letter to look
like it came from Myrtle so that you could have me listen to Deans conversations with other
girls. Youre a troll, you are! (Hermione now looked tearful.)
Hermione: I was just-
Ginny: Just taking Rons side? Well, you should know that the only thing I heard Dean say
was that he wished Parvati would drop out of Care of Magical Creatures next year even if she
got an OWL for it. So, is that a code for I love you Parvati?!
Ron: Yes it is! Ginny, you dont know
Ginny: Quiet Ron!
Dean: Wait, why did you call me a filthy rat then?
Ginny: Because you said that you didnt approve of Nevilles mimbulus mimbletoniaand
you were making fun of it before he joined you at the table. (Neville now looked sad.) Its ok
NevilleDeans just jealous that hes not good as you in Herbology.
Ginny: AND Ron, the only thing I know is that you are a befouled brat. If you didnt like me
dating Dean because you thought it would get awkward being in the same dormitories and all
if we broke up, then you couldve told mebut getting Hermione to do something like this,
well Hermione, youve actually achieved an all-time-low, havent you?
Hermione: But, Ginnythats not
Ginny: I dont want to talk to you. (and she sat down next to Dean who looked relieved.)

(The dinner bell rang soon enough and everyone left to their dormitories. Ron and
Hermione had to lead the first years away being prefects. Harry followed along in
silence. )
Ron: Hermione..?
Hermione: Im not mad at you Ron. Im just upset that Ginnys mad at me, and she doesnt
know the truth. Ill come up with something else, but Ill have to be better at it, dont I?
Ron: Youre not planning on continuing with this, are you? Ginny already hates you.
Hermione: Ill just be sneakier. Youll help me, Ron?
Ron: Anything to get her to stop dating that fig.
(Hermione and Ron smiled all the way up to the Gryffindor common room)
Harry had lots of reviewing and practicing to do, but he was too tired to do it. Instead, he
pulled his pajamas on and got into bed. Ron didnt come into the common room until
later(probably doing prefect duty with Hermione), but he fell asleep right away. Dean
came in later as well. When Harry knew that he was finally alone, he pulled out his
Marauders Map which he didnt use for a while now.
Harry: I Solemnly Swear That Im Up To No Good. Harry saw Dumbledore walking about in
his study, Snape with him. They mustve been talking about the mission. In Slytherin tower,
Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, and Pansy were all in the common room. Pansy was probably telling
Malfoy to ditch the Gryffindor for her. Thats probably what it was because he walked out of
the tower and was now walking up towards the marble staircase the Gryffindors used. He
kept walking and walking until he was outside the common room entrance. He was talking to
the Portrait Lady. Did he want to see Neeti? Well, at this very moment, Neetis footprints
walked up to the door as well. She mumbled the password and now joined Malfoy outside.
Seeing that Filch or Mrs. Norris werent in the corridors, Harry pulled on his Invisibility
Cloak to go see what they were doing. The Fat Lady opened the door once again, as she was
mumbling in her sleep. Not far from where he was hiding, Harry could see Neeti and Draco
talking near the Gryffindor tower balcony. Harry creeped towards them.
Draco: Neeti, I cant do this anymore. I was crying today over you. And you know that I
dont cry for no reason. (Harry thought otherwise. His first year, Draco proved to be
much of a wimp as any other being. He ran off from the Forbidden forest while Harry
had to endure Voldemorts weak self. He also got punched by Hermione too. There were
many instances like this. )
Neeti: Draco, Ive told you this many times. I know how much you care for me, and Im truly
grateful for itbut Dumbledore has instructed me to do what Voldemort wants. I already told
you that doing so will protect your family, you, me, my dad, and Harry.
Draco: Speaking of Potter, why did you kiss him?
Neeti: Youre not jealous, are you Draco?
Draco: Me? Jealous of Potter? He might be THE BOY WHO LIVED or THE CHOSEN
ONE, but Im not jealous of him.
Neeti: Good, you shouldnt be. I told you this before, I like him, and I have a good
relationship with him, but its more of a brother-sister relationship, thats all. Hes saved my
mother from dying until this point, so I have the utmost respect for him. But, Ive always
liked you.
Draco: And youre the only one I fancied too. Pansy and the rest of the Slytherins think Im
infatuated to you however. That its just a mere attraction because youre pretty or because of
my hormones, but its more. I just hope that Dumbledore knows what hes doing. Harry and I
are to see him tomorrow. So, when will you go to HIM?
Neeti: Im assuming very soon I know that its approaching according to what Dumbledore
said Well, I should go to sleep. You should too. Ill see you tomorrow in Transfiguration,
Draco: Ok, goodbye. (Harry turned around just after seeing their lips touch.)
Harry was mad. All this time, he wanted to help the girl he thought understood him. But, she
only liked him in a brotherly way. He wanted to give up all advances he had made to figure
out what the mission was. Thats what Dumbledore wanted anyways. But, he also thought
that Neeti knew he was standing there. Yeah, thats itshes a powerful witch, and she
mustve known I was there even under the cloakshe was only saying that to make Draco
happy and to keep Voldemort off her and his trackshe mustve fancied HarryThe only
reason they couldnt be together was because of the mission, thats allbut it would all be
over soon. Neeti would use her powers to stop everything, and then he would get her. He set
off to the common room with this thought in head. Neeti came in a few minutes later and set
off to her dormitory. She peered where Harry was sitting but made no comment. She just
headed upstairs.
A few seconds later, Dobby appeared. Harry Potter sir. Remove your cloak, Harry Potter sir!
Dobby has come with newsas Harry did so, Dobby vanished again. In a few moments
time, he returned with Hermione and Ron, who were undoubtedly in a deep sleep before
Dobby woke them up.
Ron: Dobby, whats it?.. Harry! What are you doing here?
Harry; Oh, nothing. I fancied a walk. Ill tell you later. Dobby, what is it? Did you figure out
the language for the book?
Dobby nodded, handing the book to Hermione.
Dobby: Dobby has come to tell Harry Potter and his friends that the book is written in Latin,
a muggle language.
Hermione: No wonder I couldnt identify it! My parents didnt want me taking Latin or any
Latin-based languages while I was in schoolthey were slightly indifferent about French
Harry: How did you know this was Latin Dobby? You said the Malfoys took you somewhere
where this was written? Where did they take you?
Dobby: Dobbys previous master took him along on a trip to the Lestranges house. The
Lestranges had a room wall that was filled with this language, Harry Potter, sir.
Ron: They wouldnt! Theyre pure-bloods! Having anything muggle related would have been
an offense for them.
Hermione: Rons rightwhy would they have Latin there?
Dobby: Dobby went to go investigate for Harry Potter and his friends. Dobby went to the
Lestranges house when they were not around. Dobby saw that the walls in this one room
were in Latinbut after translating it, Dobby found that it was all Dark Magic. Dobby saw
the book and flipped to some pages and some of the text appeared in procedure form on the
Harry: Dark Magic? Were you able to translate all of it, Dobby?
Dobby: Dobby found that the text his old masters relatives took from the book was the steps
of a dangerous process we witches, wizards, and house-elves wouldnt dare to use.
Harry: What were they Dobby?
Dobby: Dobby cant say, Harry Potter sir. Dobby wants to help his friends, but Dobbys
previous masters, when they took him to the Lestranges, they made Dobby swear not to tell
Dobby has to punish himself for telling Harry Potter and his friends most of it already
Harry: Dobby no. You cant hurt yourself. If you find me to be your friend, and if you like
listening to me, then you shouldnt punish yourself. Youve said enough. Thanks Dobby!
But, if the steps to the Dark Arts on their wall came from this book, that means Voldemort
consulted this book or asked the Lestranges to use this for somethingI bet theres some
magic in here that he wants Neeti to perform (now looking at Ron and Hermione)to do
something to me.
Dobby: Dobby knows but cannot say what. Dobbys sorry for hurting his friends, but Dobby
must also warn Harry Potter and his friends not to get involved. Bad things are about to
happen at Hogwarts.
Harry: When have we heard this before?
Dobby: Worse than the re-opening of the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter sir. Dobbys
master is also Professor Dumbledore, so Dobby will say what Headmaster has told Harry
Potter already. Dobby wants Harry Potter to be safe. Harry Potter should not get involved.
Dobby did what Harry Potter told, but Harry Potter must not get involved with what Miss
Mohan does. Harry Potter can know of the magic but not seek HE-WHO-MUST-NOT-BE-
Harry: Yes Dobby. I already know. Ive swore to Dumbledore too. See Dumbledore doesnt
even want me finding out about the mission, but if I know, I can help him from his point of
view, right? I wont be directly involvedjust like a guideline, thats all.
Dobby: Dobby isnt sure that Harry Potter is doing right. All Dobby wants is Harry Potter
safe. Now, Dobby bids him and his friends goodbye.
Hermione: Thanks Dobby! Do not hurt yourself. Youve helped so much. Reward yourself in
the pantry, alright? Goodbye now!
Dobby: Dobby is grateful for having good friends! Dobby will do so! (and he left.)
Harry: So, Voldemort has something from this book stored for Neeti. Should we tell
Ron: After we figure out what it iswhat if Dumbledore confiscates the book from you
without letting you know what it is?
Hermione: Ron! If he does, that would be the right thing to doyou heard what Dobby said.
He told Harry not to get involved in any waythat that wouldnt be right.
Harry: But, Hermioneyou know that Dobby is always trying to save my life. And, Im not
going against Dumbledores orders. Besides, its best if we know what magic Neeti has to do.
Im going to translate this tomorrow
Hermione:What? With Transfiguration, Charms, and Potions tomorrow? You wont have
Harry: Oh, rightI forgot that now that were having random order classes Ill find time
after maybe. We dont get homework anywaysand no Hermione, practicing doesnt really
count as homework.
Hermione: Ive done wrong friending you twowell, Im off to bed. Night.
(Harry and Ron headed to their dormitories as well)
Harry, Ron, and Hermione-next morningTransfiguration
Neville: Guys, we have Transfiguration on the grounds today! I just saw the board. Well,
come on then
Ron: Why would we have Transfiguration there?
Hermione: Lets find out, shall we?
McG: Silence, please! (Harry could see Professor McGonagall and Snape standing side
by side). Transfiguration will be a little different today. Professor Snape and I have consulted
Headmaster, and he has allowed for us to teach human transfiguration to all of you. Its very
risky magic, and its not even accomplished by NEWT students. Nonetheless, preparing you
for next years rigorous classes is a start. I would also like to welcome two former students of
Hogwarts who are now running a great shop in Diagon Alley. Id like to welcome the
Weasley Twins: Fred and George(applauses and cheers for this.)
Hermione: Professor, human transfiguration, I believe is more of a Defense against the Dark
Arts subject, isnt it?
McG: Yes, it very much is Miss Granger. But, seeing that we dont have a teacher for that
right now, Ive asked Dumbledore if I can teach it here in my class. Human transfiguration is
essential to surviving dire circumstances. So, shall we get started? Id again like to call a dear
student from my house who has returned from the hospital, Neeti. (Harry immediately
looked at Neeti walking up to McGonagall. Oh no! McG wanted to prepare Neeti for the
task, and Harry didnt even read the book yet to see what it was. What if McG wanted
Neeti to turn herself into a dead personbut thats Dark Magicwould McG and
Snape let her do that? )PotterPotter
Ron: Harry! Professor McGonagall wants you to go up.
Harry: Oh, right. Sorry. (Draco stared at Harry.)
Snape: Potter, face Miss Mohan.
Harry: Are we dueling?
Snape: Always in a rush, are we? You will find out.
McG: Ok. Fred and George will demonstrate human transfiguration everyone. They actually
excelled in it during their sixth end-of-year exams. Fred, Georgecome up here please.
Fred and George: Hi Harry! Nice to see you again.
Harry: Yeah, pleasure to see you both too. (Harrys insides were rumbling. He had that
sick feeling right about now.)
McG: Fred, were going to start with the basics. I want you to turn into Miss Mohan right
next to you. George, I want you to turn yourself into Potter next to You. Ready? Go!
It took them a mere few seconds. They had both turned into their respective people. Fred,
who was standing next to Neeti, looked just like her. George now looked like Harry.
Harry: Oh wow! (His reaction was the same as others. Neville was in awe.)
McG: This takes time to practice, but this comes useful if you dont have Polyjuice Potion to
change into someone. But, its very difficult magic but these boys are brilliantI just wished
they completed their NEWTS or cared more about their OWLS
Fred and George: Oh please Minerva! Dont turn into Molly.
(McGonagall scowled: Good job Harry, Neeti. Its your turn. )

Neeti: We have to do this?
McG: Yes, you do. (Neeti, this is good practice for what youre up against.) Now, all it
takes is concentration like most other magic. Neeti, you are going to turn into Harry, and
Harry, well youll turn into Neeti. Imagine all the features that each of you have and when
youre ready, turn into each other. Remember, its just like the Switching Spell in a sense.
Snape: Minerva, I highly doubt Potter is ready for this. Shall we bring someone from my
McG: Thats not needed, Severus. Potter will do just fine. Potter, Mohan, are you ready?
(Both shook their heads weakly. It took three minutes to see some change. Neeti had
almost fully transformed into Harry. However, she didnt transfigure the hair, so her
sleek hair was still showing. Harry, on the other hand, barely got half of what she did.
He was able to get her face, but the lower body didnt turn out so well. Everyone started
McG: Quiet! For your first attempt, that was very well done both of you. Neeti, you have
done exceptionally well. You just forgot the hair.
Neeti: Sorry ProfessorI wasI was nervous.
Snape: No excuses, Miss Mohan. If this were somewhere else, you wouldve been killed.
McG: Severus! Enoughnow, I want you to double up and practice turning into each other.
It takes long practice, but it is possible with enough concentration.
(Neeti started walking back, but Harry pulled her arm to turn her around. )
Harry: Youre not going to practice with me again?
Neeti: Harry, I just cant do this.
Harry: Is this similar to what you have to do for the mission?
Neeti: No, this is simpler. In fact, this isnt dark magic at all.
Harry: Look, you were just nervousIm sure Dumbledores trained you well for your task.
Neeti: Its way too difficult. I cant do this
Harry: I dont want you to either. But Dumbledore wont take no for an answer, will he?
(Suddenly an idea popped up inside his head.) Neeti, dont do it then!
Neeti: Youre out of your mind, Harry? I have to.
Harry: Dont worry about me. Ive gotten out of tricky situations with Voldemort before.
There are other ways for him to bring me down. Ive already told you this before. I wont let
you risk your life for me if you dont know what you are doing. II can help. I found the
book that Voldemort must have looked at long back to bring me down. Its Transfiguration
Habet Intelligetiam, isnt it? I had someone confirm for me that it was most likely where he
was getting his plans from. Im going to tell Dumbledore about this in case he doesnt
Neeti: Dumbledore knows Harry. In fact, he taught me what I have to do, and he wants me to
go through with it. I can do it because this is something that uses meuses my strength
Harry: Like Transfiguration?
Neeti: More than that, Harry. Well, wanna try again? I can do it this time.
(Next second, she turned exactly into Harry. Professor Mcg came and hugged
herProfessor Snape told her she was ready and left.)
Neeti: I have to do this Harry. I might be scared, but Im doing this for my father too. Bye
Draco: Sir, you havent told us what we will be doing today?
Snape: Yesyes, well, that will be a surprise, wont it? Im just waitingfor a friend.
A few seconds later, Professor Trelawney showed up at the door holding a potion that looked
like it would explode. Harry recognized it as the potion Snape was examining before Harry
walked in to his office.
Lavender: Eww! Professor Trelawney, what is that?
Trelawney: Dear girl, I must be off. (She left in a haste.)
Snape: Here, in front of me, is a very powerful potion. Does anyone know what it is?
(For once, Hermione didnt raise her hand. Seeing that no one raised their hand, Neeti
decided to break the silence.)
Neeti: That would bethat would be the Draught of Living Death, isnt it?
Snape: Right, indeed. Now, Miss Mohan, tell me what you know of this concoction
Neeti: Its a powerful sleeping draughtit sends the drinker into an unconscious state; it
takes long to revive the drinker after they drink it, I believe
(Hermione was now muttering to herself: Of course! Why didnt I see that?)
Snape: Yes, that is correct. I needed vials of this potion, and Professor Trelawney was kind
enough to give me her stash.
Harry: And why exactly does she have it, but not you, the Potions master?
Snape: Interrupting again, Potter? (But he did answer.) Although many of you doubt
Sybills teaching abilities, (Lavender and Parvati looked shocked that anyone would
think this) she keeps a stash at her very well-recognized great-great-grandmothers house.
Although Sybill doesnt go there often, she went there a few days ago for me. (Harry now
looked at Ron. So thats why Dumbledore fetched her.) Her great-great-grandmother used
it when she had to forcefully do palm-reading or mind-reading. It comes in handy in
direcircumstances(Harry heard this already from Professor McGonagall. Why were
they all stressing that? As he turned to Neeti, he noticed she was fidgety and was trying
to internalize what she had just heard. ) Now, Weasley, its your turn to make a simple
potion for me. Veritaserum. You may start now
Ron started right away, helpless. He usually required Harrys or Hermiones aid with his
potions. But seeing to that everyone was watching him while he was brewing the potion, he
decided to be cautious of the ingredients he put and how much as well. To Snapes surprise,
Ron did real well. The end product was a colorless liquid. Odorless as well.
Snape: You and Potter have surprised me this year. I thought you wouldnt have finished
before the class bell rung. I guess theres a first for everything, isnt there? Now, take your
seat Weasley. (Now looking at the class)...Well, you may pack your cauldrons. I have
nothing else to sayuh Miss Mohan when you are done packing, follow me to my office,
will you?
Harry quickly packed his cauldrons and washed his vials and stored it away. Now, he was
watching Neeti approach Snape in his office. Harry decided to tag along, so he sneaked out
the door and crouched by Snapes office door. Snape, now sure that no one would able to see,
handed Neeti the potion Trelawney came to give not so long ago.
Snape: This will come in handy, Neeti. I wouldve given you my batch, but mine wasnt
strong enough. So, use this wiselyhave you been practicing Mind-Reading and the human
transfiguration? Its all for your task, you knowIm sure Dumbledore told you before.
Neeti: Yes he did. I have been practicing, and I can do it all with ease.
Snape: Greatgood
Neeti: Sir, this will go as planned, right? Voldemort knows nothing of what were doing, and
Dumbledores sure that he can help me?
Snape: Dumbledores a great wizard. He of course knows what hes doing. I have told you
many times before. He would not try to endanger his studentswhat youre doing is risky,
but he wants you to do it to avenge the man who put your father at that stateyou also want
to help Potter, I assume?
Neeti: He indirectly helped my father and my mother. He put Voldemort at his misery for
yearsI wont ever forget that. So, of course, I want to help him.
Snape: Good, keep that in mind. Your questions on Voldemort will cease to exist then. All
you should know is that everything is going to plan. Now, tomorrow, Dumbledore has set up
a meeting with Malfoy and Potter. I recommend you joining. I will tell Dumbledore if you
Neeti: Whats it got to do with?
Snape: Its always been about youso, it will again involve you
Neeti: I. Sure, sir. I will go.
Snape: Ok, its settled then. You may leave. Oh, waitI dont want to see you and Draco
talking in the Gryffindor Tower again. Its for safety measuresI happened to be the one
who noticed Draco leaving Slytherin common room, and I instructed Argus and Mrs. Norris
to go to Ravenclaws tower insteadgot it? (Neeti nodded.) The class bell will ring. Now.
(The Class Bell rung like he said, and Harry made a run for dungeon staircase before
Neeti or Snape could spot him. Hermione and Ron joined soon after. )
Ron: Where were you, mate? You just missed Hermione saying how brilliant I was with the
potionanyways, we saw you sneakily leave after Neeti and Snapewhat was it?
Harry: All this time, the lessons we were having on Mind-Reading, human Transfiguration,
and Trelawney coming to hand the Sleeping Draught was for Neeti. She has to do these
things in the mission. I heard Snape mention it. Ron, Hermione, we need to figure out what
Neetis doingI need to look at that book
Hermione: But Harry
Harry: Dont tell me not to find out, Hermione. I need to before Dumbledores meeting
tomorrow. Neeti told Snape she would do anything to help me, so why cant I do the same? I
was wrong yesterdayI saw her and Draco talking in the Gryffindor Tower balcony last
night before I came and saw you guys(told the rest what he heard)
Ron: Who knew that bloke was good around the girls? I didnt think he cared that much
Hermione: Oh please, you two! If Dracos crying about it, then obviously he has some heart.
Not knowing the mission hurts him just as it hurts you, Harry. But, he trusts Dumbledore, and
I think we should too. You dont see him trying to find out the mission under Dumbledores
noseDobbys already warned us. I think we should stay out of troublebesides all magic
the teachers are teaching us is safe magic. Not Dark. So, how would it have to do with the
Harry: I dont knowNeeti said the magic shes doing uses her strength, but its more than
Transfigurationwhat could possibly be more than the stuff were learning right now?
(They walked off to the common room, in confusion. )
(Ron and Hermione were now discussing ways to get back at Dean, so Harry decided to
open the book.)
Ron: So, what do you reckon we should do?
Hermione: Well, I decided to lay low for a while, so she doesnt think were always
interfering. Instead, I thought maybe we can get her to fancy someone else. So that shell
ditch that scum!
Ron: Hermione, that doesnt sound better
Hermione: Ron, youre problem is Dean. You cant say no to her having boyfriends at
allthats absurd.
Ron: Fine, youre right.
Hermione: So, who should we set her up with?
Ron: No one from my dormitory please. Especially not Seamus
Hermione: Ok, how about Cormac?
Ron: Mclaggen? That kids a blunt. Hes so full of himself, and I do not want my sister dating
him. Next.
Hermione: Okwell, once youve stopped being a child, can we look at my list of guys she
could date?
Ron: You have a list of potential guys? What, is this some list you use when you list guys
in increasing order of charm or whatever else you girls do?
Hermione: No! Of course notI made this just for Ginny.
Ron: Then why do I see Krums name? He doesnt even go here anymoreadmit it, you
made a list of potential guys you want to be with. What number is Krum in, then?
Hermione: Fine, I did. But, Ive modified it for Ginny now
Ron: Im going upstairs
Hermione: Wait, we should be heading to dinner soon!
Ron: I think Ill just ask Dobby to bring me some here, thank you(he trudged up the
staircase to the dormitory)
(Harry was trying to read the book while Hermione and Ron were talking but found it
very difficult seeing the way it went. Harry now went to comfort Hermione.)
Harry: Its ok HermioneRons just mad that you added Victor Krum to the list. Well, what
number was he then?
Hermione: 2
Harry: Not Krum. Ron.?
(Hermione looked up at him, now trying to conceal her feelings for Ron.)
Harry: Dont think I dont knowIm your best friend, why wouldnt I know?
Hermione: Hes number 1, of course(Hermione now put the list away, holding back her
tears. To comfort herself, she laid her head on Harrys shoulder. Harry really wanted to
be reading the book but for once, he knew that Hermione needed him, so he happily
positioned himself to allow that. )
It was a while before Harry and Hermione realized that dinner was being served in the Hall.
But, Ginny walked in with Dean to remind them, although she had a look of disgust after
seeing them together.
Ginny: ErHarry! Hermione! (Hermione now pulled herself off of Harrys shoulder.
Harry readjusted himself too and made a look at Ginny. She was frowning) Well,
theyre serving dinner in the Hall. Arent you going to eat?
Harry: Oh, we forgot! Well be on our way(Ginny looked dubious at this but decided
not to show it much)
Ginny: Um, wheres Ron then?
Hermione: He, um, didnt want to eat. Well, well be off to dinner then.
Dean: Waitare you two(pointing at both Harry and Hermione both)together now?
Harry and Hermione looked at each other, appalled. Both said: No!
Harry: Um, she was only
Hermione: I was only
Dean: Right then(he was smiling)Ginny, lets sit, shall we?
Ginny: Actually Dean, I have some homework to do. The teachers havent let the fourth years
off. Ill talk to you later(she now rushed up the staircase to her dormitory.)
(Harry and Hermione ate dinner slowly, avoiding contact. They talked every now and
then to praise the house elves cooking but looked back at their food right after. In the
meantime, Harry saw Draco and Neeti sitting at the end of the Gryffindor table eating
together. The Slytherins mustve now pushed Draco away from them, so Draco finally
joined Neeti at the end of the table.)
Hermione: Harry? (She saw Harry looking at Draco and Neeti.)
Harry: Hmm? Yeah?
Hermione: They make a good couple, dont they?
(Harry really didnt want to admit it, but they were a good couple. They were now
together for almost a whole month. Harry was now thinking back to the time he and
Cho were togetherhe hadnt managed to perfect one date. There were ups and downs,
and it all ended terribly. Now, Cho was with Michael, a fellow Ravenclaw. Harry looked
up at the Ravenclaws to see her happily conversing with Michael and her other friends
at their Table. Harry never got a chance to talk to her, but he felt that after Sirius died,
there were more important things. Getting Cho to like him didnt seem to be his priority
anymore. However, only a month passed since hed met Neeti, and he really liked her.
So, was he being a hypocrite? Not wanting to talk to Cho because of Sirius but not
feeling the same way with Neeti? )
It was as if Hermione read his mind. He knew she couldnt though because she didnt take
Divination or classs with Snape to learn how to do it.
Hermione: Stop Harry; I know what youre thinking. But, you shouldnt feel that way. You
not wanting to be with Cho has nothing to do with Sirius. Its more about the personal
choices you both made. So, dont go feeling bad that you now want to be with Neeti. Shed
be perfect for you, but like she said, the priority right now is letting her finish the mission
shes set out to do without any trouble. And that involves your part too. Youve been
blocking your mind, havent you?
Harry: Yeah
Hermione: Its been working well..? Have you had any dreams yet?
Harry: None actually.
Hermione: Good
Harry: Im doing all this for Neeti, but she doesnt seem to care.
Hermione: Just because shes not physically sitting next to you, caressing you.doesnt
meant that she doesnt caremind you, shes doing the ultimate act of kindness. Shes
risking her life for you. Look, I wouldnt have said this any other day.(Muffliato)but, I
think its time we sat down and read the book. To figure out what Neetis doing. Like you
said, its just to thank her later for what all shes done. Its not to get directly involved, so Ill
help you. (Harry smiled. He was truly lucky to have Hermione.) By the way Harry, your
birthdays in three days. It seems silly that youll actually be celebrating it at school, isnt it?
Harry totally forgot his birthday was coming up. He had put so many other things in his head
that he didnt remember the day that he was born on was approaching.
Harry: Wow, I totally forgot. I know you havent had time to buy me presents, so its okayI
dont expect anything from you and Ron except your support, which youve already given me
plenty. (Harry now looked at Dumbledore, who didnt make a word to anyone else whie
he ate. To make matters worse, Harry thought he looked ill. The only present he truly
wanted was Dumbledores wishes. It was true that Harry didnt want to talk to
Dumbledore again after Siriuss death, but Harry knew it wasnt Dumbledores fault.
Not telling him the facts was the right thing. Besides, Dumbledore was trying to fix his
mistakes by making an attempt to tell him all he knew about this mission. For Harry.
Harry had apologized the last time he met Dumbledore, but Harry wanted to do more.
He now felt guilty that he was finding more about the mission without Dumbledores
consent. If Dumbledore wanted to tell him, he wouldve. But he chose to keep that a
secretactually, he mightve saved that for tomorrow. Besides, Dumbledore only said
that he didnt want him talking to Draco or Neeti about the mission, and that was
probably because he didnt want the rest of the school finding out. So, truth be told, he
WAS following Dumbledores every command. )
Hermione: Harry! Harry! Didnt you catch a word of what I was saying? I was saying that
Ron and I both plan on buying you something nonetheless. Theres a Hogsmeade trip
Harry: Hogsmeade trip? Really?
Hermione: Ohwhen will you start reading the notice board? It was just posted this
afternoon when we were in the common room. Ron and I wanted to make it a surprise, but I
guess I let the cat out of the bag. We were actually writing on parchment to each other before
he and I started talking about Ginny. The plan was to take you to Three Broomsticks and then
keep you distracted somehow while we stopped at Zonkos and Puddifoots tea shop for
pastries and joke stuff. Its not much compared to what we usually get...
Harry: No, its perfect. Really. Ill act as if I dont know the plan then. This way, you and
Ron can start talking again. Sound good?
Hermione: Thanks Harry! That would be perfect.
(They made their way up to the common room now filled with students. Harry and
Hermione pulled up a seat next to Neville and Parvati.)
Parvati: No, Neville! Golpalotts Third Law states that the antidote for a blended poison will
be equal to more than the sum of the antidotes for each of the separate components
Neville: I dont understand why Im the only one who has to memorize this law. Do you
reckon Snapes going to make me use this law to find an antidote to some poison next class?
Parvati: I guessI dont knowHi Harry! Hi..erHermione (she now walked off to
Dean, who was talking to Seamus. She was obviously scared that Hermione would
reveal Dean and hers dirty secret. )
However, Hermione didnt say anything. She was deep in thought for a moment, but then she
dashed toward Harrys book bag, smashing into Harry along the way.
Harry: Oww! Hermione, what are you doing? What do you want?
Hermione: Give me the book! (As she made so much noise, the common room was now
eyeing her.) Wait, lets go up to your dormitory. We can talk to er-Ron-too.
Harry: Ok, sure
Gryffindor Dormitory-empty except for Ron who had managed to set his Bulgarian
Quidditch Team Poster and his Krum figure into flames. As soon as he saw Harry and
Hermione, he put out the flames.
Ron: Had dinner, did you?
Hermione: Yeah, did you eat?
Ron: No
Harry: Ron, Ill get Dobby to give you dinner as soon Hermione tells me why she snatched
my book bag in front of everyone.
Hermione: Oh yes, I forgot. Thats why we came up here. Harry, hand over Transfiguration
Habet Intelligetiam please.
Harry: Hermione, I already started searching the book. There was nothing useful in thereit
was talking about some intelligence charm, thats alland I didnt get any of it
Hermione: Then my doubts have been confirmed! Harry, where did you see that again?
Harry: I have it marked. Pg. 229, I believe.
Ron: I thought you didnt want Harry going through with this
Hermione: Well, Ive changed my mind.
(Hermione now turned the page to 229, ignoring Ron and Harrys confused looks.)
Hermione: Yes, thats it! (She looked overjoyed that her thoughts were correct. Neeti
mustve figured this out already, and Hermione knew that too, but she took this
achievement personally.)
Ron: Well, now that youve seemed to uncover the truth, why dont you tell us both?
Hermione: Harry, what did Parvati say to Neville in the common room?
Harry: I dont know. She was helping him with Potions, wasnt she?
Hermione: Yes, but dont you remember what she was helping him with? (Harry made a
face that told Hermione that he didnt bother listening to the content behind it. ) It was
about Golpalotts Law!
Harry: Golpa-what? (He turned to Ron to see if he understood anything. Luckily, Ron
was just as befuddled. )
Hermione: Golpalotts Lawit states that "The antidote for a blended poison will be equal to
more than the sum of the antidotes for each of the separate components."
Harry: Rightso? What does that mean?
Hermione: So, if theres a poison and you dont know the name for it but you know the
ingredients that make up the poison, then you can use Golpalotts Law to find the antidote.
(Seeing that Harry and Ron still didnt see the point of this, she continued.) Instead of
finding the antidote to each of the ingredients that make up the potion, which is still a way of
finding the antidote and a good method, Golpalott said that finding the antidote for the
blended poison will have stronger effects
Ron: Thats all great Hermione, butwhy do we need to know about antidotes? Is that a task
in the mission?
Hermione: No, not reallygood guess Ron (Ron smiled at her. Harry could see that
Hermione was making a desperate attempt in getting on good relations with Ron
again)but Golpalotts laws can be used with Dark Magic too. When Harry gave the book
to me so that I could see what the language was, I had some time to browse within it before
handing it over to Dobby. I noticed that everything written on this page talked about
combining the separate steps. Although it was in Latin and I dont know it, the page was
marked with ajoutelike I told you; my parents were indifferent about me knowing French.
Ajoute in French means add, so I knew that this was saying to add or mix all the steps
together. Harry, did you happen to understand what it was fully talking about after Dobby
translated it?
Harry: No, I didnt read much. And the parts that I were overlooking while we were in the
common room made no sense
Hermione: Oh, I was hoping you read it fully; as far as I know, Im right because Dobby
translated the part here about the Intelligence Transfiguration which talks about a series of
tasks performed separately but produces a huge effect for anyone seeking powerso let me
go back to Golpalotts law for nowalthough Golpalotts Law is used for poisons, I believe
the law can be stretched for this too. Let me word the law differently so it makes more sense.
Ron: Can we call it Grangers Law after that? (They both smiled at each other.)
Hermione: Sothe Law would now look like this"The effect for any Dark Magic
Intelligence Transfiguration will be equal to more than the sum of the steps for each of the
separate components."
Ron: Ohright! That makes sense because Neeti has been practicing separate tasks set for
the mission.the thing summed up must give YOU KNOW WHO power to destroy Harry
Harry: Butwe just need to figure out that wasI think thats what Neeti mustve meant
when she said it was more than Transfigurationit would be something that would require
all of her strengthswhich would be each of her class subjects
Hermione: Right. Now that we know that shes doing that, we just need to understand what
separate tasks combined makeand then how Dumbledore plans on preventhing thislike I
said, well try to see what Dumbledore plans on doing, but we cant interfere
(Hermione now sat down on Rons bed to start thinking when Harry and Hermione
both heard Rons stomach grumbling. )
Ron: Can I have dinner first? Im starving.
Harry: DobbyDobby!
Dobby appeared within an instant.
Dobby: Harry Potter has called Dobby. What does Harry Potter require of Dobby?
Hermione: First, did you do as told? Did you reward yourself?
Dobby: Yes, Miss Granger. Dobby has rewarded himself with pastries and pudding. Those
are Dobbys favorites. Dobby would like to thank Harry Potter and his friends for rewarding
Dobby for the task he had done because Dobby felt like he had done the wrong thing.
Ron: No Dobby, because of you, we know more about the task.(That appeared to be the
wrong thing to say because Dobby started slamming himself into the bed post while
Harry and Hermione scowled at Ron. Now, the three of them were trying to get Dobby
to free himself from the post. )
Harry: Dobby, please stop! I order you to stop. (Dobby resentfully listened.) Look Dobby, I
know what youre going through. You are still obedient to the Malfoys, but keep in mind,
they treated you like a slave. Look at you now. Youre happy and youre free. Besides,
youve helped me, your friend.
Dobby: Harry Potter must not mistake Dobby, but Dobby loves helping Harry Potter and his
friends. But like Dobby said before, Harry Potter must not find out about the mission
Professor Dumbledore has set for Miss Mohan. Professor Dumbledore and Dobby wants
Harry Potter safe. Ignorance is bliss, Harry Potter sir.
Ron: And whose wall told you that? (Hermione made a death glare at Ron, who quickly
shut up afterwards. )
Harry: I already told you Dobby; Im not going to go against what Dumbledore has in mind.
Ive let it go this far, havent I? Im going to let Neeti do this. This is what she wanted. She
wants to take Voldemort down like me. And Im in no mood to refuse that. But, Im curious.
I want to know what shes risking for me. If I know, I can stand by Dumbledore and help
him. He didnt tell me some things before, and look where thats got me. Hes told me a lot
now, but he hasnt told of the missionand he didnt really say I couldnt take measures to
find out about it. He just told me to stay out of Neeti and Dracos waythats completely
Dobby: But Harry Potter sir will be in trouble! Dumbledore hasnt told Harry Potter, but he
has told Dobby that Harry Potter mustnt get involved because Harry Potter is very important
to Dumbledore. Harry Potter might risk someones life if Harry Potter knows the plan. Miss
Mohan might be in danger if HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED knows Harry Potter is
interfering. Miss Mohan might die
Harry: ButDobbyIll die if I dont know what shes doing for meI like HER
DobbyIve had many close people die already. Dont you think I want to keep everyone
alive? And if I know the real plan this time, maybe it will benefit me. Dumbledore didnt tell
me that staying away from me would help meI lost Sirius because of thatI just want to
know; I dont want to be left in the shutters Dobby
Dobby looked tearful at this. He was about to punish himself, but Hermione prevented that.
Hermione: Dobby, please help us. Ill make sure Harry doesnt get hurtIll make sure he
doesnt get involved with Dumbledores planshe just wants to understandyou can help
us there, cant you Dobby?
Dobby: Harry Potter and his friends have been so nice to Dobby. Dobby cant refuse to lie to
Harry Potter, but Professor Dumbledore
Ron: He wont mind. Youve done your job; youve warned us. We didnt listen to you; he
cant punish you for that
Hermione: Rons rightyou will not need to punish yourself. Youve warned us all, but
were rebels. We want to take the risk.
Dobby: Dobby will say what he knows then. Miss Mohan is to perform a set of tasks for HE
WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED on Harry Potters birthday.three days time to prepare
my masters son and Professor Snape will act as if theyre doing their duties for HE WHO
MUST NOT BE NAMED by summoning the girl to the Lestranges house where HE WHO
MUST NOT BE NAMED will staymy masters son will hand the girl to HE WHO MUST
NOT BE NAMED and will return back to Hogwarts immediatelythis way, my master and
his family will not be harmed
Ron: Professor Snapes handling this? Wheres Dumbledore going to be?
Dobby: Headmaster has told Dobby that he will be watching from afarProfessor Snape will
allow him to do so, but Dobby knows not of how that will be possible
Hermione: And the Sleeping Draught? That
Dobby: Miss Granger is very smart. Miss Granger has seen Dobbys markings in the book.
Miss Granger is right. Dark Transfiguration and Mind-Reading are few of the tasks in the
processbut they are not ones Harry Potter and the other students have been practicing, but
its a variation of it(Harry: Intelligence Transfiguration is what its called, right
Dobby? Dobby nodded)but the Sleeping Draught is Miss Mohans way to safety. It will
protect her.
Harry: Way out? Way out from what?
Dobby: Dobby has already told Harry Potter, his friend, all that he can say. Dobby begs
Harry Potter for forgiveness, but if Dobby reveals the rest, he will be revealing the mission to
Harry Potter. He cant do sobut Dobby will say that Harry Potter should enjoy his birthday.
Dobby does not want to see Harry Potter die on his birthday(he left a plate for Ron and
Hermione: Harry, make sure to read the bookIf Dobby cant tell us, well have to find out
for ourselves
Harry: Yeah, Ill read it tonightDobbys translated most of it; I just need to understand it
better. Well, you should be off to bed, Hermione. We have Astronomy tomorrow, you
Hermione: Youre right. Its silly of me to be in the boys dormitories at almost curfew time.
Ill be off to bedbut Harry, Ill just remind you of this again. Ron and I consent to having
you find out what her task is, but we both forbid you to go and help her. Like Dobby said, it
might spoil all of Dumbledores plans.(Harry noddedsilence)Ron, arent you going
to eat your food?
Ron: You knowIm not really hungry anymore(He turned around in his bed to turn
off the lamp when Dean, Seamus, and Neville walked in. They looked at Harry and then
Hermione. )
Seamus: Sorry, Harry, Hermionewere we disturbing you two? Im sorry Ron that you have
to be in here to watch these two snogging. Maybe we should all walk out back to the common
room and give these two space. Right Ron? Staying in the common roomtheres no time
limit as to how long we can stay in there, right? (Dean and Seamus laughed. Seamus
mustve been talking this way for what Ron and Hermione did to Dean. Neville didnt
approve luckily.)
Neville: Stop it, you two! (Harry already had his wands facing Dean and Seamus.) You
might want to rethink what you said; youre talking about Harry, the fifth year that knows
more magic than you two have seen in your life. Youre talking to our DA teacher(Harry
smiled at Neville. At least he appreciated him. Harry took a liking to Neville too after all
that he had done in the Hall of Prophecies to help him. Neville had practiced so hard to
learn advanced magic, and Harry admired that. )
Dean: Youre only saying that because you, Loony Lovegood, and Ginny were all CHOSEN
by Potter to go help him.
Ron: Stop it Dean! (Hermione now looked up at him. She thought Ron wouldve yelled at
her or Harry by this point, but he hadnt.) No one wants to be chosen to go die. Harry
couldve died that night, you knowThere were Death Eaters looking for himwithout
Neville, Luna, or my sister, we couldve all been toast the moment we stepped in there. They
risked their lives for us, and youre poking fun about this! Look, Harry and Hermione are
friends. What they do is none of your business or mine. (Hermione looked relieved now.
She squeezed Rons hands as he continued speaking.) How could you talk to each other
like this? (He was looking at Seamus and Dean.) I dont think you understand what
friendship is. First, you made fun of Neeti and Harry, and for that matter, Dracoand now,
youre insulting our friendship. Look, if you're mad at me because I saw you snogging
another girl instead of my sister, well I wont be involved anymore. My sister will find out
someday; thatll be the day when youll get some sense, I hope. Now, does anyone else have
anything to say? (Neville looked like he could leap into Rons arms for his kind words
about him, but he suppressed his desire.)
Neville, Dean, and Seamus set off to bed without a word.
Hermione: Ron, that was brilliant! I thought you would be
Ron: mad? Theres one thing being mad about you and Krumbut them talking about you
and Harrybloody hell! (Hermione pulled Ron into a tight hug.)
Hermione: So, whats this saying that you wont get involved with Ginnys dating endeavors
Ron: Hermione, youre right. I cant make choices for her. One day, shell see who Dean and
Parvati are. Until then, theres no point trying to make an attempt with it. Itll just be a waste
of our time.
(Hermione left, extremely happy by what she had heard. Harry was truly glad to have
his friends as well. He now set off to bed, feeling happy about seeing Ron and Hermione
friends again. However, that feeling vanished seemingly quick as he now laid in bed
thinking about Neeti. He decided to pick up his book to figure out what this task was,
once and for alllumosHarry sat up to read the text. Three hours later, he had still
been re-reading the text not understanding what it had said. Instead, he tried repeating
it to himself to see if that would make things better.)
Harry: Transfiguration Intelligatiem is a Dark Magic art that can only be performed by
trained, smart wizards. Although Transfiguration Intelligatiem isnt Dark Magic, like Human
Transfiguration, mastering this art takes many years or for few, their quick wit. So, TI can
only be accomplished by wizards who are capable of performing Leglimency/Occlumency
and the Unforgivable Curses. The summoning of an Inferius is required as well. (Harry:
what is an inferius? ). It would be ideal if the wizard could perform magic without a wand
as well, but its not required. As the magic is only used by Dark wizards for power and
ultimate intelligence, the procedure must be done without any mistakes. The procedure is
described below: (It seemed that Dobby did not bother translating this part because it
was too gruesome for him. This was left in Latin.)
1. Annuntiate in quibus pythonicus celebritate (Summon a smart wizard for the ceremony.
The sacrifice of a very smart wizard or witch who can also perform Leglimency is
required because the wizard/witch will be transfiguring his/her powers to the Dark
Wizard that requires such.)
2. Per virgam venefici, decimam partem ephi, et stilla scindebat sanguis in lebete carpi. Qui
passus est ilia tantum potionem ineundis. (Using the wizard's wand, slit the the wrist and
drop two pints of blood into a cauldron. This is the only step that will involve Potion-
making. The rest is all Transfiguration, like its name suggests. )
3. Veneficus qui requirit potestatem faceret Tenebrae et stilla sanguinis eius carpi in lebetem.
Atras ad potum convertit cum colore nigro Veneficus, eget potionem bibet. (The Dark
Wizard who requires power will do the same to his wrist and drop his blood into the
cauldron. When the potion turns to a dark black color, the Dark Wizard, needing the
potion, will drink it.)
4. Veneficus obscura inter sanguinem et compositio intellectu participatur veneficus. Et ratio
est fere perfecta. Atque hoc in loco, in tenebris omnia, faceret Leglimency in Veneficus, et
venefici, et venefici, ut ante est affectio, cogitare, et intelligere. Quibus gestis, ac demum
Inferius vocare munus. In reliquas spes agit anima inferius veneficus. Tenebrarum Veneficus
potest transferre remainings venefici Inferius in anima. Etiam accumsan magus: Quam, sub
potestate habere semper. (The blood composition will be shared between the Dark
Wizard and the intelligent wizard. The process is almost complete. At this point, the
Dark Wizard must perform Leglimency on the wizard to extract the wizard's desires,
thoughts, and intelligence. When this is performed, the last task is to summon an
Inferius. The inferius will act as a refuge for the remaining soul within the wizard. The
Dark Wizard can transfer the remainings of the wizard's soul into the Inferius. This will
ensure the wizard to be possessed and under the Dark Lord's control forever.)
Venefici Tenebrosi requiritur ex parte rei est per partum, et venefici, ut ne sibi immolarent
finis eius in vitam. Quod quidem, tout ajoute, si administrarentur, non imperium pervenire
Veneficus Obscurae patitur. (Depending on the task the Dark Wizard requires through
the power gained, the wizard might/might not end up sacrificing his/her life. This
process, altogether, if performed, will allow the Dark Wizard to attain ultimate power. )
The only two words Harry understood amidst all of the Latin was Leglimency and ajoute,
which Hermione said meant add or together. All he knew was that none of this was good.
Seeing that time now was 1, he set the book in his bag and dozed off to sleep, worrying about
what Neeti would have to go through.
Harry gets a Dream-Too Many Emotions
Voldemort: The time has almost come Lucius, WormtailYou are sure that the girl is aware
of her tasks?
Lucius: Yes, my lord. Severus is making sure of it
Voldemort: And Dumbledore knows nothing?
Lucius: No, he doesnt.
Voldemort: Im very surprised Lucius that Draco seems capable of all of this. If all goes well,
he could become a Death Eater as well. Oh think of all the joy that would bring to your
family after the shame you caused.
Lucius: (gritted teeth)Yes my Lord, I would be so happy for Draco
Pettigrew: Master, I have aa question(he looked fearful as he approached Voldemort
to ask this question)what if something goes wrong? What if the girl brings a loophole into
this, and we cant kill Harry Potter?
(Voldemort looked furious and simultaneously performed the cruciatus curse on Peter
while addressing him): You fool! You dare question my methods! (Harrys scar now
started to hurt so much.)
Pettigrew: No, My Lord (screaming in pain)I just want everything to go as plannedlike
you, I wish for the boy to be killed. Youve been waiting so long
(Voldemort seemed to be calm after this and immediately removed his curse on Peter):
Ahh, youre right.I have thought it through, howeverif the girl does not perform her task,
then I will kill her father
Lucius: Is he under your possession, my lord? Have you found Rosier? I thought he was at St.
Mungos, protected by Dumbeldore
Voldemort: Hes very well protected by Dumbledore, but Severus told me where
Dumbledore plans on taking himtomorrow night, Dumbledore will take him to
Lucius: To where, My Lord?
(Voldemort didnt answer. He just started laughing due to joy, and sent sparks
everywhere. Harry woke up in extreme pain.)
Ron: Harry, what happened? Hermione and I have been trying to wake you up. Were going
to be late for Astronomy!
Hermione: Is it your scar? Have you had a dream? (Harry nodded.) Oh Harry, you were
supposed to block your mind
Harry: I forgotI fell asleep wondering what Neeti had to do, and I forgot to
blockanyways, I know that Neetis going to be in trouble if she doesnt perform her task.
Voldemort plans on killing Neetis fatherSnape told Voldemort where Dumbledore was
going to take him into hiding, but Voldemort didnt say wherehe mustve known that I was
looking into his mind the whole timewe have to tell Dumbledore! He needs to switch
Rosiers location, or Neeti will lose her father too!
Ron: Mate, what if You Know Who wasnt planning this at all? What if he was just trying to
trick youagain?
Harry: No, he knew all along that I had been blocking my mindhe fought back by keeping
his thoughts from mebut this night, I failed to do I saw into
VoldemortVoldemort didnt mind though; he knew I couldnt do anythinghe knew that
even if I saw what was going on, he knew all I would do is tell Dumbledorebut
Dumbledore cant do anything. If he tries to save Neeti, her father will dieif Dumbledore
tries to save Neetis father, then Ill dietheres no way around thisbut he didnt say the
locationhe purposely wanted me to try and figure that out myselfor he wanted to warn
me not to do so. If I did, Id end up losing everyoneeven the Malfoys would die
Hermione: Harry, what are you going to do?
Harry: Im going to Snape. Hell know what to do
Hermione: Wait, what if Lucius told Snape about this, and Snapes already warning
Dumbledore? You dont want to interfere in this
Ron: No, he wouldnt have. Draco said his father knows none of what Dumbledores going to
do. Besides, if Lucius did know, telling Snape wouldve been bad for him. Snape wouldve
lost his life then.
Harry: You dont get it!!Dumbledore trusts him, and I guess I will too. Maybe Dumbledore
told Snape to tell Voldemort the locationit could be the wrong locationit wont hurt to
Hermione: No, Harry dont. Neeti might die if you do something out of turnif you dont get
involved, Voldemort might not hurt Evan Rosier. This is definitely a warning; Voldemort
must know that you are trying to help. Thats probably why he said this to youlets just
stop trying to solve the mission
Ron: Hermiones rightthis is getting out of hand.
Harry: No, you two! Neeti might die either way; I wont let that happen. Voldemort can have
me if he wants. No one else can die. Im not scared of him
Hermione: Fine Harry. Well join you. Right now, you should get ready or well be late for
Astronomy. Weve already missed breakfast
(Harry was about to get ready when his three dorm mates walked in. Neville: Guys,
classes are cancelled for today. Professor McGonagalls on her way to the common
room to give the details.)
Harry dressed into his robes, and quickly made his way to the common room.
McG: Students of Gryffindor; you might be wondering why I am here when you should be in
your classrooms. Well, Professor Dumbledore wanted you all to have a nicebreakwhile
heswhile hes out.
Harry: Dumbledores not here?!
McG: Yes, Mr. Potter. Hes out doingsome taskswith Professor Snape. With a professor
and Headmaster gone, Dumbledore reckoned there would be no point having classes today.
On another note, Dumbledore kindly requested for you to stay on grounds. He has cancelled
the Hogsmeade trip for today
(Everyone shouted at this.)
Hermione: Professorwhy? Dumbledore wanted to give a break, but he had to cancel
McG: Miss Granger, I would appreciate it if you didnt question further. Professor
Dumbledore cancelled the Hogsmeade trip becausetheres less supervision(Dean:
Really?... because theres plently with Filch.)...but, he wanted you kids to enjoy your last
few days here as well. You will find that Hogwarts grounds are exciting all by itself. Now, if
youll excuse me, I have some business to tend to.
Harry: Professor, I had a meeting with Dumbledore tonight. Will he be back before then?
McG: Im afraid not, Potter. (she left.)
Ginny, who was standing behind Harry, spoke: Well, that was a load of rubbish, dont you
Harry: Yeah but why couldnt she just tell us the real reason for Dumbledores departure?
Ginny: I dont know Harry, but its not that important. Is it?
Harry: Umno, I guess not.
Ginny: Well, Ill see you around. Oh, I know your birthdays coming up; I wanted to get you
a gift at Hogsmeade, but I guess I cant now. Sorry.
Harry: No, its fine. Hermione and Ron were thinking the same thing, but honestly, you guys
are gifts yourselves. Im glad I have you as a friend. (Harry held Ginnys hand while
telling her so but immediately let go.)
Ginny: Listen, Im going with Lavender and Parvati to the courtyard later. Wanna meet up
Harry: Idlove to. But what about Dean?
Ginny: Didnt you know? I fought with him because Neville told me he and Seamus made
fun of you, Ron, and Hermione. I might hold a grudge against Ron and Hermione, but Ill
never let someone else make fun of you guys. So, Ill see you around then?
Harry: Yeahok. (Harry smiled as he approached Ron and Hermione. Both of them
were discussing something but stopped as Harry approached.)
Ron: Harry, were both sorry. We cant get you a birthday present until we go home.
Hermione and I promise that well send you our presents by owl.
Harry: I just told Ginny I dont need anything. All I need is you by my side.
Hermione: Yeah, we just saw you talking to Ginny. So, youre going to meet up with her at
the courtyard?
Harry: Um yeah. You guys can come too. We can finish translating the text, if you want.
Ron: No, um actually, we know someone who knows Latin. Hermione and Ill go translate
the rest while you spend time with Ginny.
Harry: Youre not mad?
Ron: Why would I be? (He looked at Hermione. They had been discussing Harry and
Harry: Yeah, if youre ok with itanyways, its not like its a date. Lavender and Parvati will
be there.
Hermione: Ohare they? Hmmok. Alright Harry, Ron and I are heading to our friend who
knows Latin.
Harry: Just make sure that he or she doesnt ask about what this is for.we cant risk anyone
knowing. Especially Draco.
Hermione: Yes, we got it. Well talk to you later then. Have fun on your umnot date-
gathering! (Her and Ron smiled as they walked out.)
Courtyard-Harry by himself; he sees Neeti walking alone.
Harry: NeetiNeeti!
Neeti: Harry? Er-hi.
Harry: Hi!
Neeti: Look Harry, I have to go. Draco and I are meeting upIll talk with you later, alright?
Harry: But Neeti, I need to tell you something.
Neeti: You can tell Draco and I later then. I have to go now.
(Harry sat down next to the elm tree as Neeti hurried off. )
Ginny: Hi Harry!
Harry: Oh hey Ginny. Wheres Lavender and Parvati? I thought they were coming with you.
Ginny: Well, they were walking out with me but then Ron said he had to talk to Lavender,
and so Lavender followed him. Hermione pulled Parvati aside, and thats the last I saw of
those two. I left because I didnt want to be late with you, you know..
Harry: Thanks. So, um, how are you?
Ginny: Good.
Harry: Did you finish all your homework?
Ginny: Are you kidding? No ones getting homework, really. (Harry was about to mention
the time she said she was going to her dormitory to finish her homework to Dean, but
Ginny answered herself.) I lied to Dean. I just needed some space from him.
Harry: Is there something wrong between you two?
Ginny: No, none at all. Well, actually, he finds it funny making fun of you, Ron, and
Hermione. Lately, hes been saying that you and Hermionewell, you both
Harry: None of thats true.
Ginny: I know. It just bugged me that he would say that about his own friend. Its like
nothings going right since the day Hermione bewitched that letter.
Harry: GinnyI dont mean to make you upset, but Hermione and Ron were right. Ron saw
Dean snogging Parvati
Ginny: Not you too Harry!
Harry: Hear me out. Ron and Hermione were on prefect duty when they saw thisRon
wanted to tell you right away, but he knew you wouldnt believe him. You would just
mistake him again, so he got Hermiones help. Thats the only reason why Hermione did that.
After you said you wouldnt talk to her, she decided not to get involved hoping that you
would figure it out for yourself someday. Trust me. Ron doesnt having a problem with you
dating; its who youre dating thats bugging him. Parvati and him are secretly dating. Thats
whats bugging him. I know I shouldnt have told you, but I care about you-
He couldnt finish the rest of the sentence because Ginny kissed him. On the lips. Harry
didnt want to pull back because this felt good. So, he grabbed her hair and kissed her back.
Ginny: Thanks, Harry. I didnt believe Ron and Hermione because theyre always together
about things like this, but if youre saying it, then I can believe it. Ill see you around. Bye.
Harry: Bye
Neeti walked up with Draco.
Neeti looked uncomfortable. She mustve seen him and Ginny snogging.
Neeti: Hi Harry.
Harry: Hi, um Neeti, did you see-?
Draco: Potter, thats not important. You know that Dumbledores not here? Flitwick came
and told us we didnt have classes, and that Dumbledore and Snape are gone.
Harry: Yeah, I know. I think I know why too. Neeti, I had a dream last night.
Neeti: Harry, I told you to block your mind! You cant let Voldemort get to you
Harry: Well, I had things on my mind, and I forgot.
Neeti: Youre not still wondering what my task is, are you? Thats for me, Dumbledore, and
Snape to know
Harry: I just want to knowyoure risking your life to save me.
Draco: And Id like to know too, Neeti. I promised you that I wouldnt tell my dad any of
this, so why cant you share with me?
Neeti: Because Dumbledore stressed not to do so. And, I wont go against his words.
Harry: Speaking of Dumbledore, my dream concerned him. (tells of the dream.)
Dumbledore and Snape mightve went to go find a new location for Rosier. Trust me though,
I know that this one is definitely not of those thoughts hes trying to implant in my head.
Neeti: Oh no! Not my father! Now all of Dumbledores plans are ruined. I have no way of
escaping. Im going to have to
Harry: You cant use the sleeping draught still?
Neeti: How do you know? Its not important how you know. I have to do it Harry. Hell kill
my father otherwise.
Harry: I wanted to talk to Dumbledore about this. But, hes gone. That means we wont have
our meeting with him
Neeti: Yeah, and I was supposed to meet you two as well.
Harry: I know
Neeti: You know? (Harry didnt realize he said that. Snape and Neeti didnt know Harry
had spied on them.) Anyways, you cant interfere with anything anymore. Look Harry, I
know what book Hermione was trying to take from you yesterday in the common room. I saw
her trying to take it.
Harry: I got the book to help you, but I didnt get all of it translated. Since Dumbledore told
me not to ask you of the mission, I want to find out myself.
Neeti: For what? To see us all get killed?
Harry: No; I promise I wont help you or get you involved. I know that you want to bring
Voldemort downI wont get in the way of it.
Neeti: If you both knew what I was doing, you would take those words back. (looking at
Harry and Draco.)
Draco: So then Potter, what are you going to do?
Harry: Thats none of your business
Neeti: Tell me you wont get involved.
Harry: Fine, I wont get involved. But you should go talk to Snape or Dumbledore when he
gets back. Im sure theres a way to save your father and still continue with the original
planat least that can happen if Snape lies to Voldemort about it
Draco: No way! If Snape dies because of lying, my whole family will too.
Harry: Yeah, and so will Neeti and me. Look Draco, you cant have everything your way.
Besides, I doubt Snape is really trying to help me or Neeti. Hes only faking the good guy
role, and Ive told Dumbledore this already, but he wont believe otherwise.
Draco: Maybe because Snapes on Dumbledores side. In case you didnt know, Snapes
been helping Neeti and I with the plan that were to execute.
Harry: Oh like how you give Neeti to Voldemort and then leave! Not one of Snapes greatest
plans, is it?
Neeti: Stop Harry! Draco and Snape are truly trying to help me. And Im trying to help you
too. I know what Im to do, and I know that Dumbledore is out there with Snape right now
trying to work something out for me. If he hasnt contacted me yet, it means that Draco and I
are to go through with the original plan. I dont know how you know, but the Sleeping
Draught will help me. Im to follow that. Your job is just to keep your mind closed, alright?
If you let him get inside of you, it might be more dangerous than now(she left. Draco
looked at Harry for a second but then followed behind Neeti. Harry was left there to sit
Ron and Hermione-Luna
Ron: So, is this it?
Hermione: It should beIve seen Anthony Goldstein walk with Padma here before
Ron: Is Anthony on your list?
Hermione didnt catch that last sentence as a Ravenclaw walked by. It was Penelope
Penelope: Hermione, Ronwhat are you two doing here?
Hermione: Youve already left Hogwartsmight I ask what youre doing here, Penelope?
Penelope: I visit from time to time. Today, Im surveying the groundsDumbledore called a
few students in to watch Hogwarts while hes gone..
Ron: And I expect the prat Percy will be here?
Penelope: No. He doesnt want anything to do with Hogwarts anymore being a Ministry
official, remember? So, whats it you two want?
Hermione: We need to talk to Luna. Can you let us into your common room?
Penelope: Other house students are not generally permitted to visit others common rooms
Ron: Please? This is important.
Penelope: Alright, Fine. But, I give you ten minutes to discuss whatever it is. Then, youre to
head back to your dormitory. Alright?
Hermione: Yes ok. (Penelope led them farther along the corridor to this large door with
a knocker. There, a voice called, To get in, tell me how do you get past a boggart if a
person doesnt fear anything? )
Penelope: If the person doesnt fear anything, then the boggart wont even be seen. The
person will essentially be fighting against the air particles. However, this is a rhetorical
question because everyone fears something even if its fear itself.
Voice: Nicely answered Clearwater! Its good to see you again.
Penelope: Nice to see you too! Alright you two, follow me.
Ron awed at the sight of the Ravenclaw common room. Blue and bronze filled the room, and
it was wonderful. Hermione looked amazed as well. Seeing as there were no classes, the
common room was filled with students. Most were talking to fellow Ravenclaws, some were
peering into their textbooks, studying for an exam that didnt exist, and one sat in the corner,
reading The Quibbler. Luna.
Padma: Hey, what are you two-?
Penelope: They have my permission Padma.
Padma shut up.
Luna: Oh hi Ron. Hermione. What brings you to Ravenclaw tower?
Hermione: We came to see you actually.
Luna: Oh, did you see the article on Wrackspurt? I know; it seems the editor forgot to fix the
one mistake on how Wrackspurts go into your head before they make you fuzzy
Ron: Oh no. We came to talk to you about something else. We heard you know Latin, am I
right? You were talking about it one timeon Hogwarts Express
Luna: Yes, of course. My parents loved the Muggle languages. We had books on Latin,
French, German, Swedish
Hermione: Thats all great Luna. (she was annoyed and wanted to get to the point.)
Forgive me, but we dont have much time. Penelope only gave us ten minutes, so I want to
get to the point.
Luna: Sure. So why do you ask of my muggle language knowledge?
Ron held out the book: Kay look here. We got a book from the library in the Restricted
Section on Dark Transfigurationdont look at me like that Luna. We got permission from
McGonagall. Human Transfiguration was so interesting that I wanted toumfind out more
on Transfiguration. And where else to start besides Dark Magic?
He thought he looked stupid trying to find an excuse to come up with. However, Luna took
the excuse wholeheartedly.
Luna: Wow, thats great! So, this is in Latin, I presume?
Hermione: Yescould you translate the parts that were left untranslated on pg.229 for us?
Luna: Yeah, I can try. (Luna flipped the pages in the book. Once she made it to 229, her
eyes widened. Ron and Hermione knew this was too much for her to handle. A girl who
was used to talking about nonexistent creatures as if they were cuddly would not want
to indulge in something like this.) This is all super Dark Magic. Why do you want to know
Hermione: Like Ron said, its just to gain knowledgeyou know me
Luna: Yes. I always thought you were limited on your views, but this proves
otherwise(Hermione looked foul at this but calmed down.)
Ron: So, what did you make of it?
Luna: Its all super Dark Magic. The Intelligence Transfiguration charm is a complex branch
of magic used for Dark Wizards who seek ultimate power or intelligence. With a charm like
this, they can do anything. Theyll know everything that theyll seem invinciblethats why
this is very difficult to perform. It says here that you need to use an intelligent wizard to
complete the set of tasks. The intelligent wizard is set out to perform some tasksthe first is
to drop some pints of blood into a cauldron. The blood must be taken from both the
intelligent and Dark Wizard. Theres a few spells and charms to be performed afterbut the
very last of the task is death itself.
Hermione and Ron: WHAT?!
Luna: Yeah. The last task is the summoning of an Inferius(Ron: A..what? Hermione: Its
a body from the dead. Ron: Why cant you just say Zombie?), once it has been
summoned, the Dark Wizard can transfer the wizard, or shall we say victims soul into the
inferius. That is pretty much equivalent to death itself. Or its like the Dementors kiss, if you
Ron: So, youre telling me that.a person has toto sacrifice their life to acquire ultimate
Luna: This is Dark Magic, Ron. It wouldnt have been any simpler. You asked me, so I told
you. I, for one, believe that reading these books is a waste of time. Youre not really gaining
any knowledgeunless you count the process of becoming evilrather, you should read The
Quibbler. It really is a fascinating read(As Luna handed each a copy, Clearwater came
at the right moment. Clearwater: Ok, you two. Times up. Head back to your
dormitoryas Hermione and Ron waved goodbye to Luna and muttered thanks,
Clearwater approached them on the outside. Clearwater: What could you two possibly
want with Luna? Id have thought you would want to see someone better. Hermione:
Shes our friend, Penelope. Good day to you, now. )
Ron: Hermione, what will we tell Harry? Oh Harry, you should knowNeeti is going to die
for you. Shes going to sacrifice her life so You Know Who can be super smart and
dramatically kill youyeah, thatll sound great.
Hermione: Which is why we wont tell him anything.
Ron: WHAT?! You mad? We cant lie to Harry about this.
Hermione: Ron, if Harry knows, you know he will want to get involved. And thats exactly
what Dumbledore didnt want. It all makes sense now. Dumbledore has a plan in his head to
stop it, and if Harry knows this, hell do anything to get in the way of it. We havewe have
to lie to him. Thats the only thing we can do.
Ron: But, Hermione
Hermione: I dont want to do it either. But if we dont, more lives will be at stake. Including
ours(she muttered the password to the Portrait Lady. As soon as they walked in, a set
of arms wrapped itself around Ron and Hermione, squishing them.)
Ron: Ginny! Getoffofus.!
Ginny: Im sorry Ron! Hermione! Im sorry I didnt believe you. Ive been so stupidI
knowIve ended it with Dean, you know
Ron: You did?! Thats greatI mean, Im sorry. You deserve someone who will be faithful
to you. One who wont leave you to snog someone else.
Ginny: Ive got that person already.
Hermione: You do already? Who?
Ginny: Harry. (She skipped along the common room to sit with a bunch of fourth year
Ron: Theyre already going out?
Hermione: I guess they are.
Ron: But Hermione
Hermione: We already talked about this, Ron. Harry is the person we wanted Ginny to fancy
anyways! I mean, its perfect. Ginnys been fancying Harry for years. Its about time, dont
you think?
Ron: Yeah, I know that very well enough. But, he has feelings for Neeti, remember? My
sisteris like
Hermione: Shes not Ron. Harry wouldnt have done anything to make it seem like Ginny
was just a toy. Besides, this will make as a perfect getaway for Harryfromthe mission
Ron: Oh, youre right. But, what about Ginny? I dont reckon this will be good..
Hermione: It will be. Now, sit down.
Dean walked up.
Dean: Happy, are you?
Hermione: Sorry?
Dean: You heard meyou told Harry to tell Ginny, didnt you? You told Harry to snog
Ginny? Thats why you two have been close latelyyoure using your feminine attributes to
lure him, arent you?
Ron: Hey! Take that back, you foul little-( he drew his wand.)
Dean: Look, Ive already lost. Im no longer with Ginny
Ron: Oh no matter! You can go back to snogging Parvati then!
Dean: No, you blundering idiot! That was a mistakeParvati doesnt like me. She lost her
friend cause of you two!
Hermione: Its not a mistake, Dean, if you knew who you were kissing and can then tell
about it later.
Dean: IIFine(He walked off grumpily out of the common room. Just as he walked
out, Harry walked in.)
Harry: Guys, I thought you were going to meet me at the courtyard. I was waiting there, you
Ron: Sorry Harry. We decided to come to the common room instead. Lets go upstairs, shall
Upstairs, Seamus and Neville were playing Exploding Snap. Neville was losing badly.
Harry: Hey, Neville(he didnt say hi to Seamus because he thought Seamus would still
be mad)
Seamus: Harry, hi. Look, I have something to tell you Im sorry. I didnt believe it
yesterday when Ron said that Dean snogged Parvati. I thought Ron was lying or something. I
only talked that way because Ron had given Dean detention for nothing. But, I didnt mean
anything. Plus, I heard you told Ginny the truth. She might not have taken Ron and
Hermiones word, but shell definitely take yours. You wont lie about thisIm sorry. But,
Im glad you two are together! That Deans a prat. He deserves this.
Harry: Yeah, thanks Seamus. Its alright, I forgive you. By the way, Ginny and Iwell, we
arent(He looked at Ron, who was turning uncomfortably red. His skin color matched
that of his hair.)we arent official yet. She didnt tell me when our next date was going to
be. But, I hope its soon! (Ron seemed to regain color after this point.)
Neville: Well, well be on our way. You guys look like you have something to talk about
(Hermione: No, its alright. You dont have to go) Im done losing anyways.
Neville and Seamus walked off; Seamus was boasting about his win the whole way out.
Ron: What do you think youre playing at?
Harry: Sorry? I dont-
Ron: You dont want to be with Ginny, do you? You snogged her at that momentit was just
for that moment?
Hermione: Ron, I dont think nows the time-
Ron: Quiet, Hermione. Its just like we thought. I dont want my sister to be used again!
Harry: No Ron, I wasnt using her. I really like her. Do you know how many times I wanted
to punch Dean for dating her when they were happily sitting and holding hands together? It
bugged me just as it did for you.
Ron: Load of codswallop! You like Neetiits a given
Harry: Yeah, well(Ron grimaced.)Neeti isnt really the girl on my mind anymore
Ron: What? How do you mean?
Harry told of the courtyard scene to Ron and Hermione.
Hermione: Harry, you shouldnt have talked to her! Youre doing the thing Dumbledore
warned you not to do..
Harry: Hermione, I want to know of the mission! Shes being more stubborn than you in that
regardbut she hasnt told Draco either. I thinkI thought that was the best part. So, did
you go to your Latin friend? Who was it?
Ron: Luna. We went to see Luna in the Ravenclaw common room. (Ron told Harry the trip
to the Ravenclaw tower and meeting Penelope there. He paused there. He didnt want to
tell the rest.)
Harry: So, what did Luna say-?
Hermione: It seems odd, doesnt it? Dumbledores never brought students to protect
Hogwarts before?
Harry: Maybe we havent noticed it. Anyways, it was a good idea. Dumbledore AND Snape
are gonewe need someone to protect us, dont we? So, can we move on? Was Luna able to
make something of the text?
Hermione: Ill continue the story, Ron. (gave a reassuring look as Ron looked as if a
spider had crawled onto his lap.) So, we met Luna and she didnt take too long to translate
the text. She only said what we already knew. The first task is part of potion-making. It
requires Neeti to cut her wrist and donate her blood.
Harry: What?! Hermione, I had to lose my blood to bring Voldemort back! And nowno!
This will be worse!
Hermione: Harry, this is Dark Magic. What, did you think shell be flying a unicorn? No!
Besides, thats the worst of ittheres a few spells and charms she has to produce to get the
potion ready. Once shes done so, Voldemort will put his blood into the cauldron. Once the
potion turns black, he will drink itand supposedly, that will give him power.
Harry: Thats it?! The steps seemed longer when I read it.
Hermione: Well, it gives the specifics like the time required and the amount used for each
ingredient, but thats it
Harry: So, do you reckon shell slip the Sleeping Draught into the potion at some time? To
stop the process?
Hermione: That could be a way to stop all of thisbut, surely, other Death Eaters will be
around even if Voldemort goes into a trance, wont they? Theyll surely kill her.
Harry: Not with Snape around. Im sure he could take the rest of them.
Hermione: Maybe. And maybe Dumbledore will pop in as well since hell be watching from
Harry: And Im sure the Human Transfiguration will save her at some point too. She could
turn into someone to save herself. Fake being a Death Eater
Ron: Guys, theres one glitch. This all will be taking place where? The Malfoys house? No,
the Lestranges houseprobably in the room with the wallcovered in Latinif the steps
are on the wall there, surely Voldemort will know that Sleeping Draught is not to be added
Hermione: Thats just the thing Ronhe always underestimated muggle power. He wont
know what it translates as. That must be why Dumbledore and Snape wanted Neeti to use
that. He wont know the whole thing. Hell know that blood has to be used, that shell have
toto do some gruesome stuff, but she can wing it or something
Harry: Thats the plan then! On my birthday, Draco will drop Neeti off. Dumbledores going
to watch all of this somehowI wish I knew howSnape will be with Draco and Neeti.
Once Draco leaves, Snape will pass Neeti to Voldemort and shell start doing these
tasksonce she puts the Sleeping Draught in, Voldemort will be in a trancenot for long, I
presume because hes a powerful wizard. Im sure hell find a way out. Maybe hell contact
his conscience with his unconscious mind. I dont know, but while hes out, Snape will battle
the Death Eaters, and I think modify their memory so they know he wasnt helping in
thisNeeti will battle but then find a way to leave probably with her human transfiguration
or somethingonce shes at Hogwarts, shell be safe.
Ron: Hopefully, her dadll be safe. He needs to find a proper hiding place. I dont know why
Dumbledore would tell Snape to tell You Know Who the hiding placewhat if its the real
Harry: Thats what I dont know. I wanted to ask Dumbledore of it, but Im sure him and
Snape are probably finding a good hiding place for him nownow that Snapes told
Voldemort the place.
Hermione: Harry, now that you knowyoull only know, alright?
Harry: Of course! Theres this huge relief knowing. Thats all I ever wanted. To know.
(Hermione and Ron looked relieved. One thing was still bothering Harry thoughwill
Neetis father be safe? Is that where Dumbledore was? And What did Dumbledore want
to show him and DracoHe didnt have time to think because dinner was awaiting
At the Great Hall, students seemed to overlook the fact that two teachers were missing. The
Great Hall looked empty without Dumbledore, but Harry had to forget it. As Harry sat down
with Ron and Hermione, two figures with red hair popped out from his peripheral vision.
Fred and George: Evening Harry! Ron, Hermione!
Ron: Fred? George?
Hermione: Are you here protecting the castle as well?
Fred: Yeah.
George: We were both excited when we got the call from Dumbledore. That mans great.
Ron: Do you know where Dumbledore is then?
Fred: Nope. And even if we did, we woudnt tell you!
George: Well, dont mind us. Were just going to sit down a few seats over for dinner. I see
Angelina and Lee. (They left.)
At this very moment, Ginny plopped down in the seat next to Harry.
Ginny: Hi Harry!
Harry: Hi Ginny! (Seeing reproving looks from both Ron and Hermione, Harry decided
to continue the conversation.) So, how are you?
Ginny: Good. Look, today was a lot of fun. Im sorry I didnt really mention itafterI had
to leave to find Parvati and Lavender.
Harry: Yeah, I forgot to mention it to you as well. I had loads of fun, sitting and talking with
you. Um(Harry cleared his throat, so Ron could hear him clearly.) Ginny, when do you
want to go out with me again? With classes and all, and with summer approaching in four
Ginny: I was thinking the same thing actually. I know that classes will be cancelled as well
tomorrow. McGonagall posted a note on my way out of the common room. Dumbledore and
Snape wont be back. I wonder where theyve gone It seems pointless that weve had to
stay at school longer if this is what it means
Harry: Its for the better, I suppose.
Ginny: Yes, of course! It gives us another day to see each other. We could meet tomorrow if
you want. Same place? How about earlier like at 7? We could head down to breakfast
Harry: Yeah, that sounds. (Ron was now being disruptive with his silverware. He took a
long sip from his goblet as well.) Wonderful. That sounds wonderful(The rest of dinner
ended in silence. Harry wanted someone to talk to him. Ron, Hermioneeven Fred or
George, but no one wanted to say anything. But suddenly, Neville approached Harry.)
Neville: Hey Harry! So, Gryffindors hosting a party becausewell because your birthday
and mine are approachingalso because theres no classes tomorrow either. Itll be in the old
Defense against the Dark Arts classroom. Other houses are invited tooI think that even
some of the Slytherins are showing up.
Hermione: Ahem. How exactly do you plan on hosting this party ifif the teachers will be
on watch? Especially with Mr. Filch around?
Neville: Easy. We all know the Disillusionment Charms, so that could save us if someone
comes. But, well also use the Silencing Charm. I heard Harry using that at the table other
day, and I couldnt hear anything else afterIm assuming its the Muffler Charm then? So,
it should be fine. You better be there at 10 exactly!
Ron: But how exactly will everyone go from their dormitories to the classroom without being
Neville: We all know some charms that will help us. Besides, were going in groups. Itll
work. This is great, isnt it? I wouldnt have had a better birthday. (He left smiling. That
seemed to touch Hermione because she wiped a tear from her eye .Ginny said goodbye
to Harry and left right behind Neville..)
Ron: Well, you going then?
Harry: The partys for me, isnt it? Besides, weve got nothing better to do. I mean, we all
know of the mission nowI can just sit back and relax. (And after this, Harry seemed to
forget all about the whereabouts of Dumbledore, Snape, and their plan to move Neetis
father safely.)
When they headed back to the dormitory, everyone gathered in the common room. It
seemed that all awaited for the clock to strike 10, so that they could go to the party.
Harry grabbed a seat next to Fred and George, who were sending the first years to bed.
Fred: Rutty idea having first and second years come to the partyit will only be fifth years
and abovewell, theres also one important fourth year will be comingto
make your day special, Harry
Hermione: You initiated this party? Youre supposed to be protecting Hogwarts students.
George: And we will. We will protect you from the teachers. Fred and I, Penelope, and the
other students that are surveying Hogwarts told the teachers that well patrol the grounds, and
they can go to bed. So, they wont suspect anything. Well take you to the party safely, wont
we? Oh Harry, you better get your Marauders mapwe might need it. (Harry rushed to get
it and came back a few seconds later.)
Hermione: Ron, this is
Ron: Leave it Hermione. Everyone needs a break.
Until it was 10, Ron and Harry played wizard chess. Hermione joined a bunch of fourth
years to play Exploding Snap. When the clock struck 10, Fred and George silenced
Fred: Alright, so this is the plan. Well be going in groups just so its safer. Filch was
instructed to go to bed, but anyone in their right mind knows that he wont do such a thing.
So, we need to keep watch. You should have your wands at the ready because we dont know
when we have to disillusion ourselves. So, Ill take the first batch. George will take the next
group right after. Alright?
There were cheers spread out across the room. Hermione was still crossing her arms,
but Ron nudged her and smiled. Even she started clapping.
Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Lavender, Seamus, Dean, Parvati, and Ginny all walked
with Fred.
Fred: Ok, keep quiet at all times. Luckily, Filch is surveying the dungeons, so we should be
Ginny: Harry? Hi. (She now pulled up close to Harry. She quickly grabbed his hand as
well. Harry liked the idea of being with Ginny, but something didnt feel right to him.
There was this part of him that was telling him that he shouldnt be doing this. It wasnt
because he was now dating his best friends sister...was it becauseno, he didnt have
feelings for Neetishe walked away from him today, and shes with Malfoyshes only
there to protect Harry not love himbut did he like her? Harry had conflicted feelings,
so he pulled his hand out of Ginnys.)
Harry: Sorry Ginny. I
Ginny: No, its ok. I know. My hands are cold too. (She seemed casual at this but turned
towards Dean who was walking alone. On Harrys other side was Parvati. She was
tearful. Harry knew she was looking for the opportunity to speak to Ginny, but she
couldnt because Ginny wouldnt listen.)
Harry: Hey Ginny?
Ginny: Yeah Harry?
Harry: I need you to do something for meplease
Ginny: It depends. What is it Harry?
Harry: I want you to become friends with Parvati again.
Ginny: What? Do you know what youre saying?
Harry: Look, I have a feeling that maybe Dean wasnt lying when he said it was a mistake
kissing Parvati. I dont know what exactly happened, but Parvati should be forgiven. Shed
do anything to be your friend again.
Ginny: II dont know(Harry pushed Ginny towards Parvati. Ginny looked back at
Harry and smiled. She turned to Parvati. Harry felt good about doing that. He didnt
know if he was doing the right thing, being with Ginny and all, but he felt good about
setting two friends together.)
Fred: Alright Harry, heres your Map. You all can proceed. George should be heading in soon
with the other batch, and well bring more people here after. Oh look! It looks like the
Ravenclaws have decided to join us.
Hermione: Well, if this is going to be a party, then it needs to look more like one, doesnt it?
(She smiled as she bewitched the room to look like a party. She also conjured a CD
player out of thin air and had it playing music. People started dancing. ) There, better.
Neville, at this time, muttered the Muffliato spell.
Ron: I think Ive mentioned this before, but youre bril- (He couldnt finish because
Lavender pulled Ron from the back.)
Lavender: Hi Ron! Thanks for talking to me the other day. I didnt think you would because
well, youre you. But, I was so happy. I love how you told me I was the most beautiful
Gryffindor too
Hermione: You told her what?!
Ron quickly turned and whispered to Hermione: It was so she wouldnt follow Ginny when
she was heading to the courtyard to meet Harry. You took Parvati, didnt you?
Hermione: Yeah, but I didnt tell her loads of rubbish
Lavender: Ron, fancy a dance with me? (And she pulled Ron away from Hermione as fast
as a bullet before he could even answer.)
At this point, all the Gryffindors showed up in the room. Fred and George convinced
some house-elves from the kitchen to bring in some food. Even Dobby was shouting,
Its Harry Potters birthday party! Dobby will do anything for Harry Potter! In an
hours time, the Gryffindors, the Ravenclaws, and even some Slytherins showed up to
the party. They all wanted to celebrate the break they were having and seemed to
disregard that the main reason was to celebrate Neville and Harrys birthday. To
Harrys dismay, Draco showed up with Pansy, Crabbe, and Goyle. In a few seconds,
Hermione yelled, Everyone! Quiet please! She shut off the music, and everyone
became quiet at once. Ron, who seemed to be having a good time with Lavender,
stopped laughing.
Hermione: Although I highly disapprove of such parties, I think this one is well-deserved. All
us fifth years in here struggled hard this year to get through exams, but its paid off. Well be
receiving our OWL grades in the mail when we get home, so its time to celebrate. Most
importantly, I am excited to be here to also celebrate my fellow Gryffindor friends upcoming
birthdays. Neville and Harry! This is to you! (Suddenly, Dobby appeared with a huge cake
at hand. Just like old times, he sent a hovering charm on it, and it landed on the table.
There were cheers and applauses all around the room.) Harry, Ron and I are sorry we
couldnt get you a present beforehand, butyou deserve thisafter everything. (She pulled
Harry into a tight hug. Harry approvingly patted her on the back as well. Neville, who
was now tearful, joined Hermione and Harry in a group hug. Ron, who up til this point
could not get out of Lavenders grasp, ran towards the group and hugged them. There
were cheers around the room again. Everyone clapped except Malfoy.)
Pansy: Why wont you dance with me, Draco?
Draco: Because I have a girlfriend.
Pansy: Well, I dont see you dancing with her? She seems to have ditched you for Potter,
hasnt she? Look at her over there. (She was now pointing towards the middle of the room
where there was a crowd by Harry. Everyone was enjoying the cake made by the house-
Draco: She hasnt ditched me for anyone. Just leave me alone, Pansy.
Crabbe: Leave him, Pansy. Dance with me instead(He pulled out his hand towards
Pansy, and Pansy reluctantly grabbed it. They were now heading to the dance floor. The
dancing had resumed.)
Draco stood there alone now.
After Harry had eaten all that he could, he got up and walked to Ginny.
Harry: Ginny? Did you sort things out?
Ginny: Yes Harry, I did. Thanks again! (She pulled Harry into a hug. Neeti was looking at
him now. He was staring into her eyes as well, but she soon walked away.) Happy
Birthday Harry!
Harry: Ginny, would you like to dance with me?
Ginny: Yes, of course! (Harry felt all the pleasure in the world. He was dancing again
with a beautiful girl, but this time, he felt like he had mastered dancing. But, it all
seemed to end too fast. )
Neville: Guys, stop! (He put the Silencing charm on the music player.) Filch is on his
way! Apparently Goyle got caught in the hallway, and he told him the truth. That foul
Hermione: No time to make comments, everyonequickly! Disillusion yourselves! Ill
bewitch the room back to normal again, and someone make the music box disappear!
Everything went into chaos. People were bumping into each other, trying to look for a
way out. No one seemed to Disillusion themselves. The anxiety seemed to overwhelm
them, and they were trying to run. Hermione, in the meantime, bewitched everything to
look normal, and used the vanishing charm on the music box. Ron and Harry were
helping. They were making the food disappear and using the silencing charm on people
around them. By this time, Fred and George got many people to disillusion themselves
so that they blended with the classroom. Draco was trying to persuade Neeti to leave,
but she wouldnt budge.
Neeti: Oh Draco! Just Disillusion yourself!
Draco II forgot my wand. I was in a hurry to catch up with you.
Neeti: Oh DracoFine, Ill do it.
Draco: You said that you dont have your wand either?
Neeti: II know how to do magic without a wand. Ready? (In a few seconds, Draco was
camoflauged with the background. At that moment, she also transfigured herself into a
chair. Harry, seeing this, called out to Neeti.)
Harry: Neeti? How could you- (Hermione quickly silenced him as she pulled out the Map
to show that Filch was almost there. In that instant, Harry disillusioned himself along
with Ron and Hermione.)
The next second, the door opened.
Filch: I know youre all Mrs. Norris, that Slytherin git saidhmm, well he
mustve been lying. He does that often. Well, we better get going. We must capture Peeves
in the Astronomy tower. (He walked out. Hermione was the first to reappear. She told
everyone to remain still as Filch couldve still been lingering around the corridors.
When she gave the okay symbol, everyone removed the disillusion charm on
Harry: Neeti, I need to talk you about something.
Fred: No time Harry! We need to get back to Gryffindor tower. All Gryffindors follow me!
Slytherins follow Malfoy, Ravenclaws follow Clearwater, and Hufflepuffs follow Macmillan
and Abbott! (Everyone followed Freds instructions.)
As Harry followed right behind Fred keeping an eye out for Filch, Neeti walked up to Harry.
Neeti: Harry, come with me! (She nudged Harry into an empty classroom. No one else
sensed their disappearance.)
Harry: Neeti, what is it? Why did you drag me here?
Neeti: I know that I wont be able to talk to you in the corridors or in the common room
because it will be crowded. I wanted to talk to you privately.
Harry: Same! Since when could you do magic without your wand?
Neeti: I dont know. At the age of 11, I presume. But, at that time, I thought that it was
because my magic isnt controllable that I was able to make things move without touching
anythingwithout a wandeven after I got a wand and came to Hogwarts, I was able to do
magic without it. Its scary really because I once made the sink on the third floor bathroom
shatter. I didnt know I could do that, but my emotionsthey get the better of me sometimes.
Im able to control it now, but
Harry: This very useful for your task, you know that? I read that in the book I told
you about.
Neeti: You read.? And did you figure?
Harry: Yeah, I know of the mission and what tasks youre set out to do.
Neeti: But, Harry you mustnt get involved!
Harry: I wasnt going to.
Neeti: Sorry? (She looked confused. She thought he would be mad that she would be
doing this for him and would interfere in some way.)
Harry: This is your mission Neeti. I just wanted to know, thats all. Youre doing something
sinister, I know, but Ill only be making it worse if I get in the way.
Neeti: Harry, I didnt think that you wouldthat you would stay out of the way.
Harry: No; Dumbledore knows what hes doing, doesnt he? I wont get involved.
Neeti: Speaking of Dumbledore, well, he sent me an owl. Hes moved my dad to a new
location. Its like I thought. Snape told Voldemort the wrong location.
Harry: But, Voldemort will punish Snape?
Neeti: I think Dumbledore wants Snape to do something elseor tell him something else so
that he doesnt get punished.
Harry: Right, must be
As it got silent, Harry was about to say goodbye and quietly walk out the door, but Neeti
grabbed him and kissed him. It was a long and passionate kiss.
Neeti: This is for everything youre doing for me. I dont know when Ill see you again like
this, but I want you to knowits always been you
Harry: And Draco?
Neeti: I like him, but I want to be with you. He wouldnt have dared to risk his life for me,
and you were willing to do that with the way you found out about everything. I owe that to
Harry: Hewell Draco(Harry never thought that he would be defending Draco, but he
said it anyways.) Hes doing something worse. Hes lying to his parents and Voldemort to
keep you safe. You should truly be with him.
Neeti: Harry, I thought
Harry: Neeti, Ill always like you. You know thatbut like you said, the priority right now is
getting through this mission.
Harry and Neeti smiled as they made their way up to the common room. Like Neeti
predicted, the common room was still packed with students reminiscing on this nights
event. Neville seemed to be enjoying himself the most. In fact, he started to dance with
Ginny. Ginny seemed happy as well. Harry didnt know how to tell her what had just
happened. He didnt have to now though, as Hermione smacked him on the head.
Hermione: Where were you? We sent Fred and George looking for you. We thought you got
caught or something. (Ron nodded his head in approval. Lavender was still trying to talk
to him, but Ron moved away inch by inch.)
Harry: INeeti and I had to hide. We saw Mrs. Norris on the way.
Ron: But, werent you the first one to leave behind Fred? Surely-
Neeti: Well, Harry stopped to tie his shoes, so we lagged behind.
Hermione looked suspicious, but she didnt bring anything up afterwards.
Seeing that the time was now 1, Hermione called out to all Gryffindors: As Prefects, we order
everyone to head up to bed now! Its the only way you all can wake up for breakfast
Fortunately, everyone did as told. Ginny came up to Harry before doing so.
Ginny: Are we still on for our umdate?
Harry: Yeah, of course. (Harry now wished he hadnt asked Ginny on a date.)
Hermione pulled him back: Are you going to tell me what really happened?
Harry: Thats what happened! (He did not feel like telling Hermione how he had kissed
Neeti while dating Ginny in front of Ron.)
Ron: Well, Im so glad you did that Hermione! That got Lavender to go up! Thanks again.
(Hermione smiled at this.)
Well, we should be off to bed as well. Shall we?
Hermione: Ron, dont you think Harrys lying?
Ron: No, if he and Neeti were together, Id have seen a grin on his face. Im sure nothing
happened. Besides, hes got a date with Ginny tomorrow. He sounded happy when he said it.
Come on now.
When Harry entered his dormitory, Neville grabbed his mates and pulled them into a hug.
Neville: This was the best party ever! Happy early birthday Harry!
Harry: You too Neville!
Dean: Happy Birthday Harry! Btw, Im happy for what you did. I heard you got Parvati and
Ginny together again. Thats truly what I wanted. (He seemed unhappy about something,
but he changed into his pyjamas and went to bed.)
Suprisingly, Harry went to bed just as happy as ever as well.
Another Dream with Voldemort
Snape: My Lord?
Voldemort: It seems everythings ready, isnt it Severus?
Snape: Yes My Lord. Dumbledore and I took Rosier into hiding todayit was a difficult
task, but I managed to convince him
Voldemort: And its the place I told you to take him?
Snape: Yes My Lord. That way, itll be easy for youto capture him if the girl doesnt
perform her task correctly.
Voldemort: And Dracohe is?
Snape: He knows what hes to do. He will perform it without any problems.
Voldemort: Then the time is approaching Severus. The time for Harry Potter to die isvery
much approaching.
Harry awoke with a start.The clock read 6:40. Again, he had forgotten to close his mind. This
time, it was for the better. So, Snape was playing the bad guy. Dumbledore didnt know that
Snape actually took Rosier to the wrong place. This would be bad for Rosier. What will
Harry do? If Snapes with Voldemort, did that mean that Dumbledore was back? But there
are no classes todayso, where else was Dumbledore? Did Dumbledore know that Snape
would tell Voldemort that? So, did he want to move Rosier to another place?
Harry had all these thoughts in his head, but he had to dress quickly so he wouldnt miss his
date with Ginny. Seeing that the time now read 7:10, he hurriedly grabbed his robes and
rushed to the courtyard. Ginny was there, awaiting.
Ginny: Oh hi Harry! I thought you wouldnt come
Harry: Im sorry Ginny. I woke up at 640, but it took me some time to get ready.
Ginny: Its ok HarrySo, look over there. Sunriseisnt it beautiful? I was lucky to catch
all of it. (She seemed really happy. Harry now sat next to Ginny, looking rather
Harry: Yeah, its brilliant! Funny, Im never awake at this time to catch the sunrise
Ginny: I know. I remember youre stay at the Burrows with us the second year(she
Harry: Yeah, time seems to have gone by so fast. I remember your face when you saw me.
You seemed horrifiedlike you saw a monster.
Ginny: I fancied you Harrysince the day we met actually
Harry: So, might I ask why youre with Dean?
Ginny: Hermione told me to move onto get the feel of datingshe thought you wouldnt
come about for a while. I listened to her as well. But, things have turned out to be the
opposite, hasnt it?
Harry had this sickening feeling in his stomach. It really troubled him that Ginny thought of
him this way, and he didnt know if he did.
Harry: Yeah, I suppose it has. Its welltaken me loads of time
Ginny: Funny, I always thought youd end up with Neeti. I thought you fancied her.
Harry: Idont
Ginny: Shes awful for choosing Malfoy over you. No one in their right mind would.
Harry: Youwell
Ginny: Hey Harrywould you like to play Quidditch today? Theres nothing else to do, is
there? Itll be greatFred and George are herewe could get Ron to play as well. What do
you reckon?
Harry: Iyeahsure
Ginny: And Harry? Do you think well have the DA up again? It was great, you know. What
we did
Harry: I dont know. Im sure DA will come in handy someday, but it was really forfor
Umbridge. (He became quiet as he remembered Sirius.)
Ginny: I miss him too, you know. Hes a brilliant man! Im sorry Harry
Harry: Its quite alright Ginny. I know how much we all had fun at the Order.
Ginny nodded. She now looked at her pocketwatch: Harry! Its already 8. We should make
our way to the Great Hall for breakfast, shouldnt we? (She got up and started walking.
Harry walked behind her. In the Great Hall, Harry sat next to Ron and Hermione.
Ginny waved off as she made her way to Parvati.)
Hermione: You look happy, dont you? Howd it go? (Hermione was smiling.)
Harry: Yeah, it went well...Ron, Ginny wants to play Quidditch laterlike a Weasley
reunionyoull join us, wont you?
Ron: Yeah, surebut what about Hermione?
Hermione: Oh pleaseI would not want to get on a broomstick to make a fool of myself.
Besides, I hate flyingIll sit on the stands and continue my reading.
Ron: Reading? We dont have (Draco walked to Harry at this point, so Ron was cut off.)
Draco: Harryahem, Potter(The Gryffindors seemed to look at Draco and Harry at
this moment.)
Ginny: What are you doing here, Malfoy?
Draco: Weasley, just shut up!
Harry: Thats my girlfriend you nimwit! (Harry now got up and faced Draco. Draco made
an upsetting look , like he didnt mean to say that. ) Oh, does Mr. Filch want to see me
Malfoy? Yes, alright then. Ill follow you.
Hermione: Harry, well follow you!
Harry: Guys, its ok. Ill handle this.
Harry walked outside the Great Hall with Draco. Draco didnt talk until he stopped outside
his common room. He muttered the password, Filthy mudbloods and took Harry inside.
Harry didnt expect to see Draco take him here, but he dealt with it.
Draco: Sit, Potter. (Harry looked around in disgust. The common room looked just as
sinister as it used to. However, he sat.) I wouldnt have brought you here if I didnt know
that all the Slytherins were eating in the Hall. But, I had to talk to you.
Potter: Yeah, I figured as much. What is it you want? (He now looked worried. Did he
know what happened between him and Neeti? )
Draco: Neeti, well, I reckon shes left Hogwarts. Parvati Patil told me she wasnt in her
dormitory when she woke up this morning. You dont reckon that she already left, did you?
But with Snape and Dumbledore goneI mean, I was supposed to
Harry: Shes gone? But I talked(He didnt want to tell Draco that he talked or kissed
Neeti.) I saw her head up to the dormitory last night thoughshes not supposed to leave
until tomorrow nighton my birthday
Draco: Right. I know that as well. But, Professor Snape didnt send me an owl to notify that
the plans have changed. So, where has she gone?
Harry: You used to tell me to keep quiet about this. Where has that gone, Draco?
Draco: You dont think I care about Neeti? Im trying to protect her
Harry: Yeah, I actually believe that. Look, I think its best you leave it to Dumbledore. Hell
know what hes doing. Im sure him and Snape were taking Rosier to a safe location last
night, and they wanted to notify Neeti as well. (He now remembered the dream he had.)
Wait, on second thought
Draco: What is it?
Harry: I(He had to tell Draco. He already brought it up.) Nothing
Draco: Potter, pleaseNeeti means everything to meplease
Harry was about to give in, when he heard Slytherins struggling with the password outside.
He could hear Crabbe. What was the password again? I know it has to do with
mudbloodsI thought of Granger when Draco came up with it
Harry: Im leaving.
Draco: And how do you plan on doing that?
Harry: I have an Invisibility Cloak. Ill see you later then. (He rushed out as a bunch of
Slytherins headed inside.)
Harry had thought of the dream again. As much as he wanted to confront Ron and
Hermione about this, they would tell them not to worry. That he had done enough
snooping. But, Dumbledore had to know Snape was interfering with everythingor he
wanted to know if Dumbledore told Snape to lie again. If Neeti wasnt here, were they
executing the plan earlier? He thought maybe Dumbledore would be back tonight, so he
thought to make a trip to his office then. Now, he headed to the Quidditch field to play
some Quidditch.
Quidditch Field
Ron: There you are! So where did that brute take you?
Harry: His common room.
Ron: Woah! No way!
Harry: Yeah, and he wanted to know where Neeti was.
Hermione: Now that I look back, I dont remember seeing her change this morningshe
went to her dormitory last night at 1 with everyone else, but I fell asleep real fastI didnt
hear a peep afterwards. Do you know where she is Harry?
Harry: No..and doesnt bother me. When we were hiding from Filch, she umtold me
that she would probably never see me again. She told me she might be leaving early.
Ron gave a skeptical look: Thats all she told you, right?
Harry: Yes Ron
Ginny: Harry, Hermione! Glad you could join us!
Ron: She doesnt even notice meShes more cruel than Malfoy
Ginny: We were just getting changed. (As she walked to the field, she groaned: No! The
Slytherins must know were playing today. They took our field! )
Pucey: Oh ho ho! Look who it is! You Gryffindors are a little late, arent you? Weve called
the field.
Ginny: Stop being a git, Pucey! You cant call the field. We all have the right to play seeing
that no one has school. Now, move aside.
Pucey: You think you can talk to me because youre with Potter now? Well, I might say that
youre somewhat prettyfunny you had to seal your fate to him.
Ron, Fred, George, and Ginny puffed up.
Hermione: Move away Pucey before you get crumbled to pieces. (She had her wand out.)
Draco: Adrian, move aside.
Pucey: Not you, Draco! Shes a mudblood, remember? She smacked you years back. Let me
take her!
Draco: No, McGonagall is watching the grounds now. (He now stared at Professor
McGonagall and Madame Hooch, who went to survey the Quidditch game.)
McG: Ahhhh Mr. Potter, Mr. MalfoyIm glad I found you. May I have a word? (Harry
looked at Draco with the same expression of concern.)
Ron: And can we come too Professor?
McG: Yes, alright. (McGonagall now led the group of 4 to her office and shut the door
behind her. This was obviously important and secretive.)
Harry: What is it, Professor? Did Dumbledore send a message?
McG: I dont know how its always you three (looking at Ron, Harry, and Hermione
huddled togetherMalfoy afar) that are always involved, but Dumbledore told me he
talked to you Harry aboutMiss Mohan. So, Im to tell you and Mr. Malfoy that he will not
be returning to Hogwarts today. He thought maybeone of you fourwould want to visit
him concerning Neeti. He wont be able to send an owl either. However, he wishes for you
two (pointing at Draco and Harry) to do what youve been toldto keep your mind
blockedthat what you think you see, if anything, will not hold true always. (She seemed
confused when saying this, but Harry knew that Dumbledore was specifically referring
to him. Maybe Dumbledore knew Harry wanted to see Dumbledore, ask him about all
of this. That he had a dream concerning Neetis father. However, seeing that he
wouldnt return, Harry did not want to ask further.)
Hermione: Professor, Harrys been doing a good job with that. Hes had his mind blocked for
a while now.
McG: Yes, and thats a good think Potter. Continue to do so.
Malfoy, who was quiet until now, spoke: Professor, when will Professor Snape be coming
back? Surely before the mission?
McG: Its hard to say. Professor Dumbledore said that Severus might be coming early
tonight, but Im not sure whats to happen. But, its best you dont get involved. You are
aware what youre to do, Mr. Malfoy?
Draco: Yeah, Ive had Professor Snape run it with me several time. I just want assurance that
Neeti will be safe.
McG: Everyone will be safe as long as Dumbledores around. Now, you may all leave. And
Potter, (Potter now turned back as he was getting up to leave.) Dumbledore would like to
give his wishes for your birthday. (Harry nodded and smiled. He thanked Professor
McGonagall and made her way out.)
Hermione: How sweet of Dumbledore!
Ron: Yeah, real sweet alrightwish Malfoy wasnt there thoughI reckon Dumbledore
favors him too much
Hermione: Oh, give it a rest Ron. You said it before. Dracos on our side. We should give
him a break, dont you think?
Ron: Sure, compliment the guy that calls you a mudblood
Draco walked past. He muttered something: I didnt meant it. Sorry. And he hurried off.
Hermione looked just as shocked as Ron, but Harry didnt seem to notice. All he cared about
was finding whether or not his dream was true. Dumbledore had sensed Harry would be
thinking of this, but it didnt seem to click. If Professor Snape did return early, he would ask.
As Harry, Ron, and Hermione approached the Quidditch field, the others had started to play.
Seeing that there were two players short, Ginny mustve asked Seamus and Dean to play
because they were in the air. It was a good game, and there were a few people watching from
the stands.
Neville: Hi guys! Sorry, they had to start without youthey didnt know when youd be
coming back.
Ron: Its ok Neville. We didnt feel like playing much. Ill watch.
Lavender was next to Neville: Ron, I have to tell you something.
Hermione looked wary.
Ron: You can tell it to all of us
Lavender: Its about Dean and Parvatithey didnt mean to kiss intentionally
Hermione: Again with the rubbish?
Lavender: No, really! I think Parvati picked up my love potion I had sitting in the
Hermione: Is that what the packaged box was? You didnt let me even see it!
Lavender: Because I had saved it for me, didnt I? Well, I think Parvati picked itand the
first person she saw was Dean, and so naturallyDean didnt want to do it, you know
Hermione: Yeah, ok. But what about the time Dean and Parvati were in Runes with me
saying they didnt care if Ginny knew they were together? That doesnt mean its a mistake,
does it?
Ron: Exactly
Lavender: Well, thats Parvatis doing actually. She liked their kiss and wanted the
relationship to continue. She slipped some potion into Deans food plenty of timesbut she
regrets doing all of it. She doesnt find anything more important than her friends.
Hermione: Well, fine. Ive forgiven all of youbut honestly, it doesnt matter now. Ginnys
with Harry, and Dean can move on to someone else.
Lavender: Yeah, Im happy for you too Harry..(Harry looked at her)but you should
know, Dean wont move on. He genuinely liked Ginny. Now, hes putting the blame on
himself for having caused all of this
Harry felt worse. Hed always despised Dean for being with Ginny, but today, he couldnt
say the same. Some part of him wanted to hand Ginny to Dean, tell him that he could have
her. He didnt want to be the aftermath for an unintentional mistake. Besides, he cared about
his friendship with his dormitory mates too. However, he felt good being with Ginny though.
It took his mind off of Neeti. She wouldve wanted this too. She wouldve wanted him to be
occupied with something else and not her. But that kissit didnt matter. He couldnt give
Ginny away. Not yet. Not after the mission. Ron would never look at him againhe would
think that Harry was only with Ginny to keep his mind off of Neeti and the mission. One
thing kept buggin Harry however. No matter how much he tried to keep Neeti out of his
mind, she always turned back up. He knew of the mission, and that was all he needed to
know. But, the thought that Snape might not be the good guy scared him. Would Rosier end
up dying then? He would HAVE TO TALK TO SNAPE. The suspense was killing him inch
by inch.
Harry: Thanks Lavender. For letting me know. But, Ginny likes being with me. And I like
being with her. With Deantheyve always fought. Its her choice as well as mine(Im
going up to the dormitory.)