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Title of Activity:
Draw A Bug

Number of Teams & Group Size:
All participants are to complete this activity individually

Logistics Needed:
Per Person: 1 x A4 Paper and 1 x Marker / Pen / Pencil

Time Allocated:
10 - 20 minutes

Draw a bug according to the instructions received

Preparation & Set-Up:
Prepare the set of instructions for drawing the bug
Distribute the A4 Paper and Pens, ensuring that each participant has received
1 sheet of A4 paper, and 1 pen.

Directions for Conducting the Activity:
1. Inform participants that they are each going to draw a bug, based solely on
instructions that you will be giving them.

2. However, they are not allowed to talk or discuss the drawing amongst
themselves, they must complete it in silence. They are not allowed to copy or
refer to other peoples drawings, it should be done individually.

3. Furthermore, no questions are allowed. Once participants are ready, begin
the activity.

4. You may wish to repeat each instruction at least twice, or 3 times.

5. Once all participants have completed the drawing, ask them to go around and
compare their bug against other peoples bugs.

6. Conduct the debrief, highlighting similarities or differences in the drawings, as
well as what could be done differently if questions were allowed.

Specific Rules:
1. Participants are to complete the drawing of the bug individually.

2. No talking, discussion, or asking of questions is allowed. No copying or
referring to other peoples drawing is allowed.


Learning Points:
Active Listening
Interpretation of Messages

Facilitator Notes:
Describe the bug according to this set of instructions, saying each line of
instruction one at a time. You may wish to repeat each line at least twice, or 3
times if needed.

1. The bug is round.
2. The bug has eight legs, grouped in pairs with four legs on the left and four
legs on the right. In the pairs, one leg is longer than the other.
3. The bug has two eyes on top of the body.
4. The bug has two squiggly antenna.
5. The bug has two pea-pod shaped wings.
6. The bug has a spot next to each wing.
7. The bug has a triangular stinger on the bottom of the body.
8. The bug has two feelers on each foot - one longer than the other, both
coming from the same side of the leg.
9. The bug has a round mouth, placed between the two eyes.
10. The bug laid five square eggs to the left of the stinger.