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Pick one product/service offering amongst the portfolio and identify the segments the
company sells to.
One of the product/service offerings of Amba is Investment Research. Amba provides
analytical research support services including global equities, fixed income, and
quantitative research across multiple asset classes. Amba is not an independent research
provider; clients use Amba to leverage their own investment research process, enabling them
to generate and screen more investment ideas in a high-quality, customized, cost effective
and flexible manner. Their large scale of operations and global locations allow them to
provide flexible and round-the-clock support.
Ambas quality is driven by strong processes in place for analyst recruitment, a CFA
Institute-approved training program, and best-in-class project management practices.
Analysts at Amba have strong educational backgrounds as Engineers, MBAs, CFA
charterholders, Chartered Accountants, and PhDs, and a passion for capital markets that is
reflected in the quality of output.
Amba covers the main categories of Investment Research required by both buy-side and sell-
side firms:
Equity Research
Fixed Income and Credit Research
Quantitative Services
Research Production
The segments that the company sells these services to, are:
Asset Managers
Investment Banks
Private Wealth Managers
Apart from these segments which Amba caters to for Investment Research services, other
client segments of Amba include:
Private Equity and Venture Capital firms
Commercial Lenders

3. Explain how you would estimate the market potential for any one segment.
The segment we are considering here is Investment Bank.
Investment banks are under significant pressure to outperform. Amid tepid deal flow,
investment bankers are looking at increasing the flow of differentiated ideas to fuel their
advisory process. Many investment banks are looking to branch out into new regions and
sectors to expand their deal funnel.
However, there is an increasing need to variablize cost structures and keep these aligned with
market conditions. Forward-looking investment banks are now rethinking their business
models and innovating to maximize differentiation and performance. Specific steps include:
Maximizing senior banker/associate time towards activities that truly drive deal flow,
Spending more time with clients to develop stronger relationships,
Bringing in more creativity to the advisory process, and
Minimizing time spent on maintenance research.
Thus, Amba has good potential in this area and provides support services in four broad
a) Financial Analysis Amba performs junior analysts tasks such as maintaining
comps, precedent M&A transaction analyses, valuation databases, and preparing
company models for its clients.
b) Market Intelligence Amba enables clients to save ongoing efforts on keeping abreast
of changes in the marketplace while accelerating response time.
c) Deal Origination and Marketing Amba analysts can perform tasks such as preparing
pitch books, identifying potential purchasers and sellers for a business, building
company profiles and information memorandums, providing road-show support,
drafting sections of prospectus, supporting private placement, and providing
bid/proposal support.
d) Library Services - Ambas Business Information Services (BIS) specialists can
provide a wide range of services including company profiles, industry/market
research, M&A runs/volume tables, pricing for indices, commodities, etc., market
sizing and analysis, historical/forecasted economic and business trends, company
filings search, and support adhoc requirements for data/publications.

4. How does the company position itself to the various segments that it is targeting?
The company positions itself as having a track record of delivering measurable value as a
strategic partner to global financial institutions where exclusive focus is on the financial
markets ecosystem. It allows the company to offer differentiated analytical support solutions
that help clients attain their strategic objectives of revenue growth, cost containment, and
capacity expansion without heavy fixed investments.
Amba understands the context of client challenges and opportunities in a complex and
evolving financial marketplace, and listens carefully and works in a consultative fashion with
client leadership and operational teams to offer prescriptive solutions.
The company places trust above business growth and does not bid for business that it cannot
deliver well. On several occasions, it has advised clients to be cautious and move slowly,
even if this hinders its business growth. In other instances, when risks are low, the company
has recommended that clients move faster and achieve more.