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Folosirea ctorva prepozi ii n limba englez.

at = la (static) arat locul I am at the faculty.

= la (arat direc ia i se folose te dup
verbe de mi care )
I go to the blackboar.
!"cep ie# I go home.
= pe $he book is on the esk.
= n ziua de
(folosit pentru a arta ata% ziua)
$here are no classes on &unay.
'e returns on the (
of )une.
= la
$hey live on a farm.
I am *orking on a report.
upon = pe (implicnd i mi care) +ut these books upon the others.
= n
(n cteva cazuri corespune cu pe in
limba romn)
$hey are in the garen.
$he farmers are in the fiels.
in se folose te easemenea cu substantive
care e"prim anul% luna% anotimpul sau
pr ile zilei (cu sens averbial)
In summer *e go on holiays.
It often rains in October.
I go to my lectures in the
into = n (implica direc ia i ptrunderea)
,ome into the garen.
-o into the stuy.
= ntre
(ou persoane sau lucruri)
.t the table I sit between /other
an Father.
$he bookcase is between the
*ino* an the oor.
= printre
(mai multe persoane sau obiecte)
$he teacher is among his
0ou are happy among your
of = folosit n special pentru genitiv
$he pages of this book.
$he chilren of my friens.
from = din, de la (artnd provenien a)
'e comes from 1onon.
$hese apples are from that tree.
+repozi ii e"primn mi care2 +repozi ii care arat starea pe loc
Prepozi ii eprimnd mi care Prepositions showing direction
over = peste $he cat 3umps over the bo".
to = la, spre (direc ie)
I go to the Institute every ay.
ar# In the evening I go home.
into = n (mi care)
$hey come into the room.
4e translate from !nglish into 5omanian.
down = n !osul $hey climbe down the mountain.
up = n susul $hey climbe up the mountain.
through = prin $hey passe through a forest.
out of = (afar) din
'e *alke out of the house.
$he girl looke out of the *ino*.
from = de la, din
/ary comes from the library.
I am busy from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Prepozi ii care arat starea pe loc Prepositions showing place
between = ntre $here is a picture between the t*o *ino*s.
among = printre +arents are happy among their chilren.
round = n !urul $here is a large garen round the house.
above = deasupra . lamp hangs above the table.
= n spatele
$he blackboar is behind the teacher8s esk.
at = la (static) .t 9 o8clock *e shall be at the library.
= n (stare pe loc)
4e are all in the classroom.
on = pe $he clock is on the table.
= sub, dedesubt
$he floor is under our feet.
b"% near
= lng, alturi de
,ome an sit b" me near the fire.
= naintea, n fa a
In the morning% he leaves before me.
$he man *as *aiting before the oor.
in front of
= n fa a
$here are some trees in front of my stuy.

,onstruc ii cu prepozi ii
:n limba englez% ca regul general i spre eosebire e limba romn%
substantivul se articuleaz cn este preceat e o prepozi ie#
$he flo*ers on the table are pink an blue
= Florile e pe mas sunt roz i albastre.

$he man is in the room. = ;mul este n camer.

$he teacher8s pen is on the esk. = &tiloul profesorului este pe cater.