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Job Description

Job Title: Senior Staff Nurse

Emergency Department
Reports to: Team Leader/Senior Sister/Charge Nurse
Emergency Department
Band: Band 6
Accountable To: Modern Matron
Key Working Relationships: All grades of nursing staff, Practice
Development Nurses, Medical, Paramedic,
Police, PLNs, EDTs and Ancillary Staff.
The post holder must be an RN (1) and is therefore bound by the NMC
Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors
Particular emphasis is put at Kings on the need to ensure that all staff
recognise their responsibility to deliver services in a high quality,
courteous, patient focused manner maintaining patient confidentiality at
all times.
To work within both the nursing and multi disciplinary team to provide
evidence based, holistic care to a group of patients from admission to
To take responsibility for managing and co-ordinating the ward in the absence
of more senior staff.
To participate in the teaching and supervision of junior staff and student
nurses as required.
To be a safe and effective practitioner able to provide patients and relatives
with high quality nursing care.
Particular emphasis is put at Kings on the need to ensure that all staff
recognise their responsibility to deliver services in a high quality, courteous,
patient focused manner maintaining patient confidentiality at all times.
The post holder has a general duty of care for their own health, safety
and well being and that of work colleagues, visitors and patients within
the hospital, in addition to any specific risk management or clinical
governance accountabilities associated with this post.
To observe the rules, policies, procedures and standards of Kings
College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust together with all relevant
statutory and professional obligations.
To observe and maintain strict confidentiality of personal information
relating to patients and staff.
To be responsible, with management support, for their own personal
development and to actively contribute to the development of
This job description is intended as a guide to the general scope of
duties and is not intended to be definitive or restrictive. It is expected
that some of the duties will change over time and this description will
be subject to review in consultation with the post holder.
Infection Control Statement
The post holder has an important responsibility for and contribution to
make to infection control and must be familiar with the infection control
and hygiene requirements of this role.
These requirements are set out in the National Code of Practice on
Infection Control and in local policies and procedures which will be
made clear during your induction and subsequent refresher training.
These standards must be strictly complied with at all times.
To deliver a high standard of evidence based care to a specified group of
To adhere to NMC Code of Professional Conduct at all times
To be responsible for the nursing management of a group of patients, using
the nursing process
To maintain confidentiality at all times
To support patients, relatives, carers and friends and where appropriate
involve them in the care of the patient
To be fully involved in the health education of patients and relatives,
identifying each opportunity to promote a healthy lifestyle
To liaise effectively with all members of the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) in
order to ensure that patients needs are met and that services are delivered in
accordance with National Service Frameworks and agreed Clinical Care
To ensure that relevant information regarding the patients needs / condition
are communicated to the MDT and that any instructions are acted upon.
To be aware of the need to adhere to the Trusts policy on valuing equality
and diversity in the workplace, which incorporates the patients / visitors and
staff perspective?
To have due regard for each patients cultural and religious beliefs and to
respect each patients privacy, dignity, gender and sexuality.
To acknowledge personal limitations in patient care and seek advice from
senior staff members
To rotate to other departments within the speciality as required or as identified
as a personal development need in the appraisal process
To be involved with nursing audit/essence of care/observations of care
To report adverse incidents which occur in the department as per policy. To
assist in the investigation of such incidences
To ensure contemporaneous record keeping at all times and in line with the
Trust policy on documentation.
Ensure clear and accurate written and verbal information is given at all times,
including patient handovers
Participate in Trust and Care Group initiatives to develop nursing practice and
support change
To promote the well being of children and young people and safeguard them
from actual or potential harm and report concerns under the Trust
Safeguarding Children/Child Protection Procedures.
To accurately identify those children and vulnerable adults at risk of abuse.
To be fully aware of your role in the Chemical Biological Radiological and
Nuclear (CBRN) plan and the role of other staff within ED
To be fully aware of your role in the event of a Major Incident
To be fully aware of local plans and trust plans that may impact on the ED e.g.
Fire /Bomb /IT
To accurately identify those patients at risk of abuse.
To be fully aware of the Trusts Safeguarding Procedures and demonstrate
the ability to raise concerns and work with other agencies to protect our
To be aware of current research and the possible implications for the ward
To update knowledge in the light of current research and practice.
To act as a practice supervisor for student nurses/adaptation nurses/HCAs
To at as a preceptor/mentor to newly qualified staff
To actively participate in the training process by demonstrating and directly
supervising and by negotiating learning contracts
To liaise with appropriate members of teaching staff, link lecturer/lecturer
To act as a role model at all times
To exercise leadership where appropriate
To take all possible steps to safeguard the welfare and safety of all staff
To anticipate day to day staffing problems and take appropriate action in
Conjunction with the team leader, sister/charge nurse and head of nursing, to
ensure good standards of care for the patient are maintained at all times.
To give support and advice to junior ward staff on both clinical and
administrative problems
To ensure effective admission/discharge of patients whilst liaising with the
discharge co-coordinator/bed manager
To keep the ward sister/charge nurse informed of significant changes in the
day to day situation in the department
To act as a liaison within the multi-disciplinary team to ensure optimum, timely
patient care.
To maintain standards of hygiene and cleanliness within the clinical area,
taking remedial action as appropriate and reporting deficits to Modern Matron,
as appropriate.
To observe a general duty of are for the health, safety and well-being of self,
work colleagues, visitors and patients within the hospital, in addition to any
specific risk management associated with this post
Ensure clinical and administrative policies and procedures are adhered to.
To take responsibility for own professional development and to develop
agreed action plan with ward sister/charge nurse
To participate in own performance appraisal with an initial three monthly and
then six monthly review with the ward sister/charge nurse
To ensure own educational commitment is at least sufficient to maintain
PREP requirements and to ensure own mandatory training certificates are
current, in liaison with Line Manager.
This Job Description is intended as a guide to the general scope of duties and
it is not intended to be definitive or restrictive. It may be subject to review,
after discussion with the post holder.
Personal Specification.
Job Title: Senior Staff Nurse.
Band: 6.
NMC Registration (level 1) Application Form
Minimum of 24 months experience within an emergency
Application Form
Education and Qualifications
Mentorship Course Application Form
Further professional qualification/ course in emergency
Application Form
Experience of teaching/mentoring/support of staff Application Form/ Interview
ILS Application Form/ Interview
ALS Application Form/ Interview
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Time management of self and others Application Form/ Interview
Problem solving skills Application Form/ Interview
Good knowledge of Government Initiatives Interview
Has undertaken training in extended skills such as
cannulation and plastering
Application Form/ Interview
Understanding of the NMC Code of Professional Conduct Application Form/ Interview
Personal Attributes
Flexible and Adaptable Interview
Enthusiastic Interview
Team Player Interview
Professional manner Interview
Excellent communication skills both written and verbal Interview
Able to identify personal development needs Application Form/ Interview