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What is Inergetix ™

Information guide for your clients

Disclaimer: The information on these pages mentions diagnosis and treatment in relation to the Inergetix-CoRe SystemTM, but it has to be understood that this is only due to a lack of more appropriate terminology.

In any case, the use of the CoRe SystemTM should not be taken as a replacement for a conventional diagnosis and treatment by a licensed health care practitioner.

Disclaimer: The Inergetix-CoRe System™ provides informational analysis and informational and bioenergetic balancing. Both the software and hardware must be used as intended by the manufacturer and no medical

claims are made with intent to diagnose, treat or prescribe for disease. Consult your own physician regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical condition.

© 2007 Inergetix Inc

What is Inergetix ? TM

Inergetix Inc. is a manufacturer of devices and software for

those therapists and their clients who are open to working
with new and effective technologies that increase health
and well-being and are not based on the use of drugs. “I am convinced it is the way
Inergetix is based in California and has distributors and forward for practitioners of today
dedicated users all over the world. Inergetix produces and for what tomorrow brings.”
devices and software for energetic and for informational
medicine, both of which are forms of holistic medicine.

CoRe TECHNOLOGY is a ‘must’ for chronic or

long-term problems. It is cutting edge analysis technology
in the form of an easy to use computer program. It helps
identify the sources of toxicity, such as heavy metals or
chemical residue in the system, that can impede the healing
process and affect health and fertility.
I am convinced it is the way forward for practitioners of
today and for what tomorrow brings. Robert Davidson has
created remedy trays for homeopathy that add hugely to it’s
value. I don’t profess to understand the ‘how’ but marvel
at its accuracy every day I use it.

– Caroline Gaskin, Homeopath, England

The accuracy and reproducibility of the system

“I have also had good results

with distance treatments.”

So far I have had great success with my clients. They are

all astonished at the accuracy of the system and at their
experience with the energetic treatments. Most of my
clients have been with me when we used another device
and they all notice the improvement with the energetic
treatments. I have also had good results with
distance treatments.

– Jim Clarke, Meditation Retreat, USA

I have used the Inergetix-CoRe System™ since the

beginning of June 2005 for research and its accuracy and
consistency is quite astonishing.

I love to work with it and I use it almost every day. My areas

of expertise are alternative and energetic healing, EFT, Feng
Shui, and nutrition in which I have had extensive training
since 1985.

– Selina Steyer, Germany

Profound “healing” results

“I found the Inergetix CoRe-System to complement

what I do. Also people respond more readily to this
system than to hands-on healing. Sometimes I
do a session with just one or the other,
or I combine the two. I can still use my intuition
when using CoRe.”

V.F., Quantum Touch and Healing, South Africa

“It is an effective, well-structured system. Congratulations!”

– Yuriria Robles, Astrologer, Teacher, Holographic Repatterning, Mexico

What are the basic differences?
“The holistic pratictioner treats the person, not the illness.”
Holistic and allopathic medicine Also it is based on the assumption that diseases are either
From the viewpoint of holistic medicine there is not much caused by physical defects or by invaders from the outside
meaning in a disease name, since the holistic practitioner such as viruses and toxins.
treats the person, not the illness.
Allopathy is based on the concept that medicine should
Today’s allopathic medicine has two great limitations. Firstly, do the work of healing, rather than just give an impulse for
it believes that if a remedy works to cure a set of symptoms self-healing, and that the mere absence of symptoms is
in one person, it will do the same in another person. considered health.
Secondly, it believes that a higher dose will create a
greater effect.
“It is a gift from the great intelligence that
runs the universe.”

I feel at one with this software. I am beside myself with its

capabilities and what it accomplishes.
I feel like I am soaring to places I always wanted to go in
taking care and helping people. Never in my wildest dreams
did I think such a tool could exist! It is a gift from the great
intelligence that runs the universe. Kiran’s mind and labor are
a blessing to mankind. I feel much gratitude towards him!

– Anna S, Homeopath, Australia

What is energetic medicine?

Energetic medicine is a modality that uses any known The new complementary technologies like the Inergetix-
form of energy for either treatment or diagnosis. Modern CoRe System™ mainly use forms of energy such as electricity,
medicine uses energy mainly for diagnostic purposes, magnetism, and color.
such as X-ray, thermometer, Electroencephalogram (EEG),
Electrocardiogram (ECG), Ultrasound and Magnetic
Resonance Imaging (MRI).

In conventional medicine, energy is used for treatment in

only a few applications, such as using light for treating SAD,
using sound for destroying gallstones, radiation therapy to
burn cancer cells, or heat and cold to make compresses.

Forms of energy such as

electricity, magnetism and color
are used mainly in new
complementary technologies
like the Inergetix-CoRe System™.

Which imbalances can energetic medicine help with?

Just as health or imbalance is understood to be based

on many different factors, chemical, energetic and
informational imbalances have very different causes, For example; imbalances that are accompanied
composition and possible cures depending on the by a sense of fatigue, that show no signs in lab
individual. Therefore it is not possible to give a list of
results, symptoms that come and go suddenly,
imbalances where energetic therapy will always provide
and many more signs that a trained therapist
a cure. However there are certain general guidelines that
will recognize as signs that energetic
can indicate which imbalances might be more likely than
others to benefit from energetic treatment. modalities are indicated.

What is informational medicine?

“Not governed by quantity, space and time.”

There are many phenomena in healing that are However, with the concepts and theories of modern-day
not governed by quantity, space, and time. These physics, many of them are expected and can be explained.
phenomena and related treatment modalities are Some however are even outside the realm of modern physics,
outside modern-day medicine since they are not as they are phenomena related to living organisms.
covered and explained by nineteenth century physics.

Examples of informational medicine modalities are Homeopathy, Psychology, Emotional

Freedom Technique, Distant Healing, Prayer Healing, Radionics,
New Homeopathy According to Koerbler, Family Constellations, and more.

How was informational medicine developed?

With Homeopathy it was discovered that solutions or

“Homeopathy was the first sugar pills that contain neither the original substance nor
systematically developed form any known energy have the potential to heal, and this was
of informational medicine the first systematically developed form of informational
medicine in recent history.
in recent history.”
Then, in the last century, techniques that used electrical
devices were developed but were misunderstood as being
Words, signs, symbols, rituals, pictures - the use of
based on energetic principles, like radio technology.
information in all its forms - was always an important part
In actual fact they were of an informational nature, such
of medicine and even in modern day medicine is still an
as radionics and – in more recent times – computerized
important component, however unrecognized it may be,
systems like the QXCI and CoRe System™.
or even dismissed as Placebo.

Acupuncture without needles

“I am thrilled with the CoRe system.

I have an effective means of working
with the acupuncture meridians
without necessarily using needles.”

Since I was a child I was aware of qi running through my

meridians but I did not know what it was. My acupuncture
patients are very happy to be treated with the CoRe
system and I find that the only time it really makes a
difference to use needles is in cases of trauma
- with broken bones, scar tissue etc.

– Jacqueline Sohn, L.Ac., Acupunct., Chinese Herb. USA

“Excellent system! Unlimited possibilities.”

– Dr. Dan Mihai Manu, Homeopath, Naturopath, England

How do the laws of information differ from those of energy and matter?

There are many informational modalities in existence that Matter and energy can be transformed into each other
use different external forms and are mostly misunderstood or can be found combined with each other and so can
as energetic. However, seen from the point of view of the information be transformed into energy or vice versa, and
emerging science of informational medicine, all have in in most cases information is transported via energy.
common that they use neither substance nor energy to
diagnose or heal and are instead based on the principles of A new aspect that is becoming apparent but is not recognized
information. in modern-day physics (with the exception of Global Scaling),
is that information can be transmitted without energy. This is
Alongside the levels of matter and energy, information forms possible because pure information is not ruled by time and
a third level of existence that is guided and governed by its space.
own laws which differ in many aspects from those of matter
and energy.

How does informational medicine work?

Because there are different forms of informational medicine, Life is based on a constant exchange of information and
it is difficult to give a general explanation. However, an an adaptation of information. Just as we have to digest,
analogy is perhaps the best way to explain. transform, and eliminate waste substances so do we have
to digest, transform and eliminate waste information. If this
process is interrupted at any point, disease is the result.
“Just like a computer...” Informational medicine is the use of those methods that can
balance informational disturbances.

Living beings are mainly governed by something that is like

software and as we know this is the most common source
of problems and malfunctioning in computers. However,
modern-day medicine is still completely unaware of this
aspect of health and stress, and believes that all imbalances
can be treated by substance or energy.

Speaking very generally and by analogy, there are

many inbalances that are today misinterpreted as
problems resulting from biochemical disturbances
that are in fact regulation problems caused by
software issues in living organisms. These malfunctions are
based on missing information, wrong information, corrupted
information and outdated information.

How does the Inergetix-CoRe System work? TM

The Inergetix-CoRe System™ is, on one hand an energetic

medicine system that can apply sound, electric, magnetic “The CoRe works with mathematical matrix
and light therapy with client-specific feedback technology. representations of every part.”
On the other hand, it is a sophisticated informational
medicine device that can reproducibly evaluate a client’s
physical, emotional, mental, and energetic situation and also
We do this in medicine diagnostically in many forms. For
balance any informational disturbance. The main problem in
example, in iris diagnosis when we read the health of every
understanding the CoRe System is that it does not have to be
part of the organism from the iris only, or in ear acupuncture
physically connected to the client to evaluate or balance.
when the acupuncturist affects any part of the body simply by
putting a needle in a specific part of the ear. The CoRe, rather
This is based on the fact that our world is holographic in
than working with actual body parts, works with mathematical
its structure, which means that every part contains all other
matrix representations of every part, and by manipulating
parts. Although this is difficult to conceive, this implies that
this abstract matrix it can actually cause a balancing of the
any part can affect any other part and can be a measure of
respective part in the same way that information which we get
every other part.
via communication can affect any part of our life.

An amazing experience with my own body

“My energy levels improved dramatically,

and my head tremors have stopped
after living with them for the
past two years.”

Knowing that Fibromyalgia is a neurological problem,

I logged onto Intergetix and selected the Brain.
I stimulated each and every area to feel the broadcasted So I tried it on myself and the only thing I can say is that
energies within distinctive areas of my brain. I had an amazing experience with my own body. The first
I was able to discern how & where each of those day, I woke at 4:00 in the morning and I tried it on myself
settings affected my brain. and it was just amazing. It felt like a sign from God
Using that as a guide, I was able to stop the Fibromyalgia that this is working.
symptoms; pain, tremors, fatigue, everything. – Monica Nicou, Classical Homeopath, Sweden
I have had Fibromyalgia since an auto accident in 1983.
My Rheumatologist said I was one of the worst cases of
Fibromyalgia he had ever seen. Now, with CoRe,
“I tried some of the
I don’t have to be sick anymore.
existing systems in Sweden but there
Thank you so much.
is nothing like the CoRe.”
– Sandra Badeaux, Medical Intuitive, USA


I came to an understanding of the quantum field which Compared to other systems, the innovation is enormous.
is very important if you are going to work with a system They are constantly working on improvements and I think
like this, and also the information of Mr. Schmidt was very the system in its present form is still young in the sense
honest and very clear in what [this system] was and was that there are enormous possibilities to be expected.
not capable of doing.
Fred Rijksen: Energetic Coach and Homeopath
You can narrow the search for solutions. (Bioresonance/Biofeedback)
I explain to people that it is the perfect system to make An Roosburg: M.D. in Homeopathy, Ortho Molecular
a timely differential diagnosis, and from Medicine and Electro-Acupuncture, Holland
this you can narrow your search and your
therapy to fit the patient.

Patients can also see what the improvement is at a certain

moment and they can actually feel the information that
is coming from the system. It’s also the first system that
combines bioresonance with the actual feeling of what is
happening at that moment.

“The advantage of the system is that it is

reproducible in a high sense, which is very important
in medical practice.”
You learn more about your client in the first session

For me, finding the CoRe System™ was perfect because She didn’t realize she was holding onto something
it’s astonishing, and it’s wonderful the way you can learn so in her emotional system.
much more about your client in the first session.
I don’t need to spend time getting to issues that need – Adriana Bacelis, Holographic Repatterning
to be resolved first - what the patient thinks needs Therapist, Mexico.
to be resolved right now.
With CoRe I can get to those parts quicker than with my
regular practice and I can have a good comparison. I’m
treating patients with CoRe who I treated with Holographic
Repatterning before, and we just move faster. I feel very,
very comfortable, and my patients do too.

I have a patient with trigeminal neuralgia who had suffered

a lot of pain. The only thing she wanted was to get rid of
the pain. With the CoRe we found out what emotional
stress she had that made her suffer a certain kind of pain.

“With the CoRe, we just move faster”.

The Inergetix-CoRe System T-M

Dynamic Labile Equilibrium System™

The Inergetix-CoRe System™, a Dynamic Labile Equilibrium System™, works bioinformationally and bioenergetically.
On the bioinformational side, it is primarily a software device. On the bioenergetic side,
the different levels of the System affect both the analysis and the balancing.

© 2007 Inergetix Inc
Integrated Informational and Energetic Balancing

The Inergetix-CoRe System™ is a system for energetic and informational evaluation and
balancing. In its energetic aspect, it uses every known form of energy for healing. In its
informational aspect it makes use of the holographic nature of our existence to both
evaluate and balance without physical contact and time delay, based on the principles of
Quantum Physics and the Theory of Global Scaling.

Inergetix, Inc. • 530-692-9224 • California, USA •