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Take four parts *uh huh* and one part *oh*, make an amalgam.

Put this into a

combustion chamber made from a small length of threaded iron pipe (free of rust, freshly
cleaned) and cap tightly (be sure to clean the threads well, we want an airtight seal) with
iron end covers. Now make a coal fire around the pipe, and let it roast for 4-12 hours.
After the elapsed time, take it out and let it cool completely.
Remove one end cap and let it air out for a few minutes before attempting to do anything
(just in case there are any residual *uh huh* vapors). In the end we should be left with a
red powder.
Do you want to multiply it? Just add some more *uh huh*, but be sure to keep the volume
of the combustion chamber in check with the *uh huh* (wouldn't want an exploding pipe
bomb now would we?).
It should work!
It might be a good idea to pump some helium into the iron pipe just before closing it. The
air may cause oxide formations that could inhibit the process. Maybe not though. Just
something I would consider doing.
EDIT: Felt I was too open with this, so I removed any identifying information. If you
know what it is then please keep it to yourself. We should resort to veiled discussion
regarding this topic, because I believe it will honestly work.
The processes to get a stone, THE stone included, are given freely and openly in Robert
Bartlett's books, even with detailed temperatures, how to multiply the stone and how to
transmute with it. Unfortunately it is with dangerous materials and processes. And
incubation periods lasting several months are used. He also uses a contraption with iron
pipes to distil something.
The process from my OP is hinting to the same mechanisms behind the path mentioned in
the last chapter of Real Alchemy, but it's much more brute force (should yield the same
thing though, hehe). The iron pipe "retort" is used to distill mercury (mercury doesn't
attack iron).
Yet this I doe not say as if the Mercurius could not bee compounded or coagulated with
the herbs, but I say that the coagulation is good for nothing, and when they have thus
coagulated him, they think they have done great matters, yet have done nothing that's
worth anything, nor finished any thing; it being inconstant they talke, I can coagulate the
Mercurius, but they might rather say, I can spoile the Mercurius. And what is it that
Mercurius is to bee coagulated with? They make him of herbes, and make so fragil, that
he is worth nothing. Mercurius, if hee bee rightly coagulated hee must bee as heavy in
weight as gold though hee bee white in colour, for the Whitenesse is a Signe of
perfection. This done, there needs no more but only to give him the color, and so it is
gold. The Scholar saith, why is our Stone called the red Servant? The Master answeres:
because hee soon turnes red. The Scholar: why doe the philosophers say, that Mercury
doth not dye, unlesse it be killed with its Brother? The Master: Hermes saith That the
Dragon dyes not, unlesse you kill him with its Brother the Sun, or Sister the Moone.
I thought I'd post a bit more information on this. I'm talking about mercury and gold calx
in my original post.
I'm basing all this on the principles laid out in the animated mercury + gold amalgam
path. Except, we're trying to bypass the tedious mercury animation process by brute force
(heat and pressure). I question whether or not it'll actually work without using some kind
of pre-animated mercury, but this can only be verified via experimentation.
I believe we must use a very subtle calx of gold. Ideally this calx should be obtained
using the mercury + gold amalgam distillation process (it should be repeated a number of
times). Some sources also mention making our gold calx from native gold and grinding it
with sea salt/vinegar, but if we do this it would still be a good idea to do a few mercury +
gold calx distillation runs. Our mercury is being graduated philosophically each time it's
distilled with our purified gold calx residue.
If ordinary mercury doesn't work, then we should use this 'special' mercury for our burn in
the iron pipe. After all, it should still somewhat more easier than the well know methods
of animating mercury.
Another big key to all this is the iron pipe, and also the intense pressure that builds up
within the pipe. It must be sealed absolutely airtight. We cannot let the Secret Fire escape,
otherwise all our work is lost!
Use teflon tape around the pipe threads. If you have access to a welding machine it would
be a good idea to weld everything in place, but try to minimize the heat during this stage.
I think that teflon tape will certainly not work.
Hehe, you're probably right. Too much heat for the teflon to handle. Looks like we're
welding it in place then.
It just needs to be airtight. You guys can figure out how to do it properly. I don't know.
Mercury seems to be a key. It has to do with its very odd properties. If you buy into the
m-state theories, then it's said that m-state mercury will drop to gold upon heating.
Some background information: The calx of a metal was more often than not a metal
oxide, but in the case of gold I believe it's an assortment of very small gold particles of
varying sizes. Out of all the metals, gold has the lowest tendency to react with air to form
oxides. This is why it's a noble metal - oxidation/corrosion resistant for the most part.
If mercury + gold is digested (roasted in an iron pipe?) together something should
happen. The metallic mercury seemingly disappears, and we are left with an
inconspicuous red powder. I believe this red powder is the same as the Essene's Red Lion.
I've read somewhere that m-state mercury drops to gold when heated. I've also seen some
convincing pictures. We create animated mercury when a calx of gold is added to
elemental mercury (quicksilver). This is brought to maturation by fire or heat. If we try to
explain this using the m-state theories then our calx of gold, that's harbored within our
mercury, is broken down into a very subtle m-state, and is also annealed during this
process to a high spin state. This might be enough to bring about the desired changes
within our mercury and turn it to m-state mercury which should immediately drop to
In this same light, the Essene's Red Lion should be the same as this red powder, and it
should also be able to bring about the transmutation of mercury.