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Mr Erik Ribsskog Our ref: 540460
9 December 2009

Dear Mr Ribsskog


Thank you for your E-Mail received on 6 December 2009.

What we can do, and can't do, is set out in our terms of reference (our responsibilities) which
you can find on our website at, or by phoning 0330 440 1624 or
01925 530263. At the moment we don't have enough information to know if your complaint is
one that we can handle.

You can use our service if you are a household customer or small business customer who has
experienced problems with companies which provide energy.
A small business is one which employs fewer than ten people, and where the annual turnover for
the business is less than €2 Million Euro, or one which uses less than 200,000 kWh gas per year
or 55,000 kWh electricity per year.

If you have already complained to Scottish Power there are two situations where you can involve

¨ You are not making satisfactory progress

You must follow your company's complaints procedure, which is set out in their code of practice
and allow them up to 8 weeks to sort the problem out for you. If, after 8 weeks of making your
complaint, you're still not happy with the way it's been handled, you can pass it to us. For
example, the company might not have replied to your complaint or you may not be satisfied with
the way they have sorted it out.

The deadline for bringing it to our attention is nine months from the date you first told the
company about the problem.

¨ You have received a deadlock letter from your company

You might get a letter from the company that says they will no longer be handling the complaint.
They might, for example, say that they can't do anything for you and this is their final position.
We call this a 'deadlock letter'. You then have six months from the date of the letter to pass your
complaint to us.

We recommend that you complete your company's complaints procedure by writing to them at
the address below.
Customer Services Director
Cathcart House
Cathcart Business Park
Spean Street
G44 4BE


Please keep a copy of this letter for your own records. If after doing this, your complaint is still
not sorted out and one of the situations shown above applies, please let us know and give us the
following information:

· The date the problem was first noticed, in the following format: DD-MM-YYYY

· The date you first complained to Scottish Power about the problem, in the following
format: DD-MM-YYYY

· The account number with the company you are complaining about. If you are not the
account holder, please let us have the name address, contact details and account
number for this person.

· Details about how you have tried to escalate your complaint with Scottish Power. For
example, dates of any calls made to the company, contact names or departments at the
company, complaint reference numbers, letters you have written including dates and
addresses sent to, and copies of any correspondence.

· What action you would like the company to take to put things right?

The attached booklet 'An Independent View' explains our role in more detail.

Please quote the reference at the top of this letter in any future correspondence.

Yours sincerely

Elizabeth Diamond
Enquiry Officer

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