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SPAN 1013 Elementary Spanish II

FALL 2014
!""ice hours:
#eacher $o%e: &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
#e't(oo): Puntos de partida Volume 2. Dorwick, et al. McGraw Hill, 9th ed.
Supplements: Connect access code.
*!AL: The goal of the elementary/intermediate !anish language !rogram is to ena"le students to achie#e an
a!!ro!riate le#el of communicati#e com!etence in listening, s!eaking, reading, writing and an understanding of
His!anic culture. To reach this goal, it will "e necessary to memori$e #oca"ulary and #er" forms and to use e#ery
o!!ortunity to !ractice what the student has studied. %t is im!ortant to kee! u! with daily assignments, since
learning a new language is a cumulati#e !rocess. &rocessing new information de!ends on ha#ing learned the
!re#ious material. The instructor can gi#e hints on how to memori$e and will !ro#ide the student with !ractice in
listening/s!eaking in the classroom. %n addition the student should utili$e the on'line tutorials !ro#ided "y the
te(t"ook. Generally, reading and writing !ractice will occur outside the classroom.
Connect+,or)(oo) an% La( -anual: This online acti#ities manual contains work"ook )#oca"ulary, grammar,
!ronunciation and culture*, #ideo and la"oratory acti#ities that reinforce the material !resented in each lesson of
the student te(t"ook. These acti#ities/assignments are !resented in the calendar in the Connect we" !age. These
assignments are ./E (y mi%ni0ht o" the correspon%in0 %ate. They are done online and the student will access
Connect through the course+s ,lack"oard !age1 %f the student loses his/her !ersonal identification "ook key code
)Connect access code* or s/he !urchases a second hand "ook s/he will ha#e to "uy a new code on'line.
Connect- .ffers students a wealth of online resources and a su!!orti#e en#ironment for com!leting homework
assignments. The site !ro#ides grammar tutorials, e'"ook )electronic #ersion of the "ook* sections, and additional
!ractice acti#ities /all directly rele#ant to the task at hand. Hints, #er" charts, a glossary, and many other
resources are a#aila"le as well.
,E2SI#ES: %f the Puntos tutorials are not sufficient3 there are lots of useful we"sites a#aila"le on the %nternet to
hel! the student learn and !ractice !anish. 0 few of the "est sites are-
Learn Spanish )htt!-//www.studys!* has grammar e(!lanations, !ractice e(ercises, 1ui$$es, and
!ronunciation !ractice.
$on4u0uemos )htt!-//* Ver" con2ugation !ractice )all tenses*. This site allows the student to
create timed !ractice sessions "y choosing which #er" tenses and su"2ect !ronouns to include in his/her 1ui$.
The results can "e e'mailed to the instructor.
Li5emocha )* is another useful site to get e(tra !ractice in the language through audio'
#isual lessons, audio con#ersations, and other learning systems.
PA6#I$IPA#I!N *6A.E AN. A##EN.AN$E: ince listening and s!eaking are skills that need to "e
!racticed consistently, we "elie#e that attendance and acti#e !artici!ation in class are essential. The !artici!ation
grade )345 of the final grade* is determined "y daily attendance in class and an effort made to answer 1uestions
and to take !art in class acti#ities. %t is im!ortant for the student to rea%+stu%y the assi0nment an% learn the
5oca(ulary (e"ore coming to class so that s/he will understand the !anish "eing s!oken and "e a"le to res!ond
a!!ro!riately. This will "e reflected in the com!utation of the student+s grade.
The student is allowed 6 a"sences during the semester. /he will lose 245 of the !artici!ation grade )25 of
the final class grade* for e#ery une(cused a"sence "eyond the three allowed a"sences. %f the student needs to
miss more than 2 consecuti#e days of class, s/he should email the instructor to e(!lain the situation. The
student must !ro#ide a!!ro!riate documentation for any a"sence for which s/he wishes to "e e(cused. %f the
student has an a"sence that should "e e(cused, s/he needs to make sure to s!eak with the instructor .7 TH8
9%:T D0; ,0<= T. <>0 and !ro#ide a doctor+s e(cuse or some other written #alidation at that time
)and not at the end of the semester*. %t is the student+s res!onsi"ility to "e sure that his/her a"sence has "een
e(cused. The instructor will tell the student how long s/he has to make u! the work missed. 8(cessi#e
tardiness will also result in the lowering of the class grade, as will lea#ing "efore the class has ended.
#A6EA: 9or homework, the student will "e e(!ected to memori$e #oca"ulary and grammar !oints, #iew #ideos
and tutorials, read and com!lete e(ercises on readings and culture selections and com!lete any e(ercises or
worksheets assigned "y the instructor. 0cti#ities in class will "e "ased on these homework assignments. The
instructor will announce in class what e(ercises from the te(t"ook should "e com!leted for the following class
!eriod. 0ssignments from the ?ork"ook/>a" Manual are found in detail on the Connect we" site. The student
should check the assignments calendar daily.
N!#E: 7#echnical %i""iculties8 9ill not (e an accepta(le e'cuse "or incomplete assi0nments "rom Connect3
so the stu%ent nee%s to ma)e sure to a5oi% any such pro(lems (y completin0 the e'ercises in a timely
7Late assi0nments8 9ill not (e accepte% unless the stu%ent presents the instructor 9ith a 5ali% 9ritten
e'cuse !N #:E FI6S# .A; 2A$< #! $LASS1
$!NNE$# $!.E: 0 Connect code is contained in the student+s new te(t"ook !ackage. /he will also recei#e
the information needed to access Connect in the !ackage. %t must not "e discarded until the student has
successfully registered. 0lso, if the student intends to return the "ook, s/he may not o!en the !ackage containing
the code. I" a use% te't(oo) is purchase% an% %oes not inclu%e a Connect access )ey3 the stu%ent 9ill nee% to
purchase the )ey separately online1
P6/E2AS: @ui$$es are "ased on #oca"ulary and grammar structures and may include oral 1uestions as well as
written 1uestions. @ui$$es will also "e gi#en on the content of the cultural readings and the Telepuntos #ideo from
each cha!ter. %f the student is a"sent on the day of a 1ui$, s/he will recei#e a $ero unless s/he !resents the
instructor with a #alid e(cuse .7 TH8 9%:T D0; ,0<= T. <>0. The .7>; 1ui$ that can "e made u! is
the prueba de composicin. The rest of the 1ui$$es gi#en during the semester cannot "e made u!, "ut with a #alid
e(cuse the missed 1ui$ will not "e counted against the student.
E=>-ENES: 8ach e(am will ha#e sections that test listening and reading com!rehension, #oca"ulary, grammar,
writing, and culture. 0"sence from an e(am is a serious matter and will result in a $ero unless the student !resents
the instructor with a #alid written e(cuse .7 TH8 9%:T D0; ,0<= T. <>0. 8(ams must "e made u! as
soon as !ossi"le after consultation with the instructor. Dictionaries, translators, cell !hones and notes may not "e
used during e(ams or any other testing situations.
P6/E2A .E $!-P!SI$I?N: This is a 1ui$ designed to gi#e students a structured acti#ity to !ractice their
writing skills as well as !re!are them for the e'amen %e composici@n. This prueba de composicin will "e done
in class on the day indicated on the sylla"us. 0 s!ecific to!ic will "e announced in class the week "efore. The
#oca"ulary and grammar from the current cha!ter)s* will "e stressed. The use of dictionaries is not !ermitted.
This 1ui$ can "e made u! with a #alid written e(cuse .7 TH8 9%:T D0; ,0<= T. <>0.
E=A-EN .E $!-P!SI$I?N: This e(am will "e done in class on the day indicated on the sylla"us. 0
s!ecific to!ic will "e announced in class the week "efore. The #oca"ulary and grammar from the current
cha!ter)s* will "e stressed. The use of dictionaries is not !ermitted. The prueba de composicin and the writing
section of each e(am taken during the semester will "e im!ortant to !re!are the student for this com!osition
e(am. 0"sence from the com!osition e(am is a serious matter and will result in a $ero unless the student !resents
the instructor with a #alid written e(cuse .7 TH8 9%:T D0; ,0<= T. <>0. The com!osition e(am must
"e made u! as soon as !ossi"le after consultation with the instructor.
E=A-EN !6AL: The student will record an oral e(am online during the week indicated on the sylla"us. The
e(am will take a!!ro(imately A minutes and will consist of 1uestions !re#iously recorded "y !anish instructors.
The student+s answers should "e in complete sentences Ain SpanishB usin0 5oca(ulary an% 0rammar that ha5e
(een tau0ht in class1 The 1uestions will "e related to familiar situations such as those that are found in 07; of
the cha!ters studied during the semester. During the e(am, the student may not use notes of any kind. The oral
e(am is graded on !ronunciation, fluency, grammatical accuracy, #oca"ulary, and the a"ility to understand and
also to "e understood. Instructions 9ill (e pro5i%e% (y the instructor1
Not su(mittin0 the oral e'am on the %ay in%icate% is a serious matter an% 9ill result in a Cero unless the
stu%ent presents his+her o9n instructor 9ith a 5ali% 9ritten e'cuse !N #:E FI6S# .A; 2A$< #!
$LASS1 #he oral e'am must (e ma%e up as soon as possi(le a"ter consultation 9ith the instructor1
*6A.ES: tudents should kee! all returned, graded work until final grades are recei#ed. &lease note that grades
may not "e discussed o#er email. &lease refer to ,lack"oard and/or make an a!!ointment with your instructor to
#iew the grade in !erson.
$omposition o" Final *ra%e
:our E'am D1
:our E'am D2
:our E'am D3
Participation *ra%e 10F
$omposition E'am EF
!ral E'am EF
GuiCCes 10F Final E'am 1EF
:ome9or)+Acti5ities 10F
I-P!6#AN# .A#ES: No5em(er 21st is the last %ate to %rop an% recei5e a ,1 #he "inal e'am is sche%ule%
"or #hurs%ay3 .ecem(er 1Hth3 "rom 10:1E a1m1 12:1E p1m1 #he location o" the "inal e'am 9ill (e
announce% in class to9ar% the en% o" the semester1
#E6#/LIA: hour s!eaking !anish with friends to learn more a"out the language and the His!anic
culture.C This is an o!!ortunity for students to !ractice their s!eaking skills with other students and instructors.
!anish students of all le#els are in#ited.
EIEN#!S $/L#/6ALES: The cultural e#ents s!onsored "y the !anish De!artment and the De!artment of
>atin 0merican tudies are an e(cellent o!!ortunity for students to get in contact with !anish cultural to!ics as
well as to attend famous s!eakers+ #isits.
$INE $L/2: ?e will "e !resenting !anish s!eaking mo#ies se#eral times throughout the semester. This is a
good o!!ortunity for students to kee! !racticing the language.
S!$IAL -E.IA: The !anish !rogram will "e using 9ace"ook, Twitter, ky!e and any other effecti#e social
media to stay connected with students and ad#ertise u!coming de!artmental e#ents. 0lso, rele#ant information
a"out the language and its "enefits will "e ad#ertised. &lease check the "ulletin "oards and/or ask the instructor
how to get in#ol#ed with this !art of the !rogram. )9ace"ook, Twitter and ky!e- D!anish E 0rkansasD*
A$A.E-I$ :!NES#;: 0s a core !art of its mission, the Eni#ersity of 0rkansas !ro#ides students with the
o!!ortunity to further their educational goals through !rograms of study and research in an en#ironment that
!romotes freedom of in1uiry and academic res!onsi"ility. 0ccom!lishing this mission is only !ossi"le when
intellectual honesty and indi#idual integrity !re#ail.
8ach Eni#ersity of 0rkansas student is re1uired to "e familiar with and a"ide "y the Eni#ersity+s FAca%emic
Inte0rity PolicyJ which may "e found at htt!-//! tudents with 1uestions a"out how these
!olicies a!!ly to a !articular course or assignment should immediately contact their instructor.
E=#6A :ELP: 0lthough the 9oreign >anguage .ffice )=%M& G2A / AHA'29A3* has a list of names of !ossi"le
tutors, !anish tutoring is also offered free of charge at the 8nhanced >earning <enter )htt!-// / AHA'
2IIA*. Howe#er, it is im!ortant that the student seek the hel! of his/her instructor during the instructor+s office
hours. %f the student has a class or is otherwise occu!ied during the !osted hours, most instructors will "e fle(i"le
in trying to accommodate the student+s needs.
$ELL P:!NES: tudents should not use cell !hones for te(t messaging, e'mail, etc. during class. $ell phones
nee% to (e store% an% out o" si0ht. %n order to kee! class disru!tion to a minimum, students also should not
recei#e !hone calls e(ce!t in an emergency. %n such case, students should lea#e the room 1uietly and carry on the
con#ersation in the hall. I" the stu%ent is "oun% te't messa0in0 it 9ill result in the lo9erin0 o" the class 0ra%e1
SPE$IAL A$$!--!.A#I!NS: tudents registered with the <enter for 8ducational 0ccess
)htt!-// / AHA'634G* will "e gi#en suita"le accommodations as !rescri"ed "y that office. %t is the
res!onsi"ility of the student to notify the instructor of these accommodations at the "eginning of the semester and
any time thereafter when they are to "e utili$ed. %f the student is not registered with the <enter, we cannot gi#e
him/her any accommodations.
IN$LE-EN# ,EA#:E6 P!LI$;: The instructor will make e#ery effort to meet the class. %n the case of
se#ere weather or in the e#ent that "usses are not running, a"sences will "e e(cused. %t is the student+s
res!onsi"ility to call the uni#ersity weather line )AHA'H444* or check the main we"site to see if the uni#ersity is
E-E6*EN$; P6!$E./6ES: Many ty!es of emergencies can occur on cam!usJ instructions for s!ecific
emergencies such as se#ere weather, acti#e shooter, or fire can "e found at emer0ency1uar)1e%u.
Se5ere ,eather A#orna%o ,arnin0B:
9ollow the directions of the instructor or emergency !ersonnel
eek shelter in the "asement or interior room or hallway on the lowest floor, !utting as many
walls as !ossi"le "etween you and the outside
%f you are in a multi'story "uilding, and you cannot get to the lowest floor, !ick a hallway in the
center of the "uilding
tay in the center of the room, away from e(terior walls, windows, and doors
Iiolence + Acti5e Shooter A$A..B:
$ALL 9'3'3
AI!I. %f !ossi"le, self'e#acuate to a safe area outside the "uilding. 9ollow directions of !olice officers.
.EN; ,arricade the door with desk, chairs, "ookcases or any items. Mo#e to a !lace inside the room
where you are not #isi"le. Turn off the lights and remain 1uiet. :emain there until told "y !olice it is safe.
.EFEN. Ese chairs, desks, cell !hones or whate#er is immediately a#aila"le to distract and/or defend
yourself and others from attack.
$ourse Sche%ule: SPAN 1013
.A#E #!PI$
I/2A %ntroducciKn.
LLL<heck the assignments calendar on a regular "asis for your
homework assignments.
I/2H <ha!ters 2'A )e'"ook* / :e!aso- &resent Tense.L
I/29 !!. 3HA'HH / :e!aso- Eses of ser and estar.L
!!. 3H4'H3 / :e!aso- &resent &rogressi#e.L

9/3 La(or .ay :oli%ay No $lasses
9/6 !!. 3GH'G9 / :efle(i#e Ver"s.L
!!. 3I2'IA / <om!arisons.L
9/A !!. 39I'24A / Voca"ulario. $apKtulo L: MA comerN
Prue(a 1
9/I !!. 24M'33 / 8(!ressing what or who)m*O Direct ."2ects- The
&ersonal aO Direct ."2ect &ronouns.
9/34 !!. 232'3A / 8(!ressing 7egationO %ndefinite and 7egati#e
9/32 !!. 23M'23 / %nfluencing .thersO 9ormal <ommands. Prue(a 2
9/3A !!. 222'22G / Tele!untos N >ectura cultural.
9/3H :e!aso !ara el e(amen O3 N acti#idades de con#ersaciKn.
9/39 E=A-EN D1 )emanas 3'2 N <a!Ptulo OH*
9/22 !!. 264'6H / Voca"ulario. $apKtulo H: .e 5ia4e
9/2G !!. 26I'G2 / 8(!ressing to who)m* or for who)m*O %ndirect
."2ect &ronouns.
.ar and %ecir.
Prue(a 3
9/2M !!. 2G6'GH / 8(!ressing >ikes and DislikesO *ustar.
:ecei#e to!ic for &rue"a de com!osiciKn.
9/29 !!. 2GI'AA / Talking 0"out the &astO &reterite of :egular Ver"s.
&reterite of %ar3 hacer3 and ser.
Prue(a 4
34/3 !!. 2AM'AI / Tele!untos N >ectura cultural.
34/6 Prue(a %e composici@n
34/M !!. 2MG'H4 / Voca"ulario. $apKtulo P: Los %Kas "esti5os
34/I !!. 2H3'HG / %rregular &reterites.
34/34 !!. 2HA'HI / &reterite of tem'<hanging Ver"s. Prue(a E
34/36 !!. 2H9'I6 / Direct and %ndirect ."2ect &ronouns Together.
34/3A !!. 2IG'IA / Tele!untos N >ectura cultural.
34/3H :e!aso !ara el e(amen O2 N acti#idades de con#ersaciKn.
LThe instructor will !ro#ide notes.
34/24 Fall 2rea) No $lasses
34/22 E=A-EN D2 )<a!Ptulo OI N <a!Ptulo O9*
34/2G !!. 292'9I / Voca"ulario.
:ecei#e to!ic for 8(amen de com!osiciKn.
$apKtulo 10: El tiempo li(re
34/2H !!. 299'64G / Descri!tions and Ha"itual 0ctions in the &ast-
%m!erfect of :egular and %rregular Ver"s.
Prue(a Q
34/29 !!. 64A'33 / ummary of %nterrogati#e ?ords.
34/63 !!. 632'3G / Tele!untos N >ectura cultural.
33/6 E'amen %e composici@n
33/A !!. 624'2M / Voca"ulario. $apKtulo 11: La salu%
33/H !!. 62H'6A / Esing the &reterite and the %m!erfect. Prue(a L
33/34 !!. 66A'6H / :ecogni$ing Rue3 RuienAesB3 lo Rue- :elati#e
33/32 !!. 66I'G3 / 8(!ressing each other: :eci!rocal 0ctions with
:efle(i#e &ronouns.
33/3G !!. 6G2'GG / Tele!untos N >ectura cultural. Prue(a H
33/3H :e!aso !ara el e(amen O6 N acti#idades de con#ersaciKn.
33/39 E=A-EN D3 )<a!Ptulo O34 N <a!Ptulo O33*
33/23 !!. 6A4'AM / Voca"ulario.
LAS# .A; #! .6!P ,I#: A 7,8
$apKtulo 12: M$onecta%SsN
33/2G !!. 6AH'M2 / #T )%nformal* <ommands.
33/2M #han)s0i5in0 2rea) No $lasses
33/2I #han)s0i5in0 :oli%ay No $lasses
32/3 !!. 6M2'MH / 8(!ressing u"2ecti#e 0ctions or tates- &resent
u"2uncti#e )0n %ntroduction*
E=A-EN !6AL A!nlineB
32/6 !!. 6MI'H6 / 8(!ressing Desires and :e1uests- Ese of the
u"2uncti#e )%nfluence*
Prue(a P
32/A !!. 6HG'HM / Tele!untos N >ectura cultural.
32/I :e!aso !ara el e(amen final.
32/34 #a)e Listenin0 FinalJ :e!aso !ara el e(amen final.
32/32 .ea% .ay No $lasses
E=A-EN FINAL )<a!Ptulos OH'32*
10:1E a1m1 12:1E p1m1 Location to (e announce%