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Extract from Tender Document

The following summary of work is extracted from the

tender document.
2.1 The Scope of Works of Contract EP3 comprises, but is not necessarily limited to,
the supply of personnel, labour, plant, materials, equipment, tools, services and
everything necessary for the design, sizing (where not specified), factory testing,
finishing, painting, packing, transportation, loading and unloading, insurance,
taxes/duties, storage, installation, testing and commissioning including operation
and maintenance training for the Sludge Drying Systems and all associated works
for the CWRP as detailed on the Drawings and in the Specifications as may be
reasonably inferred from the Contract Documents.
2.2 The Drawings show the conceptual general arrangement of the major equipment
to be used as a guide by the Contractor. This arrangement is not intended to depict
the construction details of the final installed system, but to provide guidelines for
the Contractor's design, manufacture and installation of the Sludge Drying
Systems. The Contractor may submit variations from the equipment layout shown
in the Drawings subject to the conditions and requirements set out in the
2.3 The Works shall include but not necessarily be limited to:-
(a) Five (5) dryer feed systems complete with de-watered cake bin, wet
material dosing and transfer screws, recycle bins and dosing screws, and
mixers, and dryer feed screws.
(b) Five (5) dryer thermal systems comprising furnaces, burners, rotary drums,
saturators, exhaust fans, and regenerative thermal oxidisers.
(c) Five (5) dry solids separation and classification system comprising pre-
separator/polycyclones, induced draft fans, rotary valves, vibrating
screens, surge bins, roller mills and dumpster.
(d) Five (5) dried product cooling and conveyance systems comprising
product coolers, recycle coolers, recycle and recycle transport screws,
recycle bucket elevators, rotary valves, recycle feed screws, and product
dense phase pneumatic conveyance systems.
(e) Five (5) ACMV exhaust fans.
(f) Three (3) chilled glycol and dehumidification systems.
(g) Dried product storage and load-out system comprising four (4) product
storage silos complete with screw conveyors and load-out chutes, and
mineral oil storage, feed, and unloading systems.
Extract from Tender Document
(h) Dewatered cake transport, storage and unloading systems comprising main
transport screw conveyors, centrifuge collection screw conveyors, cake bin
feed screw and distribution screw conveyors, dewatered cake storage
hoppers and dischargers.
(i) Dust control system comprising process bag-house with rotary valves and
exhausters, silo bag-house with rotary valves and exhausters, and dust
dense phase pneumatic conveyance system.
(j) Dry vacuum system comprising exhausters, separator/bag-house/ rotary
valve and bulk bag loader.
(k) Interconnecting piping and ductwork between Sludge Drying System
equipment and process and utility piping to connect to the Sludge Drying
System from designated interface points, including pipe support systems,
valves, insulation, and piping specialities.
(l) Electrical systems from designated feed locations, including complete
motor controls with adjustable frequency drives and double-ended MCCs
with power for each application provided from each side of the bus
breaker. All interconnecting electrical work from electrical supply sources
to equipment, to include power and control cabling, conduit as required
and raceways.
(m) Instrumentation and control systems for monitoring and control of the
sludge drying systems and for interface with Plant Monitoring and Control
System. Includes local instrumentation, panels and control stations where
appropriate, communication hardware and cabling and all ancillary
materials to comprise a complete control system.
(n) Steel floor and platforming systems to provide contiguous floor systems
throughout the designated drying area of the Solids Building, matching
concrete floor levels designated for construction by the C4B Contractor,
and to provide and facilitate equipment maintenance access for all
equipment requiring servicing.
(o) Equipment maintenance hoisting systems throughout the drying area of the
Solids Building to serve all critical lifting functions as designated in the
(p) Lighting systems, ACMV ductwork, fire sprinkler system and hose reel
systems throughout the dryer area of the Solids Building and where noted
in the Specifications.
(q) Personnel safety systems, including explosion suppression systems for the
Sludge Drying Systems.
Extract from Tender Document
(r) Concrete plinths for equipment bases including the supply and installation
of connectors, such as anchor bolts (cast in-situ or grouted), expansion
bolts, base plates, connection bolts, nuts and washers, supports, brackets,
spacers, wedges, shims and spacers including all grouting or other
materials necessary for levelling, alignment and securing all plant and
equipment installed under this Equipment Supply and Installation
(s) Installation, factory testing, site testing and performance testing and
operation during the commissioning period of all plant and equipment
furnished and installed under this Equipment Supply and Installation
(t) Supply of all essential spare parts and special tools, including consumable
items and spares as specified under this Equipment Supply and Installation
(u) Fulfil Defects Liability obligations for all plant and equipment installed
under this Equipment Supply and Installation Contract for a minimum
period of two (2) years.
(v) Provision of Servicing & Maintenance Services and Operation Services to
all plant and equipment installed under this Equipment Supply and
Installation Contract for a minimum period of two (2) years with an option
to be exercised by the Employer to extend the period for a maximum of
two (2) more years.
(w) Provision of Shop Drawings, As-constructed Drawings and Operation and
Maintenance Manual.
(x) Provision of necessary classroom and hands-on training to Employer's
(y) Provision of professional services (including fees) and submissions, where
required, for application and obtaining necessary approvals by the
Qualified Person employed by the Employer from relevant
government/statutory authorities to comply with local requirements.
(z) Co-ordination and co-operation with other onsite contractors in liaison
with the S.O., including, but not limited to, the contractors for Contracts
C1A (Foundation Works, Site Development and Management), C4B
(Solids Building, Civil and M&E Works), C4C (Digesters, Civil and M&E
Works), C5A (Monitoring and Control Systems), and EP7 (Centrifuges).
2.4 The scope of the Contractor's design for the Sludge Drying Systems shall include
but not be limited to the following:
Extract from Tender Document
(a) Process and mechanical design of all systems that make up the Sludge
Drying Systems, including preparing mass and heat balances, process
descriptions, process and control narratives and process flow diagrams.
Mechanical equipment design shall be in accordance with Specifications in
Division 15 Mechanical.
(b) Complete and systematic evaluation of potential hazards and safety
requirements and implementation of measures to mitigate these hazards
and meet the safety requirements. A safety report shall be prepared, which
shall list all hazards and safety requirements identified in the evaluation
and identify how these are addressed in the designs. The hazard
evaluation and safety report shall be prepared by a consultant (or firm)
who is:
(i) qualified for and normally engaged in hazard evaluations
(ii) a Singapore Professional Engineer
(iii) knowledgeable in Singapore codes and standards
(iv) conversant with Ministry of Manpower safety compliance
The Contractors design shall incorporate the recommendations and
requirements of the safety report.
(c) Sizing and selection of all equipment.
(d) Final layout of all equipment. The general equipment configuration shall
be as shown on the Drawings but equipment locations may be adjusted to
compensate for differences between the equipment to be supplied and that
shown on the Drawings, to adjust for process differences that may exist
from that shown and to optimise the operability and maintainability of the
(e) Sizing of equipment pads and design and layout of equipment anchor bolts
and anchoring systems.
(f) Design and layout of supports for, but not limited to, equipment
appurtenances, conduit, piping, ductwork, cable trays and stacks.
(g) Routing of all associated piping and ductwork, and cable trays within the
system. Routing shall interface with the piping, ductwork, conduit, cable
trays, etc. not included as part of the Sludge Drying Systems and
designated on the Drawings as system interface locations and as identified
in the supplement of Section 01040 Co-ordination.
(h) Insulation of hot surfaces to limit heat rejection to the space as specified
(i) Noise abatement provisions to limit facility noise to specified levels.
(j) Confirmation of sizing for wall, floor, and roof penetrations required for
piping, ductwork, stacks, conduit and cable trays.
Extract from Tender Document
(k) Structural design of all metalwork to include structural steel, platforms,
stairs and points of interface with the building structure. Design complete
equipment access platforming systems to include stairways, grating and
handrailing. Equipment-specific access platforms must be at least 1.5
metres wide and must be accessible from the concrete or steel primary
floors or by stairs. Design of equipment and platforming systems shall
allow adequate access for operations and maintenance in accordance with
Section 11100 - Rotary Dryer System.
(l) Design for equipment maintenance provisions for disassembly, hoisting,
and subsequent movement of equipment for maintenance purposes.
Schedule of Major Equipment Maintenance Requirements, provided as a
supplement in Section 01750 Servicing and Maintenance, describes
minimum maintenance functions requiring permanently installed
provisions for hoisting and movement of equipment and components.
Provisions for hoisting and movement of equipment may include bridge
cranes, monorails, jib cranes and lifting eyes with hoists.
(m) Complete electrical system design, including design of motor control
centres, transformers, distribution panels, switchboards, panelboards,
raceways, all required wiring and cable tray sizing and layout and support
the overall harmonic interference study with requested data on equipment
supplied. Electrical system design shall be in accordance with Section
16000 Electrical.
(n) A complete instrumentation and control system design, including process
and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), Input/Output (I/O) lists for all
physical and virtual values utilised, instrument lists for all monitoring and
control devices (including ranges and settings), control panel layouts,
control panel elementary diagrams, control wiring diagrams, control
system block diagrams, configuration of all programmable controller
software, conforming HMI software configuration and interfacing
hardware and software to the plant-wide Monitoring and Control System
(MCS) per specified methods & protocols.
(o) Complete design for the fire sprinkler system located within the areas
described in these Specifications. The sprinkler system design shall be
endorsed by the Professional Engineer Board, Singapore in the mechanical
(p) Final engineering drawings for structures included in the Sludge Drying
Systems shall be designed by the Contractors Professional Engineer. The
design shall be certified by an Accredited Checker employed by the
2.5 The Contractors design, supply and installation work shall specifically comply
with Singapore Standard CP 27 : Code of Practice for Factory layout.
Extract from Tender Document
2.6 The Contractors equipment system shall comply with Singapore Standard CP 27 :
Code of Practice for Factory layout, Section 2.4. Where a person maybe exposed
to excessive noise exceeding 85 dBA, the Contractor shall be responsible to
design, supply and install one or more of the measures listed in Section 2.4.2 of
the Standard.
2.7 The Contractor shall ensure that all plant, equipment, materials and goods are
provided in a new condition. They shall be stored, installed, applied, connected,
erected, protected, used, cleaned and conditioned in accordance with the
Specifications and instructions of the applicable suppliers and manufacturers.
2.8 In addition to the Contractors normal obligations during construction, he shall
also be responsible for:
(a) Use of the 3D Model and Database, including updating the 3D Model and
Database to as-constructed condition
(b) Updating drawings not extracted from the 3D Model including process and
instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) and single line electrical drawings
(c) Using the 3D Model layout tools provided by the S.O. to maintain the
(d) Using the 3D Model to perform interference checks against all objects
within the 3D Model including checking for interferences with other
contract package 3D models related to the Contractors Works as provided
by the S.O.
(e) Complying with and using the Project CAD standards
(f) Complying with electronic submittal requirements as defined in the 3D
Model and Database Project Instructions
(g) Conforming to Project defined Document Management Practices
2.9 The Contractor shall undertake all other activities specific to the Contract
(a) Additional data and information acquisition
(b) Agency liaisons
(c) Design approvals
(d) Temporary works
(e) Other ancillary work as may be required for the completion of the work as
shown on Drawings or specified