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Vol 5, Issue 12,

A Community Paper—By The Community—And For The Community 5 Years And

Free Paper — Bringing the Liberty , Staley , Julian, Clim ax and Snow Camp Areas Together— Online At
Community Events
Celebrating Christmas in Liberty Monday7
Che ck Out Santa’s List For
Saturday December 5th. Liberty Christmas Dec 7 Liberty Christmas Tree Lighting
Parade starting at 2:30 through the streets of (Raindate Dec 1 4) Free Photo with Santa
By Freedom Family Church Post your event
downtown. 14
5:00 to 9 :00 Free Hotdogs By Bruchon Family November
Special Free Hot Chocolate 14-Fall Festival/Auct.
Saturday December 5th. Immediately after the Guest 14-Variety Show
Parade (3:30- 5:30) there will be a Christmas By Watermark Fellowship Ch
“Cindy Free Popcorn 14-Gospel Singing
Craft Celebration at the Liberty School Cafe- Farmer” 14-Veteran Celebrate
By Loflin Funeral Home Liberty
teria, free to all children accompani ed by an 15-Jazz Band
Free Puppet Show
adult. Children will have the opportunity to 20-Free Block P arty
By Bethel Baptist Church
make a Christmas ornament and craft while 21-Seniors P rom
Free Music
watching a short Christmas movie. An interac- Lined Up By Celebrate 21-BBQ/Bazzar
tive Christmas story will be told. Christmas Liberty’s Children 21-Showcase
carols will be sung. Refreshm ents will be Sound System Provided By 21-Benefit/Dinner/Auc
served. FREE EVENT Canned Food Donation Tanner’s Revenge Band 24-Library Craft Day
will accepted to support our local food bank. Free Water & Coffee 25-Community
By Liberty Tax Thanksgiving Service
Monday evening December 7th.(rain date Mon- Live Nativity Scene December
day Decemb er 14th) The Christmas Tree By Parks Crossroad Christian Ch 2-5 Live Nativity
Local Downtown Business Open 5– Liberty P arade
Lighting. Starting at 5:00 pm.
Check Them Out While Strolling 7-Liberty Tree Lightng
This event is going to be bigger and better this
Free Tram Rides For Kids 12-Staley P arade
year. Music, local talent, live nativity, Santa, 12-Snow Camp P arade
puppet show, local craft vendors, downtown By Randolph Telephone
merchants will remain opened. Free hot dogs, Free Helium Balloons
pop corn, hot chocolate, water and coffee will By Randolph Telephone Liberty Leader
be provided by local citizens, churches, and Tree Provided By
Liberty Chiropractic Ph 404-9791
businesses. Come out and Celebrate Christmas
Lights For Tree Fx 622-4298
in Liberty.
By Liberty Chamber Email
Raffle tickets will be given out with a canned By Liberty Girl Scouts
food donation to enter a drawing for a free bike Food Drive
and other gift items.
Sponsored By Liberty Chamber Of Commerce
Win Prizes For Donation Visit
Food Court with additional foods
If any local church es, Sunday school classes, or Provided For Cost For Upcoming
interested citizens would like to volunteer, par- Sche dule Of Stage Ente rtainment By Ye Old Country Kitchen Liberty Events
ticipate in or contribute time or supplies to 5:30 - Liberty Early Childhood Center Pre-K Tram Ride
these events please contact The Chamber of 5:45 - Liberty School Kindergarten classes By Randolph Telephone
Commerce 622-4937, The Liberty Leader 6:00 - Santa comes Every 30 Minutes On Main Several Local Vendors and Artist Liberty
Newspap er 404-9791 or Teresa Bruchon 622- 6:15 - April Miller Fresh Cut only a day old Live
1362 for furth er info rmation. 6:30 - Faith Walker 4 Street Live Puppet Show Christmas Trees And Wreaths Leader
6:45 - Keith Bartell Liberty Showcase—Free Wishes
7:00 -7:30 - Tanner's Revenge Numerous other activities
7:30 - 8:00 Staley Baptist Choir Admission and Live Come out for the free FUN!!!! All The
A Great
From The
Liberty Leader Newspaper Holiday Issue

Next Issue Of The

" Believing in God will save you from a devil's he ll... believing God will take you to a whole new level of living!" Leader
1 Jan 4
Cordially invites you to participate in this year’s I hope I get a gift from
Y’ALL Come Back Café
STALEY CHRISTMAS PARADE 119 S Fayetteville St—Downtown Liberty
Liberty Area for
To be held 336-622-2984
Christmas…. I love the
2:00 pm – SATURDAY – DECEMBER 12, 2009 Mon to Fri 6am to 2pm, Sat 6am to 11am, Closed Sunday
local gift certificates —————————————————————————————-
PLEASE NOTE NEW TI ME and the unique gifts (A Place Where Friends Gather To Eat)
There will be no charge for entries this year. By participating in this event you auto-
matically agree to the following: that can not be bought
The Staley Town Council and/or any individual acting on its behalf may not any where else. Daily Specials Everyday
be held accountable fo r any loss of funds, damage to property, or injury as a
result of particip ation in this event. Seniors Receive Free
All parade traffic will line up on Weeden Street between Brooksdale Drink With Meal
Road and Olivers Chapel Road beginning at 1:00 pm.
Due to the confusion fo r children, there are to be NO other Santa Claus’ ex-
cept the one at the end of the parade sponsored by The Staley Town Council. Kids Menu Y’All Come
There will be zero tolerance for any form of horseplay associated with
any parade entries. There will be no unnecessary riding up and down Back Cafe
the streets by any parade participants (most especially off-road vehicles
and 4-wheelers). All participants are ex pected to line up promptly and
turn engines off until time for the parade to begin. All horses will fall in
line BEHIND Santa at the very end of the parade.
As in the past, there will be a contest for best float. A float is defined as a deco rated
entry that is pulled behind another vehicle. First place - $50.00, Second place -
$25.00, Third place - $25.00. If you are interested in entering the contest, you must
get a judging number from a member o f the town council located at the intersection of
Weeden Street and Olivers Chapel Road prior to the beginning of the parade.

We strive to make the Staley Christmas Parade a fun and safe environm ent fo r every - Purchasing goodies during parade supports youth missions
one and thank-you in advance for your cooperation. The Sandy Creek Baptist Church Youth Group will
be selling home-made
baked goods during the
Liberty Christmas Parade
Free Kids Movie Dec. 5. All proceeds will go
toward their 2010 Mission
And Craft Time Trip to Buffalo, N.Y. Look
for their table in front of
Sat Dec 5—3:30 to 5:30 Liberty T ire and Auto at
232 North Greensboro
Following Christmas Parade Street and support this im-
portant fundraiser. For more details about Sandy
Creek or this mission trip, call 622-7414 or visit
To Be Held In Liberty www.

School Cafeteria
(Parent Supervision Required)
Free Movies All entries
Cars, floats,

Free Craft Sections Lets make this a great

Free Snacks
Pickup y our registration forms at The Liberty Chamber Of Commerce

Sponsored By Snow Camp Christmas Parade

Liberty Sat Dec 12th=Noon
Downtown Starts and Ends At Sylvia School

Revitalization Staley Christmas Parade

2 Committee Sat Dec 12th=2:00pm
Sponsored By The Town Of Staley

101 S. Fayetteville Street - Liberty, NC

Phone 336-622-3844

Liberty Showcase GRAND OPENING

Invites Everyone Dominion Center Of Hope
December 7th
To Join Us After This is an outreach center for the whole commu-
nity of Liberty and surrounding area.
The Tree Lighting
Monday Dec. 7th
6 PM - 9 PM
Admission Is FREE!

For A Special Night

Of Gospel Singing

Chad & Kristi Grand Opening

Christmas Show
Join Us And Make
This The Best Christmas Show! The Hall

Saturday December 19—7:30pm

Tickets As Follows:
Show Only $10
Dinner & Show $25
Reservations For Dinner Must Be Made
No Later Than Thursday Noon
Harvest International Ministry
Welcomes You To
Discover the Plan, Purpose and Destiny
Saturday December 12—7:30pm Special Guest God Has For Your Ife
Tickets Are As Follows: Christian
Show Only $11 Wolfe Sundays 10:30 a.m.
Dinner & Show $26
Reservation For Dinner Must Be Made No Pastor James English Jr.
Later Than Thursday Noon (Graduate of World Harvest Bible College, ordained & li-
censed by Pastor Rod Parsley)
Want A Different Get Together This Christmas
Why Not Bring The Gang Out For The Holidays The Liberty Showcase
To One Of The Upcoming Shows 101 Fayetteville St, Liberty, NC 27298 Office 336-622-6810
We Can Offe r You The Full Turn Key -Catered Meal Upstairs &
3 Followed By The Show -Call For More Details 622-
A Lifelong Dream… “Church And Me”
With a team of her friends, Wendi Martin has made her lifelong dream a reality.
Wendi, of Pleasant Garden, is the author of the new book Church & Me ~ From A to Z
& NEW Church & Me Karaoke CD released Novem-
ber 25th. There has been much excitement surround-
ing her first book. If you have ever met Wendi, you
All Types of Home Repair and
would remember her by her friendly contagious smile,
which has won her the nickname of “ Smiley.” Remodeling. 25 Years Exp.
Wendi believes the achievement of her dream has
been made possible only through the doors God has 336-617-3451
opened for her. A few weeks after the vision of a song Consistent Great Quality Of Work
and book came to her in a dream, later, the realization Great Customer Service
came to Wendi that this book would be possible to Great Prices
create if she used real images of children in church. We Look Forward To Hear From You!!!
She mentioned this idea to her friend friends Rachel
Kimball & Tonya Caudle, photographers, and within a “Holiday Travel, the Flu, and You”
month, a photo shoot was held at Bethlehem UMC in ‘Tis the season! The flu season, that is. As you travel far and wide for holiday celebra-
Climax. Dawn Hart, a graphic designer, held the key tions, the Randolph County Health Department would like to remind you of some tips
to this project. Wendi shared with Dawn how she en- to keep you and yours as healthy as possible:
visioned the images and layouts in her book would Know when you should NOT travel. If you have flu-like symptoms (fever,
look. Dawn began creating the templates. cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills, fatigue,
Wendi Martin and Husband, With 35 overjoyed children ready to be in a book, it and sometimes diarrhea and vomiting) you should NOT travel.
Kelly Martin (Liberty Local) was by far an exciting day. Many of the parents raved If you are sick, stay home. Anyone with flu-like symptoms should stay home
at the excitement and smiles on the children’s faces. It until they have been fever free for at least 24 hours without using fever reduc-
was really hard to know who was more excited: the parents, the kids, or the “team” ing medicines, like Tylenol.
creating the book! From there it was a roller coaster ride. Not only has God opened the Get Vaccinated. Be sure you are up-to-date with all your routine vaccinations. Get
doors necessary to complete the book, but He has also included a door for the song that both the seasonal flu vaccine (if available) and the H1N1 flu vaccine as soon
inspired the book. Wendi tried to put the idea of making a CD on the backburner. as possible.
However, God had other plans. God had given Wendi the tune and the words. One Pack a travel health kit that contains ba-
Sunday morning, a young man named Todd Johnson visited her church. Todd had a sic first aid and medical supplies. You
reco rding studio and was in school studying music. Speaking from her heart, Wendi may want to include a thermometer, tis-
shared her dream with Todd, who instantly caught the excitement and is in the process
of making a sound track listing, along with instrumentation. Now, we have Church & sues, antihistamine, decongestant, medi-
Me Karaok e which is a split-track perfect for chiildren to sing & dance to for fun OR cine for pain or fever (such as aceta-
fo r Children's Choirs performan ces, Childcare Centers or easy listening in the car! minophen/Tylenol, aspirin, or ibupro-
Church & Me would make an excellent gift for a child who enjoys church. It would fen), cough suppressant/expectorant,
also make a superb gift for a child who has never experi enced chu rch, introducing cough drops, antidiarrheal medication,
them to the joy of God and the things that are special about church. This book & CD is
a treasure fo r both children and adults alike ... share it with someone you love today! and your health insurance card (either
There will be a Church & Me booth at the Liberty Tree Lighting on Monday, Decem- your regular plan or supplemental travel
ber 7th. Plan to attend and receive an autograph ed copy of the book and CD! Visit health insurance plan). for more in formation. Be prepared for health screenings in airports. Due to
"I can do all things through Christ you strengthens me.” Philippians the H1N1 flu pandemic, airport staff may be checking the health of arriving
4:13 passengers. Travelers may be checked for fever and other symptoms of H1N1
flu, and their travel may be delayed.
If traveling internationally, be aware of outbreak information
in your destination country. H1N1 flu cases have been re-
ported in many countries around the world, with most of the
cases being reported from the United States, M exico, and
Canada. You may want to consult the embassy in your desti-
nation country for information about entry screening proce-
As always, practice good hygiene. Wash your hands often. Cover coughs and
sneezes with a tissue or a sleeve. Avoid close contact with people who are ill.
For more information about flu prevention, call 318-6FLU or visit


Take Out
Taste The Difference
We us the finest ingredients
Chinese Restaurant Fresh and Healthy
252 W Swannanoa Ave (Liberty Plaza) Liberty, NC Sun—Thur 10:30am to 10:00pm
5 Ph 336-622-1518—Fx 336-622-1668 Fri—Sat 10:30am to 11:00pm
Small Town Main Street Grant Program Update
Well, last month the committees and their members got together, for a walk o f Ebenezer
downtown Liberty. The group took a look at what would encompass the downtown
area. The facilitators gave us the guidelines for the downtown district. Several
Scrooge was Breakfast 6:30 to 9:30
asked about the town as a whole and the answer made since. You have to take one
are and work on it and this will cause other areas to fall in line as time goes. One
unhappy not Lunch 11:00—2:30
7 Days A Week Sunday Lunch 11:30 to 3:00
gentlemen beside me made a good comment. You may want to eat the whole pie in
one bite, but you can not, you have to eat it one piece at time. Also those bite must
because of a Closed Sunday Night
be a size you can manage. As we walked we were to all look at items from our
committees targets that was laid out in last months story. The group came up with a
failure to get YE OLD
lot of great ideas. Such as in front on the barber shop, add a actual cross walk and
that already had a dip in the curb for handicap access. To fix broken areas in side
but to give, COUNTRY
walk. How to open up the eyes of the stores. That would be to encourage local busi-
ness owner to remove the boarded up window to give depth to their buildings. The and this, KITCHEN
ideas flowed from all. The group went back to break up in committee groups to New Hours
review action items. From Economic Development, to Design Development, to Wed,Thu,Friday
Promotions Committee and final Administration. The groups had great turnout of NEW HOURS 11 to 2:30 5:00 to 8:30
members and the juices flowed fo r hours, with the brainstorming in full flow. Actu- I submit, is Sat 7 to 10 11 to 8:30
ally several o f the committees Sun 11:30 to 8:30
decided to meet prior to the the most
normal monthly meeting. The Daily Buffet & Full Menu Items
committees are encou raging important Kids Menu
Wed & Sun—Country Buffet
community involvement. Want
to be part of one of the commit- message of Thur-Country/Italian Buffe t
Fri & Sat-
tees? Just contact the town how Country/Seafood Buffet
and express your interest in B oo
which committee you would Christmas. k
Hol Your Come See Us!
like to learn more about . Well i day
P art
these are some exciting times Wit y
but with challenges. hU

Millstone Catering
Snow Camp, NC
Private Parties Welcome
Catering Services
Millstone Catering is available every-
day. Call and book your holiday
events now. Catering available on
sight at our Burlington & Snow Camp
location or we will come to you!

Call to order your Hickory Smoked

Hams, pies and cakes.

*Closed Christmas and

Christmas Eve*
8912 Pleasant Hill Ch Rd, Snow Camp
Phone (336) 376-6660
Mulch, Pine Shavings, Topsoil, Gravel, Sand,
Sand rock, River Rock, Compost, Pine Nee-
dles, Hay, Straw, Fertilizer, Animal 327 Drama Road,
Feeds, Animal Health needs & more. Snow Camp, NC
Ph 336-376-6991
Old Plantation Or 336-222-6991
Bryan & M elodee
Sausage Season-

Get Your
Live Fresh Tree
@ Ye Old Kitchen

Several Christmas Shopping Ideas At Teague’s Market

A woman's daughter had asked the local minister to come and pray with her
mother. When the minister arrived, he found the woman lying in bed with her
head propped up on two pillows. An empty chair sat beside her bed. The min-
ister assumed that the woman had been informed of his visit. I guess you were
expecting me, he said. 'No, who are you?' said the mother. The minister told her 101 W Sw annanoa Ave— Downtown Liberty
his name and then remarked, 'I saw the empty chair and I figured you knew I
was going to show up..' 'Oh yeah, the chair,' said the bedridden woman. Would
you mind closing the door?' Puzzled, the minister shut the door. 'I have never
Phone 622-3120
told anyone this, not even my daughter,' said the woman. 'B ut all of my life I Gift Certif icates * Latest Ladies Fashions
have never known how to pray.. At church I used to hear the pastor talk about Personal Attention
prayer, but it went right over my head.' I abandoned any attempt at prayer,' Mon To Sat 10am to 5:30pm
the old woman continued, ' until one day four years ago, my best friend said to
me, ' Prayer is just a simple matter of having a conversation with Jesus Here We accept MC,VISA, Amer ican Express
is what I suggest. 'Sit down in a chair; place an empty chair in front o f you,
and in faith see Jesus on the chair. It's not spooky because he promised, 'I will
be with you always'. 'T hen just speak to him in the same way you're doing with Just A Few Weeks To Christmas ( Lay-a-way )
me right now.' 'So, I tried it and I've liked it so much that I do it a couple of
hours every day. I'm careful
Shop Now And Save Time
though. If my daughter saw
me talking to an empty
chair, she'd either have a
nervous breakdown or send
me off to the funny farm.' The
minister was deeply moved
by the story and encouraged
the old woman to continue on
the journey. Then he prayed
with her, anointed her with
oil, and returned to the
church. Two nights later the
daughter called to tell the minister that her mama had
died that afternoon. Did she die in peace?' he asked.
Yes, when I left the house about two o'clock, she
called me over to her bedside, told me she loved me
and kissed me on the cheek. When I got back from the
store an hour later, I found her .. But there was some-
thing strange about her death Apparently, just before
Mom died, she leaned over and rested her head on the
chair beside the bed. What do you make of that?' The
minister wiped a tear from his eye and said, 'I wish we
could all go like that.'

Prayer is one of the best free gi fts we receiv e.

I asked God for water, He gave me an ocean.

I asked God for a flower, He gave me a garden
I asked God for a friend, He gave me all of YOU...
If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.

Happy moments, praise God.

Diffi cult moments, seek God.
Quiet moments, worship God
Painful moments, trust God
Every moment, thank God.

How Many Papers Does Liberty

Leader Deliver?
Well a picture is worth 3,000 copies….
As show in the picture beside is a load of papers
coming from the printers. …..
Another fact...Octobers Paper was read by 705
The paper is 28 pages with a total of 23,192
The paper can be picked up at over 70 places….
So there are the facts…..T hanks to God that al-
low me, myself and I the ability and time to do.
Band That Loves Liberty
That Would Be “Tanner’s Revenge” - Classic Rock/Country/Comedy An Experience Let Us Help
Several times during the year this band from Jamestown, NC graces Personal Make Your
Liberty with its music. From open house of Awesome Finds to our Holidays
July Celebration in Downtown Liberty. Well, they have even agreed
Maid Service Easier
to be here for our Christmas Tree Lighting Festival. To save us money Serving The
during the festival they are providing their own sound system for oth- Surrounding Areas
ers to use during the event. So who is this Tanner’s Revenge. Let see.
What started as a Husband/Wife "Coffee House Duo" ...has blos- Give Us A Call
somed into a 6 piece versatile wedding/bar/corporate/festival band Ph (336)674-3632
focused on entertaining people and ensuring EVERYBODY has a
good time! MIKE - The leader of the band has been playing and sing-
ing all over the world for nearly 30 years. MELINDA, the spiritual Nothin g Too Big Or Too Small
calm center of the band joined him playing at coffee houses and small
open mic nights about 3 years ago. DYLAN, The youngest member of A Personal Maid
the band, and probably the most naturally talented, just stepped up We a good time, variety party
after proving at several festival gigs he could hold his own on Rythm band, playing something for eve- House & Window Cleaning
guitar and even filling in on Bass, and an occasional Lead Guitar spot. ryone. Whether you like Rock, Pressure Washing &
BILL, the rock solid Rythm center of the band anchors the Drum kit Country, Oldies, Pop, or even
with over 30 years of experience playing in bands ranging from Clas- something funny, we have it. General Maintenance
sic Country to HEAVY METAL to light wedding bands and every- A group of 6 musicians from
thing in between. LEE, The soaring Lead Guitarist who makes the young to old (we disagree as to
songs fly with both technical agility and heart is not only an accom- which one is old), we play and
plished guitarist with our sing our hearts out for every gig,
band, but anchors lead big or small. So if your office,
duties in 4 other bands as group or business needs a band
well! Were honored to that will entertain your crowd,
have his talent. give us a call today @
JAXYNN, The laughter 336-882-5242 or
and joy of the band that email us at
helps Melinda keep eve-
rything flowing with her Big or small...We play ‘em
righteous keyboard and ALL!!!
Tanner's Revenge
soaring vocal talents. No
song would be complete
without her soulful melo-
dies and harmony. Jaxynn is also a world traveler, having been featured The True Meaning Of The Season
in internationally traveling bands and well known on the circuit for her
incredible professionalismm and dedication. So asked them to intro- Jobs from census takers, crew leaders, crew leader assistants, recruiting assis-
duce me to their band members. “Mike - Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vo- tants and census clerks. Great employment opportunities.
cals/Harmonica.............Melinda - Bass Guitar/Backing Vo-
cals/Flute.........Bill Comstock - Drums.......Dylan Adams - Rhythm &
Lead Guitar/Mandolin/Bass/Auxillary Percussion...........Lee - Lead
Guitar/Backing Vocals/Bass Guitar......Jaxynn - Keyboards/Lead and
Backing Vocals **As gigs Permit....Art Castillero-Conga's/Lead Vo-
cals/Auxillary Percusion”, the band stated. So where did your influ-
ences come from? “ IF you start with the book "Who's WHO in Re-
corded Music", you might scratch the surface o f our various influences.
Let's just say we all come from VERY DIFFERENT musical back-
grounds and tastes.” What would you describe your sound to the read-
ers as? “John Mellencamp, Journey, Johnny Cash, Santana, Nickle-
back, Zac Brown Band, and Train all rolled into one fun Party Time
Machine. We may not be the best band in town, but WE HAVE THE

Over 30 Years Experience
Bud Sneed— Owner
Licensed * Insured* Bonded

Home Owners Or Turn Key Properties

Small Electrical Repair
Lock Installation /Repair
Screen & Windows
P lumbing
P ressure Washing
Call 1-866-861-2010
P roperty Cleanup Installation & Repair Yard Maintenance
P ainting (Exterior/Interior) Vinyl Siding Repair Drywall Repair
Nothing Too Big or Small Masonry Repair
Red Cross to Send a “Touch of Home” to Service Members,
Veterans and Family Members this Holiday Season
The American Red Cross and Pitney Bowes are teaming up to deliver holiday cards to service
me mbers, their families and veterans, many of whom will be far fro m home this holiday season.
Between November 2 and December 7, the public is invited to send a “ touch of home” through FOR RENT
holiday cards that contain messages of cheer and appreciation. Cards will then be screened, sorted FOR SALE
FOR RENT In Downtown Liberty
and boxed for delivery by hundreds of Red Cross volunteers. “ One holiday card is all it takes to
make a difference in the life of the millions of active duty military men and women, veterans and
Charlie's Soap Must see these two historic buildings.
fa mily me mbers, said Susan Smith, Director of Emergency Services for the Greensboro Chapter. At Earth Visions. One year lease at $375.00 a month
“ The American Red Cross serves and supports members of the military, veterans, and their fami- (Food Lion Shopping Cntr) 122 W.Swannanoa Ave.
lies by providing emergency communications, comfort and assistance each day. The Holiday Mail Charlie's Soap 80 Wash Liberty, NC 27298
for Heroes program continues the Red Cross tradition of service to the armed forces.” Last year, Loads Powder is Only Call 336-622-2442
with the help of Pitney Bowes, hundreds of volunteers screened, sorted and packaged cards that $9.99. The best for less.
were delivered to military bases, veteran and military hospitals across the U.S. and around the
world. In 2007, Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC approached the Red Stanley Home Products / Fuller Brush
Cross to help distribute thousands of cards that came into the facility for wounded soldiers. The Locally Sold House fo r rent
Red Cross in turn reached out to Pitney Bowes to help initiate the Holiday for Mail for Heroes Contact Judy & Jimmy Butler 6178 Willard Rd. Staley
program. Holiday cards should be addressed and sent to: Ph 622-2671 Three bedroom one bath with
Holiday Mail for Heroes Stanley offers superior large living room. Freshly painted
P .O. Box 5456 Home Care and Personal Care Products and new tile in kitchen & Bath. Gas
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456 fo r you and your family.
Visit for a full list of recommended guidelines and best heat with washer & dryer hook up.
Stanley is best know for their cleaning
practices on the Holiday Mail for Heroes program. products. Rent $ 500.00 a month and a $350.00
About the American Red Cross: Great Stocking Stuffer deposit. For more information call
The American Red Cross shelters, feeds and provides emotional support to victims of disasters; For All Your People On Larry coble @ 622-2221 or
supplies nearly half of the nation's blood; teaches lifesaving skills; provides international The List. cell 324-3980.
humanitarian aid; and supports military members and their families. The Red Cross is a
charitable organization — not a government agency — and depends on volunteers and the FOR SALE: black and white female & a
generosity of the American public to perform its mission. For more information, please visit ABC’s Of Salvation or join our blog at tan male (born July 28th) full blooded rat To know God and be ready for heaven,
About Pitney B owes Inc.: terriers - $50 each been ch eck ed follow these steps:
Pitney Bowes is a mailstream technology company that helps organizations manage the flow of by a vet. Call 336-824-9280
information, mail, documents and packages. Our 36,000 employees deliver technology, service call after 4pm ask fo r Daniel A. Admit you are a sinner.
and innovation to more than two million customers worldwide. The company was founded in "There is no one righteous, not even one
1920 and annual revenues now total $6.4 billion. More information is available at ... for all have sinned and fall short of the
FOR SALE glory of God."
Romans 3:10,23. (See Romans 5:8;
Liberty Area
Call Steve Crutchfield at Ask God's forgiveness.
622-3393 For Pricing "Everyone who calls on the name of the
Lord will be saved."
S ERVICES Romans 10:13
Care Giver and Housekeeper Available
In Liberty and Surrounding Area B. Believe in Jesus
Contact Margaret Jenkins at 622-2794 (put your trust in Him) as your only hope
References Available Upon Request of salvation.
"For God so loved the world that he gave
his one and only Son, that whoever be-
lieves in him shall not perish but have
eternal life." John 3:16 (See John 14:6.)

Become a child of God by receiving

"To all who receive him, to those who
believed in his name, he gave the right to
become children of God." John 1:12 (See
Revelation 3:20.)
Liberty Leader Newspaper C. Confess that
PO Box 913 Jesus is your Lord.
Liberty, NC 27298 "If you confess
Ph 336-404-9791 with your mouth,
'Jesus is Lord,' and
Fx 336-622-4298 believe in your
Email— heart that God
raised him from
Advertise Here the dead, you will
be saved." Romans
Call 404-9791
Liberty Leader Newspaper—Phone 336-404-9791 –Email
28 Locally Owned And Operated
Grays Chapel UMC PLEASANT UNION First United Methodist Church
Snow Camp Baptist Church Open Hearts .. Open Minds . . Open Doors
Franklinville 2262 Pleasant Hill-Liberty Rd. 8724 Snow Camp Rd– Snow Camp, NC 123 N. Fayetteville St, Liberty Ph 622-4682
336-824-2463 Liberty, N.C. 27298 Pastor Danny Wallace Ph 336-376-3237 E-mail:
S.S. 9:30am-Worship 10:30-SNight 6pm-Wed 7pm Sunday Services: Prayer Time - 9:30 am; Ph. 336-622-2052 Sunday School - 10:00 ; Worship - 11:00
Worship Celebration Pastor: Rev. Mark Klass (including Children's Church)
Sundays, 8:30am Traditional; Sunday School @ 10AM NEED A PLACE TO GO ON Everyone is welcome to come!
10:45am Contemporary Worship @ 11AM NEW YEARS EVE
Wed 6:00pm Meal, 7:00pm classes "Deliverance from sin is the WHY NOT COME JOIN US
greatest of all freedoms." FOR A WATCHNIGHT SER- Smithwood United
VICE. FUN, GAMES, SNACKS, Church Of Christ
GOOD CLEAN FELLOWSHIP. 6809 Kimesville Rd—Liberty
9:00PM-12:00AM DEC31-JAN 1 Pastor Paul Picker
“Holding Forth the Words of Life” Ph 622-2755
LOCATION 8724 Snow Camp
Shady Grove Sunday School 10am Worship 11am
Road, Snow Camp, NC 27349.
Baptist Church
Sunday School …...10:00am Pleasant Hill Christian Church
Sunday Worship…..11:00am
Tabernacle UMC
1712 Pleasant Hill Liberty Rd
Wed Prayer Mtg….. 7:00pm 5601 Liberty Road, Greensboro 674-2941
Awana……… Sun. 4:20pm
Liberty, NC 27298
6377 Old Staley Rd, Staley Sunday, December 6 5:30-7:00pm (336)376-3453
Parsonage 622-4628 Birthday Party for Jesus (games, activities, snack, etc. for ALL ages) in Changing Lives, Worshipping the Lord, Building
Church 622-2157 Fellowship Hall Relationships, and enjoying dynamic fellowship.
“Reach out, Share Christ’s Love!” Sunday, December 13 7:00pm
Shiloh United Methodist Church Children’s Christmas Program in Fellowship Hall Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church
Rev David Garvin—Pastor Pastor: Sam Shores
7394 Shiloh Road, Liberty 146 S. Fayetteville St., Liberty
Sunday, December 20 11:00am worship Church Office 622-7175
Ph 622-7421 Christmas Cantata by TUMC choirs in Sanctuary
Sunday School 9:45 Sunday School 9:30 A.M.
Worship 11:00am Worship 10:30 A.M.
December 24 (Christmas Eve)
5:00pm Children’s Nativity Service in Chapel
11:00pm Candlelight Communion Service in Sanctuary First Baptist Church - Liberty
629 S. Fayetteville Street
Brian Harrington - Pastor
Sunday School 9:45 am
Edwards Grove Christmas Cantata at Edwards Grove Missionary Baptist Church Worship 11 am
Phone 336-622-4482
Missionary Baptist Church 214 S. Foster Street Liberty, North Carolina
214 S. Foster St Liberty Pastor
Rev. Arnold Barton 622-2544 December 13, 2009 at 3:00 pm= refreshments will be
Inviting ANYONE and EVERYONE to served after, we are celebrating the birth of Jesus, you JOB’S Soup Kitchen Every Saturday
come and worship with us: don’t have to sing Christmas songs, you can sing what ever Need a warm meal, a friendly conversation?
Sunday School – 9:45 am Sunday Stop by Edwards Grove Missionary Church and
Worship – 10:45 am is on your hearts. I am inviting your church choir, dance
team, any choir for that matter (children’s, adult, male, senior… etc.) J.O.B. Soup Kitchen every Saturday
Wednesday Mid-week Bible Class-Praise and from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Located at 214 S Foster Street, Liberty.
worship 7:00 pm and 7:30 pm class begin
just come. Maybe you’re not in a choir but you are a member of your Contact following for more information:
Thursday Noon Bible Study
Class – 12:00-1:30 pm church so perhaps you can pass the invite on to them for me. And if you Mary 622-2981 or Pastor Rev. Arnold Barton 622-2544
are not a member at all please just come on anyway, we always have a
wonderful time in the Lord. I will be looking forward to your response
in the next few days; please don’t let me down this time around. St. Stephen AME Church
705 S. Kirkman Street Liberty
Hickory Grove UMC
PO Box 1814(10068 Silk Hope POST YOUR CHURCH EVENT HERE! Come Visit With Us!!!
–Liberty Rd) Liberty
Ph 622-1872 Staley Baptist Church
Pastor Ryan Gabriel 440 West Railroad St-Staley, N.C. 27355
Dec. 19 - 7pm, Dec. 20 - 6pm
Sunday School 10am Phone 336-622-1753
Worship 11am "One Bethlehem Night" - musical drama Service Hours: Wednesday’s Youth Pleasant Garden Baptist Church “Ignite” night; from 6:00p.m.-8:00p.m.
1415 Neelley Rd., Pleasant Garden, 674-5382 Sunday Fellowship; 9:30a.m.

Friendly Wesleyan Church

415 S Asheboro St
Liberty, NC
Phone 336-622-4718
Lewis Grove Holiness Church Pastor Dan
434 S Allison St— Everyone Is Welcomed
Ph 336-622-4230

Faith sees the invisible, Believes the incredible And receives the impossible.
Loflin Funeral Home Of Liberty 19th Annual Candlelight
Memorial Service Pulls Out All The Stops
Wow, 19 years of serving our area with professional services at the time
we need it the most. The loving and caring staff always has the right touch
to give. Well the giving does not stop at that time, for they continue to
give at the holidays when the times are the hardest for many families. On
Saturday November 21 at 6:00 pm they opened their doors to all the
families of the community that wanted to remember the great memories.
As you walked through the doors you where created by a warm smile. But
for staff is more than workers, they are local citizens that we live with on
a daily basis. The smiling staff member that we have shared joy, tears,
achievements and the list goes on. That is what sets Loflin Funeral Home
apart from the other businesses of their nature. As you passed in the en-
trance you received your candle for the service and made your way to the
Chapel that was transformed into one of the most festive rooms. Biltmore
Estate in Asheville could not hold a candle to the décor in the room. In the
front lobby was a beautiful Christmas that left you breath taken. As you
ventured into other areas of the building your eyes had to take a double
take. Tables lined up with an array of delectable food to touch anyones
taste buds. Then the prize
glory of the night, the light
from a near by light caught a
twinkle. I look to see what
could be twinkling so bright
and with glory. You see each
year Loflin Funeral Home
purchases just the right gift to
memorialize the passing of
loved ones. This years was
beautiful crafted glass angles
with name of the loved one
and their birth to passing dates
on this earth. A keepsake to
cherish for years and to certainly become a family heirloom. The program
for the night involved a welcome from Tyson Nixon, Manager, that thanked
all for coming. The night was filled with special music by Carla Ely, words
of hope and healing by Rev Eugene Dean. Tim Garrett and Tyson Nixon
read the names to those in attendance. The lighting of the candles were pre-
formed by Becky Canoy, Wynell Clapp, Larry Simmons, Jim Gailey and
Vicki Troxler. A simple note through out the night was , “ To Our Fami-
lies: Oh God, Bless our family and all its members and friends, bind us together by your love, Give us kindness
and patience to support each other, and wisdom in all we do. Let the gift of your peace
come into our hearts and remain with us. May we rejoice in your blessings for all our Great Christmas Gift
days, Amen” Others that helped from the funeral home was Sharon Fogleman,
Tony Foglman, Susan Foster and Hank Sanders. Thank you Loflin Funeral
Home for continuing your great service to our community.

As Low As
God’s Song $40

You may see the title and wonder, God’s Song. What is he writing about now. Well
this past month a dear friend of mine sang at the Freedom Family Church. Several in
the area know her, it is the local talent of Aprille Miller. She allowed God to use her

gift of voice to speak to us all, but this time she did one that caught me by surprise.
You see she told us she had a unique song, that she felt came from God. It is a song
that is made up of parts of several of our favorite gospel songs. Aprille told us that

she sat there and just started to sing. One part of a song just fell beautiful in to the
We install iPod, Bluetooth, and
next. As she sung her song, it was breath taking, the church was in full emotion from
XM or Sirius Radio, along with
how the song lines built the beautiful story of Gods Love. Aprille, I would like to say
Car Alarms and GPS but Window
thank you for allowing to share this with the world.
Tint and Stereo is our specialty.
All Llumar window tint products
Denise’s and JBL/Pioneer Car
Audio equipment.
Pet Salon
336-622-0492 Protect yourself from skin cancer. Harmful UV rays from the sun can
cause skin cancer. Tinting your car can block 99% of these damaging rays.
A Professional with 20 years experience
Call me today on specials for window tinting. 336-267-6668 Doug Alston
Denise Teague
9 603 E Teague Ave- Liberty
15th District American Legion Meeting Liberty American Legion Post 81
Hosted by Lexington Post 8 15 November 2009 604 South Greensboro Street Liberty Tire & Auto
Meeting 12 November 2009
Blessing was by Department Chaplain Garey Gulludge and Blessing by Cary A. McMasters….Meal of turkey,
232 N Greensboro St-Liberty
meal was home made Vegetable Soup provided by Ameri-
can Legion Post 8 with meeting to follow.
dressing, green beans, yams, apples, rolls, desserts-- Ph 622-2248
meal was prepared by Earl Morin & Perry Marbert. (40
Meeting was opened by District Commander Tommy Par- present) Meeting opened by District Commander
Passenger, Farm & Truck Tires
ham after the opening prayer by Chaplain Cary McMasters, Tommy Parham with prayer by Chaplain Henry Galary. Auto Repair—NC Inspections
POW/MIA Ceremony, Pledge of Allegiance, and Preamble Commander Parham saluted the colors, and did the
was lead by the Commander Parham. POW/MIA Ceremony. A quorum was declared and the Custom Wheels
meeting proceeded. Auxiliary Unit 81 President Jeane
Roll Call of Officers and Post present were as follows;
District Commander….Tommy Parham..Post 81 Stutts spoke briefly on the fundraiser and the ladies Oil Changes,
District Vice Commander Harold Wilson..Post 8
District Adjutant… Ritchie York… Post 81
were excused. Minutes from the October meeting were
read by Assist. Adjutant Ritchie York. Terry Stutts & more
District Chaplain.. Cary A. McMasters.. Post 81 moved to approve the minutes as read and seconded by
Earl Morin. Motion carried.
Post 8….7 Correspondence: 15th District Meeting ..November 15,
2009 at 1P.M. at Lexington Post 8.
Post 41…1
Membership stands at 190 now….33 ahead of last Locally
Post 45..0
Post 81…3
Next Meeting will be 12 December 2009 at 6p--- Our
Owned /
Post 162…5 Annual Christmas Party & Ladies Night, Policeman, Operated
Post 255…4 Fireman & EMS to be recognized. Letters to be mailed
Post 284…2 to membership for the event, & members attending the
party asked to bring food for the Liberty Food Bank.
A total of 27 members and guests were present. Guests pre- Clean up days to start on December 07, 2009 at 9a.m.
sent were Bill Oxford—candidate for Department Need all the help we can get.
Commnder. Garey Gulledge, Department Chaplain. Joel Flag Retirement Ceremony and Honoring the Veterans
Lipsay—candidate for Division III Commander, Patricia at Liberty Public Library Saturday 15 November 2009
Harris—candidate for Division III Commander. Cary at 10:00 a.m. Boy Scout Troop 502 from Liberty will
McMasters,PDC and Jerry Hedrick, PDC & NECman. handle the ceremony……..Refreshments to follow cere-
mony. The Boy Scouts and Scout Leaders did an out-
Minutes were read and approved. The District Oratorical standing job. Darin Folwell sang several patriotic songs
Contest was brought up for discussion. We have one candi- and did an excellent job. The Veterans on hand received
date from Eastern Randolph confirmed and two more possi- eyelets from the flags for “GOOD LUCK”.
ble candidates. District Contest will be held on 23 January
2010 at 11:00 in Lexington. Location has not been finalized. Post Awards……Cardinal Award for Early Bird
membership by 31 August 2009.
Certificate of Appreciation for Pull Tabs ..80 lbs from
The Candidates …Joel Lipsky, Patricia Harris, and Bill the Ronald McDonald House in Durham.
Oxford spoke briefy on their ideas and plans if elected. De- Oratorical Contest…have one candidate from Eastern
partment Chaplain Garey Gulledge spoke on the need to get Randolph at this time…….hoping for more later.
the Post chaplains more involved at the conference level. Small Town Media Award was discussed and Terry
Cary McMasters, PDC spoke about the Scouts, High Ad- Stutts moved to submit a paper for the award and sec-
venture Awards—we had no one from the 15th district or onded by Earl Morin……..Motion Carried.
Division III. Jerry Hedrick..NECman spoke on membership Guy Troy…talked about the jazz Band to perform at Mr. Wally Waldridge, member of Post 81, Liberty, re-
and that Ken Elliott is the Department’s new Webmaster. the Liberty Library on Sunday 15 November 2009 at ceives a check for $500.00 from 15th District Com-
Ellis Wheeler, Department Webmaster—passed away on 12 2p.m. Wally and Eva Walridge were recognized for mander, Tommy Parham. Mr. Waldridge won the
November 2009. winning a $500.00 cash prize from the North Carolina
money in a raffle drawing sponsored by the American
American Legion Raffle. First prize was a new Car or
Truck. Wally won the 7th prize and was at our meeting Legion, Department of North Carolina. A raffle is held
The next District meeting will be on 16 May 2010 at Lib-
erty American Legion Post 81 at 1p with a meal and meet- to pick up his check. Sick Call: Kristin Stutts, Herbert annually. The top prise is either a pickup truck or auto-
ing to follow. The District Executive Committee which con- Handley, ,John F. Smith, Ellis Wheeler..Burgaw Post mobile. Several cash prizes are also given. The proceeds
sist of Post Commanders and Adjutants will have a slate of 165. from the raffle supports programs of the American Le-
Officers for the coming year and Legionnaire of the year for Due to Wheeler’s illness, Ken Elliott from Edenton, gion. (Left to Right)
the District to vote on. N.C. will keep up the website until June. Tommy Parham, 15th Dis-
With no further business, meeting was adjourned in due Jerry Toms won the 50/50 and donated it back to the
Post. With no further business and closing prayer by trict Commander, Eva
form by Commander Tommy Parham. Waldridge, Wally
Chaplain Henry Galary the meeting was closed in due
Respectively submitted, form by District Commander Tommy Parham. Waldridge, and PDC Cary
Ritchie York, Respectfully submitted, McMasters.
15th District Adjutant Ritchie York.. Post 81 Assist. Adjutant

Liberty Barber Shop Fitness Classes—All Fitness Levels Welcome

More Than Just Exercise !
131 W Swannanoa Ave
Downtown Liberty 6:00 am Cardio Kickboxing (MWF)
Tue-Fri 8:00am to 6:00pm 6:00 pm Core Fitness (T,Th)
Sat 8:00am to 12:30pm
Brian Riggs-Owner / Operator Earth Visions, Inc.
Phone 336/302-9290 Call 622-1844 ——5264 York Martin Rd., Liberty, NC 27298
The Liberty Library—Something For Everyone
Just this past week, our local library shined out. Well let me start from the beginning. Me and
friend of mine from church is helping the local boy scouts get their computer merit badge. By the
way, these young men amaze me, own how much they new about computers from scratch. Well
on to the story. I got to the next to the
last class session and realized that I had
about 15 boyscouts that all needed to be
on a computer at the same time.
Yikees….we only have two laptops.
Well that is when I remembered all the
computers that the Liberty Library had.
Well with out hast I called our friendly
librarian and with a twinkle in her eye,
she said, It is done. She closed down the
computer section for one night to allow
all the boyscouts to work on their com-
Liberty, NC puter merit badge. Well also that night,
Ph 622-2056 Carol, another friendly face of the Li-
brary, was working (even though it
Ph 362-4856 looked more like having fun) with a
group of young elementary school age
kids. They were working on decorations for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day. Wow...I thought,
that looked so much like fun. You can see some of the children and their creative work in the
picture. That is when I realized, that library serves ages 1 to 99. From the story time for pre- schoolers, to the arts and crafts for school agers, to computers for school homework to adults that
do not have internet at home, to all ages for books, movies, videos, and more. Well the list goes
on. Sometimes we forget about all the great resources we have around until we need it. I would
Now Accepting Visa, MasterCard & Debit Cards like to send out a great big thank you to all the staff at Liberty Public Library for always being
there with a door wide open and big old smile. See you next time at the Library.

Liberty Assoc Of Churches

Canned Meats (tuna, chicken, turkey and salmon), low
sugar canned fruit, rice, dry beans, spaghetti sauce and
pasta. Your Gifts To The Liberty Association Of Churches
FOOD PANTRY are very welcome. Folks in our community are
in need. Call 622-8312
Free Estimates-
Mowing– String Trimming–
Trimming– Leaf Blowing–
Blowing– Chainsaw
Fertilizer/Seeding– Small Tractor Work

Troop & Pack 502’s Veterans’ Day Celebration

held Saturday, November 14th at Liberty Li-
brary. Thanks to everyone for all their support
to make this possible, & most of all a huge
Thank YOU to all our Veterans & current mili-
tary personnel serving. Freedom isn’t

Check Out Our New Web Site Remember our current and
WWW.ATOUCH OFHOME.ORG past military during the com-
ing holiday. As always re-
member the first to die for
Jesus Christ.
11 Give Us A Call 622-2847 or 685-5102
Sad Day In Paradise
(Paid Advertisement By Sunsations Video & Tanning)
The purpose of this article is to explain to my customers why Sunsations Video & Tanning closed the doors with
Tropical Tanning, Nail & Hair
no notice and to apologize for this unfortunate situation. As the owner, I take full responsibility for the failure. I placed a lot of Ida Glidwell-Lic. Manicurist & Nail Techn.
trust in several people and I made a mistake believing that those people would run these stores the same way I would. Un- Chris McMaster -New Hairstylist
fortunately, by the time I took over the operations, we were too far gone. I have personally made numerous attempts to pro- Four Tanning Beds-(All New Bulbs)
vide Liberty and its community with good businesses and services. I have owned five businesses in this town and the same 5509 Butler Rd, Liberty, NC
situation has been an issue in all five businesses which has included seven locations. Customers simply want more for less.
The “more for less” mentality doesn’t make good consumers bad people but it does make good businesses look managed by Phone 622-1263
bad business owners. Since I purchased Sunsations in 2004, we grew our salon from 200 tanners to more than 600 tanners. “Where Looking Good Is Understood”
Most customers have been seasonal and some have been fairly loyal unless of course a salon down the road runs a special
for $5.00 less. Never the less, Sunsations has remained loyal to its customers by constantly making investments to upgrade Winter Hours
or improve the quality of service. Sunsations, under my ownership, began in the Hardin’s Florist building on Asheboro Street.
After nine prosperous months, I invested the profits along with more than $25k to relocate the Salon to the shopping center Mon to Thu 10 to 8 / Fri 10 to 6 / Sat 9 to 1 / Closed Sunday
and installed two new Soltron Bronzer beds. Customers wanted newer equipment but nobody wanted to spend extra money _____________________________________________________
for nicer equipment and facilities. The following year I spent $52k more to install two larger upgrade beds and expand the November & December Specials
salon, yet again people complained that $10 more dollars per month for nicer equipment than any other salon in our area
was too high. I lowered the rates and then only the regular customers continued to come and the salon still couldn’t pay the TANNING
bills. I cut jobs, cut amenities, I stopped stocking quantities of product and still people came in wanting the packages lower or Monthly Unlimited Tanning $25
they wanted, “A Deal”.In an attempt to strengthen my buying power, I bought the Climax Salon. Within 5 months we were
closing Climax and consolidating everything to Liberty. I consolidated the Salons and the Video Store to one location and still Buy A Month And Receive 10 Visits Free For Future Use
after 60 days we couldn’t even pay the power bill. Customers still tanned, bills still came in but sales continued to drop. I Recommend A Friend That Joins And
made every effort to keep the salon open but without warning an electrical malfunction started a snowball effect that I just Receive Three Free Visits
couldn’t correct. On September 29th I locked the doors and with an extremely heavy heart, I walked away. I returned to the
store every day several times a day to check for notes on the door. I have called every customer as soon as I received the HAIR
notes. I have not avoided a single call from any customer yet I have gotten a few calls from certain individuals stating I have Bring In Coupon And Receive $5 Off Perm Or Color
taken advantage of them and all of my customers. Some of these remarks have been very hurtful and disturbing to my-self
and my family. The sad part is that the majority of these comments have come from the same people that always wanted
something for nothing or a better “Deal”. I saw every customer not as a
client but a friend. I tried to treat every customer, client or friend equally,
fairly and with respect and in return, I have been labeled a swindler.
Maybe these people could tell that to the families of the people that I
helped pay for their funerals in Liberty because they were unable to
afford a proper burial. Tell that to the members of the Freedom Family
Church where I donated the bouncy unit for the community Fall Festival.
Tell it to the Liberty Elementary Football Team that I donated money to
help pay for uniforms. Tell it to the Christmas Parade Comity to whom I
donated candy for the parade. Tell it to the local church I donated Christ-
mas wreaths for their church doors and the five needy families I donated
Christmas trees in 2007 so they could enjoy the spirit of Christmas. Tell
it to Eastern Randolph High School and Providence Grove High School
Band Boosters from whom I buy ads or donated money or U-Haul trucks
for different functions to benefit their schools. Tell it to the people I fi-
nanced cars to and when they couldn’t make the payment I signed the
title over because I understood where they came from. As for the
“Salon”, tell it to the 80 plus Climax customers I gave a free month of
tanning to come to Liberty and tan or a free $30 bottle of lotion after we
closed the Climax location. Maybe if everyone took into account the
history of a person or the circumstances leading up to a person’s current
situation, we as people would be more understanding or show a little
consideration for an attempt to correct a problem. Unfortunately we live
in a society of gossip, self concern and individualism. Last but not least
I leave you all with not doubt of my plans. I hope to reopen the salon and
video store in December. I have no intention on refunding any customer
for tanning time purchased. If I do it for one I should do it for all and I am
not in a financial position to do this. I will however, honor any unused time a customer had effective September 29, 2009 and
forward. I will most likely provide those people with extra time but that amount of time has not yet been determined. I am very
sorry for any inconvenience this has caused any customer, client or friend. To those that have spread such terrible rumors, I
Happy Thanksgiving
forgive you and I hope you too can accept my apologies. To those of you that have continued to call and offer your support From Foxes Turkey Farm
and wishes of a
speedy recovery, In Liberty
thank you all. I miss
you all period, good
bad and indifferent.
Selling Fresh Turkey
For the time being
please send com-
For The Holiday Meal
ments and any corre-
spondence to the
below address. Until Call Now
we meet again, God
Bless you all. To Place Your
C/O James Bishop, Order
PO Box 1049, Lib-
erty, NC 27298 622-4316
Liberty Senior Center
Upcoming Events
Coffee & Tea Lovers Book Club
The Rietzel Liberty Senior Center is looking for
Garrett’s Florist
those interest in starting up an afternoon book 201 S Greensboro St—Liberty
For more information call club. Call 622-5844 Ph 622-4556
the Liberty
Senior Center At 622-5844 We have all your needs to make
Afternoon Line Dancing Classes this a Christmas to remember.
Thursday Afternoons 12:15 to 1:15 Poinsettias to roses, table ar-
Come Out Rietzel Liberty Senior Center Call 622-5844 rangements to cemetery needs
And Be Part Of and more.
All The Fun
Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri 8 to 5
At The Liberty Sampler Dancing Classes Wed, Sat 8 to 1
Senior Center Friday Mornings 9:00 to 10:15 am
We Deliver
Rietzel Liberty Senior Center Call 622-5844
You will be glad you
did.. see you soon.

The Thomas Family

Christmas Dance
Place: American Legion Post
South Greensboro St. Liberty
Date: Saturday Dec 19
Time: 8pm to 1am
Admission $10 per person
Dress Code: Casual, Formal
& Semi Formal
Come Out And Join In All The Ages 21 and up
Fun At Liberty Senior Center
128 S Fayetteville St
The Liberty Leader Newspaper
For Lunch and Activity Would Like To Wish Everyone
Reservations: A Great Big Merry CHRISTmas
Call the Center prior to Thank you for your support Let us help you bring the Christmas magic.

Noon the day before And encouragement over the year.

(336) 622-5844 Happy 60th
CHURCH Anniversary
Free Cup Of Coffee
Any Sunday Morning 8am to 10am
At FFC Coffee Bar A.J. and
Located At American Legion We look forward to
604 S Greensboro St, Liberty Lillian
Call 336-260-4516 Another great year of
Being your news source in the area. O Brient
The Liberty Repair Shop
Local Couple Celebrates 60 Years Of Marriage Advertise In
4288 Old Hwy 49 N—Liberty The Liberty Leader
Phone 336-455-2544 Mr A.J. and Mrs Lillian OBrient was married on November 27 in the year of 1949 at Give Us A Call
Cobles Lutheran Church In Julian, NC. They have resided in Liberty, NC. They
We Fit It All have been blessed with one daughter, Pamela Clapp (Son Inlaw Terry Clapp) . Two
grandsons Casey and Nioteo Clapp. Two great grandson Carson and Caleb Clapp,
two great granddaughters Carmon and Riley Clapp. They celebrated the 60th Anni-
versary on November 29 at Coble Lutheran Church fellowship hall in Julian, NC.
Mowers, Tillers, Weed-eaters, Dull Blades, ATV’s Almost 60 years to the date. Look at all the wonderful things that they
Vaccum Cleaners — Anything Else That Is Not Running 13 have accomplished.
We also do oil changes, brake jobs, and more for your automobile.
Can’t Get Out? That’s Okay… Call Us And We Will Pick It Up
LIBERTY — Mrs. Lucille Jones Andrews, 95, passed Ellison (Ronald) of Burlington and
away on Friday, November 27, 2009. A funeral service Barbara Hogan of Florence, S.C.; HOME OF LIBERTY
will be held at 1 p.m. on Monday at Liberty Friends Meet- five sons, Ron Hester (Sylvia) of 212 W Swannanoa Ave
ing. Loflin Funeral Home of Liberty has the honor of serv- Newport, Robert Hester (Sue) of
ing the Andrews family. Graham, John Hester of Julian, Liberty, NC 27298
LIBERTY — Junior Clarence Brown, 85, also known as Jim Hester (Brenda) of Elizabeth Ph 336-622-2256 Office
"J.C.", "Tom", and "Tommy", of Liberty, N.C., passed City, Mark Hester (Rhonda) of
away on Monday, November 23, 2009, at Durham V.A. Liberty; 10 grandchildren and
Ph 336-622-2258 Obit Line
Medical Center. seven great-grandchildren.
Homegoing services will be held at 2 p.m. on Sunday, At the family's request, in lieu of
Tyson Nixon, Manager
November 29, at Edwards Grove Missionary Baptist flowers, memorial contributions And Staff
Church, Liberty. Burial will follow at Amos Grove Ceme- may be made to: St. Joseph's
tery in Liberty . Catholic Church, Building Fund, Serving The Local Community
Tom was preceded in death by his wife, Sarah McNeil 512 W. Wainmann Avenue,
Brown, and seven sisters and two brothers. Asheboro, NC 27203 or Hospice New Obit Line 24//7
He leaves to cherish his memory, three children: Thomas and Palliative Care Center of Alamance-
Maurice Brown (Angelia) of Greensboro, and Harold Leo- Caswell, 918 Chapel Hill Road, Bur- Ph 336-622-2258
nard Brown and Sarah Joyce Brown, of the home; one lington, NC 27215.
granddaughter, Lora Laurice Brown of Durham; two Loflin Funeral Home of Liberty has the honor of serving the home; daughter, Lori Ann Turner, of the home; son,
grandsons, Rickey J. Burns II and Nicholas C. Burns, of The Hester Family. Josh F. Turner and wife, Tracy, of Liberty; sisters, Peggy
Greensboro. LIBERTY — Annie Mae Burnett Kimes, 69, passed away Turner and Denise Teague, both of Liberty; brothers,
The family will receive friends from 7 until 8:30 p.m. on on Monday, November 16, 2009. A graveside funeral Jody Turner of Staley and David Turner of Denton; grand-
Saturday, November 28, at Edwards Grove Missionary service will be held at 11 a.m. on Wednesday at Gilmore children, Grayson Turner, Seth Turner, and Alex Turner.
Baptist Church, Liberty, and other times at the family Memorial Park. LIBERTY — Mrs. Sarah McPherson Wright, 87, of Liberty
home located at 510 S. Kirkman Street, Liberty. Arrangements are by Loflin Funeral Home of Liberty. went home to be with the Lord on Tuesday, November
Kimes Funeral Service of Liberty is in charge of services. LIBERTY — Mr. John F. Smith, 84, of Liberty, passed 10, 2009 at Hospice Home of Alamance.
LIBERTY — Reba Hall "Bootsie" DiDonato went home to away on Saturday, November 21, 2009, at his home. She was a textile worker, a beautician and worked along
be with Jesus and her momma, daddy, sister and brother Funeral services will be private. The family will receive beside of her husband as a Poultry Farmer for over 65
on Thursday, November 5, 2009. friends from 6 until 8 p.m. on Monday evening at the fu- years and was a lifelong member at Pleasant Hill Chris-
Funeral services will be held at 12 noon on Monday, No- neral home. tian Church.
vember 9, at Forbis & Dick, Pleasant Garden Chapel. He was the son of the late Glen and Floy Vestal Smith A funeral service will be conducted on Friday, November
Interment will follow at Lakeview Memorial Park. and was also preceded in death by two brothers, Glen 13th at 11 a.m. at Pleasant Hill Christian Church with the
She leaves behind her son, Thomas "Toot" Johnson Jr.; "Buck" Smith and W. Jackson "Jack" Smith. Rev. Howard Spray officiating; burial will follow in the
two daughters, April and James Edwards and Bridgett Surviving are his wife of 57 years, Marie A. Smith, of the church cemetery.
and Kevin Wilmoth; grandkids, Caleb, Brandyn, Chey- home; one daughter, Cathy S. Duran (Michael) of Pleas- The family will receive friends on Thursday evening from
anne, Zack, Jason Jr. and Lyndsey, who all loved their ant Garden; two sons, Gary Smith (Sallie) of Greensboro 4:30 - 6:30pm at the funeral home.
MiMi dearly; brothers, Dave, Jim, Don, Jerry, Randy and and Mark Smith (Jodie) of Liberty; sisters, Ruth Foster She was the daughter of the late John Patton and
Mike; sisters, Diane, Kim, and Sheila; and a very special (Jud) of Greensboro, Anne Caviness (J.C.) of Liberty, and Blanche Griffin McPherson and was also preceded in
friend Pat Greene. Betty Faulkner (Bobby) of Winston-Salem; brothers, Wil- death her husband, Julius Clay Wright, Jr. and one
The family will receive friends from 11 a.m. until 12 noon liam Smith (Patsy) and A. Brower Smith (Erma) of Ram- brother, Dace McPherson.
on Monday, prior to the service. seur; ten grandchildren, Jessica S. Branch (Tommy), Surviving are one daughter, Becky McVey of Liberty; one
In lieu of flowers, donations are appreciated and may be Courtney Staley, Morgan Staley, Joseph Duran, Lyndsay son, Jimmy Wright and wife, Cathy of Burlington; three
sent to Mr. and Mrs. James Edwards at 6138 Old 421 Smith, Laine Smith, John Macon Smith, Whitney Smith, grandchildren, Kelly Overman, Julie Martin and Holly
Road, Liberty, NC 27298. Jordan Smith, and Connor Smith and one great- Tew; and five great-grandchildren, Elisabeth, Elijah,
SNOW CAMP — Mr. Oliver C. "O.C." Guthrie, Jr., died grandchild, Skylie Grace Thomas. Daniel, Michael, and Katie.
Thursday, November 19, 2009. LIBERTY — Terry Franklin Turner, 59, of 5231 Butler The family wishes to express their grateful appreciation to
The funeral service will be conducted at Rock Creek Road, Liberty, died Saturday, October 31, 2009, at his the Memory Care Unit of The Home Place of Burlington
United Methodist Church on Saturday, November 21, residence. and Hospice of Alamance.
2009 at 11 a.m. Memorial services will be held at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, No- Memorial contributions may be made to Ralph Scott Life
LIBERTY — Mrs. Helen B. Hester, 86, of Liberty passed vember 3, at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Liberty, with Services, 408 W. Trade Street, Burlington, NC 27217-
away on Tuesday, November 24, 2009 at Hospice Home Rev. Tim Friar officiating. Burial will follow in the church 2400.
of Alamance. cemetery. Loflin Funeral Home of Liberty has the honor of serving
She was a proud WWII veteran of the United States Ma- He was a native of Randolph county and was employed the Wright Family
rine Corps., where she obtained the rank of Sergeant. with Sandy Creek Golf Course as a greens superinten-
A funeral mass will be conducted on Friday, November 27 dent. He was a member of the Asheboro Masonic Lodge,
at 2 p.m. at The Loflin Funeral Home Chapel, officiated by and a member of the
Father Christopher Davis; burial will follow in Fairview Shriners.
The family will receive friends prior to the service from
He was preceded in
death by his parents,
We Have Checking Accounts
12:00 - 1:30 p.m. at the funeral home. Connie F. and Betty
Mrs. Hester was the daughter of the late Samuel and Brinkley Turner, and his
Katherine Mackowick Boileau and was also preceded in brother, Jeff Turner.
death by her husband, Ras W. Hester; son, Gene Hester Surviving are his wife,
and one granddaughter. Vicky Smith Turner, of
ing are
The Family Of Wayne Wright Of Staley
We would like to send out a big thank you to all the prayers, flowers, food
258 W. Swannanoa Ave.
and most of all friendship that was shown during this time of need. You have
PO Box 1125 Liberty, NC 27298
Kitty shown us more love than we can express in words. Office 336-622-2292
Thank You
14 The Family of Wayne Wright Fax 336-622-6014
Updates From Randolph County Economic Development Local Family To Sell Wreaths, Trees at Tree Lighting
Economic Outlook Cloudy It is a family tradition for the Mortons to spend each Thanksgiving picking out Christmas
Randolph County’s economy is weathering an historic economic storm. Unem-
trees in the North Carolina mountains. Not just one or two for their own home, but about 70
ployment remains at record levels at 11% down from over 12% earlier this year.
Businesses face great challenges ranging from loss of customers, credit constraints, or 80.
to declining revenue. Most are fighting hard to diversify product and service, find
new markets, and to right size their operations to a new economic reality. Some are Dawn and Tommy Morton, along with their children Taylor, Ashley and Josh, have been
seeking new partners through mergers and acquisitions and others are finding new selling grade A Christmas trees and wreaths for several years and for the first time, they will
opportunities amid the changing economic conditions. be at the Liberty Tree Lighting with some of those trees and wreaths. They are making a
The job picture remains challenging. A scan of 187 local industrial companies from special trip for the tree lighting trees to ensure they are extra fresh - they will be cut the Sat-
2007 to 2009 shows aggregate job loss of 5,349. The list includes companies across urday just before the event.
Randolph County, both small and large. Most of the job loss results from incre-
mental downsizing along with 12 businesses closing or relocating operations. "The crisp fresh scent of the pine boughs just get you in the Christmas spirit. I couldn't imag-
Looking only at jobs, 15% of the companies have added new jobs, 21% show stable
ine spending the Thanksgiving holiday with my family any other way," said Dawn. "And,
employment, and 64% have reduced employment levels. Our conversations with
companies across all business sectors show revenue declines ranging from 10-40% because we are a small operation with low overhead, our prices are well below other area
on average. On the positive side, we see innovation, investment in research & de- Christmas tree lots. We take great pride in the freshness and quality of our trees. I handpick
velopment, and productivity enhancements through lean, safety and quality pro- each one."
grams. Project activity has slowed for large projects but increased for small busi-
nesses and entrepreneurs. Business consolidation continues and Randolph County They will be located on Swannanoa Avenue next to the old Brewer Agency building. 12-
often benefits as capacity is transferred to our existing industries. inch wreaths are just $13, 6-7 foot trees are $35, and 7-8 foot trees are $45. If you are inter-
In response to the current economic challenges, there are several new programs and ested in a larger tree, place your order by Friday, December 3 by calling 672-1732.
initiatives to help businesses. These programs in financing, energy, community
development, marketing and trade are highlighted in this newsletter. Contact the
EDC for more information or visit
Business Announcaments
The Town of Liberty was approved for the NC Small Town Main Street Program,
a program to provide technical assistance to small towns seeking to revitalize their
downtown districts. Liberty business owners and community leaders kicked off the
program this month to improve the physical environment while maintaining small
town charm.
North Carolina ranked #1 by Site Selection Magazine. North Carolina received A Wonderful Story Recently Crossed My Desk And Made Me Think
top ranking for the Best Business Climate in the US for the fifth year in a row and Nearly 70 years ago, a dad gave his little girl a toy monkey. She
eight of the last nine years. The "Top Business Climate" rankings are based on
named it “Jubilee.” Although friends believed the life like toy would
quantitative and qualitative factors that corporate site-seekers - those who help
companies expand or relocate - say they consider most important. Fifty percent of scare her, that gift shaped her life to the extent that she devoted her
the ranking comes from a survey of corporate site selection executives who were entire life to study of primate family structures. Today, the toy still sits
asked to rank their top 10 states, and 50 percent is based on 4 measures of new on her dresser. That little girl grew up to be the famed primatologist
plant activity. Jane Goodall. And to think it all started with that token on affection.
Isn’t that a great story? Let me share one thought of hers: “Every indi-
vidual makes a difference. We cannot live through a single day without making an impact on
the world around us. And we all have free choice– what sort of difference do we want to
make? Do we want to make the world around us a better place, or not?
For years, the joy of my life has been helping people. I have made nu-
merous friends through church, through the newspaper, through com-
munity service, through family and through coworkers. We are all hard-
working people whose lives impact others. Hopefully, we have also
made the world a little better. So with the upcoming Christmas holiday,
what can you do to impact the world around you?

Connie's Cleaning
From Dreamcather Farms Office Building's and Churches

Have you thought about: Office Building Reference

1) Giving your pet a present Church Reference
(we have them) ARE AVAILABLE!!!
2) Getting your pet groomed
for the holidays Duties Include- Sweep, Mop, Vacuum, Dust,
(we do that) Bathrooms, and take out the
3) Need a day to shop and not
Garbage etc...
worry about your pet
Owner—Laurie McDaniel REASONABLE PRICES!!!
(we can do that) Treats & Toys Low Rates WEEKLY, BI- WEEKLY, AND MONTHLY
Bandanas & Bows Nature Walks OPTIONS
15 Give us a call 685-0795
Liberty Boy Scout Troop Wraps Up Weeks Of Turkey Shoot Liberty Tax Throws
This was a great place to hang out and be a real man. Block Party
Well as the title states, this is a great for
young men (being boy scouts) to hang Well it is hard to believe that
out and do real men things. You are a year has passed since Lib-
probably saying, yeah…. Well we have
lost a lot of the old time outdoor skills. erty Tax opened up in down-
Young men do not have the opportunity town Liberty. But with keep-
to partake of these old skills. Here you ing with tradition, Liberty
can step up to an open fire barrel to get Tax threw a free block party.
warm, take your aim and shoot at the The Statue of Liberty’s where
paper target, those that get closest get a
in full form, moving and
point. A time to pick on another in a
joking manor. It was a great time to be grooving and pointing the
had. Seeing friends pull up and joke way to free food, fun and
around and carry on conversation. No fellowship. All of last years
TV, No Cell Phone, No Computers, just customers were invited plus
the great outdoors. Actually the troop the doors were open to all the
leader said the monies from this event will go to pay for their upcoming camping trip. So
for those do not know what a turkey shoot is , well below is a rough idea of the history of a new friends that wanted to
turkey shoot. A Turkey Shoot: Most people picture a place in the backwoods. Targets stop in. The current class is
nailed to a post, tree, or hung from an finishing up for tax school
old clothes line and a handful of Old and they will be having an-
Timers testing their luck with their other course around January
trusty shotguns. Turkey Shoots have
that will be a rapid learning
probably been around since the inven-
tion of the gun and this 'vision' of the class. Give them a call to
past still exists, year round. Many are learn more. The block party
seasonal, and it may surprise the novice had local DJ , Ben Suggs of
to learn that the 'season' for some is in Southern Comfort and new
the dead of winter... snow, a burn barrel editor the Ramseur Review.
to warm your hands while you wait your
turn, and, if you're lucky, an outhouse. You name it he had it. We
It could be logical to assume that the even had a special request
other seasons were occupied by plant- called . “Ben” by Michael
ing, harvesting, building and whatever Jackson. Well how did this
else was necessary to survive. It could song come up. You see the
also be that sheer boredom and cabin fever played a role! In any case, the tradition lives
tax preparers know more than
on, but it has also grown and expanded. Today you'll find Turkey Shoots in huge buildings
built specifically for this purpose. Build- just taxes and figures. You
ings that sometimes include, heat, air see, we debated about a song
conditioning, indoor plumbing, electric- that Michael Jackson wrote
ity, furniture and even kitchens so that we that was a love song written
can take our chances at cleaning a target for a mouse. Well the DJ had
with all the comforts of home. There are,
of course, many stories and opinions as to and played it. Well I learned
how it all started... But when in Liberty, something that night. The
you always have the local boy scouts streets had dancers doing every
turkey shoot that is one of their fundrais- kind of dance you can image. My
ers. favorite part was the food line.
You had your choice of beverage,
hotdogs with all the fixings and oh
yes, did I mention the best bar-
tender (yes it was just coke prod-
ucts, but he served them up just
perfect) and the sweet southern
lady showing off one of her many
talents. Well the fun did not stop
there. The kids could get face
painting to free jumping in the
moonwalk. All of this is just one of
CALL 866-658-6487 the many community services Lib-
UNITS Mobile Storage can make your holi-
days smoother and less cluttered. Let UNITS erty Tax provides to the commu-
make your holidays less stressful by provid- nity. Free door prize drawings were
ing extra storage for de-cluttering for your given out for a free tax return. Yes,
holiday parties and the Christmas tree, family
gatherings, and a locked area for those gifts
sad but true, tax season is just
that need to be hidden until Christmas! around the corner.
16 When you call, please refer to this Ad.
YOU DESERVE rest and relaxation.
Give yourself, loved one, friends
Bring your Prescription & your Pain to
Earth Visions, Inc.
Phone 336-622-1844
Novella Kennedy, LMBT
NC Lic.# 4586

Williams Insurance & Associates, Inc.

Brad Williams, Agent
415 W Swannanoa Ave—Liberty, NC
We’re The Team You Can Count On!

Call to find out the difference a second opinion can make.

18 "what lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us" Ralph Waldo Emerson
Community Pulls Together
This is they type of story I love to share about our community. That would be about a little town of
Liberty that when they see a need the whole community pulls together. This is the story of how a
strong young man named , Luke Alderman, a 11 year old diagnosed with Burkitt’s Leukemia
and is the son of Michael & Sandy Alderman-, a kindergarten teacher at Liberty Elementary has
been battling this disease. Well the prayers and support from local family and friends have been
going on for several months, but through the teachers at the local Liberty School, well in other
words, they stepped up to the plate to help the family out. This is a strong struggle for a familyVintage, Thrift And Gift Shop
both emotionally and financially and this is where the need was saw. The teachers pulled together 129 W Swannanoa Ave– Downtown Liberty
in matter of weeks to put on a benefit for Luke. I as I walked around on this autumn Saturday dur- Phone 336-622-6223
ing the event I was at awe of all the love and community togetherness I witnessed. As I pulled
down the street I saw cars parked in every spot that was empty, a massive outpouring of people
from volunteers to attendees. Then as I opened the door of my vehicle the air was filled with fresh Need That Special Gift Let Us Find It For You
cooked chicken. I ventured back toward the gym and there was a huge Tyson Chicken truck that New Items Added Daily Something For Everyone
had brought the cases of chicken. Then under tents was the cookers, sweating over the deep fryers
but with smiles from ear to ear. They was embracing the moment and enjoying being part of event.
New Expanded Hours—Call 622-6223 For Times
Then I ventured in to the cafeteria and there my eyes did not know where to look first. To my left
New Items Arriving Daily
were tables that stretched the length of wall of nothing but home baked pies and cakes donated for
the school auction. Then on stage on teacher gave a testimony to the group of encouragement and Special Artist Etched Glass Christmas Balls
then three lovely ladies brought grand music to our ears. The stage behind was lined with numer- (Only Available At Awesome Finds)
ous donated items for the benefit auction. Every table was filled with people partaking of Only A Few
the food and numerous to go orders were traveling out the door. As I ventured back to
the kitchen, it was like an orchestra, arms in unison serving the plates. Then I heard a Days To
child say, lets so , lets go mom to the gym. Well I followed to the gym and there was Christmas
face painting and inflatable's of
all arrays for the children to s
Benefit for partake fun and folly on. Well
ended sdays
Luke Alderman the purpose was achieved for E hur *
11 year old diagnosed the two areas that needed assis- On T WAY**
A Y A te s
with Burkitt’s tance was filled the emotional ***L t Certifica
Leukemia Gif
tank was temporarily filled due
(son of Michael & to the family seeing the huge
Sandy---kindergarten outpouring of love shown and
teacher at Liberty
the financially tank was not quite as empty as before but it was not
Call 622-2253 or filled. You can continue to show the family love and help them with
622-3619 for more info the huge mountain of bills by donating to a special account setup at
Account Setup the Liberty branch of Wachovia. So if you look at this story and the
At Liberty Wachovia pictures below you will see what I see, a community of Love, a
community that cares for its own, a community that steps up to the
plate at time of need. This is why I love to call Liberty my home.
You can still help this young man and his family out. Thank you Liberty for continuing to show to everyone who we are.

Can you guess where we are talking about?
A New Section In The Liberty Leader. Each issue we will learn about some
locations in our fine state. Our kids should not be the only ones learning at
school, we are never to old to keep learning.
First came the railroad, then the church, next the school and they named
it all after a college professor.
Anytime is a great time to visit this week’s community.
Wingate is just twenty-five miles east of Char-
lotte on Highway 74, but residents here love
the slower pace of this family friendly town.
Not long after settling near the rail turnout
residents built Meadow Branch Baptist Church,
then a school they named after professor
Charles Manly Wingate from Wake Forest Col-
lege. The school’s split schedule allowed chil-
dren to help harvest the cotton crop.

In 1896 they renamed the town after the

school. During the Great Depression the son of the police chief in nearby
Monroe wanted to go to college but couldn’t afford the tuition. The president
of Wingate College told young Jesse Helms to come on, they could figure out
payment later. Helms never forgot this act and, in 1988, donated all his pa-
pers to the school. The Jesse Helms Center features memorabilia and a rep-
lica of the Senator’s office.

Visitors and residents love the daffodils that adorn the streets and sidewalks
Hours: each spring but anytime is a good time to visit Wingate, our Carolina Com-
Mon—Thur munity.
11am to 2pm / 6pm to 9pm
Friday 11am to 2pm / 6pm to Until Bethany United Methodist Church Celebrating Its 175th Year
Closed Saturday & Sundays Bethany United Methodist Church which is
Phone 336-622-5007 located at 6151 Bethany Way, Troy Estate
Located Downtown Liberty At 161 S Greensboro St Road, West of Liberty holds worship service
at 9:30am and Sunday School at 10:30am
every Sunday. The church will be celebrating
Monday Tuesday our 175th anniversary of their church this
Special Special year. The Anniversary Service will be help on
Jr Cheese January 10, 2010 at 11:00am, with our District
2 Hot- Burger Fry Superintendant, the Rev. Dr Duke Isom speak-
ing. The public is invited to attend. A covered
dogs & Drink dish lunch will follow. Be on the look out in
$1.50 $5.15 our next issue as continue our story about the
history of Bethany United Methodist Church.

Come Visit Us For Some Great Food

Sandwiches, Plates, Appetizers, Salads, Great Sides, Everyone Is Invited
and the list goes on.
Bethany United Methodist Church - Turning 175 Years Of Service
Do Not Forget About Our Game Room January 10th , 2010—11:00am


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9am to 1pm
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955 420 S Greensboro St Hours:

Mon To Fri
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Liberty NAPA Ph 622-7882 7:30 am to Noon
Closed Sundays
420 S Greensboro St, Liberty
Graphic Design Students Aid Historic Landmark The teams began with research, going into five DeAna
Preservation Commission districts of Randolph County to survey residents, includ- Ramirez said,
ing Archdale/Trinity, Asheboro, Randleman, Seagrove, “Our team came
ASHEBORO (November 24, 2009) – Four and Ramseur/Franklinville. A total of 275 surveys were up with a comic
advertising agencies are competing for the business of a completed, according to student Ryan McGinnis of Char- book. I thought we
new client. The agencies research the company’s back- lotte, who acted as the survey analyst for the group. had done a lot of
ground and philosophy, develop creative briefs outlining Questions covered topics such as how long the respon- research already,
their concepts and strategies for a brand identity and logo dent has lived in Randolph County, familiarity with the but we just barely
for the client, then produce collateral pieces such as post- Historic Landmark Preservation Commission, and what scratched the sur-
ers, brochures, and billboards. A budget is drawn up. would spark an interest in historic landmarks. face. There is a lot
Lastly, the agencies present their unique creative ideas to “We found out a lot of people don’t know a lot more we could
the client for about the county’s history,” said student Kimberly do.”
consideration. Easterday. “Nor did they know about the Commission,” “I learned
This is a typi-said student Gigi Burkhalter, “and what they were inter- how much more
cal scenario inested in is having this be a part of the education in than actual design
the business schools and cultural events.” goes into a project
world. What is McGinnis added, “A lot of people were also like this,” said
not typical in interested in having a county museum.” In addition to the Kevin Smith. “It is
survey, the students read minutes of the previous Com-
this situation is not just sitting
that the four mission meetings and studied the demographics of behind a com-
agencies are Randolph County. puter. It has Commission .Presentation 3:
not competing Thrall said after the research was done, the stu- changed my opin- RCC student Gigi Burkhalter pre-
– they are all dents narrowed down the audience to target audiences. ion about what sents her team’s concepts to the
part of the Some groups chose parents, some younger people. graphic design is. Randolph County Historic Land-
same class of “From there, they started looking at some creative strate- You have to be a mark Preservation Commission,
Advertising gies,” she said. good thinker.” while teammate Ryan McGinnis
and Graphic Burkhalter, who is creative director of the Shaw (background) handles the Power-
Design stu- “Made by Giant” agency, said, “Our team decided to concluded, “The Point presentation
dents at propose a kickoff event, a ‘History Hop’ with storytell- students have
Randolph ers, local live music, vendors, and tours of different land- learned to do a lot of writing with this project.” They
Community marks, focusing on youth and families.” Easterday, of created a complete proposal that accompanied their pres-
College, Graphic Candy agency or G Candy for short, said their entation that included background, logo, budget, media
Commission Presentation 1: working on a agency came up with the theme, “History is the present.” releases, and a contract. “Next semester, these students
Randolph Community College Adver- logo and will move to working on their portfolios. They will work
tising & Graphic Design student De- brand iden- on similar projects individually, instead of in teams.”
Ana Ramirez is ready to answer ques- tity for the The students participating in the project and
tions about her team’s branding and Randolph their hometowns, divided by agency teams, were as fol-
logo presentation to the Historic Land- County lows: 1) JB Creative Agency – Jamie Kellis of Troy,
mark Preservation Commission. Historic account executive; Sterling Kinley of Asheboro, creative
Landmark director; Rebecca Craven of Asheboro, art director;
Preserva- Brandon Canter of Lexington, media buyer, and Will
tion Com- Gomez of Asheboro, designer; 2) Made by Giant Agency
mission. The groups presented their ideas to the Com- – Tiffany Auman of Archdale, account executive and
mission at a special meeting on Monday. media buyer; Gigi Burkhalter of Greensboro, creative
After the four presentations, Commission director; Ryan McGinnis of Charlotte, art director;
Chairman Hal Johnson said, “Wow! Did we get our Meghan Kinley of Asheboro, designer; 3) Graphic Candy
money’s worth or what?” He commended the students Agency – Kimberly Easterday of Asheboro, account ex-
and instructors for their work. “I understand we’ve got ecutive; Bryan “Baxter” Nicholson of Lexington, crea-
a problem…trying to pick one of these,” said another tive director; Matt King of Kernersville, art director;
Commission member. Johnson said the Commission Commission Presentation 2: Kristin “Nikki” Boling of Randleman, media buyer;
would consider all the proposals and make a decision One of the creative strategies presented to the Commission Sarah Price of Lexington, designer; and 4) Forte Grafika
on what part of the proposals they might use at a sub- by the RCC students was a comic book to educate children Agency – Richard “Bryan” Kennedy of Denton, account
sequent meeting on Dec. 16. on the history of Randolph County. executive; Franklin “Doug” Milloway of Trinity, creative
The Commission approached Dr. Robert director; DeAna Ramirez of Ft. Worth, Texas, art direc-
Shackleford, RCC president, about a year ago about tor; Doyle Hinkle of Asheboro, art director; Jamie Hiatt
the possibility of the students developing a new logo for As far as competition between the teams, Shaw of Liberty, media buyer; and Kevin Smith of Ramseur,
the group, said Susan Shaw, Advertising and Graphic said, “They are not learning to be secretive. They are designer.
Design instructor. In order to fit the project into the learning to collaborate. We do a lot of self-examination.
course curriculum, the scope was expanded to a full They give input on each others ideas.” Burkhalter agreed,
branding campaign. “The project encompasses two “There was definitely collaboration going on team to
classes, Graphic Design III and Design of Advertising,” team. You will see some similarities in our campaigns.”
said Shaw. “The students have been working on this The students came away with a lot of “real
since the middle of the summer.” world” lessons from the project. “I think the research
Twenty students were divided into four teams helped us to know what to go for when we designed the
and each team became an agency with its own name and logo,” said student Matt King. “If we had not done the
identity, said Cindy Thrall, adjunct instructor for Adver- research, we wouldn’t have the background to base it
tising and Graphic Design. Thrall teaches the business on.” Student Jamie Kellis concurred, “It’s really impor-
and marketing side of the curriculum. “They are set up tant to do the research first. When I first started here, I
like normal agencies with an account executive, a didn’t know the process of design. We spend half the
25 creative director, art director, etc. – the normal roles semester doing our brief and the other half working on
they would assume in the workplace.” everything else.”
Meets Each Sunday 9:30am
At American Legion Hut "Hi Liberty Leader, I'm the Bar-
gain Shop in Liberty . I have so
S Greensboro St, Liberty many volunteers that works with
Starting Sept 27 Services At me. I also have numerous people
that have donated their Christmas
8:00am and 9:30am decorations to me. So, we have
tons of Christmas items; decora-
So What Can You Expect At Freedom Family
tions, trees, trimmings. Wonder if
• Great Bible Preaching
you could put a line or two in the
• Great Worship Service
paper encouraging folks to stop
• Great Group Of Loving People
by and see our huge Christmas
• Great Kids Ministry
collection. Regards! The Liberty
• Great Student Ministry
Bargain Shop"
• Great Women’s Ministry
• Great Men’s Ministry
And Best Of All A GREAT GOD!! Everyday All Student Ministry Unite With Local Seniors
Can Experience A Growing Relationship With GOD At Their Sock Hop—A Seniors Prom
The Pastor from
Freedom Family
Church of Liberty
challenged the
church members to
provide service for
the month of November. Well that is exactly what they
did. For the Student Ministry, which is their youth, a Sen-
“Getting Kids iors Prom was on their agenda. The youth which is middle
Excited About and high school children, stepped out of their comfort
All New Program zone to provide a mid-day time of memories from
For Kids Church And day gone by. That did not stop the local seniors age
GOD!” 65 and over from the Liberty area from kicking up
their heels. I had the pleasure to stop in and visit.
They were decked out in their finniest . With smiles
and giggles the whole time, it was heart warming.
The interaction from a 15 year old to a 65 year old,
50 years of difference but one thing in common. That
would be, the greatest commandment of all , that the
Lord gave us, LOVE. The fun, the conversation, to
the dancing, it was amazing that this 50 years of dif-
ference did not cause one stumbling block. The youth
transformed the Liberty Showcase (which was gra-
ciously donated for FREE by Larry Alexander for
the youths project) into a sock hop. With vinyl re-
cords on the wall, something these youth do not re-
member. A spread of food from finger foods to home
made punch. The youth also had to create the flyers
to the planning. Great job guys.


Parts & Accessories For Manufacturing Housing
• Decks—Steps
• Experienced Service Department
• Insurance Claims
• Estimates
David B Gilmore
557 Coleridge Rd / HWY 22 Ph 336-824-2219
Ramseur, NC 27316 Fx 336-824-2325
Piedmont Wedding Show For Friends Faith Walkers 4
On November 14 the wedding fashion show was held free to the public and participating vendors of So what is Faith Walkers 4?
the Piedmont Triad Area. Divine Weddings and Be- Well I was amazed, this past
yond were happy to sponsor their first event, helping month we had this group
to raise money for Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer from Asheboro come visit
Test. Divine Weddings and Beyond™ consists of: our church and provide us
Diana Gardner-Williams-Landscape Design and Instal- with glorious worship music.
lation , Goforth Travel, Friendly Neighborhood DJ, Most of all it was not just
Central Floral Gardens, Inc., Create a Cake Catering, singing, but each of the sing-
Sabika Jewelry, Halls of Fitness and Hair I Do Make ers tied in their own personal
Up and Hair message. So lets, learn a little bit more about this group. “For we walk
We had the pleasure of having Stacia Harrington Pho- by faith, not by sight.” 2 Corn 5:7. Faith Walkers 4 takes pride in hav-
tography document our event with gorgeous pictures. ing the blessed ability to travel the regional circuit spreading the Gospel
The event consisted of: Short workshops provided by of our Lord and Savior. Called together a little more then 5 years ago,
Divine Weddings and Beyond™, Fashion show including wedding gowns, rehearsal dinner and bri- this quartet aims to glorify Christ through Southern Gospel Music, for
dal shower dresses, bridesmaid and mother of the bride gowns, Cake tasting, $3 glasses of wine, the sacrifice that was paid for the remission of our sin so many years
Door prizes including shrubs, make overs and more, A Grand Prize of $1000 worth of products and ago. From Asheboro, NC singing Bass and Lead vocals are Wayne and
services for one lucky bride and Picture taking in a photo booth Brenda Holbrook. This couple felt within their hearts the desire to
Donations were collected at the registration desk for Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test. The found FaithWalkers in 2004. Armed most importantly with the an-
fashion show was made possible by the volunteer models and local bridal and consignment shops. nointed spirit of The Holy Trinity, the mission of this group is to reach
The models strolled through a custom designed arbor and adorned with plants, flowers and foliage out to every heart willing to listen, be it a lost soul, broken spirit, or fel-
for any wedding occasion. This permanent structure would comple- low Christian in need. Throughout the duration of this ministry, Faith-
ment most landscapes and used for many other festivities at the Walkers have had the opportunity to meet with and share their mission
home. with close friends and fellow groups such as The Messengers Three,
Other vendors that made this event possible were: Rubenesque for Called Out, Simeons Promise, Trinity Trio, Southern Grace, Brian Free
Less Consignment Shop, Mechelle’s Resale Shoppe, Songbirds Con- & Assurance, The Isaacs, The Kingsmen, Rick Strickland, The Jacobs
signment Shop, A Special Place Wigs (for chemotherapy patients), Family, Won Love, The DownEast Boys and so many more. However,
Guilford Woman Magazine, The Emerald Event Center, Good Time Photo Booth, and Laura Wil- beyond this celebration with friends and Loved Ones is the blessed pres-
liston of Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test ence of devine intimacy within the Holy Spirit of God. As this ministry
We are looking forward to another successful event to raise additional funds for Friends. continues to grow and move within the Leadership of our Lord, we
April 29th at the Emerald Event Center desire the Prayer of those willing to speak to the Father on our behalf.
Most importantly, we desire Prayer for those lost souls before it is eter-
from 5-8 on a Thursday evening nally too late. “God Bless... FaithWalkers 4 “is their comment to the
BRIDES, you don’t want to miss this grand prize, a princesses dream! readers. You can contact them at email, at
Those models interested in participating in our next wedding fashion show, please contact Nancy website at or check them out at their facebook
Briggs at site.
Those vendors interested in reserving a vendor
booth, please contact Diana Gardner-Williams at Randolph Co Health Dept Flu Vaccine
Those bridal, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, The Randolph County Health Depart-
second marriage gowns and tuxedo shops inter- ment has a variety of H1N1 vaccine
ested in showcasing their merchandise, please available that is suitable for many who
contact John Haskins or Clayton Halls at are at high risk of complications from or defeatthe- H1N1 flu. We are also now offering H1N1 flu vaccine to an additional target
Those wedding vendors interested in learning group which includes people 25
more on how to become a Divine Weddings and through 64 years of age with chronic
Beyond member, please contact Kari Sells or health problems or compromised im-
Betsy Goforth at mune systems. This added priority, goforth- group will now be able to receive the vaccine in addition to those in the for more information. previously identified target groups. It is important that these groups of
Happy Planting! people receive the vaccine, because they are at most risk of complications
Diana Gardner-Williams from the H1N1 flu.
Divine Weddings and Beyond™ Due to limited supply, H1N1 flu vaccine is currently available ONLY for
these target groups:
Pregnant women
Young people ages 6 months through 24 years
Healthcare and emergency medical services personnel
People who live with or care for children under 6 months of age
People 25 through 64 years of age with chronic health problems or
compromised immune systems
H1N1 flu vaccine is available, by appointment only, at the health depart-
ment. To make an appointment, or for more information, please call (336)
318-6FLU. There is no charge for the vaccine.

Merry “CHRIST”mas
From Liberty Leader Newspaper
Health Corner December 2009 Nurse’s Notes
Winter and Holiday Safety December 2009
It’s that time of year again, the air is getting cooler, the nights are If you need to have your Medicare Part D (which is your pre-
getting longer and the holidays are just around the corner. It is time scription plan) evaluated you need to do it before the December
to keep the house warm and start thinking about decorating for the 31, 2009. You can also check on your Advantage plans and make changes to them that
holidays. Everybody wants to have a cozy house that is beautifully will be effective on January 1, 2010, but it must be done by December 31, 2009. You
decorated for the friends and family that will drop by and visit
can call me at 622-4682 and set up an appointment. Starting in January through the end
throughout the season. It is also the time of year to be
of March you can also change your Advantage plans and have those changes become
especially aware of home safety. Please review the information in this article and make sure
your holidays and winter are happy and safe. effective the next month after you request a change. Also coming in January are new
guidelines for receiving extra help on Part B premiums and prescriptions co-pays. If
We all want our house warm and comfortable but we don’t want to spend a fortune in the you have applied in the past but where denied due to having to count life insurance and
process. For that reason you may be utilizing portable space heaters. Space heaters are help from family members you may now qualify. Call me at 622-4682 in January for an
popular because you can keep the overall house temperature somewhat low and use the port- appointment to see if you qualify and to fill out an application. I hope that everyone has
able heater to add extra warmth to the room you are in. Remember space heaters need to be a happy and safe Christmas and New Year. Keep checking the Nurse’s Notes in 2010
at least three feet away from any combustible materials – including furniture and curtains. for educational, informative and need to know events. I thank every one of you that
Never leave a child unattended in a room with a space heater and make sure to turn the came out last month for the health fair and hope to see even more of you next Novem-
heater off when you go to bed. NEVER use a space heater to dry clothing. If you heat your ber for another HEALTH FAIR.
house with a wood stove there are some basic steps you need to take to prevent house fires. Lori Ann Cobb RN, FCN
You need to have your chimney professionally cleaned every year. Install at least one
smoke detector on every level of your home and inside or near sleeping areas. Keep young
children away from wood stoves and fire places. If you use a fireplace make sure that a
Artist Hang Up
sturdy screen or glass door is in place to keep hot embers in the fireplace. Winter time is apt Deliver Work - Friday, December 11 , 2009 th (10am – 6pm)
to bring storms that can cause power outages. Stock up on batteries, flashlights, portable Opening Reception – Tuesday, December 15 , 2009 (5:30pm –
radios, canned foods, manual can openers, bottled water and blankets. Also remember to 7:30pm) Exhibition dates – November, December 15th – 31st, 2009
never use a gas or charcoal grill inside the house or in a closed space like a garage. Also, if Have you ever thought about having your artwork hang in a gal-
you use a portable gas powered electric generator, remember these must ALWAYS be run lery? Well this is your chance. In December, the Randolph Arts
outside. If used inside or in an enclosed space carbon monoxide will build up. Guild is opening its gallery for artists of all media and from all
walks of life to share their works of art with the community. The
Safety needs to be a top priority when decorating as well. Inspect all lights carefully to premise is simple; each artist is allowed to bring up to three pieces of his or her art to
make sure the cords are in good shape. If any of the cords are cracked or damaged throw hang up and display. All the Randolph Arts Guild asks is that each artist consider
them away and buy new ones. When you buy new lights look for a safety label such as UL making a small donation to help cover the costs of the exhibition.
or ETL. If you are placing lights outdoors make sure the lights are approved for outdoor
Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, or even if this is the first work of art
use. Also, if using any electric decorations outdoors, plug them into an outlet that is ground
fault circuit interrupt protected. Do not run extension cords under rugs and try to keep them you’ve ever created, thisthis the prefect time to share it with others. All works are to
away from areas where people walk. Only replace burned out bulbs with bulbs of exactly be delivered on Dec. 11 , 2009 from 10am – 6pm, with the artist’s name, address,
the same size and wattage. We all love candles at holiday time but they can be dangerous. and title on the back. If the work is for sale, please list the price, but know that 25%
Keep all candles at least three feet away from items that can burn. Also make sure that you of the sale price goes to support the Randolph Arts Guild.
blow out all candles when you leave the room or when you go to bed. Also, candles need to The Opening Reception will be held, December 15 , 2009 from 5:30pm – 7:30pm.
be placed on sturdy tables and need to be located where they will not be knocked down or Please note that these dates differ from the published 2009 Sara Smith Self Gallery
blown over. Always keep candles out of reach of children and pets schedule and as always the opening reception will be free and open to the public.
The Randolph Arts Guild is “Your window to the arts in Randolph County” providing
Christmas tree safety: If you set up a real tree for Christmas please make sure that the nee- classes, workshops, exhibitions and much, much, more. For more information about
dles on the tree are green and that they do not break off easily. When buying the tree bend a the exhibition please call 336-629-0399, or email
few needles in half, if they snap in two the tree is too dry and you should look for a tree
where the needles spring back to their
original shape. When you take the tree
home put it in a sturdy, non-tip stand CLIMAX FAMILY PRACTICE
filled with water. Give the tree plenty of
water; dry trees can catch fire very eas- 674-8237
ily. Keep the tree at least three feet
away from any flame or heat source. Welcoming new patients —Visit our website at:
Put your tree near the electrical outlet
that the lights will be plugged in to and
do not block any portion of the exit from Or “Climax Doc”
the room.

When you bring your tree home

remember STAR to help ensure
you enjoy your tree safely.
Space: Keep your tree at least $$$$$$$$$$
three feet away from any heat WE SAVE YOU
source or fireplace.
Turn off the lights when you leave
the room or go to sleep. Phone 336-633-1700 *Most cartridges in stock for simple ex-
Add water daily to prevent the tree 1512-D Zoo Parkway– Asheboro change with not waiting!
from drying out. *Business Delivery to Liberty area!
Replace any lights if they burn out Tired of the High Cost Of *All our products are 100% guarantee to
or if the cord is frayed or damaged. perform.
Ink And Toner? *Locally Owned/Operated
Have a merry Christmas and a safe Give Us A Call And See How
and happy winter season. Save 50% or More!! We Can Save You Money
Lori Ann Cobb, RN,
21 FCN
HP * Dell * Lexmark * Epson * Canon
December 2009 Blood Drives Randolph Hospital Community Health
in Randolph County Foundation Announces 2010 Grant Recipients
12/7/2009 Every day, Randolph Hospital provides care and heal-
Hopewell Friends Meeting - Asheboro ing through quality healthcare services. But Randolph
2244 Hopewell Friends Rd.
Hospital’s impact on the community is much broader
Asheboro, NC 27205
3 PM- 7:30 PM
Contact Rebecca Hurley @ 626- 4177
than the care given within the hospital walls. Through
grants funded by the Randolph Hospital Community “Locally Operated”
to schedule your appointment. Health Foundation the hospital as well as other local 219 S Greensboro St, Liberty (In Dollar General Shopping Center)
non-profit organizations have the opportunity to assist Phone 336-622-2111
12/10/2009 with health and wellness programs outside the hospital
Providence Grove HS - Climax walls. This year the Randolph Hospital Community MONTHLY SPECIALS
5555 Mack Lineberry Rd. Health Foundation is proud to announce that it has Country Hams, Side Meat,
awarded 15 health and wellness grants totaling Peaches 1.99 Cents Lb
Climax, NC 27233 Bacon, Hoop Cheeses
8:30 AM- 1:30 PM $39,792. This is the 13th year the Foundation has pro- Milk, Eggs, other dairy items Cantaloupe 1.99 Cents Ea
Contact Ms. Brown or a HOSA mem- vided funding for health and wellness programs Bell Peppers 3 for $1
ber to schedule an appointment. throughout the community and to Randolph Hospital.
New Refrigerated Coolers with
selected items Carrots 69 Cents Bunch
“Each year the Randolph Hospital Community Health
12/12/2009 Foundation awards grants to assist with various health Chicken and other meats Bananas 39 Cents Lb
Level Cross United Methodist Church and wellness initiatives,” notes April Thornton, Direc- coming!!!! Potato -5lb/$2— 10lb/$3
10142 US 220 Bus. tor of Public Relations and Development. “This was an
Randleman, NC 27317 Onions 3lb / $1.99
extremely competitive year with 43 grant requests
10 AM- 2:30 PM Apples $1.19 Lb
totaling close to $193,000. Unfortunately, due to a
Contact Larry @ 498-4742 to schedule 1 Gallon Vinegar $3
difficult economy we were only able to grant $40,000
your appointment.
in funding which made this process extremely difficult. Now Accepts E.B.T.
12/17/2009 The grants awarded have the potential to make a big Now Accepts Debit Cards
North Carolina Zoo - Asheboro difference in the lives of many, helping to create a
4401 Zoo Parkway healthier community.”
Asheboro, NC 27205 The 2010 grants awarded by the Randolph Hospital Full Line Of Gift Baskets
9 AM- 1:30 PM Community Health Foundation are the following:
Contact Ellie @ 879-7310 to schedule $9,000 Asheboro City Schools/Donna Lee Loflin From Fruit to
your appointment. Elementary School to create an Specialty Baskets
exemplary model school for fitness educa-
12/22/2009 tion through partnership Give That Useful Gift
Boy Scout Troop 502 - Liberty with Project Fit America.
American Legion $3,000 Asheboro City Schools/ McCrary Elemen-
604 S. Greensboro St. tary School funding for
Liberty, NC 27298 physical education equipment for students in
3 PM- 7:30 PM K-5 to improve
Contact Jeff @ 622-5430 to schedule health and wellness skills.
your appointment. $2,000 Asheboro Housing Authority to educate
and provide in-home foot
care services for elderly tenants with diabe-
City of Asheboro
1312 N. Fayetteville St. tes. All funds contributed to the Foun-
Asheboro, NC 27203 $1,000 Boys & Girls Club continue funding Healthy Habits program dation are invested and the in-
1 PM- 5:30 PM promoting health and wellness for club members ages 6-12. come is used to fund Randolph
City of Asheboro Holiday Blood Drive $3,000 Communities in Schools of Randolph County to provide nutritious Hospital health and wellness pro-
Call Regina or Kristen at 626-1240, foods to children identified by school staff as needing food to eat over jects, hospital services and equip-
ext. 1 to schedule your life-saving ap- the weekend. (Backpack Pals Program) ment, and other community non-
pointment TODAY! Give the gift of life $4,000 CrossRoad's Retirement Community to provide funding for "Art profit health and wellness pro-
this holiday season! for Health" a program that utilizes art as a vehicle for individuals with grams.
$2,000 Hospice of Randolph County to fund Caterpillar’s Quest
12/29/2009 Bereavement Camp designed to enable children and teens of Randolph
Parks Crossroads Christian Ch-Ramseur
To learn more about the
County to express and resolve feelings associated with grief/loss.
2057 Parks Crossroads Ch. Rd. Randolph Hospital Community
$2,500 Liberty Grove United Methodist Church/Faith Community Nurse
Ramseur, NC 27316 Program continue educational programs in Liberty teaching children,
Health Foundation or to make a
2:30 PM- 7 PM parents and seniors how to eat healthy on a tight budget. donation, call (336) 633-7775 or
Contact Lesli @ 622-6998 to schedule $2,000 Randolph Community College continue funding for home visit Randolph Hospital’s website
appt. caregivers to be delivered through a one-day “Caregiver College.” at and
$3,000 Randolph County Partnership for Children funding for click on “Foundation”
Nutrition and Physical Activity Assessment for children ages 2-5 in Randolph County
Child Care Centers.
$3,000 Randolph Health Improvement Partnership (RHIP) to continue funding for
Be RHEAL, an adolescent weight management program for males and females.
$1,800 Randolph Health Improvement Partnership (RHIP) for funding to support
the Quitsmart Tobacco Cessation Training Classes.
$1,492 Randolph Hospital Maternity Services to purchase DVD's educating
mothers in newborn care, postpartum care and breastfeeding.
$1,000 Randolph Hospital Volunteer Services to provide therapeutic
The best and most beautiful massage sessions to patients receiving treatment in the Randolph Cancer Center.
things cannot be seen or $1,000 Trees Asheboro to continue and expand garden and educational
touched - they must be felt program for Asheboro's Eastside neighborhood.
“Whether preventing childhood obesity through a fitness program, providing therapeutic massage sessions to cancer patients or pairing
with the heart ~ Helen Keller children with seniors to grow a vegetable garden, these grants enable important community endeavors to succeed,” states Thornton.
22 “Each grant recipient indirectly helps Randolph Hospital fulfill the second half of its mission, ‘to promote health and wellness’, in
unique ways in the community.”
Maintain, Don’t Gain.. Holiday Challenge
As the holiday season quickly approaches, many begin to worry
about fitting into their favorite jeans once January rolls around. At A New
Many North Carolinians gain between 1 to 5 pounds each holiday 24 HOUR
season. Although those are small gains, most people who gain EMERGENCY SERVICE

weight during the holidays never manage to return to their pre-

holiday weight. This year, don’t let holiday weight gain weigh you
down! The statewide Eat Smart, Move More NC movement is gear-
ing up for the fourth annual free
263 W Swannanoa Ave—Liberty
“Maintain, don’t gain! Holiday Chal-
lenge.” Rather than focusing on try- We Accept Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover
ing to lose weight — a difficult task
at this time of year — this free six-
week challenge provides participants Saturday, Dec 12, 6-9pm
Hagan-Stone Park Candle Fest
with tips, tricks and ideas to help Presented by Girl Scouts of America
them maintain their weight through- Hay ride, bake sale, hot chocolate and cider, Christmas music and hundreds
out the holiday season. Free on-line of luminaries. Admission of canned food donation. Call 674-0742 for details
sign-up is now open at
Only an email address is needed to join. All participant infor- Rabies Clinic Scheduled
mation is kept confidential. The challenge will begin on Nov. Local participating Randolph
23 and run through Dec. 31. People who sign up early and County Veterinarians and the
complete the pre-survey will receive bonus healthy holiday Randolph County Health Depart-
ment are sponsoring a special Quar-
recipes and a shopping list. Each week, participants will re- terly Rabies Clinic. Rabies vaccina-
ceive free weekly emailed newsletters containing tips to tions will be available for your pets
manage holiday stress, ideas for fitting in physical activity on Tuesday December 8, 2009.
during the busy season, and re- The clinic will be held during regu-
sources for cooking quick and lar business hours at the offices of
the participating veterinarians. The
easy meals when time is in short cost is only $10.00 per dog or cat.
supply. A calorie counter, food Vicki Marie Lemmon
log and activity log are also avail- The best way to protect your pet and Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant
able for download to help people family is to have your pet vacci-
track their progress. In 2008, nated. Puppies and kittens should Phone 336-622-2051
receive their first rabies shot at 4
more than 5,400 people from all 100 North Carolina counties months, the second at 16 months,
and 47 other states took part in the Challenge. At the end of and then every three years thereaf-
the program, 79 percent reported maintaining their weight. ter. Please bring your pet’s certifi-
Eat Smart, Move More…Maintain, don’t gain! Holi- cate of previous vaccinations so
day Challenge is a part of the Eat Smart, Move More NC your veterinarian can update this
movement to increase healthy eating and physical activity
opportunities wherever North Carolinians live, learn, earn, If you have any questions about the
play and pray. Find out more at Rabies Clinic, please call the Randolph County Health Depart-
ment at 318-6198. The businesses
that are participating include: Arch-
dale Animal Clinic, Asheboro Ani-
mal Hospital, Blue Flint Animal
Hospital, High Point Veterinarian
Hospital, Randolph Animal Hospital
and Seagrove Animal Hospital.

Accounting LET Gwen Taylor - Owner/ Preparer
114 Depot St, Downtown Liberty
Concepts & Ph 622-5722 or 622-5827
Tax Do Your Accounting
Nothing Too Big Or Too Small Electronic Filing - Extended Hours - Locally Owned

Who Is Southern Style Taxidermy ? have been faithful to

the Lord.” I spoke to
Well I had the pleasure to set down with a wonderful family and learn more about their his son Justin. I asked
business. As many in today’s economy, several people are doing more than one job. This Justin, “What do you
family has turned a love for taxidermy and the love for family time into a wonderful busi-
enjoy most about work-
ness. That would be Southern Style Taxidermy. The business is ran by Richard Moore of ing with your dad in
Liberty. I asked Richard how did he even get into this business. Richard stated, “While I
the shop?” With a huge
was working with Denny Duncan doing excitement, Justin said,
lawn work, he introduced me to Perry “When he puts the
Stout of Ramseur that does taxidermy glue, he makes from
work. After watching him, I just had that scratch and covers the
spark in me that made me fall in love with form and the...and
the notion of trying it for myself. Follow- the… (his excitement had build
ing this meeting I went on a Wyoming to a high) and then he slides the
Got A Story...Got An Event…
hunting trip and came back with a 10 skin over the form. I enjoy the
point buck deer that I wanted mounted. I time I get to watch him in his
Let Us Know
gave it to a taxidermist in Greensboro and shop.” Richard had one comment
waited and waited to get back for a long to all hunters, “To all hunters, do
period of time. That is when it hit me, I
would go to RCC and learn the trade and
not worry about the size of your
trophy...if it is a trophy to you,
here I am now.” Richard took me down then you need to preserve it. It is
memory lane. His first mount was a
groundhog and followed by a fox . He
a memory you are preserv-
ing.” I asked Richard did he
Guitar Shop
then ventured up to a little doe deer. He have any role models. He
learned to do this while working day and said , “Yes, actually two, All Styles
attending night school. Richard let me see first is my Granny, she was Guitar And Base
all his works and one of my favorite was born in 1928, she said if I
squirrel mounted to appear it was climb- could pick a time to raise a
Irvin Parham
ing up a wall. So realistic. Richard kid, it would be during the 39 Years Experience
showed me he shop out back that he loves spending time while working, but most of all Located Between
wagon before vehicles, peo-
working while teaching his wife and son the art of taxidermy. Richard stated, “Since I have Burlington and Liberty -On Hwy 49 South
ple were honest and sweet. My
been attending Family Freedom Church a year now and learning to grow in my faith, the second role model would be , my Call 229-1947
Lord has blessed me at every turn, opening up door after door. My growing in the Lord has
pastor, Randy Hand. He is the one
made me want
that truly introduced me to God
Giving A Guitar For Christmas
on a full time basis.” Richard said Why Not Give Them Lessons Also
to spend the
time with fam-
that he has an average of 60 to 90
ily and seeing
day turnaround on his mounts. The industry
God’s hand at
255 W. Swannanoa Ave work. My standard is over a year now. He is currently
Phone 336-622-3040 business has working on a raccoon, it looked realis-
Karaoke With Johnny K At P & W Country
grown as I tic.
SALES - RENTALS Cooking Every Tuesday From5pm to 8pm
Come Join The Fun & Have A Good Time!
MINI STORAGE 1313 NC Hwy 62—Climax, NC Ph 336-674-1212
Mon To Fri 6am to 8:30pm Sat 6am to 2pm Sunday Closed
Lots For Single and Doublewides “You Have A Choice, Thank You For Choosing Us!”
Nice Lots For New Homes Daily After 5 Specials Friday Night
6 Acres On Sandy Creek Church Road Breakfast Bar 6am to 11am
Larger Breakfast Bar On
8oz Sirloin With
Salad Bar , Baked
Potato & Dessert
Lunch & Dinner Buffet
$8.99 plus tax
“Jesus Christ Is Lord”