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Complete the sentences with the correct form of Present Simple or Present Continuous.

1. Andy sometimes __________________ (read) the comics.

2. Listen! Sandy __________________ (sing) in the bathroom.
3. We usually __________________ (not/watch) TV after lunch.
4. I __________________ (chat) with my friends at the moment.
5. __________________ (his grandfather/go) for a walk every day?
6. My sister never __________________ (help) in the kitchen.
7. __________________ (you/have) lunch now?
8. __________________ (your parents/sometimes/play) chess?
9. Where __________________ (your brother/play) tennis right now?
10. Joe __________________ (tidy) his room at weekends and.
Complete the sentences using GOING TO or Simple future tense.
1. I think it__________________ (rain) later so take an umbrella with you.
2. I believe that the concert __________________ (not/be) over by the midnight.
3. What are your plans for the summer holiday? What __________________ (do) this summer?
4. Next summer, I __________________ (travel) to New York. My sister lives there and she
bought me a plane ticket for my birthday.
5. Anne: "I don't have enough money to pay for my lunch."
Peter: " I__________________ (lend) you some."
6. Jane and Tom__________________ (not/study) medicine next year.
7. Mrs. Simons, those bags seem quite heavy. I__________________ (help) you carry them.
Write the correct form of the following verbs using PAST SIMPLE TENSE.
A: How __________________ (you/spend) your winter holiday?
B: It __________________ (be) amazing. I __________________ (go) to Mexico with my
family last month and we __________________ (have) a fantastic holiday. We
__________________ (visit) a city that was thousands of years old and we
__________________ (take) some amazing photos.
B: __________________ (you/stay) in a hotel?
A: No, we __________________ (not/do). We __________________ (decide) to rent an
apartment because it __________________ (be) cheaper.
B: __________________ (you/learn) to speak Spanish?
A: Well, not really. I __________________ (not/have) a chance to learn it but I
__________________ (make) a lot of friends even though I __________________
(not/know) the language. The Mexican people __________________ (be) very polite and

Fill in the gaps with the comparative or the superlative form of the adjectives.
1. Our house is ___________________________ (big) than ours.
2. This armchair is ___________________________ (comfortable) than the
old one.
3. That TV set is ___________________________ (cheap) of all.
4. Godzilla is ___________________________ (exciting) film I have ever
5. Trains are ___________________________ (slow) than airplanes.
6. Blue whales are___________________________ (noisy) animals in the
7. Jim is ___________________________ (good) player in the football
8. Tom is a ___________________________ (bad) student than Mary.
9. Sue is ___________________________ (happy) today than she was
10. The history exam was___________________________ (good) than
the geography exam.
Circle the correct words:
1. The stunt girl did some amazed/amazing stunts in the film.
2. Her parents are worried/worrying because she is late.
3. The actors are good in the film but the story isnt excited/exciting.
4. The children want to go to the park because they are bored/boring.
5. Are you interested/interesting in learning judo?
Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word in brackets.
1. She always speaks _____________ (quite).
2. The children crossed the street _____________ (careful)
3. Hes a _____________ (careful) driver.
4. Our English exam wasnt very _____________ (hard).
5. We answered all the questions _____________ (easy).
6. I play chess _____________ (bad).
7. Sue plays the guitar _____________ (good).
Complete the sentences with possessive pronouns or possessive adjectives.
A: Hey, that book is _____________. It was on _____________ desk.
B: No, it is not _____________. Its Sues. It has got _____________ name on it. This pencil is
_____________, too.
A: Oh, sorry, youre right. So, are these our dictionaries?
B: No, theyre not _____________. _____________ dictionaries are red and blue.
A: Maybe there are Tom and Carols because they have _____________ Spanish classes here

Look at the pictures and write the names of the places.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Read the sentences. Circle the correct word.
1. In the north, its cold and very ice/icy.
2. Can you see any snow/snowy on the mountains?
3. There are two climates/seasons in polar regions- winter and summer.
4. I dont like wind/windy weather.
5. Rainforests have a very hot and dry climate/weather.
6. The leaves fall off the trees in spring/autumn.
Match the opinions and the TV programs in the box.

1. I watch all of them but my favorite is Shrek. I love the characters. _____________
2. I dont watch them very often. They can be boring, but I like them when they are about
animals or about space. _______________
3. My grandparents watch it every evening. It is usually about politics. _________
4. I watch them when there is a football match or a tennis tournament. _____________
5. I often go to the cinema with my friends to watch them. ___________________
6. I watch them with my family. My favorite one is Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
7. I watch them every day because I like to listen to my favorite songs and record videos.
Match the verbs and nouns to make helping expressions.

a) animals
1 recycle b) the lights
c) plastic
2 save d) old people
e) electricity
3 turn off f) the taps
g) the environment
4 help h) water
i) tins
Match the words with their definitions:
Litter a) to destroy/damage someones house or a school
Bullying b) harmful substances that have a negative effect on our environment
Vandalism c) colorful drawings on the wall
Pollution d) tins, cans, bottles, chewing gums left lying in a public place/street
Graffiti e) to hurt smaller and weaker people on purpose

Translate the following words and phrases into Serbian language.

1. prize

2. award

3. cockroach

4. race

5. go sightseeing

6. go abroad

cartoons documentaries game shows news
sports programmes films music programmes
7. ability

8. good-looking

9. songwriter

10. different

11. engine

12. poisonous

13. lazy

14. competition

15. soaps

16. spaceship

17. sledge

18. season

19. postcard

20. railway station

21. empty the
rubbish bins

22. play chess

23. do the dishes

24. producer

25. glue

26. wood

27. environment